Image Confirms T-Mobile Moto X Availability Through “Google Play Only?”

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With lingering questions still surrounding the T-Mobile Moto X launch, perhaps this image that just landed in my inbox will help clear up some answers. According to the internal shot from T-Mobile, the Moto X will only be available through “Google Play.”

Immediately after the launch, a statement provided by T-Mobile Marketing Chief Mike Sievert stated the Moto X would “initially be available through Motorola’s channels.” That’s slightly contradictory from this image and it’s possible the sales channels have changed since Sievert’s statement. However, until we hear from T-Mobile, we’re still left guessing how exactly T-Mobile customers will grab a Moto X, and at what price.

I suppose there’s the possibility that Motorola’s website would just link directly to Google Play, but that’s just a wild guess at this point. Hopefully, T-Mobile will offer some official details in the very near future as AT&T and now Verizon have already provided confirmed dates and pricing.

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  • rob

    Why is T-Mo and Moto’s relationship so awkward?

    • Henry Pham

      My guess is that Tmo doesn’t want to carry the phone because Google plans to sell the phone at a discount like the Nexus. Perhaps they’ll pick it up later like the Nexus. Here’s hoping for a $400 32gb Moto X.

      • Roger Sales

        That would be a mistake if that’s true, seeing as what T-Mobile has been doing right up until is strengthening the diversity of their portfolio. It would be stupid of them to hold back on what is clearly going to be a very iconic device.

      • Herb

        I haven’t seen anything to indicate Google will subsidize the Moto X the way they subsidize the Nexus other than pre-announcement rumors.. Do you have a source on that?

        • Henry Pham

          No source. Just wishful thinking. But my clues are

          1) Tmo won’t sell a flagship device in store, leading me to believe that Motorola has let them know that the Play Store will sell it at a discounted price which they can’t compete with.
          2) Google has just dropped the price of the Nexus 4, well before the next Nexus will even be announced, to possibly make way for an unlocked Moto X on the Play store at a discounted price?

          Like I said, it’s wishful thinking, but I think there are clues to support it.

        • Herb

          That’s the first time I’ve heard the second theory and I like it. Now you’ve got my hopes up again haha!

    • cheeto0

      Its probably because of the exclusive AT&T motomaker deal

  • We can only hope that it’s similarly priced as a Nexus 4 on Google Play. But I highly doubt it. $449 would be the max I would lay out for those specs, although I know that it’s more about the experience considering the GPU performance is right up there with the GS4 and HTC One.

    • Clarkkent113

      I’m just going to wait until the Nexus 5. Highly doubt that Google will leave off the “always listening” functionality of the Moto X on their own flagship device. And once the Nexus has that feature, then the Moto X becomes a pointless device unless you’re really awed by color customization.

      • That’s really what I’m waiting for too.

  • Waveblade

    It seems very likely that T-Mobile may not carry it until the exclusivity date on AT&T ends especially since that’s the whole marketing thing for the Moto X.

  • UncleFan

    You know what this means? If you have a problem with your service, the CSR will try to transfer you to Motorola, who of course won’t be able to fix anything. This happened to me when I first got my Nexus S, and the goofs at Best Buy gave me the wrong data plan. T-Mobile support actually HUNG UP on me because I refused to be transferred to Samsung. I was so mad! Eventually I was able to get the right data plan by using the online chat support on T-Mobile’s website, but it took HOURS.

    • patrick

      seems like your talking non-sense – the chat is no different then customer service – and all data is the same package now

      • UncleFan

        Actually, it is YOU who are talking nonsense:

        1) When the Nexus S came out, there were different standalone data packages for Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry. They gave me the Windows Mobile one by mistake.

        2) The online chat is VERY different than the phone reps, in my experience on multiple occasions. The online chat guys seem to take their time to get things right, instead of rushing to get rid of you.

        • ChristianMcC

          And there still are those different data packages, as I found out when an agent stupidly gave me the blackberry for my android and it didn’t work for hours until corrected.

  • 3560freak

    Really wanted this or Nexus but No WiFi calling is a deal breaker (0 signal in my office) I wish that WiFi calling could just be installed as an app (like the original Android devices)

    • FreydNot

      I could not agree more.

    • I believe there are other ways to get the Wifi calling app on your near stock phone, check out XDA.

      • zx6guy

        Will need root and maybe bootloader unlock. Not an easy task for the noob.

      • john

        There has been a bounty out for WiFi calling on the Nexus 4 for several months and it still doesn’t have it. I wouldn’t get my hopes up. If it doesn’t come with WiFi calling, don’t expect it to ever get it.

