Newest JD Power Results Show T-Mobile Still Has Customer Service Needs

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For all T-Mobile’s recent bravado, there’s still one avenue the company needs to seriously overhaul: customer service. Unfortunately, a new JD Power study finds T-Mobile in last place once again as Volume 2 of the 2013 Wireless Customer Care Full-Service performance study is released.

T-Mobile’s fourth place finish isn’t all that shocking anymore, but what is shocking is that AT&T passed Verizon for the first place spot. In other words, hell hath frozen over. This is AT&T’s first first-place win with an overall score of 795. Some good news for T-Mobile on the MetroPCS front as they took first place in highest in overall wireless customer care satisfaction among non-contract carriers for the second consecutive period.

JD Powers wireless customer care satisfaction study offers a “detailed report card on how well wireless carriers provide customer service via three main contact channels: telephone, walk-in retail stores and online….the studies measure satisfaction with each contact method and analyzes processing issues, such as the efficiency of problem resolution and the duration of hold times.”

When will T-Mobile turn around their customer service department? I wonder how T-Mobile CEO John Legere feels about this study, and I’m sure we’ll see a response from him on Twitter at some point.

JD Powers

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  • Wezra

    I honestly don’t get it. I have been with T-Mobile since the VoiceStream days and have only excellent experiences with CS. They always take care of what I need without any issues. They are gold as far as I am concerned.

    • nycplayboy78

      Me too but I have friends who are with T-Mobile tell horror stories about their CS experiences….LAWD!!!!

  • MattP

    TMo used to win this all the time.

    • kalel33

      Until they got rid of Sue Nokes and also force a resignation from Dotson. They were the best in the industry with customer service then but after they were pushed out everything changed and changed for the worse. It was better for the company in profits but I do think it was a major reason for the loss of customers for so long. T-mobile hasn’t had an increase in post paid customers since.

  • tmo_employee

    Nothing new customers are being directed to stores to drive up traffic for the things reps must call in to fix such as billing errors warranty exchanges etc. T-mobile has outsourced most of its customer service centers over seas.

  • MosDef

    I have lost all confidence in this report. I have had AT&T and there is noooo way they are #1 in customer service. I was a customer since the Cingular days and their customer support was horrible by far. Switching to T-Mobile I have had nothing but good things to say about them and great experinice

    • samsavoy

      Oddly I’ve had the exact opposite experience. Guess it depends

  • newmexican

    I am really surprised too. Rarely have to call in, but when, they are great. Just last week I needed a few extra minutes and they just added some bonus minutes without charge (Thanks Amber) for being a loyal customer (9+ years). And I always got a US based rep.

  • BigMixxx

    I don’t know what has happened to T. Unwinding the outsourcing effort will be VERY, VERY difficult, but it can be done. But it’s not just outsourcing. This is still some layover from ‘The Other CEO’s’ days. I’d give it another quarter and gauge it again…

    • kalel33

      Unwinding the outsourcing would be easy. They have many centers that are mostly empty of reps. They could just increase those center’s rep numbers by 3 fold. They have the space.

  • mmunson

    If you read some of the horror stories on the facebook page you can see why.

    • nycplayboy78


  • JBLmobileG1

    Personally I am satisfied with their customer service but only over the phone. Their in store reps don’t seemas friendly like they don’t give a damn. I also don’t really get options to take any surveys like I have in the past so I can’t try to help them with their JD Power issues. While I may only be one customer every little bit helps. Overall I am a very happy T-Mobile customer. I’ve been with them since 2004 and I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon.

    • Camille

      Whenever I’ve had to call in to customer service, about an hour later I would get a call from a survey firm in NV to do the survey on my customer service experience. Maybe you’re missing the follow up calls?

  • Tr0Y

    The outsourced call centers are the worst

  • taron19119

    I know y they always fail because back whwn they were winning every time you made it call to customers care u used to get ask to do a survey about your experience well now you don’t get to do that no more

    • kalel33

      They still do. I did one last month but that’s not the reason they are last. Internal surveys don’t have anything to do with JD Powers.

  • 21stNow

    The only thing that surprises me about AT&T passing Verizon Wireless is that it took this long to accomplish. Maybe my experiences are different from the majority’s experience, but give me AT&T’s customer service any day over Verizon Wireless’ customer service.

    • gentleman559

      Verizon is horrible. The only answer they have to any problem you may have is upgrade so we can make commission. F*** Verizon. Sorry I had to get my rant out. They have me traumatized. LOL

      • kalel33

        The stores do have minimum business expectations but customer service doesn’t get any kickbacks for upgrading or doing anything on the account. The only metric related to the account or customer is if you disconnect and the survey.

