HTC Exec Updates T-Mobile HTC One Owners On Android 4.3 Update

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 11.15.14 AMHTC America President Jason Mackenzie is back on the Twitters updating T-Mobile HTC One owners with some new information on the Android 4.3 update. Thankfully, the news is good, very good as Mackenzie states the update received certification yesterday from T-Mobile and that will mean an update rolling out “within the next few days.”

The update will include new lock screen widgets, numeric battery levels in the status bar, a new quick settings panel in the notification bar, options to configure the home button (hooray), improvements to the camera (always welcomed), and an easier to manage file format for Zoe clips.

I think this calls for a happy dance.

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  • 99YTR

    So sad, My Nexus got 4.3 back in July. KitKat (4.4) is coming out the 28th. Anyway, enjoy!

    • Herb

      Congratulations. Only 1.5% of users are on 4.3. The sacrifice for getting early updates is losing out on things like a great camera, beats audio, or an IR blaster. Or you can blow $600 and get a phone with that hardware and very little software support for it. Not a lot of good up-to-date options if you’re looking for an advanced camera experience.

      • kalel33

        To be fair, Beats audio is mostly marketing fluff and nobody uses the IR blaster. The camera is a hardware difference, not software and the Nexus devices will get updates long after HTC abandons the One, which based on history, won’t be very far out.

        • Dmac

          Are you seriousley trying to argue that be Nexus is a better phone than the One, well every Tec blog, review, smack down, and opinion poll would point the other way, what, because if newer softwear? The One smashes the Nexus on every level, oh sorry, those 10 percent of android diehard purists would agree with you, that does not make them right, troll on dude, this is not about your lame ars Nexus, this thread is about the phone of the year on most accounts!……….owned

        • Darkbotic

          Next year, when the Nexus 4 gets Android 4.5 or 5.0 and the HTC One doesn’t, you’ll remember this post.

          “The phone of the year” will be two years outdated…

        • Deon Davis

          I loved my Nexus 4 but when got my One the Nexus got thrown in the bushes. The one is superior phone in every way. HTC has done a great job updating these phones. Even beating Samsung in the process. The one has already been promised Sense 5.5 in the update after this.

        • kalel33

          It’ll be abandoned in the first part of next year, while Samsung and Motorola keep updating their phones long after HTC quits. HTC One X isn’t even getting 4.3. Abandoned in just a year. HTC Amaze, their 2012 flagship phone, was abandoned after a year. Samsung and Motorola? Kept updating their phones 2 years.

        • Weston

          Please Moto has the worst update record of all OEMS. HTC One X is 18 months old. According to Google phones only need to be updated for 18 months. That is the agreement that all the OEMS signed with Google. Updates for 18 months. HTC Amaze wasn’t 2012 moron. Again Motorola has abandoned more phones than HTC and has a worse and slower update record than HTC. Sammy has released a slew of phones they abandoned after just a few months. Nice trying spreading false information.

        • kalel33

          What are you talking about? Motorola Droid Razr and Razr Maxx, which came out at the same time as the Amaze, was updated to 4.1.2, while the Amaze is stuck on 4.0. You are correct, the Amaze came out in 2011, which was a typing error on my part. I was a rep there for 3 years and know when they come out.

          Samsung abandons entry and mid-level phones, as does every manufacturer, but their flagship phones, Galaxy S and Galaxy Note, are updated far beyond any HTC flagship phone. HTC, LG, and Sony are the worst for abandoning their phones without future updates. Tell me any HTC, LG or Sony phone from 2011 that is on 4.1. I’ll give you a hint, there isn’t any. Motorola has 2 and Samsung has 2. How many HTC, LG, or Sony phones from 2012 will see 4.3? None, but Samsung will have 2, S3 and Note 2.

        • Weston

          Tell that to people with the S2 and the original Note. They were abandoned within a year. HTC is not the worst. Motorola is the worse. HTC has been among the best for updates.

          Also why waste money on a phone that very few people own to update it. Doesn’t make sense if the userbase isn’t there.

          Also OEMS are only required to update their devices for 18 months from launch. That is all Google recommends to do because most people upgrade at 18 months.

          Also many HTC phones from 2011 have 4.0 which was a huge update. The only added benefit of 4.1 was Google Now. Also I would rather be stuck on 4.0.x and have zero issues than have 4.1 and have lag and performance issues like the S2 has from people I know. Some hardware just cannot handle the updates.

          Wrong again bob. HTC EVO LTE (2012) to get 4.3 with Sense 5 by years end. And most likely the One X.

