T-Mobile Systems Update Hints At JUMP! Phase 2, Simple Choice No Credit Phase 2

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It sounds like changes to T-Mobile’s SIM unlock policy aren’t the only updates we’ll be seeing this weekend. According to this leaked image, T-Mobile will release “several system updates and enhancements…deployed to support the following:”

So what are the following things that interest us? Try “JUMP! Phase 2” and “Simple Choice No Credit Phase 2” on for size. What they are is something I’ve yet to learn or uncover, and I can imagine anything from a grander marketing campaign to a change in the program entirely. Though I’m guessing it’s something closer to the former, at this point it’s really up in the air about what these “Phase” changes are.”

Speaking of phases, I’m still working to get a peek behind the curtain and find out exactly what Uncarrier Phase 3 exactly is. I have my guesses and some hints have come my way, but I want a concrete answer. I’m hoping it’s something truly mind-blowing because that’s exactly the kind of momentum T-Mobile and CEO John Legere have going right now.

Moving back to this image, we know what the B2B Simple Choice Plans are the rest don’t really apply to us as consumers. Still, consider my curiosity piqued as I question what exactly Phase 2 means for JUMP! and the No Credit Simple Choice options.


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  • Luis Medina

    David with one word say your guess for phase 3.

    • bisayan

      yes david give us one word hint? pretty pls? lol

    • One word? “T-Mobile” heheheheh sorry, couldn’t resist.

      • Luis Medina


  • besweeet

    Considering T-Mobile is looking to solve people’s pain points, I truly hope that they have a serious plan for all of their GPRS and EDGE areas. That seems to be the #1 complaint I’ve been reading from people nowadays from both sides of the fence.

    • jay_max

      That seems to be about the only thing left that could be game changing.

      • fsured

        Game changing would be releasing those who are on contract still so they could take advantage of the new plans and programs.

        • Mark

          Just to give you a heads up, there is a promotion going on right now that lets migration fees be waived if you’re moving from a Classic plan to a Simple Choice plan. You just have had to be a customer for at least five years.

        • Mark

          Well, your account tenure must say at least five years.

        • bullchit

          they are not waiving migration fees

        • Mark

          Yes they are. Go into a store and say you heard about that. If they say no they are lying to you. It is good until the end of this month as long as your account is at least five years old.

    • twicetheprice

      I’m all for converting every single tower to a LTE tower. There is one GPRS tower in a little town a drive through on the way to my mom’s. Everytime I pass through that area I hope it would be LTE, but it’s still GPRS.

  • S. Ali

    Phase 3: All EDGE has been covertly converted to LTE

    Boom….Verizon/ATT file for bankruptcy

    • g2a5b0e

      That would be amazing.

      • TechHog

        and impossible

        • Rod

          Not really. They have edge there, so putting LTE would be possible just prohibitively expensive. Verizon has 98% of their network on LTE, so LTE everywhere is far from impossible.

        • TechHog

          I mean to do it all at once. They don’t even have enough spectrum right now

        • Rod

          They own nationwide 1700/1900/2100 licenses. They have plenty of spectrum, they’re just short on cash.

        • TMOguy

          They have the spectrum, that’s not the issue.. It’s money. Each tower has to basically be rebuilt to go from edge to LTE. And no. nobody could do it all “at once”. It takes about a week per tower for a crew to complete the upgrade.

    • TechHog

      Even if that were possible, they’d have to raise rates.

      • taron19119


        • TechHog

          Do you think something like that would be cheap?

        • Eric

          Look at the bright side. If they do that, TONS of customers will switch, which means more profit.

    • dp4609

      Woah woah woah! Let’s not forget gprs! At least to edge for financial consideration :-P

    • Alex Zapata

      Well with the new radios they can do EDGE/WCDMA/LTE. Cover the whole footprint with that and they become very competitive. Assuming the spectrum allows for it.

  • jpeps

    We are not geting new phone like mage 6.5

  • jpeps

    Att is getting 2 new phones samsung mage 6.5 and sony Xperia Z Ultra and tmobile only note 3

  • mreveryphone

    Phase 3, everyone currently on jump gets a free upgrade no phone payments and gets some tmobile stock

  • Joey

    Phase 3: Convert all EDGE area’s to HSPA+. :)

    • twicetheprice

      They just did that to one tower near my mom’s house within the last week or so. I’m not sure if it’s that they are just upgrading existing EDGE towers or if it was a MetroPCS antenna they upgraded.

  • epsiblivion

    hopefully the on demand data passes are reasonably priced. handy for people who don’t need unlimited but once in a while need a little extra

  • taron19119

    I hope the rumors are true that uncarrier phase 3 will be unveiled on Halloween I would love to see John leger dress up

  • sushimane

    im curious what jump phase 2 would be? im getting pretty interested in the jump program myself 10 dollars to upgrade twice a year and still pay the same monthly payment of 25 dollars or so for a phone and when u wanna change it u get the trade in value and basically switch to a new phone. but im also pretty content on i dont really need to have the lastest and greatest devices and plus once u pay off ur phone u can do a trade in or just sell it on Craigslist but still the jump program is very nice. im waiting for phase 3 of the un-carrier.

  • Mr.Smith

    my hope is that one of these phases make deposit customers pay the same down payment price as well qualified customers (probably they won’t qualify for the 0 down payment promotion)….but it’ll make a big impact on post customers and block a big hesitation in terms of price

    • Georgie1234

      Sorry buddy but don’t plan on it. Deposit customers have to pay more because they’re known to not pay…. so it wouldnt be very smart of them to do that

      • Daniel

        Or they just don’t have credit yet…