  • Rob

    I’ve been with all four major carriers over the years. They all have weaknesses and strengths. The outsourcing part is the worst IMO. Most recent interaction with T-Mobile was pleasant and quick. Rep took care of activating my $30 prepaid plan after a minor glitch with minimal effort on my part. That’s good in my book.

  • 21stNow

    Maybe once T-Mobile gets back to customer service only and not customer service combined with upselling, it will get better. I’m tired of having to say “No, I’m not interested in the Simple Choice plan” every time I want to buy a phone or have a non-technical customer service issue.

    • kalel33

      Here’s a great way to circumvent that. I had the rep put in the hot notes that I don’t want to ever be offered anything. I never have, because I had them add it. All the reps I knew didn’t like doing the pushy offers and the customer requested notes gave the rep an out, without getting in trouble.

      • 21stNow

        Thank you for this suggestion. I’m going to try to remember to do this not just with T-Mobile, but other companies I call, as well. I wish that I had talked to you before I called SiriusXM the other day!

  • MarcusDW

    I called customer care last night at 9:15, waited a mere 2 minutes or less to speak to someone. A nice cute sounding American girl answers and expertly gives me a complete rundown of switching from my classic fam plan to their new fam plan.

    Tmobile saved me $50/mo with their new plan and now we actually have more data than before. The best part is, she waived the migration fee ($100 ea. I believe) on 2 of our lines for being a long time valued customer.

    Im sharing this because I cant believe where they rank in customer service and I REALLY cant believe how affordable they are for all that they offer.

    Later folks.

    • Trevnerdio

      Really? We’ve been a customer for 14 years and we had to pay a migration fee on allll of our lines…and they wanted us to pony up all at once, after being told that we could break it into payments. It finally became such a hassle and we heckled them so much that they cut our payment in half and let us pay it over 4 months. Other than that terrible experience, T-Mobile has been great to us!

      • kalel33

        That wasn’t terrible experience, that was you getting a deal for getting your phones at subsidized pricing and then you gripe when you want to go to an unsubsidized plan. They gave you half off and you’re still griping?

        I’m not a proponent of T-mobile’s customer service by far, since I worked there, but customers like you are the spoiled brats that reps hate to hear from. “Give me a phone at a cheap price and now give me the plan at the cheap price too…..who cares that other people had to pay full price for their phones…..I’m special!”

        • Guest

          Lol wow, you misinterpreted me and blew that wayyy out of proportion! But I guess I should have the situation better.

          Okay so at the store, we were told we had to pay migrations fees and how much they were. Okay, great, but can we break it up into payments? “Absolutely!” They exclaimed. Just call up CS upon your first bill being posted and they’ll set you up.

          So I did just that. Next month rolls around and our bill is still $1300+. I say what gives? The rep actually tells me there isn’t a payment plan for it!! I’m like soo how did I set one up with the previous rep?

          Long story short, my mother and I both called CS several times and spoke to at least 10 different reps and they cut us that deal. We were very happy with it!

          So, before you spout off your crap again about people being entitled brats, let them explain next time. Alright, thanks, have a nice day.

        • Trevnerdio

          Lol wow, I left out a few details and you blew that wayyy out of proportion! But I guess I should have explained the situation better.

          Okay, so at the store, we were told we had to pay migrations fees and how much they were. Okay, great, but can we break it up into payments? “Absolutely!” They exclaimed. Just call up CS upon your first bill being posted and they’ll set you up.

          So I did just that, over 10 months. Next month rolls around and our bill is still $1300+. I say what gives? The next rep I call actually tells me there isn’t a payment plan for it!! I’m like soo how did I set one up with the previous rep?

          Long story short, my mother and I both called CS several times and spoke to at least 10 different reps and they cut us that deal. We were very happy with it and decided to stay with T-Mobile! We’re not the gimme gimme type of family, but your assumptions warm my heart.

          So, before you start getting all angry and spout off your crap again about people being entitled brats, let them explain next time. Alright, thanks, have a nice day.

  • S. Ali

    Yeah, I’ve had nothing but excellent customer service from T-mobile. Chances are these numbers reflect poor “network service” being blamed on the customer service.

    • kalel33

      Incorrect. They were #1 for years in customer service, even though they were always rated the worst network. They’ve been dead last since 2010, when they changed the policies and procedures at customer service.

