Google, Motorola Announce The Moto X…Coming To T-Mobile

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Some great news today as the any questions about T-Mobile carrying the just announced Moto X smartphone are put to rest. T-Mobile, along with AT&T, Sprint and Verizon will carry Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean powered smartphone.

There’s been plenty of hype for the first Google, Motorola-designed smartphone and for good reason. Decidedly mid-range with its paper specs, the Moto X is bound to make a splash thanks to its many variants, personalization and exclusive feature set.

First, the specs: 4.7″ AMOLED 720p screen, 2200mAh battery up to 13 hours of talk time, 10 megapixel camera rear-facing camera, 2 megapixel front-facing camera, X8 computing system, 2GB, 16/32GB storage, HSPA+ 42Mbps, and 4G LTE. Pricing will be $199 for 16GB and $249 for 32GB, though we’ll have to wait for T-Mobile to officially announce sizes.

For those of you looking for something sans carrier contract, an unlocked Google Play edition is coming. The GPe version will run a stock version of Android and will get updates before models purchased directly T-Mobile or other carriers. Price of the GPe edition has not yet been announced or when it will be available, Google just says “soon.”


Motorola Moto X Product Page

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  • Jabiot


  • why

    What a huge disappointment. We were hoping for nexus 4 pricing considering the spec but like usual, Motorola disappoints.

    • taron19119

      you fail to realize one thing made on American soil means higher prices when made in China you get lower prices

      • why

        I didn’t fail to realize that. I was just taking into consideration that these are 2011 specs. Seeing as this is as much Google as it is Motorola, they could’ve subsidized it themselves either way.

        • taron19119

          well imagine if it was a high in phone made in America the price would be way more

        • Binny Gupta

          I will not be getting this.
          But for the price it is pretty good.

        • Binny Gupta

          Just found out its with contract.
          It is overpriced as hell.

        • Drew

          That’s interesting… What exactly makes these 2011 specs? I’ll wait…

        • That’s Why

          What do the specs matter? The phone is ASSEMBLED in the USA, the parts still come from overseas. The high cost comes from putting the phone together, not making the parts, so how good the specs are does not matter.

          Also why would Google subsidize to compensate for the specs? They’d be losing money for each phone they sell considering how little profit they make on comparable phones like the Nexus 4 which is assembled from dirt cheap labor.

        • why

          Because they used the razorblade model on the nexus 4 and nexus 10. There’s no reason why a phone this outdated should cost $630+. May I see your Motorola Shill badge please?

        • g2a5b0e

          Way to exaggerate. This phone has better specs than the S3 & that is barely over a year old. It’s also still a very capable phone.

      • mikey

        They fail to realize most people nowadays do not really care about where a product is made. They only care about the quality and reputation of the company. Alot of ppl compare specs and prices also, who would pay the price of a bmw for a saturn?

    • Aaron Peromsik

      Perhaps there is still hope. Nexus 4 pricing is different depending on whether you buy it from Google or from the carrier.

  • vinnyjr

    Just seen on the Android Central forum that AT&T is getting the exclusive on the 32gb of int storage. If this true then this will be the 3rd new phone in a row that has given AT&T exclusive rights on their larger internal storage models. Total bull shit IMO. Getting sick and tired of getting the left overs of AT&T. I was hoping T-Mobile being beat out of the larger storage options on the SGS4 and the HTC One would at least get the larger storage option on this new Google made phone. Very, Very dissapointing.

    • mikey

      I’m glad they didn’t, at this price point the phone will fail.seriously with Motorola’s already bad rep in recent years on tmobile, who would dish out 200 on contact when you can get the s4, htc one, or even an iPhone cheaper

    • Drew

      I would tend to agree with you. This whole ‘exclusivity’ nonsense needs to stop. Exclusive color, storage option and who gets it first for 3 months…etc, needs to end. Blame the OEM’s for caving but I also blame the grovelling carrier who always feels the need to ‘one-up’ his competition…

  • notxel

    I thought T-Mobile will only have the device available from and not in stores?

  • Mirad77

    $199 with a two years contract? So what will the full price be$500-$650?