  • clietz

    I’m guessing the gpe edition has tmo frequencies, so killing two birds with one stone?

    • ChristianMcC

      As I’ve read elsewhere, the gsm moto x’s are all pentaband.

      • jonathan3579

        When I looked on AT&T’s site, it only listed quad band HSPA/WCDMA.

        • Michael Johnson

          Att’s sight never lists all the frequencies. The newer iphone 5 the was released in april to support tmobile replaced all older model gsm iphones. so the one being sold on att right now does in fact have the new tmobile bands but is only listed as having the older bands on

  • ceegii63

    i know it wont happen but it would be awesome if we could get the Developer Edition on an EPI payment scheme >.<

  • Dean de Leo

    I saw a Moto X today at an AT&T store. It looked plastic-cheap right next to an HTC One. They were both very snappy, given I only played with them for about 10 minutes. Also it was white. Maybe the black will look much better.

    • kalel33

      I’d want the wood back plate.

  • loopyduck

    If it’s only available through Google Play, how can it be part of JUMP as per Legere’s tweet that you wrote about two posts ago?

    • It’s a question I can’t answer and a question T-Mobile should have already answered. Not providing details like this is their modus operandi and it sucks. So far, I can’t find much, but I’m eager to just keep digging around till I do.

      • Roger Sales

        Truthfully, the way Motorola/Google have handled all aspects of Moto X sucks period. all buzz, no actual information for the consumer(pricing, availability). I don’t think this is T-Mobile’s doing for some reason.

    • cheeto0

      Maybe Google play this week and in T-mobile stores at the end of september…?

    • I wonder did he just mean Jump to get it on T-Mobile (through Google Play), which doesn’t require signing a contract or contract extension? I wonder will it be cheaper? Will it be similar to the pricing of the Nexus 4? So many questions.

  • guest

    Since Google owns Motorola now, I would think “Motorola’s Channels” = Google Play Store.

    • That’s what I thought as well, but the Motorola press release right when the phone was launched initially said from At this point, who knows but someone needs to start talking.

      • Roger Sales

        They did state the company would run separately during the merger process, so I think when it comes to phones they only come together when they intend to do something Nexus-Adjacent, and put up a Chinese wall otherwise.(This is my opinion/speculation, not anything concrete of course).

  • vinnyjr

    seems like T-Mobile is pulling the trigger on the wrong phones. The new Sony Xperia is a flop, no one is buying it, probably a great phone but no advertising. The Moto X is getting a ton of free advertising that costs T-Mobile nothing. This is the phone to jump on. If this phone is available they better have the 32gb model. AT&T is taking all the larger int storage versions and T-Mobile is getting left overs. Not happy with that at all. This has happened with the SGS4, HTC One and I can go on.

    • Nate595

      Well if you’re comparing T-mobiles phones to AT&T’s T-mobile is going to lose every time. Idk how At&t does it but they get all the phones with the most options and color schemes. I think its also too early to tell if T-mobile has messed up with the Moto X and even if they skip on it its not too disappointing imo because T-mobile has made sure to grab every other major device so far so missing out on one probably isn’t going to hurt too much.

  • Brian Richards

    One, possibly dumb question. If you buy a phone like a Moto X or Nexus or whatever, is it possible to get wifi calling into it via app or hack? I pretty much live off wifi calling. It’s the most important T-Mo feature for me.

    • Marcus Harmon

      With my Nexus 4, I can call via wifi without an app installed. Also, I nearly always connected to wifi. As long as you have current service with T-Mobile, I believe it should still work for you without an app.

      • johnediii

        Care to enlighten us all how you do something that supposedly isn’t possible?

        • Sal

          He’s probably just connected to his home router for data and thinks that means he can use it to make calls as well lol

    • burbs

      I have the same concerns and look for a device to explicitly say that it will have T-Mobile’s WiFi calling feature.

      • Brian Richards

        Yeah, I work in a lot of big buildings and remote places where coverage of any kind is a problem. Wifi calling > m-cell since it means coverage almost anywhere. It’s one of the main reasons I use T-Mobile and won’t consider anyone else unitl they have the same thing.

  • Guest

    The only fact that has be concerned is between stock Android and Motorola’s custom version. Regardless of what people say, the Moto X is not stock Android. It has minor customization that keeps it from that. Will this be a ‘Nexus-like’ Moto X or the original Moto X? This is probably the main thing that differentiates T-Mobile’s Moto X from others (and stop me from getting it).