Newly Leaked Images, Video Offer Clearest Look At Upcoming Nexus 5

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 9.00.37 PM

Hello there LG Nexus 5 and welcome to the land of “in the wild shots” of pre-production units. This device, apparently left sitting on a table by a Google employee at a bar was picked up by another individual who snapped the three images and captured two videos. Thankfully, it looks exactly like the images we just saw pass through the FCC and the “accidental” Google KitKat video. The videos and images show the devices startup and lock screens, as well a not-so-hidden Nexus logo. After several attempts at unlocking the device, the bar patron reboots the device and takes a pic of the boot animation. There’s not a lot else we can gleam from these images, but they are certainly enough to whet our appetite and if the current pattern of news is any indication, we’ll know everything about the Nexus 5 through leaks and official FCC documents courtesy of the Federal Government by the time Google actually announces the device next month.



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  • rav

    #takemymoney :)

  • moises1204

    ugly then ugly now!

  • ceegii63

    history made

    the Sound of NERDGASM recorded at 0:02

  • cris l

    Sign me up!

  • Smexy….

    Ugh… deciding between this or the LG G2.

    • Clarkkent113

      I’m in the exact same boat. I’m either going to sell my Note 2 for the LG G2, or the Nexus 5.

      I’m hoping the Nexus 5 has a 5″ 1080p screen (would make sense right) + Snapdragon 800. If it has those two things then I’m sold. If not, the G2 may be calling my name. I like a lot of the features LG has included.

      • Michael Montanez
        • ChristianMcC

          First, it’s technically not 1080p, but a little under, with a ratio closer to the N4’s 5:3, this being, whole numbers, 299:180.

          Seriously, what is the point of having a 1080p screen resulting in 422 PPI? Does no one realize that you can’t tell the difference in normal use versus a 330 PPI? No, I’m not saying a 1080p on a tablet like the N7 is bad, because your still in the reasonable range. Either case, I want a seriously good reason other than “to say you have it.” /rant

      • Chris

        Why would you sell the Note 2 for that phone?

      • Peter Smith

        Yeah I would not sell my note 2 for that phone. The only real world difference is that nice screen it has but for me I’m sticking with the note 2 at least until I get what I want out of the Nexus 5. Everything goes if I get what I want.

    • jimmiekain

      im going with the LG G2… I need wifi calling.

      • Right. I’m kinda leaning towards the G2 myself. I love the sleek look of it (not thin/slim, but it looks simple and sleek). Plus I heard the battery life is outstanding (One of the #1 features I’m looking for). I usually would be all for WiFi calling, but the apartment I’m staying on by my school’s campus is so cluttered with Students on it, it would be a total fail trying to use WiFi. Plus we’re not allowed to use Routers, etc. because something about it’ll interfere with something or some kinda bullcrap.

        • zx6guy

          There is a rumor that the Nexus will have a smaller battery then the G2. Google it.

        • Okay, thanks. But did you thumbs me down for that?

        • zx6guy


        • cheese

          it’s not a rumor, it’s confirmed. it will have a 2300 mah li-po battery.

        • Peter Smith

          No SD card…that is a deal breaker for me. The screen is nice though.

    • predation

      lol. beautimus.

  • kliu0x52

    It’s a pity he didn’t take a closer look at all the fine print on the casing.
    Nitpick: It’s “whet our appetite”, not “wet”. ;)

  • Clarkkent113

    I’m really sure the Google employee just left their Nexus 5 hanging around the bar…wink wink.

    This is almost as obvious a marketing ploy as when Eric Schmidt was “caught” talking on a Moto X before it was announced.

    • JBLmobileG1

      I agree 100%, I am starting to think they are doing this to wet everyone’s whistle, that, or every employee who is given a phone before it’s released is a drinker who isn’t responsible. If that’s the case, hire me! I am responsible and don’t drink!

    • brenda

      Well if that guy that left the phone in a bar did it on purpose didnt get fired HE LUCKY.. My husband worked for a company that made phones no it wasnt apple or LG LOL not sayin which one maybe its htc,sony,Motorola LOL not saying which one and if he or anyone else that worked there made the mistake of “leaving a phone in a bar ” THEY WOULD FIRE THERE AZZ ON THE SPOT ESPECIALLY IF IT WOULD BEEN A PHONE THAT WASNT ANNOUNCED TO THE PUBLIC YET NO EXCUSE FIRED ON THE SPOT…

      • Haywood

        You talk pretty good Brenda

  • steveb944

    We see the writing on the wall with this and the empty stock of 16 GB Nexus 4 on the Play Store.

  • ShermCraig

    Looks like a dime-bag in the 2nd photo.

    • incomingcall

      It is….and a pack of cigarellos

      • predation

        which is used for dime bags lol

  • The rear is a little bit of a letdown. The Nexus 4 being glass on the back was a little more premium looking for a halo device when compared to this. Hopefully this is just a mock-up rear (doubt it) and not just a downsized looking Nexus 7 device.

    • never again

      Too bad it was made out of poverty glass and broke when you look at it and felt really uncomfortable.

    • MNBug

      I never understand why people are so obsessed with the back or thickness of the phone then they go cover it with an ugly looking plastic case from China.

    • david

      dont understand why you would want something that shatters easily like glass. Just do a search on xda n4 and there is a whole thread on people’s rear glass randomly cracking or completely shattering easily.

  • Don Kim

    Looks like shrinked version of new Nexus 7.

  • Peter Smith

    All I’m asking for is a SD card slot and a removable battery added Google. I won’t need another phone for the next 10 years. Yea I said it!!!

    • Evaris

      Never happening in another Nexus

    • Jeremy Gross

      sd card isnt comeing back, i just hope they have big storage options like 32-64

  • Deceptivesmiles

    Only thing I’m missing out of my S3 is pure Android out of the box. I could root but too lazy to redownload all of my The Mrs is lookin for a new phone though, if this takes too long, I’ll get her the S4 or the Note 3

  • Wolphman007

    I just really didn’t like the N4 especially compared the the HTC One! I love the One S and was hoping the N4 would blow it away but it didn’t. I guess I really like HTC Sense. I also think that HTC has the best camera out there and that’s what really got me. I’m an IT tech so I use and rely on my phone a lot. I don’t know if I want to try the N5 when i’m so happy with the One but I would like to see what the difference is this time around. Any ideas or suggestions?