  • Gago

    Nice try but no thanks.

  • jonathan3579

    I thought I was waiting for this phone; not anymore…

  • Mabyu

    Not even a high end phone but priced too high. Epic!!

  • phoner

    MicroSD card slot and removable battery? If not, then not interested.

  • Mauu

    Make it $299 off contract and I might bite.

  • sushimane

    maybe my next phone in another 5 to 6 month when i get tired of my note 2 lol its very interesting.

  • JJ

    199 price for Tmobile? We sure about that? As $199 been on contract price for ATT and others.

    • taron19119

      where do you see it’s coming to t mobile retail stores I only see online through Motorola’s website for T Mobile

  • ziggy123

    The disappointment is overwhelming. Lousy execution from the press event to the release to the pricing. On to the next one…

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    Not worthy.

  • taron19119

    where do you see it’s coming to t mobile retail stores I only see online through Motorola’s website for T Mobile us

  • I’m still waiting for that 5″ nexus phone.

  • If it’s not priced at $299-$349 off-contract, I’m not buying. I even thought it’d be released to Google Play soon and around that Nexus 4 Pricing with T-Mobile compatibility. I see us T-Mobile customers getting it from Motorola’s website to be quite expensive to me. I feel like it’ll be like $499 from there. If it’s $199 for 2 year on contract with other carriers, I can only imagine how much it’ll be off contract and or for T-Mobile. I might be sticking to my HTC One. HUGE disappointment in that aspect. And if the pricing is really up there, I feel sorry for Motorola and Google because I saw a article about how they make money and how they pay like 70-75% for their Google Search to be primary on devices and how Samsung sold the most Android phones at like 31% so Samsung was getting paid a lot of it, so they needed the Moto X to be a big hit.

    • Ben

      If you’re planning on kicking your HTC One to the curb like it’s yesterday’s trash, I’ll take it. Derp.

      • No. I love my One, but before I wanted the One I wanted the Moto X. That’s why I want it now. There’s always a longing for something you’ve always wanted but never got, no matter how great what you have currently.

        But the period I wanted it, it was more of a speculation than right out being confirmed. It fits me (especially the customizing options). I’m sure people are not liking my comments because I want the X instead of the One, but the One is a great device, but the X is more fitting for me and it’s what I originally wanted and the X itself has some very nice and unique specs and features.

  • Gdm Laz

    Sounds really expensive for a mid-range phone……. Can’t believe this is the best google/motoralla could come up with ?????

    • Ben

      It’s made in America, so the whole nationalistic pride is expected to offset the higher wages of American workers, or something like that.

      • Trevnerdio

        Not many things are made in America. I’m happy to see a manufacturer step up and finally do that.

        • Ben

          Yeah, me too. And I knew it would cost more as a result, but it’s creating jobs so it’s fine with me. It’s a little early to call it a renaissance of American manufacturing, but it’s nice to see Mot and Apple doing it right now.

        • Trevnerdio

          Well, Apple solely designs here in the US of A. At least Motorola still gets their processors from Texas Instruments (is that still correct?)

        • Mirad77

          Atrix HD was last with TI omap in them, since then it’s been Qualcomm.

        • Trevnerdio

          Oh, okay

        • Justin Black

          So gluing and screwing the pieces together means it’s made in America. OK.

        • Trevnerdio

          Better than the others, unfortunatelyy…

      • Justin Black

        It’s ASSEMBLED in America

        • mikey

          nobody really cares anymore about that. Otherwise we wouldn’t all be shopping at walmart

        • Justin Black

          I totally agree, but for those few that do: let not fool ourselves by believing that the plastic is molded with American sweat and tears and the capacitors were fabricating on a zero waste site teeming with bald eagle nests.

  • Mirad77

    Nexus 5 release date?

  • Alex Zapata


  • Marc Klein

    So glad I got my Xperia Z instead of waiting for this as the specs on the Z are way better.

    • jimmiekain

      I played with the Z at the Tmo store and it was pretty nice.