  • kev2684

    i wonder what’s the methodology on these ratings. i’m pretty sure T-Mobile is winning hearts of everyone especially “online” where it should include social networks. they are the only carrier that has customer interaction on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. i am very satisfied every time i call or ask them on G+ (they answer there pretty fast!) and retail experience is not that bad either. i have no idea why they always place last.

  • Whiskers

    My biggest beef with CS is it’s a 50/50 shot to actually getting someone who speaks english good enough to get the problems solved.
    Most of the time your talking to a person in a different country that reads everything off a cue card with broken english skills to get answers and it makes you want to cuss them out and just hang up.
    I have to call back two or three times just to be lucky enough to get an American english speaking rep to get things solved , CS should’nt be ran this way .

  • Robert

    One thing I think might be important to note is that the customer base for TMo has been, from my
    understanding, somewhat less affluent than the bases that fill the coffers at AT&T and Verizon. It has also been my experience in my younger days that many of the complaints in the service industry come from those people who are less affluent and are making obnoxious efforts to stretch their limited dollars farther than is possible under reasonable circumstances. I’d like to see a survey of customers who have had recent experiences with 2 carriers, but I know in the world of 2 year contracts, that is not always possible.

    Now, as someone who recently switched from VZW to TMo, I can say that my experience has been about the same with a little more attention paid to customers inside TMo stores vs that of one operated by VZW. I didn’t leave VZW in anger, and we always paid our bill on time. The difference in customer service in my experience was unnoticeable.

    I’m not trying to sully the good name of JD Power and associates, but I find this kind of survey somewhat skewed given the demographics for TMo vs the big boys.

    • D Nice

      Well said! Im a recent transplant from VZW to Tmo also. Ive just completed one month of service with Tmo so far. So far I have called customer service about 5 times, the experience has been enjoyable. I will admit the reps are a lil more pushy with trying to push services of course to generate sales. I will also say the later I call the the less affluent the reps are. No biggie I will just be patient and call during the day if I experince any problems with my lines of service. I for one am excited I can see the real potential this company has going forward.

      • kalel33

        The reps with the worst stats always get the evening and/or weekend shifts. T-mobile is nice that they do have a pay differential for those shifts.

        • chantie

          It’s not always the reps with the worst stats. Most new hires get stuck on those shifts when they get out of training. When I worked CC (I was there 4yrs) I would choose those shifts because of the pay differential, and I was ranked in the top 100 the whole time I was there. I always got my fist bid. Days would have been nice but an extra $1.00 or $1.50 an hr was worth it to work later or on weekends.

        • kalel33

          When I was a new hire I got my choice of shifts, because I was second in my class for ranking.

    • kalel33

      You are incorrect. T-mobile won the JD Powers and Associates award 12 out of 14 times before they changed the culture at customer service. They were the gold standard for years and they threw it all away to raise profits.

  • Mr Tibs

    Ive had to call t-mobile over 20 times in the last month because there CS is so crappy. Ive had people hang up on me & just flat out lie about doing something & it never gets done.

    • Zacamandapio

      I honestly tell you that I don’t have any complaints about T-mobile’s CS.
      I guess I’m one of the lucky ones.

      • thepanttherlady

        I understand Mr Tibs frustration about being told something will get done but isn’t. I was assured 5/31 that the “plan change” was only to add the free 500MB tethering to our old Value plan account. Got the next bill, we’d been changed to the Simple Choice plan. Not a big deal as it’s only a $.02 difference between lines 1 and 2. On our Value plan line 3 is free until January 2014, by switching us we were now charged $10. I called and the customer service rep was very nice and professional. I gave them two options:

        1. Credit our account in advance for every month we’d be charged the $10 fee plus tax and we keep it as is.
        2. Put our account back how it was since we didn’t request any changes.

        The rep said even though they didn’t offer the Value plans anymore, they’d put us back. Our account was credited for the 3rd line and I was assured we’d be back on the old plan.

        Just got our bill and guess what? Still on the Simple Choice plan and being charged for the 3rd line. Went into a T-Mobile retailer who called customer care for me and told them I was angry (I wasn’t). I spoke with the gentleman who said he saw that we were credited last month but the other rep didn’t notate how long we were supposed to get credits for and nothing was notated about putting our plan back. I went through the long story again and everything was fixed while I was in the store.

        While the last few interactions I’ve had with CC have been pleasant, it doesn’t appear they’re following through on what they say they’re going to do. Heck, they don’t even notate the account like they say they are. That in itself is frustrating. No customer should have to continue calling in to have the same issue resolved.

        For the record, I have only gotten an overseas rep answer when I called one time in the last few months. I just told them I needed to call back and hung up.

