HTC Exec Tweets That One Android 4.3 Update Pushed To Monday

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HTC One owners patiently waiting for their One devices to receive notification of a new software update will need to extend their patience till after the weekend. In a set of responses on Twitter, HTC America President Jason Mackenzie explained that an unexpected cause had pushed the update back till Monday. Unfortunately, Mackenzie didn’t offer much in way of detail or reasons about the delay, and obviously some of the Twitter responses were less than cordial with their verbiage.

In a move that might have been partly trying to smooth over the disappointment some One owners expressed over the delay, T-Mobile CEO John Legere tweeted that the Android 4.3 update will arrive “on your phones in the next few days.” Unfortunately, that’s the same language we heard from Mackenzie earlier in the week but at this point we’re at the whim of the powers that be to release the update to the T-Mobile world.

Till Monday!

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  • tonyfatex

    I’m over here refreshing my phone hoping the Update would come at any second… -_-

    • PhoenixPath

      Get to rest a while. Means I don’t have to worry about restoring to stock until Sunday or Monday morning, even.

      Works for me…

      Is it too optimistic to imagine the delay might be them wedging Sense 5.5 in there?

      • Nick Gonzalez

        A Sense 5.5 update at the same time would be AWESOME.

        Now you got me wishing…

        • PhoenixPath

          D’oh! Sorry… ;-)

        • truckeemike

          Yup me 2!

    • Me too. To be honest, I’m a bit aggravated with this whole thing. I rather somebody not say anything at all and get my hopes up, than to say something then push it back. Sure it’s a few days more, but it was already slightly pushed back some. They said mid this week, that’s like Wednesday-Thursday, okay now it’s Friday. Now we’re talking about Monday, and that doesn’t necessarily mean everybody will get it Monday. I’ve seen update windows being open with the OTA pushed and it took a day or so for me to get it. Rare times, but still. I was so looking forward to it this weekend, blah… v_v

    • Nick Gonzalez

      I was too, until I read this article…
      But I guess what’s another 3 days

  • the2000guy

    So Google is expecting to laungh Android 4.4 next week and next week HTC is going to provide Android 4.3 to their HTC ONE lineup? That’s another reason why they are falling like a giant snowball.

    • Paul

      Every phone manufacturer has this issue, with the exception of the Nexus line. So no, it’s not the reason.
      Only rolling out an update for the HTC One and not any other device they made…that’s a pretty good reason they are falling behind in customer loyalty.

      • the2000guy

        Every manufacturer using android Os are always far behind. But at least if HTC goes ahead of the others as soon as google launch their newerversion then the consumers will follow them often than expected.

    • Jarobusa

      You cant be serious? How many phones are shipping with 4.3? Very few and the Galaxy S4 is still on 4.2.2.

      • the2000guy

        They don’t need to ship the phone with the latest OS. what they need is to have support as soon as possible to keep consumers happy with their devices.

  • williejackbrainer

    I can wait a few more days. No biggie, its not like there will be any major update coming with this release.

  • guests

    oh well i already sold that piece of crap phone off to get a note 3

  • MacRat

    My barely 1 year old HTC One S is stuck at 4.1.1

  • williejackbrainer

    HTC One is far from piece of crap phone. I’m sure most people that are concerned with updates on Android OS know to purchase the Nexus phones or for the more tech savy crowd just Roots their phones.

  • Paul

    I expect nothing less when it comes to devices that are not the Nexus. I’m waiting for 4.3 to come to my Note 2, but that’ll be sometime next summer-I’ll ahve bought something new by then.

  • Moses JC

    Blame T-Mobile … Everyone else already has the update

    • Jarobusa

      I agree, and except for Verizon.

  • tomnewtn

    I’d rather they get it right than push a buggy update. No need to emulate the brilliant programming. I also have a Nexus 4 but am very impressed with the ONE.

  • ROB

    like my htc one and gs4 but tired of the nonsense delays in updates. Its like liberals forcing people, keeping them as permanent underclass dependents. If the next Iphone is the size of HTC one or the GS3 or GS4, I will quit andriod phones.

    • truckeemike

      It’s like who? Politics, really? Go get the iPhone….

  • John

    Wahhhh, wahhhh. If it takes an extra couple days to make sure your phone doesn’t become a paperweight it’s worth it.


    Well it’s Monday and still no update.

    • JazzyB

      The days not over yet. But yeah… :/

    • ROB

      nothing yet. i do’t think it will come today. they postponed the update few times already. in other words, they lied about the dates.

  • Methuen MAN

    LOL – still nothing..

    “They have pushed back the update to the first half of 2014”

  • Dmac

    Not too happy right now. Whenever I have been promised an update it always comes first thing in the morning, it’s all ready 9:30 central time, it better come today! I love my One but I almost bought a Note 3 two days ago because I get so bored with technology, even if it’s great technology. In the end I can’t live without my front speakers (listen to music all day on them) and my zoe highlight reals.

    • Wayne Peterkin

      yep, can’t wait for the nexus 5. im selling this thing. hopefully it uses the same dac from the g2. never again HTC and T-mobile.

  • Darrell L. Williams

    Downloading it now

  • Jerster77

    I am updating right now.

  • AlanM

    Yes, mine just started downloading.

  • TophT

    Installing right now!!!

  • Paul

    Installing now yea baby

  • Rick

    So I did indeed get notification of the update around 0900 MST. And as expected, it refused my setting to update no matter the connection, and reports it must be done over WiFi. Which will not happen until tonight, when I don’t have a lot of time to deal with it. Nice work, team. Wonder how those who don’t have WiFi handy will deal with this? Pus.

    • KlausWillSeeYouNow

      Boo-frigging-hoo. Life’s hard, suck it up. Most people have WiFi handy. If they don’t, they can go to the library.

      • Rick

        Another of the ‘we’re overriding your settings because we have to, and besides it will save bandwidth to our benefit’ moves. Don’t bother to put the button there.

        Oh, and thanks for the informative response.

        • KlausWillSeeYouNow

          Haha, I like your response.

          Here’s the thing: I’m not mad or anything, but it seems like the they can never please everyone. My only point is that HTC is not the only manufacturer to require updates over WiFi. Neither is T-Mobile the only carrier to require certain updates over WiFi.

  • Andy

    I am thinking this update it what bricked my One. I was shooting a video at home of my kids dancing on monday night around 8:00pm MST. I clicked the button to stop recording. The phone froze up and would not turn off for a while. When it did, it rebooted and got stuck at the HTC splash screen. I got into bootloader and cleared cache. Then it went into endless reboot mode. It would not power off. I left it on the charger overnight with the bootloader screen at full brightness. The next day, it would actually boot up mostly. But only for about a minute before rebooting again. During this minute, I was able to access the memory and download photos and files to my PC. It took several hours to get all photos off the phone. I left it overnight to start moving videos the next day. And it would not even charge at that point. Brick. Then I saw the news about the 4.3 update rolling out monday and it clicked. Now I am waiting for the warranty replacement to arrive. Wondering if I should sell it straight away and get Nexus 5 or Z1….hmmmm…..

  • diannadrio90

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