  • troysyx

    There are a lot of things to like about this phone. Something tells me that the unlocked price will not be one of them. And thats going to be the Achilles heel…

  • Robert Le

    You guys should check out the ubuntu edge

  • bitbank

    The always-on display is a feature I would definitely appreciate. The voice-commands and high price – not so much. For the same price, I would choose the HTC One.

    • mikey

      Lol I think, and hope, you bloggers have the 199 as the contract price wrong, otherwise who would buy it. You can get any other phone for less than that on a contract. Now if it’s 199 total, it will kill all other smart phone sales, and be priced about right considering how cheap tablets and laptops are.

  • Trevnerdio

    This is considered midrange now? Wow, that was quick. The S III is already a “midrange” device in that case.

    • enoch861

      It’s been a midrange device for a while now..

  • fechhelm

    Those who were excited about this phone seemed to get deflated quickly with the apparent price, myself included. I thought maybe $300 for off contract would be good for my teenage son. From comments I’m reading on multiple sites, 95 percent uninterested. Maybe Moto/Google should reconsider the huge amount off money they’re gonna spend on advertising for this, cause it’s not gonna sell.

    • Nate595

      Sure you can technically get a better phone for the same price but with this phone has on its side is customization and thats why it will sell more than people think plus its going to be on every major carrier in the country.

      • mikey

        just about every phone goes to every major carrier now. Plus people have the ability to buy cases for customizations. They wouldn’t pay that much more upfront for a lower spec phone just because it does one or two things different

        • Nate595

          Every MAJOR phone these days goes to every carrier now but not every phone and i’ve yet to hear about a multi-carrier flagship phone that was unsuccessful. Also even cases don’t provide the level of customization this phone will have, you have to choose a case from selection that has been designed by someone else not you.

        • mikey

          case-mate simple. Get pictures or whatever else you want put on an actual case. No point in paying extra for a phone to let you do it.

    • mikey

      who knows we might get lucky, lol. Since att is charging their frequent upgrade customers monthyl fees on top of regular charges, maybe they are charging 199 with contract even though thats the full price?? Just a guess

      • JJCommonSense

        LOLOL…. I can’t!

        • mikey

          could be….how can anyone believe that it cost a carrier over a hundred dollars per phone to get it from a manufacturer. thats crazy. You can buy a laptop with great specs, mic, camera, etc for under 300, you can get good tablets under 200, heck i can buy a 40 inch samsung led smarttv for the same price as a galaxy s4

        • habanero61

          Just make sure to post a video of you walking along with the 40inch tv held up to make a call. Lol

    • Mahesh

      very true. Google/ MOTO should save their $500M. it will just not fly at this price. Or they just reduce price and it will fly without much advertising

    • Big Daddy

      You apparently have no idea how much these devices cost to make. If you did you wouldn’t be bitching about the price. Here’s a thought… make your teenage son earn the phone, or any phone for that matter, and quit whining about the price. Can’t afford it? Move along. Plenty will buy it for the features and functionality alone. FYI… Moto is owned by Google now.

      • fechhelm

        You apparently have no idea how many reliable sources were reporting $300 off contract was likely, therefore the only reason I was interested. I also know what the nexus 4 sells for and this certainly isn’t worth that much more if anything at all.

        • mikey

          Maybe they cost alot if YOU were to buy all the parts needed to build one….but for a company making hundreds of thousands of the same product, they pay nowhere close to the same price you would pay for the parts. Just saying if they pay half which is the most they pay, it would cost under a hundred per unit

        • Jose Hernandez

          But are taking in to consideration all the money spent on research and development? Prototypes, overhead cost, advertising and other expenses? I wanted the phones to be the $300 reports said they would be. But reality is what it is.

      • fechhelm

        By the way my son is earning the money for the phone, that’s why he has never owned any phone before because I won’t buy it. He’s 13 and does not get allowance for chores so $300 takes a while to earn. So after seeing things like this he was excited.
        “A 21 page report from trading house Goldman Sachs confirms that the price of the Motorola Moto X will start at $299 off contract. In case you were worried that the wholly owed Google subsidiary couldn’t turn a profit at that price, the report further details that the cost to Motorola to build the unit is $225.”