        • fentonr

          That kind of thing is extremely frustrating and
          unfortunately happens way too much. i know why they switched you to simple choice, the 500 mb data can’t be added to value plans, the rep should have said something about the third line though as it is displayed right in front of them when they confirm the rateplan change.

        • thepanttherlady

          The funny thing is we didn’t request the tethering, the cc rep said it should have been added. We don’t tether and never have. Only reason the call was even made was to inquire into the trade in credit. As soon as I got the text saying a change had been made I knew immediately something was up. I called my daughter to see what she’d done and when she told me it was about her trade in I told her this would happen. I called cc and was assured by that rep that no changes were made other than adding the tethering because it “should have been there all along”. I knew better which is why I looked at the bill as soon as it hit. :)

    • 4-12

      haha exactly. some people think customer service can’t hang up on people.

      • kalel33

        They can but if they’re caught doing it then they can be fired, but I’ve seen it many times when someone calls back in to lower their plan and the last person hung up on them because lowering their plan would hurt the rep’s metrics.

        • steffanut

          Lowering anything on the bill does not impact metrics. This is a fact and anyone who told you this is misinformed.

        • kalel33

          It did a year ago, because I worked there for many years as a customer service rep.

        • steffanut

          I still work there and when Mr. Legere took over this was stopped immediately.

        • kalel33

          Great, I won’t feel bad calling in now to lower my data.

        • steffanut

          See above comment, as soon as Legere took over he stopped that.

  • 4-12

    T-Mobile CS is extremely terrible. They sent all the call centers to Costa Rica and other countries. If you call to change a plan then you wont have a problem. But if your having a problem other then that then expect to keep calling.

    • 4-12

      I also hate when they can’t understand English and u hang up then they will call u like 10 damn times like a stalker

    • fentonr

      Tmo has call centers in the US that do general support. I’m not saying that tmo’s customer service is good, its not. They do have support in the US though. I think the problem is that every time you call in you get told something different. I think they just need to all get on the same page.

      • kalel33

        They gutted the US call centers. The center I was at started out at over 600 reps and when I left, they were down to 170 reps. It was like a ghost town in that center. There were some trainers who were sent to the Philippines to train the customer service reps there. They also closed down 7 centers, while the remainders were left with a shell of the workforce. Those jobs had to go somewhere and I know some went to the Philippines. I don’t know about all of them.

    • Red5

      To bad they don’t have call centers on Costa Rica…

      • bob90210

        No wonder T-Mobile’s score is so low; they’re routing calls to call centers that they don’t even have.

        • Red5

          And congratulations, your the idiot if the day!

  • 4-12

    I think T-Mobile CS non-contract is way better then the PrePaid department.

    • kalel33

      It always has been that case and it’s that case with the other carriers too.

  • CRT24

    I believe the biggest issue with our customer service is the outsourcing to overseas call centers. Even when we call in on the retail support lines, I cant tell you how many times they have asked the same question over because they simply can’t understand what is being said, and vice versa. Not to mention the accounts were set up incorrectly for the very same reason. Obviously we have have customers who’s first language is something other than English and we absolutely need to have options for those customers….but when you call in the the person that answers need to be fluent in English unless otherwise requested because I believe this is absolutely driving customer dissatisfaction as we hear on a daily basis “I tried handling this through CC but I could not understand a word they said” it’s a huge issue for both customers as well as the stores that are trying to get things done correctly.

  • vinnyjr

    Don’t agree at all. Whenever I call CS I get great help. Being a long time customer I know how to cut through all the red tape and get right to where I need to go. Always had nothing but extremely good service, sometimes it takes 7 minutes to reach someone but after that I get great service. If you allow people to treat you as a 2nd rate customer then they will. I find T-Mobile’s Customer Service is getting better all the time. Just My Opinion.

  • $14077376

    AT&T being number 1 has to be a lie! That’s pretty much the reason I left them. They were never helpful, rude, and would say they’d do something and then not. I’m pretty sure they must have skewed surveys and not give them to people who are angry or unsatisfied.

  • Oliver Jackson

    I don’t know who doing the number but I don’t have a issue at all with their customer service except at one store on Miami Beach because they have a sorry rep there name Luis.

  • Red5

    Part of the problem with JDP Award and Tmobile is our brand appeal. Customers come to us because they want to save money, and on average it means a lower credit class of customer. That type of subscriber churns more often, and as a result is more easily dissatisfied than an individual with prime credit.

