T-Mobile Clarifies Moto X Support, Won’t Be Sold In Stores


With yesterday’s Moto X news reaching fever pitch, it didn’t occur that T-Mobile hadn’t clarified its status on network availability. Well, AllThingsD did exactly that and the news is a little mixed. On the one hand, both AT&T and Sprint announced via press release the availability of the device on their network. However, Verizon and T-Mobile have yet to release any official statements which leaves some lingering questions. According to a quote provided to AllThingsD, the Moto X will be compatible with T-Mobile’s network but won’t be sold in stores…at least initially.

“The Moto X is compatible with T-Mobile’s network; however, we have no further announcements at this time,” T-Mobile said in a statement.

Wanting more clarification, AllThingsD went right to the top and asked T-Mobile’s Chief Marketing Officer to clarify the carriers position on Moto X.

“The Moto X optimized for T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network will initially be available through Motorola’s channels,” Sievert told AllThingsD. “We do not plan to stock Moto X devices immediately in our stores but are working closely with Motorola to make the Moto X a great experience for T-Mobile customers. Any news about distribution in our stores would come at a later date.”

As for Motorola, their own press release announced that buyers will be able to buy the Moto X from T-Mobile direct from their website.

In the US, woven black and woven white models will be available at AT&T, Sprint, US Cellular, Verizon Wireless and at national retailers including Best Buy stores with a suggested retail price of $199 with a new two-year agreement. Additionally, it will be available on all carriers, including T-Mobile, at Motorola.com.

What this means for customers wanting to pick up the device on T-Mobile’s Simple Choice offerings is up in the air. I’ve pinged T-Mobile this morning looking for clarification as any device purchase outside of company-owned T-Mobile channels won’t currently offer the un-subsidized model that requires 24 monthly installments. That could leave a few customers in the lurch and unable to buy the device but we’ll wait for T-Mobile to clarify before jumping to any “worst case” conclusions.

AllThingsD; Motorola Blog


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  • SuckItMoto

    No great loss. After hearing the middling specs and inflated price, I doubt many customers were waiting to buy one anyway. FAIL.

    • Ulysses Geist

      I had pretty much given up on this after I saw the proposed specs a few months ago but wondered what the price was. After seeing your post here I just googled it and $575??????!!! Not a chance in the world for me. If I was to spend that kind of money on another android, it surely would not be for one with last years specs. I was hoping it might have had Nexus pricing. I hope google has a plan b for motorola because this is not going to save moto who continues to lose money.

  • Jared Wolfe

    Motorola you lost me at 720p for the display. I was mildly interested in this phone until I read that. Big price tag for a middle of the road phone. IF the price was in line with the Nexus 4 Phone Id consider it.

    • CoolCustomer

      Honestly based on the first pre-reviews the screen is just fine. This pixel race has gotten out of hand anyway. Seriously, 720p on a device this small is more than enough, 316 ppi at any distance (except 2 inches from your face) is perfect. The only problem with this device is really the price. This needed Nexus4-ish pricing and they went with a S4 price.

      • Jared Wolfe

        Great Point! I need to see the display in person. I also forgot one MAJOR reason why I was initially interested in this phone. MADE IN THE USA!!!! Thus the higher price tag. This might just be my next phone!

        • CoolCustomer

          I have no doubt that the phone itself with the redesigned camera, multi-core X8 system, and USA based customization is worth the price I just feel that taking a small hit on this device would have really destroyed the status quo. I still might consider getting this phone because the high-praise its getting from even the most heavy apple-leaning tech writers, it will all depend on how easy it will be for me to get this for TMO.

  • rfgenerator

    Looks like basically T-Mobile took a pass on it. If someone really wants it they can shell out the $600 on the Motorola website. No subsidy so full price, and not being sold by T-Mobile so no financing. Can’t imagine this phone is going to do very well.

  • taron19119

    t Mobile is smart they knew this phone was a not going to be a hit so they choose not to sell it through T Mobile but just in case somebody wanted to buy it they made sure it supported T Mobile bands

  • ceegii63

    lets move it along folks…

    no sd card/32gb option for tmo version made this DOA

  • SuckItMoto

    Honestly, the $300 price expectation was a bit unrealistic. At $400-$450 this would be ok, but not at $600+. This thing does not compare to the real flagships from other manufacturers.