        Now he’s deflated and looking the get the nexus 4 instead.

        • mikey

          funny, 199 on contract with att 299 off.

        • Mirad77

          Too good to be true unless the cheap model that Motorola’s ceo is talking about.

        • GinaDee

          AT&T customers can buy the phone from the same place T-Mobile customers do. Not too hard to understand.

        • Jose Hernandez

          So, people really expected moto to only make $75.00 profit per phone? Sell the phone for 300, and spend a good chunk of that $75.00 profit on shipping?

        • Nexus 4 is a great phone with 4.3. About 4 x battery life for me vs 4.2.2

    • Dakota

      Not sure why people were expecting a 300 price off contract. Except for Tmobile, the other carriers are still on a contract basis with a subsidized phone. These unlocked phones have always been GSM so that knocks out Verizon and Sprint right away – not to mention that VZ has had strong ties to Moto. It doesnt really matter for the contract carriers, because people are going to pay the subsidized rates regardless so they rather pay 199 than 299 or 399 for the phone. Tmobile should partner with a carrier for an EXCLUSIVE $300 QUALITY phone that they can then sell with their plans. Do 0 or $50 downpayment with $10 a month phone fee. If they really want to be the UNcarrier, do something really bold. Thats a lot better than a 649 phone

      • mikey

        They always sell phones for about the same msrp. That keeps people thinking manufacturers actually charge alot for the phones, and enables tmo and other companies to make money not just off the plans but also the phones. So they charge you 50 a month for service, but then charge you $600 for a phone they are paying less than 200 or even under 100 for. They get your bill, plus the 400-500 profit off the phone from you. Plus…even if you make payments for six mths, paying 25 or so a month, they still are getting 150 for the phone, essentially more than its worth. Remember consumers are the ones who value phones so highly, thus leading to the high price.

        • Jose Hernandez

          Do you really think that an s4 or HTC one costs about 100 to make? Even if that was the case Samsung HTC would go out of businesses if they sold their phones at customer. The oem will see their hardware for more than it costs to make so they can profit from it. Whatever the carrier buts the phones for, they will also sell at a premium to make a profit. It’s the way it works. Do I like it, nope. Can I do something about it. Yes, buy the best phone for the price. Probably the nexus 4.

        • mikey

          If you are asking if it would cost a customer a hundred to make…of course not cause you would only be buying one of each piece needed so its higher. Around 230 for an s4, but for a company its less. If I needed 400,000 cpus do you think I would pay regular price? Of coursenot, I’d pay alot less,just like at wholesale shops, the more of the same item you buy the cheaper it is per unit, since the manufacturing cost is decreased

  • UMA_Fan

    WiFi Calling?

    • taron19119

      this phone will not have wifi calling cuz this phone not coming to t-mobile directly you have to buy it from Motorola to use on T Mobile

      • Anonymous

        Did you even read the article? There will be carrier versions and a Google play version. The carrier versions will most likely have wifi calling as most carrier specific devices do, while the Google version will not, just like previous nexus devices.

        • Deihmos

          Just like the Neus 4? Never got wifi calling on it.

        • Bowen9284

          Because their branding isn’t on it.

        • Jose Hernandez

          A nexus phone won’t get carrier software added to it. The moto x is not a nexus

  • Mahesh

    Motorola has committed same suicidal mistake what Microsoft did with Surface. At 199/249 with contract this is not going anywhere. It will be just a another phone, nothing more. At this price range we have many other choices. What a big let down.
    We all were hoping for 299 no contract and it would have made a big impact.

    • mikey

      at 199/249 with contract, its priced the same as other phone brands that people are already familiar with. Phones with the same specs are less than half that price.

      • Dakota

        and an iPHone is 199 so most people considering that are not going to blink for a green backplate

        • mikey

          dont forget the new “cheap” iphones that are coming in green lol

    • Mahesh

      Within 15 minutes of release, all they are getting is negative press. what a joke.