    • kalel33

      Then how can you explain the time they had 12 out of 14 #1 positions with JDP from 2010 and before? They lost it for a reason and it was because of all the changes that were done to customer service and they won’t ever go back to the way things used to be, because it’s not as profitable.

      • Red5

        As I said, “part of the problem”

        • kalel33

          If that was part of the problem then they would have never won 12 out of 14 times. There’s definitely a problem but it’s not the customer base. I was there when they changed everything around and went from first to worst.

        • me

          But T-Mobile was a different company. Their focus was on customer service so many times they would do things to appease the customer that they don’t do now. Great for JD Power, not great for revenue. After Sue Nokes left they became a more bottom line company, hence the drop in customer service ratings. Customers that were used to stomping their feet and getting credits and discounts were longer being appeased. I was a call center manager when a lot of those changes went into effect. It was a rough transition for many reps and customers.

        • kalel33

          I think the four things that hurt the most were the drastic drop in CRT, changes in what metrics were important, pushy sales, and changes in policies that were anti-consumer. For instance, when I left T-mobile the CRT was 363 seconds and when I went to work for Verizon customer service it was 505 seconds and if you were over it wasn’t a big deal. MyVOB used to be the absolute number one metric before and then it became a, “Great if you get good MyVOB numbers but make sure your sales and CRT come first.” With Verizon, it was your survey numbers first and everything else was secondary.

        • me

          Yup it was a drastic change. When I came on it was a big no no to sell something to a customer unless it would benefit them. There was no incentive to add things on. Then the ATT acquisition was announced and a switch flipped. Suddenly I had to pressure my coaches and reps to sell and upgrade and extend contracts above all else. Reps that were being praised for taking care of the customer were suddenly having thier jobs threatened because of their contracts and add on. I had planned to leave anyway once I got my masters but I ended up leaving earlier just due to the environment.

        • kalel33

          The AT&T acquisition didn’t get announced until March of 2011 but the sales(MRC) was being pushed in the fall of 2010. I think that T-mobile was setting itself up for acquisition, by showing how profitable they were and unfortunately, customer service was in the way.

        • me

          Your right. I was a manager in the customer loyalty team so those things didn’t pertain to us until the merger. Before that it was you got an incentive to do contracts but it wasn’t mandatory. Literally the day after the acquisition was announced our GM came in and told us it was all about sales and not losing customers by getting everyone to do a contract for anything. I went from preaching do what’s right for the customer to do what’s going to get you a contract out of it. So sad, was very proud to work for magenta up until then…

  • g2a5b0e

    I’m a little shaky on this considering my last Stats class in college was about 10 years ago, but I believe a difference of less than 5% when the sample size is great enough isn’t necessarily statistically significant anyway. There is only a 3.5% difference between first & last here.

    • kalel33

      True, but statistically speaking they have been dead last for almost 3 years. If the variance was so thin then you’d see the arrangement change significantly each time but that hasn’t been the case, except for AT&T this quarter making a big jump. Otherwise, it’s been Verizon on the top for a long time and before that T-mobile was the gold standard.

      • g2a5b0e

        Yeah, you’re right on that. I actually thought about it, but for some reason, I forgot to mention it.

  • lion7718

    I’ve been with T-Mo for 10 years now, I’ve never had a problem with CS…but than again I’ve only used them maybe 5 times.

  • landmarkcm

    Wth. Come on Tmobile & pass Sprint up already in some statistic. I am awaiting the day you outpass there pathetic network and become number 3 in general. I will give it to Sprint though when you call them or are in a store they have stepped up there game in customer care. That’s really the only good thing I can say abt them. Articles alot only the compare the top 3 alot when talking abt things. Hopefully this is changing. I can say metroPCS service running on Tmobile network where I am is very good same quality so far. Knock on wood.

  • moises1204

    i dint have to wait for jd power to know this, they seriously need to fix the customer service situation pronto!

  • Sid Hoffman

    No surprises here. I’ve only been a T-Mo customer for 1 year and I’ve had to contact them probably 8 times in the past year versus contacting Verizon maybe 3 times in 8 years. Of all the times I contacted T-Mo, none of the experiences were good except for two times I used their live chat system – which appears to now be discontinued as a support method. I would rate T-Mo a zero on customer service if surveyed today.

  • brian

    As someone that has worked for both T-Mobile and AT&T in retail this survey is not really shocking at all. Note that I still use T-Mobile service because I love EIP and T-Mobile’s simply choice plans for my 5 lines but when it comes to customer service AT&T comes out on top.