        • kalel33

          What are you talking about. The S2 and the Note 2 have Android 4.1.2 and we haven’t heard if they are or are not getting 4.3. They were released the same time as the Amaze and they’ve been upgraded further. Do a Google search for news of HTC One X and 4.3. The news being reported on all the sites is that it’s not getting 4.3. I did see, after Googling, that 4.3 might be coming to the HTC EVO LTE but there isn’t any official word.

          The 18 month requirement has never been met by the manufacturers. It was more of a pledge and not a requirement.

          The Amaze came out in November of 2011 and it’s last update was May of 2012. It was abandoned 7 months after release. HTC One S was abandoned after one year on Android 4.1. And I’d rather have 4.1, instead of 4.0. The old Galaxy Nexus actually became faster and smoother on 4.1, instead of 4.0 but that’s stock Android and we know how easily coding for skins can mess up an OS,

        • Weston

          Didn’t say anything about the Note 2 I said the original note. Read that again. And the S2 was suppose to get 4.2.2 but the update was cancelled due to compatibility with Touchwiz. Don’t believe everything you read about updates moron. Also yes their is official word that the EVO LTE is getting the 4.3 Sense 5 update. It came straight from Jason Mackenzie himself via his twitter. EVO LTE will receive Android 4.3 with Sense 5 by the end of the year. So wrong again bob.

          Also the Butterfly from 2012 is getting 4.3. So wrong again bob.

          It has been met by HTC.

          Actually HTC abandoned the One S because it was 16 months old at the time. No point in it. Also the One S was a midrange phone. Not a high end. One S Duel Core 4.3 inch screen. One X high end quad core 4.7 inch screen. Also the One S support was dropped because Qualcomm stopped support the drvers for the processor.

          Not talking about the Galaxy Nexus. People who have had the S2 said the phone got slower and buggier after the 4.1. update. Also Sense is faster than stock from my experience. It is Touchwiz that is the problem for Sammy. It is poorly coded, poorly designed.

        • kalel33

          The HTC DNA/Butterfly is less than year old, so I would hope it’d get the 4.3 update. I would bet money that it doesn’t get the 4.4 update and it’s abandoned.

          The HTC One S and the AT&T One X had the exact same processor. The global version used the quad core Tegra.

          Samsung, since the S2, has a much better history of updating phones. So has Motorola. HTC is down on the bottom with LG and Sony tagging along.

          I’m done debating with you. You must be a 14 year old, posting things like “What you too afraid to reply now”. Last thing I need to do during the day is argue with a prepubescent teenager.

        • Weston

          You apparently did not read the article. The HTC One S had two different variants. One of which had the S4 the other which had the S3. Instead of updating just the S4 powered One S’s HTC choice not to because of the confusion it would cause. You literally know nothing do you. How did you not know the One S had two variants running 2 different processors. One of which is no longer supported by Qualcomm as the article states. If HTC were to update the One S it would only be able to update the S4 version which is found in the AT&T One X. And why do that? Why only update one set of One S’s and confusing and anger customers? It makes no sense. HTC made the right decision in not updating the One S and the blame falls on Qualcomm. See but those facts are just too inconvenient for you. You didn’t even read the article did you?

          Please. Tell that to people who bought the Droid 3 and are stuck on Gingerbread. Or people who bought the Droid 4 and are stuck on 4.1. And to the Moto X users whoa are still on 4.2. Motorola’s update record is a dismal. Motorola was dead last last year in terms of updates. While HTC was first followed by Sammy. You clearly have no facts and love to make up stuff.

          You wish I was a 14 year old. I never posted that. There you go again with your lies. Again I have provided facts. You have just provided assumptions with no factual basis.

          Would love to see you explain yourself out of this one.

        • Guest

          What you too afraid to reply now

        • Deon Davis

          yeah yeah I’ve heard all that before and amazed was the 2011 flagship. We shall see but my HTC One is rooted so I run custom sense roms anyway

        • Darkbotic

          I’m not saying the One is a bad phone. What I don’t like is not be able to get the latest version of Android in a not-so-old phone.

          By the time the “L” Android version comes out, HTC will sadly forget about the One because there would be a new HTC flagship device, even though the One will still be a great phone.

        • Weston

          Tell that to the One X which got 4.2.2 and Sense 5 back in July. If you have a problem with OEMS dropping support for phones take it up with Google. Google only makes them update for 18 months. And most OEMS follow that expect Sony and Moto.

        • kalel33

          Did I say it’s a better phone? Nope. But the Nexus will be updated to a new OS’s long after HTC abandons it. The reason why I’ll never buy another HTC phone again is because they support their phones until a new one comes out and I still have a slight grudge for them sending out Mytouch 4G phones with defective screens, fixing the issue in manufacturing, but denying warranty claims for the screens that were sent out as defective.