    • Dakota

      I wonder how much the phone actually costs to manufacture and how much the carriers are paying for it. The CEO of MOtorola was being interviewed and asked about the price & he said the carriers determine it. A 299 quality phone would definitely make a mark if it was advertised correctly. It also would probably just be a GSM and again on ATT, youre going to pay the subsidized price regardless. So these no contract phones are really geared mostly to Tmobile so maybe Tmobile needs to partner with a manufacturer for a 299 phone that would work best with their rate plans. Think no downpayment and $10 a month

      • mikey

        If carriers all determine the price, then sell the phone off contract for same price thats price fixing,

        • Jose Hernandez

          I think they meant carrier’s determine the price they will sell the phones to the customers so they can recover their purchase cost. Carrier’s seemed to have priced this the same as other mid-high range phones, the standard 200 with a 2 year contract.

        • kalel33

          Well, Motorola won’t have that same argument when the Play store sells it.

        • Dakota

          Exactly.. You’llrecall when TTmobile did contract pricing, some of its phones were higher than the other carriers

  • AnthonyRyan89

    People think this phone is a so called ” Fail ” but i don’t care i’m still considering this phone, even though the Nexus 5 is my first choice and doesn’t come with the SnapDragon 800

    • mikey

      at least the nexus gets updates quicker, has specs similar to phones released previously the same year, and is cheaper to buy off contract.

      • Dakota

        Have to see what the next Nexus is like and what it offers. IVe already decided the only other Android Ill get is a Nexus; otherwise Im going iPHone once and for all. I

        • mikey

          hopefully they dont screw us and leave us with only nexus tablets and google experience phones, which would really suck. But I think that may be what they are doing since every major phone the s4, htc one, and now the moto x will have a GE edition

        • rfgenerator

          Exactly my concern that this move means that Google will pull the plug on the Nexus phones line. If you think about it, the carriers I’m sure hate it (cheaper than other phones off contract, and just a bit more expensive than the subsidized cost), For Google it’s always been a logistics nightmare (shortages, delivery issues, confusion of who provides support, etc). Google may just decide (with the help of the carriers placing some strategic pressure) to ditch the Nexus phone’s and leave the fun and games to the usual manipulated markets of the carriers.

        • mikey

          You may be right, but

        • mikey

          maybe so…since the nexus 4 had an identical phone that was sold under a different name. Basically just like the google editions are now, except they arent called nexus

  • mreveryphone

    Z Ultra release date?

  • Dakota

    Im confused. You say the phone is 199 at Tmobile? Every story Ive read says those are the contract prices so what is the real Tmobile price? They make you pay full retail? I just saw the Moto CEO on TV saying that the carriers decided that price. Plus its bad for Tmobile that only ATT for now is having customization. No one knows when Tmobile would get that and if it would get as many choices. This phone doesnt seem to have anything exciting except for t he customization, which I think appeals most to young people. And does it have some kind of skin? ITs a company owned by Google and its not launching with the latest Android version and again theres no guarantee it will get timely updates, especially with rumors that Key Lime Pie could be introduced later in the year

  • Bigjavar101

    I love the color choices! If I wasn’t moving overseas next month, I would defiantly be buying this.. I’ll stick with my S3 for now =)

    • duscrom

      Well only AT&T are getting the customization options.

      • jonathan3579

        For an unspecified amount of time…

  • Justin Black

    Two things:
    Customization usually kills resale value
    Since this is apparently going to be sold through Moto for Tmobile, what’s the policy on Jump trade-ins?

    • mikey

      Most likely cant jump to this phone, unless you get a plain one in store, then order a different back online? They will probably do the same thing if you try to trade it in after 6 months, make you purchase a stock back, or just put one on it for you, since backs are cheap anyways.

      • I heard the backs are not removable. At least not as easy as battery covers meant to be removed.

        • mikey

          In that case, screw it lol. What’s the point of customizing a phone if you can’t swap it out as wanted.

  • NYCTheBronx

    This is is awesome. Now T-Mobile needs at Huawei Ascend Mate & other Huawei’s. I love T-Mobile. :)

  • Jose Hernandez

    Wow, all of this negative comments about T-Mobile and Google pricing when T-Mobile and Google haven’t even announced their pricing yet. Yes reports where speculating on lower pricing, but that’s just it. It was speculation. We have official pricing for subsidized units. Can we at least wait for official T-Mobile and Google pricing before going postal? t

    • Justin Black

      No way! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!