    As much as I enjoyed working at T-Mobile there are a few things that T-Mobile needs to adapt if they wish to be more successful in customer service.
    First let’s start with the training: At T-Mobile my training consisted of doing a video conference call 3-4 hours a day for 2 weeks straight and filling out a workbook for another 3-4 hours each day. No Role-playing, no real-world training, no training in how to deal with customer situations. Coming out of training I was confused, had no idea what I was doing and had to ask for help alot, and probably was providing a negative experience to customers simply because I had no idea what I was doing.

    At AT&T I was flown about 400 miles, put into a nice hotel, given a company credit card for meals, and for 4 weeks straight attended a training class M-F 8:30~5:30.
    In training we covered EVERYTHING from how to deal with billing issues, troubleshooting, role-plays. There were tons of daily group activities from contests, to putting together presentations – that 1 day after training I was comfortable with being able to perform my job adequately without outside help.

    T-Mobile also has something against empowering reps. During my tenure with T-Mobile only managers were able to credit accounts, if there was a billing issue I’d need to call into RSL to get a resolution. We had no control over billing dates, we couldn’t do early upgrades, we couldn’t cancel accounts.
    When i started at AT&T I was AMAZED at the level of power given to the reps, I can (get manager approval first) override the upgrade date and give customers an upgrade before they are eligible. I can credit accounts (up to $100), discount accessories, change the customers billing date, cancel accounts, change billing responsibility, all from my tablet. I pretty much never need to spend the customer and my time calling into some phone number and waiting on hold then explaining the situation, and getting a resolution. If something is wrong, I have the power to fix it in store.

    The other thing thing is dealing with warranty exchanges etc. While at T-Mobile if a customer has an issue with their device, they have to pay $5-20 and wait 1-7 business days for a phone to be shipped to them. Obviously a frustrating situation for the customer, especially since alot of business is done on cell phones nowadays. Oh and there were loaner phones too $50 deposit for some $20 flip phone.
    At AT&T if a customer has issues we have 2 different options, The first is something called a device support center, literally a location setup JUST for troubleshooting. Troubleshooting is provided ON-SITE with a dedicated trained rep, and if the rep is unable to resolve the issue the phone is swapped out at the location immediately. If the customer is far from a DSC we can call in and have a phone shipped to them for free also.

    Finally the last thing is Right- Fit Guides. I mean I see the intention of them, but it makes each and every encounter at a T-Mobile store seem like some sort of scripted interaction. Instead of putting together some piece of paper to make sure the reps are doing their jobs correctly, why not improve the training process for new-hires?

    • brian

      Another thing too is that for accessories, at T-Mobile you have 30 days to swap it out. If the accessory breaks “call the manufacturer for the warranty”.
      At AT&T first customers that receive a corporate discount on their monthly bill also receive a discount on accessories (Microsoft employees get 50% off accessories lol) on top of that if ANYTHING happens to any accessory purchase we swap it out in store immediately free of charge. Dropped your case and cracked it? Let me get you a new one sir. Car charger stopped working? Let me swap it out for you today. This warranty lasts for 1 YEAR on EVERY accessory sold in store.
      The other thing too is that at AT&T EVERY customer interaction whether its a simple sim card change, or a new line of service, receives a text survey asking their willingness to recommend AT&T. This is the SINGLE most tracked and important metric that we have, so in store we put alot of effort into making sure everyone is satisfied.If the customer has trouble shooting issues, I will personally call the device support center number, setup an appointment for them, and send them on their way (and walk them to the door). iPhone issues? I will personally setup an appointment at the apple store (we have one right next door lol) and walk them over to the apple store.

      Finally AT&T I feel cares alot more about it’s reps then T-Mobile does. Like I mentioned in my first post, I was put in a 4 star hotel, flown 400 miles, given $42 / day on a company credit card. When I worked at T-Mobile I started at 11.00/hour + commission (about $2500-$3000 in commission) a month There was no raise given for 2012 because T-Mobile bought metropcs and had no money or something lol. At AT&T I started at $15.31/ hour, given a FREE TO USE company owned unit (galaxy s4 active) with unlimited service, raises every 6 months, extra pay for working sundays, and after 8pm. My HOURLY checks by themselves are $1500 biweekly. On top of that my first month out of training I made about $3000 in commission. Yeah $6000 my first month at AT&T. At T-Mobile the most I made in a month was $5300 and that was a really good month on average I was only making about $3700-$4000 / month.

      With pay like that and the importance of willingness to recommend in keeping our jobs. Heck yeah I’m going to make sure I provide top tier customer service to each and every customer I deal with.