  • ceegii63

    this is that HTC First all over again, this time with GOOGLE

  • pcjnyc

    I bet Wi-Fi calling is not available on the Moto X.

    • shooter50

      No loss since it doesnt work half the time

      • Jesse James

        due to the poor coverage outside the city I rely on wifi calling anytime I leave town. It never fails for me unless your wifi is weak

        • Trevor Traub

          My WIFI calling works consistently.

        • Ulysses Geist

          Then you should consider yourself blessed. Mine works about 50% of the time. Half of the time it rings when it is supposed to and I get the call. The other 50% of the time, the caller hears no ringing and it goes straight to voice mail; I get no indication the phone is ringing (even with full wifi and the phone is next to me) and then I will get a voice mail alert. It is funny, it used to work great on my phone until the JellyBean crap update, now it is almost unusable.

      • $14077376

        Sometime I can hear people but they can’t hear me. It’s good for texting though.

      • tricky2000

        I have rarely if ever had an issue with WiFi calling. Of course its only as good as the WiFi network you are connected to?

        • Ulysses Geist

          That sounds like a logical thought, except mine has problems on well set up wifi networks.

  • MagentaRulz

    It seems to me that if a new device is released with stock Android, T-Mobile takes the wait and see approach. Case in point, the long delay before the Nexus 4 became available in stores. I wonder if this has something to do with a lack of bloatware on these devices. Think about it… The Nexus 4 in T-Mobile stores is $100 more than on Google Play; still a good value when compared to other high end devices, but not as heavily subsidized as in Google’s model. Whats missing on the Nexus 4? Bloatware. Now, I don’t know if the Moto X will be loaded with bloatware as well or not, but I think that would be a fairly reasonable assumption as to why T-Mobile is being skiddish regarding the sale of the device in store. Just a thought.

    • TechHog

      The Moto X doesn’t come with stock Android yet (and none of the carriers will carry that version), and the Nexus 4’s problem was the lack of actual Nexus 4s to sell. They’re probably not carrying the Moto X because its price is too high in comparison to its specs to make it worth risking, on top of the fact that T-Mobile and Motorola have never really been best buddies. You can take off your tinfoil hat.

      • mikey

        Why carry and subsidize when you can just route ppl to the manufacturer. Anyone buying this phone will probably want it custom, so no reason for it to be carried in any store really. Why pay the same price for regular when can have a unique one.

        • Waveblade

          I think this is the real reason it’s not launching. T-Mobile might carry it right after the ‘exclusivity’ on the AT&T customization ends,.

    • Dakota

      Not sure most consumers these days consider a phone without Lte high end… The average consumer doesn’t even know what stock Android is

  • Jared Wolfe

    MADE IN THE U.S.A = Higher Price Tag. I’m 100% OK with this!

    • porkupan

      Wrong! This phone is not MADE IN THE U.S.A., it’s ASSEMBLED IN THE U.S.A. What it means is there is a team of 2000 10-bucks-an-hour lemmings snapping the cases together in Texas. How much more should this process add to the cost of the phone? How long does it take for a human assembler to “assemble” a Moto X? Maybe one hour? Maybe two? More like 2 minutes!

      The specs are pretty mid-range, the design is so-so. I had a primitive Nokia phone with an interchangeable color enclosure back in the late 90’s-early 00’s. It was pretty cool then. Don’t see anything “revolutionary” about this one. What could have been revolutionary (for a T-Mobile customer) was the out-of-contract cost of $300-$400, which had been widely reported before yesterday’s disaster. If this thing costs as much as an HTC One, why should anyone buy it instead of an HTC One? In fact, why should anyone spend money on any Android phone, and not wait and see what Apple has in the offing with the next gen iPhone?

      And I was really waiting for the Moto X… Major disappointment.

      • IamDefiler

        “…there is a team of 2000 10-bucks-an-hour lemmings snapping the cases together in Texas.”