      • Jose Hernandez

        lol!!!! OK, I stand corrected. lol

    • mikey

      199 on att is the same price as the s4 and iphone on att, so we can safely assume its most likely the same or close to the same for tmobile, since usually all device prices are comparable.

    • taron19119

      It’s not being sold at tmobile its being sold Motorola website 4 tmobile

      • Jose Hernandez

        You can get a regular black or white model at the carrier’s retail stores once available. The customized ones are the ones you will get from moto’s website

        • Mirad77

          Initially the color option is ATT exclusive. By year’s end it will be available to Verizon then the rest of the public per Motorola.

        • James F

          Which is think is going to be a huge mistake on Moto’s (And Google who’s still competing with Apple) part. I wanted the phone, but I’ll settle for a powerhouse rather then something i can’t get the way you PROMISED in your ads when the phone comes out. Their loss.

        • taron19119

          tell me where you read that it cuz everywhere I read said that Sprint AT&T Verizon US Cellular will carry in stores and if you want to T Mobile moto X you will have to buy for Motorola’s website

    • vinnyjr

      I’m not concerned about pricing, I’m pissed that once again AT&T gets the exclusive on the 32gb int storage. The last 3 phones, SGS4, HTC One and now the Moto X, AT&T has gotten the exclusive. T-Mobile customers want the larger storage versions, why does T-Mobile allow this bull shit on every phone that is released????? Long time T-Mobile customer who wants and needs the larger storage phones. I would rather have the option and be able to pay for it.

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Nice phone, cool pricing!

  • VinnyMac

    Looks just like a galaxy s4…

  • steveb944

    I got overly excited thinking that was full price. Too much for a somewhat mid range device in comparison to the beasts everyone is dropping. I’ll wait for a full retail Google Play price.

  • WD

    What is with all this 16gb crap?? I thought phones were supposed to come with more onboard storage, not less. Aren’t components getting smaller and cheaper? I’m not enjoying this trend. Nor At&T getting it’s grubby mits allover every single new phone that is not a 16 gig phone.

  • Evan Carter

    Being put together here in the states does not have as much of an effect on the cost believe it or not. Take a basic marketing/management class and you’ll learn that. They are selling these devices to the mass market who cares more about what their phone looks like rather whats inside the phone, thus the 200 contract cost.

  • kalel33

    I’ll have to wait until the reviews come out. I know it’s last fall’s processor but this is the first phone running more than one processor, so I don’t know how it’s going to fair in real world use. It seems to be helping out the battery life. The only reason I wouldn’t buy it, if reviews are glowing, is the lack of expandable memory.

  • bruin81

    Seems like part of the buzz was the $299 off contract price. Not sure if the amount of interest would have been nearly this much if the pricing had been revealed earlier. I’m sticking with my Gnex for now, had planned on getting this but not for $500-600.

  • Jim Philips

    I read today that T-Mobile isn’t planning to sell it. You’ll just be able to use it on their network.

  • Md.Sultan Mahmud

    Google announced a Smartphone on the market, mobile Moto X.

    Motorola Thursday launched a new Smartphone the user can customize the colors and materials, trusting to become the market with the density is 12.5 billion (United
    States), Google Inc. has settled a struggling cell.

    Read more

  • JackRussell

    I made a vow to never purchase another Motorola phone – mainly due to poor support in some of the previous devices that I have owned.

  • Alex


  • mattcat03

    Based on the specs and the latest phones out there, this phone will be priced close to what Nexus 4 was on its debut.

    Reason: Google needs to get Motorola going again. They want to sell lots of these phones and they are targeting the mid range market. Trust me, nobody will buy these phone at the rumored price between $500-600 based on the specs. Google’s margin will be slim but can make it up by selling lots of these. Their main goal is to spread the Google experience and reduce other OS’s market share and that’s where they will make their money.