(Updated) Oooops? Did Google Accidentally Show A New Nexus In The KitKat Unveiling Video?

Update: There’s a mirrored video below, watch it before Google has it pulled! Thanks John for finding this!

In what may be a truly big “ooops,” it seems Google may have spilled the beans on the brand new Nexus during the KitKat unveiling video. The video has since been pulled and while I search endlessly for a mirror, a number of sites were able to capture an image before the video went down.

If you look closely at the image in the man’s hand, the word “Nexus” is clearly visible in horizontal form. This horizontal writing of Nexus matches the recently revamped Nexus 7 which also saw the Nexus wording written horizontally. So, does that mean this image is a smoking gun or that we are indeed looking at the Nexus 5? Of course not, but the conspiracy theories are already running wild and I can’t help but feel there’s some merit to them. When you also consider that Google has pulled the video, it almost comes off as a “yups, we screwed up, sorry about that” and adds even more fuel to the legitimacy fire.

The large camera lens and matte finish hasn’t been seen on any other Nexus devices to date, so add that as another piece of potential evidence that we’re looking at the real deal. You can also seen a size difference as the women holding a current model Nexus 4 to the man’s left which appears notably smaller.

Make of this image what you will but expect it to launch the new Nexus rumor mill into overtime.


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  • undeadwolfy

    Need mirrorrrrr!

  • Red5

    That’s looks similar or identical to the one that was at my call center

  • Bmykytyn

    Maybe Google employees can customize their google related products?

  • Garo.j

    It definitely is a nexus device.

  • Rick Johnson

    Good grief, that thing is huge! Nexus 4 is pocket-able, and barely useable with my small hands but that device doesn’t stand a chance of either!

    • TechHog

      Even the Galaxy Note 2 is pocketable. This’ll be fine unless you’re wearing skinny jeans or something.

    • JTrip

      Looks like it is actually smaller than the N4 according to the new FCC listing. The woman in the picture is standing a few feet further back and is holding her phone on slightly more of an angle. It gives the illusion that the N5 is bigger.

      Right now as it stands after reading the N5 specs, I find the Moto X more appealing but I’ll have to wait for more info on the N5.

  • thatuptowncat37

    We know about as much about the possibility that the device in question is the next nexus as we knew that KitKat was on the horizon!!! You all are always speculating and never even come close!! Spare me with the guessing. Until you all know definitively shut the hell up!!

    • just me

      If you want only official news and not speculation, any tech blog is the wrong place. Stick to press releases.

      • thatuptowncat37

        Obviously……I came here for the video…..SA!!

  • Wishful thinking. Hoping too…but no.

    • I don’t know man, I tend to think this may be legit.

      • Hoggles

        Spot on David. 100% legit. Common knowledge that many Google employee’s get access to the next big device, for free of course, weeks before release, for feedback and such. The only surprise is that it was missed during editing…. unless of course it was intentional.

        That looks like nothing we know of…and the size looks like it is most likely in the 5″+ range….the rumored spec.

        You can tell in the video that the Nexus logo is debossed…and appears to be black, not colored at all. The white hue is just sunlight. My eyes see a very slim device as well.


        • Marc Klein

          It’s legit. I expect the official announcement to come shortly after Apple does their thing.with the release being timed to the holidays.

  • steveb944

    Just checked out some more pictures and video. Made by LG! I can’t wait for my Kit Kat N5!

  • JBLmobileG1

    Man I wish I could work for Google. I think it would be an Awesome company to work for.

  • I WANT!

  • Joey

    Heck maybe its prototype where they can install new updates and test them out…..

  • Dom

    I just want the new nexus to be made by htc xD

    • ChristianMcC

      This is by LG, as you can tell by the matching shape of the logo on the left side of the phone, just like the N4’s

  • nahright

    They didn’t “accidentally” do anything. It’s viral marketing, and clearly it worked. Every blog that even touches on Android stuff has got their panties in a bunch today over this.

    • Ben

      I completely agree with you here. I just don’t understand how some readers don’t see MARKETING written all over these things. People dedicate entire blog articles to “leaked” pictures, etc. What they don’t think about how these manufacturers create buzz around their products before bringing it to the market. The generated buzz is used as feedback, which also helps them set their prices. Maybe we should look beyond the obvious, folks.

      • Danny Lewis

        I’d be surprised if they didn’t have a new Nexus device hidden in this commercial anyway. A new Android release means a new Nexus device coming our way soon.

        If they left it up, the blog buzz would still exist. I guess by taking it down it makes people feel that they saw something they shouldn’t. The only novel thing I see about it is that the screen is bigger and obviously it should have a spec bump. What will be cool about it are the new features of KitKat it will take advantage of.

        As with every Nexus release, I still hope and pray for an SD card slot or at least 32GB of space.

        • NinoBr0wn

          I wouldn’t hold my breath on a SD card slot, but I think we can all agree that the spec ’16GB’ needs to be burned with fire, yesterday.

    • Exactly….

  • jim

    any updates on 4.2 update on HTC one?

    • J-Hop2o6

      HTC is skipping 4.2 for 4.3. Should be released soon for non-carrier versions. But the Rom community will help out with the carrier versions.

  • Patrick

    Google is upping its controlled leak game.

  • I wouldn’t be surprise is this is a misdirection. But half of my opinion is marketing strategy.