        This is what justifies the cost increase because there would be 10-bucks-a-month lemmings in China doing it instead.

        • porkupan

          Oh yes, it does, but by how much? By $200? 20 lemming-hours? 10 lemming-hours? You can “justify” anything, yet it doesn’t make it right or fair. In fact, these crazy price increase justifications only hurt the American worker who sees none of the extra money collected by the corporation. But gets all the ill will from the “price conscious”.

        • IamDefiler

          Then don’t buy it.

  • JTrip

    If you think the Moto X is a mid range phone you might change your mind after reading this.


  • Makoute

    This phone needed to sell for less. Major fail from Moto!

  • JTrip

    Read the latest article “MOTO X: 9 things you may not know” at Droid-Life before you decide if it is a mid range phone.

  • Dakota

    So again, the public perception will be that there must be something wrong with Tmobile that they get ‘left out’ again. No matter whether ere you like the phone or not, it’s another latest device you won’t be able to see at a Tmobile store, and they haven’t announced a price or make it clear if the device will be available on their hyped new plans. Never understand Tmobile. Un=Not

    • mikey

      This is probably the best way, buy it customised thru the manufacturer for less.

  • steveb944

    Omg, why are we the ONLY ones not having it in store? Get on the ball T-Mobile, you have no more excuses.

    Side note, can’t wait till we see full retail price so I can buy it.

    • BallaOnnaBudget

      I think its 599 for the 16 GB

      • steveb944

        Ouch that’s a terrible price. Hopefully that not true.

  • Jbrizzy

    This price for off contract is ridiculous. 600 dollars for a phone in the same lane as the Nexus 4 is a big NO MA’AM. I was gonna trade in my N4 for this due to the customization drawing me in but it wouldn’t be worth it. I hope that some day we can get a good high end device at this level of customization. This phone is going to be a total flop

  • Don Kim

    Could it be because of Nexus 4 inventory left?
    I don’t see why T-Mo wouldn’t carry it since they’re doing full price device + no contract for all phones.

    • mikey

      Simple, customizations make it not worth doing the trade in program. And the phone will probably be cheaper being bought straight from Motorola

    • mikey

      heres another thought. Maybe its due to the upcoming nexus 5 inventory. Perhaps tmobile believes the moto x will fail in stores due to the lack of customization, which is its best feature so far. So instead of carrying it in the store they are planning on getting the nexus 5 in stores like they did with the nexus 4, and being the exclusive carrier that sells it.

      • Don Kim

        That makes more sense.

      • As long as its not sold for more than it can be had for on Google Play and it includes WiFi Calling (now I’m dreaming..) :)

        • mikey

          yep you are definitely dreaming.. lol. Probably by time anyone besides at&t customers can buy it, we will already be waiting for the nexus 5 anyways

  • Nate595

    It would be fine ordering it online if Motorola let you bypass that exclusivity deal with At&t letting you use the moto maker tool.

  • No Commento

    The exact wording might matter here. “Stocking” the phone defeats the whole color-customization selling point, so I could see them just selling the voucher cards and only having a few demo models in the store. Maybe a small stock of black/white units, for people who don’t care.

    OTOH, if they really *aren’t* showing/selling the phone in any form, that would suck.

  • James Harding, Jr.

    I actually think that it was step in the right direction for Motorola to consider performance over big stats, but where they went wrong was skimping on the stats and keeping the juiced up prices. I think Magenta is making the right move because due to the lack of concrete stats, the only thing that may garner this phone interest over the GS4 and HTC one is the customization.

    • JTrip

      My interest is coming from all of the hands on reviews. They’ve all been really good. So far I’ve only seen over views by people that haven’t tried it out yet that have negative things to say about it. I don’t care about the customization at all. I’ll take a black one.

  • cheeto0

    So for tmobile you will be buying a carrier unlocked version on motorola’s site or a tmobile version? Also if its carrier unlocked does that mean it can be customized (motomaker)?

  • NinoBr0wn

    Can’t understand why they would pass on this. When was the last time Motorola was even on T-Mobile? Around the time the Nexus One was new?

  • Scooter Gee

    I’m so so on Moto.