          They make wonderful phones, except for the lack of expansion and battery replacement, but they don’t support them. Look at the HTC One X, it’s not getting Android 4.3 and it was last years flagship phone and was reviewed as one of the best phones of the year, if not the best phone. They abandon their phones when they want you to buy a new one. That’s why I’d rather buy a Nexus, Samsung, or Motorola, because they get updates well beyond the date that HTC abandons their phones.

          I’ve owned 3 HTC phones(G1, Mytouch 4G, Amaze) and the Amaze is the last one I buy. If you don’t take care of the customers that own your phones then they’ll move on to someone who will take care of them.

          By the way, you owned nothing. The HTC One X had the same accolades as the One and who talks about it now? Nobody, because HTC has already abandoned it. Also, spell check would work wonders for your posts, because you “seriously” misspelled quite a few words.

        • Dmac

          You gave up on HTC right when they got good. The one s, x, and now the One is where HTC really got great. And the one x did not receive close to the same accolades last year as the One has now. The X was arguably not even as good as the Galaxy s3, very few today say the s4 is better than the One. Anyway, I get some of your points, but honestley the “latest” software is not so important as you might think. The one has done great with “old” smooth as the latest nexus os. And I get what you say about removable storage, but it’s not too hard to get by with 32gb :-), and you downplay beats, blinkfeed, Zoe, ir port, like the phone is not better with those features. Believe me, use the One for a month, you will love most if those features.

        • Peter

          Despite the amazing praise for the HTC One X, Htc just doesn’t have the resources to update it, they made the mistake of limiting it to a single carrier, and the phone didn’t sell much nearly as the galaxy s, so there is a very little return on investment for updating the phone much further. On the other hand, the HTC One is their hero device meant to revive the company and is available on far more carriers than the one x. This dependability on the Htc one means you can bet that Htc will be making any and all efforts to update the phone as quickly and long as possible, evidence of this is the speed to which they rolled out an update for 4.3 in comparison to even the galaxy s4. It may not be a nexus, but there a very few other devices on 4.3

        • Wayne Peterkin

          you commented on his spelling but what about your grammar? example: “Nope. But the Nexus will be updated to a new OS’s long after HTC abandons it.” Do you see the way you used OS’s? I just felt like pointing that out in order to be fair.

        • JointhePredacons

          The updates depend on what Nexus you have, people that own old Nexus’s dont get all the updates. So even your precious Nexus has a shelf life. Did you forget that HTC made the first ever Nexus device ? Seems you did. Youre welcome!

        • Herb

          Nobody uses the IR blaster? Maybe on the Galaxy where it’s weak and nearly unusable. But I LOVE the IR blaster on the One. I literally have no idea where my TV remote is because I have my phone on me all the time. You seriously don’t know what you’re missing.

        • Spanky

          The IR blaster on my GS4 Google Edition works as intended.

        • Herb

          It definitely works but in my (admittedly limited, one-time) testing, the IR on the One is more versatile. It worked at greater distances and at more angles than that of the S4. I think it is due to the size of the blaster, since the S4 has a small dot and the One has the whole button.

        • Wayne Peterkin

          Well aren’t you both arrogant and ignorant. I’ve been longing for the
          return of IR blasters along with more functionality since my treo. I
          love using it over my regular remote because of the other services that it offers such as showing me what is on and I love that when you press that program it directs my tv to the corresponding channel. In addition some times I have no idea where my remote wonders off to after it develops pseudopodium but I always know where my phone is. Just because you don’t use it doesn’t mean that everyone else made the same decision

        • Moses JC

          Nexus speaker was horrible & I love the ir blaster… So do other people that use the HTC one (that I know )

        • Rick

          I use the IR blaster.

    • Dmac

      Thanks for sharing that, you are so cool to do that, appreciate your insight and kind words…..troll on

  • Dakota

    Just in time to be out of date again.. Why people get frustrated with Android, especially manufacturer skins

  • guest

    will we be able to turn off blink feed with this update?

    • remister

      I believe that is in the Sense 5.5 update.

      • Simon Belmont

        Yes. Sense 5.5 has a Blinkfeed toggle.

        It also has the ability to set multiple lock screen widgets. Pretty cool.

  • MacRat

    Meanwhile, my HTC One S is still stuck at 4.1.1

    • Chong

      The One S is at the end of shelf life. Go to xda forum to see if you got anything new.