      • I’d like to know if Legere knows any of this…

      • Oompa Loompa

        I find this funny because ATT store agents are considered some of the biggest fraudsters. I worked for ATT support, and we used to joke constantly about how idiotic retail reps were, how poorly trained they were, about how many issues we had to fix of theirs, etc. In fact, I remember one time I was at the gas station and an ATT store rep was pumping gas nearby me at the next pump and I just had the urge to punch him or chew him out.

        You may badmouth tmobile payouts and benefits, but here is the truth. ATT makes more profit so they can throw money at the situation. Thats all it ever was. Throw 20 bucks here and 40 bucks there. Don’t resolve and issue, just chuck money at it. Because the rule of thumb was that the wave surveys and the other surveys were focused on how frequently customers had to interact with an agent to resolve an issue. Basically, do whatever you have to do to get them to not have to call back until next month, cause by the time next month comes around it wont hurt your stats.

        Compared to ATT, tmobile spends FAR LESS on fraud, FAR LESS on unecessary expenditures, and they are now growing more rapidly than ATT. TMO has had its down points and Humm was definitely one of them, but I can honestly tell you that TMO cares FAR MORE about its customers than ATT…and I have worked for both.

        • Lolllllllll

          such a fool, or probably a Tmo Corp idiot or one of those random people that jump on here from Sprint.

        • Oompa Loompa

          lol, neither actually. I wouldnt work for sprint if they paid me 100 bucks an hour. They are so full of themselves, and the service is just horrible both in coverage and customer service. Id feel like committing suicide just to wear anything with a sprint logo on it. ha.

          However, I have extensive experience in many fields of the wireless industry. From working with retail, support, OEMs, technicians, and more. I probably know more about the wireless industry than anyone on this page, with maybe one or two exceptions.

          Truth is that ATT agents commit more fraud than just about anyone else in the business. I remember one line that had 1 active line kept on it to prevent the account from cancelling, and then like 200 lines where a phone was bought, and an agent would call in and convince the customer service rep that the line was cancelled and returned and get the termination fee and phone charges waived. However, no real record of phone being returned ever surfaced, and its anyone’s guess what happened to it. However, that line had literally thousands upon thousands of dollars in fraud from just one agent.

          Now calculate that by hundreds of fraud activities per day, and its no wonder that ATT spends hundreds of millions in wasted money from fraud per year. Money that people have to help cover by having their bill costs go up.

    • KingCobra

      Right Fit Guides are one of the worst ideas T-Mobile has ever come up with. They are saw awkward to use and even the customers look puzzled and hesitant when they see reps reading off a piece of paper and jotting down information on them.

  • Trevnerdio

    The last time I called customer service, after the automated system said it was transferring me, it didn’t even ring before they answered, that’s how quick they are. They’re always friendly to me and usually I get what I want.

    But this AT&T thing? Talk about coming out of left field! If they can come back from last/near last, then we certainly can!

  • Irfan

    yes this is happen , the people work who deal with customers have low level of knowledge regarding packages , plans, phone and its own data base that how they have to deal , horrible , customer support job is not a 9 to 5 job u need to have expertise rather talking good or professional way ….basically customer service team represent company and its behavior .

  • coolmen777

    I assume you guys don’t know how JD Power works. It is really a SCAM in itself. The more you pay, the higher rating you get. I work for a small non-profit local electric utility (MUNI) and we are surrounded by the big for profit monopoly giant electric provider along with other utilities that participate in JDPower. 1st of all, each company needs to pay $$$ to participate in the survey and then pay more to be able to brag those rights (scores)… The more you pay, the higher you end up on the list. We saw this giant company go from #3 (out of 50) to #49 in 1 year! We moved up and stayed on top (took their spot), but must keep paying for that rating! There is no way a huge monopoly like that can really turn around and hit low in one year. Granted, that year the company didn’t have funds to pay their way (due to other marketing, monopolistic attemps which wasted $$$) and thus lead to the score.. Please, take these JD Power awards with grain of salt. Money buys everything!

    • kalel33

      I have to disagree. T-mobile was the top of JDP for many years and they were the smallest company out of the 4. Their downfall happened at the same time they changed customer service and developed anti-consumer policies. I worked at T-mobile when they were #1 and they deserved it, just like I worked at T-mobile during 2 of the 3 years when they were dead last and they deserved it then too. I also worked for Verizon this last year and no, they weren’t better than T-mobile of old but they are much better than the T-mobile now.

      • coolmen777

        I am not arguying with validity of the survey. I am just stating the facts re: JD Power and how it works. It might be coincidence, but I bet T-mo didn’t pay as much as they did a while back (with new CEO being stingy and cutting everywhere)… You only know and see your side of things (as an employee), that doesn’t translate directly into how the scores and computed!

