T-Mobile Posts Three new JUMP! Commercials With Bill Hader

With T-Mobile’s JUMP! program already off to a “jumping” start, T-Mobile’s added three new commercials to the mix. Some of you may have already seen these on television and the “Missed Texts” one is especially funny. I don’t know if this is Bill Hader at his SNL best (Stefan anyone?), but he plays the role well and I’m happy to see T-Mobile move in this direction with their newest marketing spots.

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  • Robots88

    “It’s sweet!, do you want the charger?”

  • Deadeye37

    I LOVED THESE COMMERCIALS! 2 bleeding thumbs up to you T-mobile! Finally, some good commercials!

  • kawkaw

    omg the fact that bill hader was trying to hold up the guy who try to hold him up was hilarious.

  • TheVorlon

    I miss Catherine Zeta Jones

    • Jonson

      Me too :( I was just thinking that a couple days ago…

    • ES

      and Carly Foulkes… :/

  • Binny Gupta

    That was hilarious about the gun.

  • VBM

    “‘gonna hunt you down’ all caps.” LMFAO! TMo’s been making bold and smart decisions (see ATT/VZW copying techniques) lately and need to maintain the momentum. I know people liked Carly (as eye-candy), but really what was she selling? The view of a pink city via helicopter? Waste of marketing money her commercials were.

  • JBLmobileG1

    I think T-mobiles latest commercials are winners! As long as they can continue with great marketing along with killer devices, continued improvements to their network and customer service, they will, and are in a good position to advance in the wireless market which they so desperately needed. Their new CEO seems like an Awesome guy who isn’t afraid to take chances and make changes for the better and that alone is a definite plus. I have been a loyal customer since 2004 and while they have had their ups and downs I still managed to stick with them. Overall they are Awesome and couldn’t recommend them more to anyone looking for a decent wireless carrier who has some of the best pricing around.

  • Kenny O

    Dam, you know you’ve arrived when the CEO is tweeting links to your blog.

  • Manny

    Lol. “Yeah its sweet, take it. You want the charger?” Oh man.

  • steveb944

    Love them, especially the finger prints.

  • Tmo1082

    These JUMP commercials are great, but I would like to see some commercials with T-Mobile showing off their LTE coverage in the cites they have it live.

  • FavoriteCousin

    TMO’s best commercials EVER!! Man it’s about time. Love these, they’re great. LOL

  • weezy34

    I have a couple of friends who have broken screens and replied with the ” I have 100 more days till I can upgrade… ” and asked if I’ve seen the commercials. Funny cause I’ve never cared to see the commercials until my with-another-carrier-and-paying-too-much-while-they-use-their-thrashed-mobile friends mentioned it.

  • KingCobra

    Finally some good commercials. These are great and customers seem receptive to them.

  • 21stNow

    The commercials win in the relatable department. They also win in the humor department while still remaining relevant (take notes Nokia/Microsoft). I agree that these are the best commercials that T-Mobile has had. They are far better than the frozen caveman, monster and woman in the shoe commercials.

  • np6s4x

    saw the third one on tv last night, nice, lol

    there’s a few more too like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPwWisg4fHE

  • Napster87

    i love these commercials but it fails to mention that in order to trade in your phone, you need to have it in good working condition. yeah, the jump comes with the protection plan but that’s a $100-$175 deductible.


      Compare that deductable to other carriers troll. I see nothing but GOOD out of this JUMP promotion. Your pessimistic attitude will cause you to miss out on this awesome service.

      • Napster87

        Not trolling. Just saying that its misleading. I have mobile but haven’t had the opportunity to add this to my account. The commercial makes it seem like you can just get a new phone if you break you’re old one which isn’t true. Also unless Verizon changed their deductibles, they only charge $100 instead of $175 for premium handsets. Keep it real and pull your tamp out.

        • Darkbotic

          *your old one which isn’t true.

          Fixed it. :)

        • Napster87

          “if you can’t win the argument, correct their grammar.”