    • Rootit

      I rooted mine and use sense 5 with 4.2.2. It’s faster now than it Ever was. Xda devs do more unpaid work than phone devs do when paid.

  • Chip Douglas

    Still, no love for the Galaxy S4..

  • guest3321

    im getting rid of the crappy phone if blink feed wont get a on off toggle switch with this update

    • remister

      It won’t be in this update, it will be in the Sense 5.5 update.
      Install a third party launcher, if anything.

  • Jake

    Okay, so after waiting since the phone’s release, an update to Android 4.1 is finally certified.. so what’s the delay now? This is really getting ridiculous. I’m sorry I ever purchased a phone from Tmobile.

    • David Gray

      It’s for Android 4.3….you’re way off.

      • Jake

        It’s an update to OS which is currently Android 4.1. You misread my comment.

        • mb

          Can be interpreted both way. :-p

    • Devon

      you said update to 4.1. not from 4.1 to 4.3 you ignorant sucker. and tmobile is getting theres before verizon which is the better of the 2. so i don’t see what youre saying. i have tmobile and i like the company.

      • Jake

        Verizon HTC One phones got an update to 4.1 a long time ago.. they’re running Android 4.2 so TMobile is last as usual.

        • david

          verizon never got an update. their “special” version came with 4.2.2 onboard from the get go, but they were late to release the damn phone and will be the last of the carriers to get their 4.3 update.

        • Devon

          not only that but most carriers were launched with 4.1.

  • BlackJu

    I guess I’m curious why we get regular articles regarding future updates on a single android phone, but can’t get articles written regarding GDR3 update available today for all phones running WP8.

    • Mike Rowesoft

      WP8? What’s that? (there’s your answer)

      • BlackJu

        It’s them tile thingies on the No Kia 520-something

        • David Gray

          You answered your own question duder….if it’s NOT Android specific we don’t care about it. I’d rather get updates on 1 Android phone than 100 Windows Mobile phones

    • I believe David has done updates for Windows Phone in the past. Not as many posts for them since obviously there aren’t quite as many updates for WP.

      • It’s on my to-do list but realistically WP8 posts come along once in a blue moon it seems so there just aren’t that many to prioritize.

  • Simon Belmont

    Anyone seen this update hit their phone yet? I check periodically on my wife’s HTC One, but nothing yet.

    Hopefully by the end of the week, I guess. Just glad it’s certified.

    • JointhePredacons

      I check every few hours.

  • Methuen man

    And….. nothing. First we are told BY the end of September- NOTHING. Next, we are told BY Mid October- NOTHING. Now we are told WITHIN few days. It feels like this update will never happen.

    • JointhePredacons

      The unlocked versions did receive the update end of Sept, beginning of October. HTC said that the carriers were the only thing blocking U.S ONE updates. Canada, and International versions also received the update on time. Both At&T and Sprint have the update. T-Mobile literally signed off on the t-mo update 2 days ago. It hasnt been that long.

  • david

    ive been spamming tmobile’s major forum sites, and no one there seems to know about this update. They say “we do not have any information about this update at this time, but when we do, we will update our OTA page” Really Tmobile? Sprint and Att both did a good job being transparent when the tweet came out and pushed their OTA when it was announced. Tmobile really likes to push people’s patience.

  • Ben Paschal

    in this ”new era”, what the hell is considered the middle of the week!??

    • Methuen man

      I just hope to get it before 2014.

  • Jim Martin

    End of September, Mid October, Middle of next week, a “few days”, crickets…… Excellent phone, great features, honestly if they would have said November, I would have been fine with that. Next time, just release an update out of the blue and tell no one before it happens, that way you can’t let anyone down.

  • WOP333

    No update yet. WTF? I doubt the update will do much to help T-mobiles lousy coverage anyway. Their service is so bad they claim not to be able to track all of my dropped calls. It’s hard to make Sprint look good but T-mobile is doing it.

  • Bonedatt

    HTC’s president @JasonMacHTC (same one that cannot seem to provide any solid accurate date) tweeted 30 minutes ago that the update has been unexpectedly pushed to Monday, October 21st. You can stop spamming your software update button now :)

  • Que Zheng

    HTC fucked every T-Mobile user. What an asswhole.

  • magmaspawn

    i hear a lot of upset people about clicking check update. either hang in there or root. Either way, this is a phone that will have attention for some time. People always cry about updates, but they cant tell you what the update actually does. I am sure plenty of people on this thread can, because it states some of it. Just step back and realize that you are getting a tried and tested version that works. Yes, it has been htc approved for a while now and that sucks it isn’t out sooner.

  • iziwizi

    October is ending and I haven’t updated yet.