  • sadtmobileemployee

    guys and gals.. we want to provide you with good customer service, but upper management makes it so stressful, and on top of it all 75% of our calls are so unbelievably ridiculous you couldn’t image.. Customers call in asking for silly credits that they have no business getting all the time.. Mrs Chan, are you SURE you didn’t call china? “NO WAY POSSIBLE” , guess what happens? If we don’t give the customer what they want, we get a POOR customer service survey and we get yelled at ALL MONTH LONG for this by management. Some customers are so rude you help them, are super nice, give them what they want, and still give you a poor score. I get excellent customer scores on a monthly basis but its really depressing to come into work and listen to the constant nagging of your stats, not to mention WE HAVE TO SELL and its very aggravating to make an offer instead of just assisting the customer and resolving their needs. the moral inside our call center is VERY bad, everyone hates their job and there isn’t a single person in the building who can say they enjoy it. The company WAS great, it has great ideas, it provides customers with excellent options and service, but lets get real.. if you’re not taking care of your employees, they aren’t going to give a load about their jobs anymore. they took our raises away, they’ve made commissions extremely hard to make , they took away our discounts on phones, we can now EIP but that’s not much of an “employee perk.” everyone hates their jobs right now, there’s way too much stress to make it worth it..

    • sadtmobileemployee

      by the way, ps.. they make SO many changes we cannot learn to give everyone the same information, sometimes a poor training, OR they make a change and give us a training a month later, whats the point in that?

      • kalel33

        I would state that you should look everything up in T-community or use the time at the beginning of the shift to look up changes, but the CRT is so low that a rep can’t look up everything and come close to meeting CRT requirements.

        • sadtmobileemployee

          we usually don’t have time to stread due to being yelled at for our monthly sales and customer survey scores, or call backs, or crt, or cts, or gre.. its goes on and on… and lets be honest, whats 7-9 mins when these are some complex changes that need to be thoroughly read and discussed before they are executed. t-mobile is hiring people left and right, yeah thats great, but they are hiring people at 2-4$ less a hour than they were a year or two ago, and the training sucks.

        • sleepthieves

          hahaha stread…the first time a supervisor or trainer used that phrase I wanted to slap the shit out of them. Man when tmoble reps came to my outsourcer center I heard about “Shangra La”. The BB tech rep was making like 18$ when we weer making 12$ and they had a gym and arcade and other crazy stuff a their center. It sounds like your job or at least the new hires now get the same shitty job I had.

    • kalel33

      Oh, the customers saying that didn’t do something and want a credit happens at Verizon too. I will say the one thing I don’t miss from T-mobile are the angry/manipulating foreigners(you know which one’s I’m talking about) or the old people who are calling in about a $0.30 increase on their bill and want their entire bill explained. Otherwise, I agree with everything you say in regards to the time I was there. The moral was extremely low and the atmosphere was toxic. It’s not even the coach’s fault, because they are getting hammered just as much as the reps are by the unit managers.

      • brian

        All I remember from my time in retail @ T-Mobile was:

        Mexicans = prepaid (refill or activation)
        Indians = “Just Looking” at phones, wants smartphone with no data (why?)
        Asians = “Want the lowest possible data plan possible”
        Africans = Wants no contract and a discount on every phone
        African-Americans = Best customers, willing to drop $$$ if its something they want
        Whites = A mix of everything above.

        The problem is T-Mobile caters to people towards the bottom of the socioeconomic scale, so alot of the behaviors and actions of customers are going to be in line with their class. Many of these customers also recieve government assistance, so they feel they are entitled to receive credits, discounts etc at every point of their lives. They feel they are “special” and every fee is waive able, every price is negotiable.
        When I worked at T-Mobile I’ve had so many people threaten to cancel because we wouldn’t (couldn’t) waive a migration fee, or a restore from suspend fee.
        I currently work at AT&T and its ridiculous, I’ll say ok great so you’re upgrading 3 lines there will be a $108 upgrade fee on your next bill. Noone asks for a waiver.
        “Ok sir its going to be 36$ activation fee” – “Ok”
        At T-Mobile I had to literally sit there and explain why we charge an activation fee and then deal with the customers threatening to walk or threaten to change carriers over a $18 upgrade fee

        • sadtmobileemployee

          i wasnt discriminating against a particular race or persons.. I just meant that was an example..

        • brian

          Yeah I know lol. I’m just saying I’ve worked for 3 of the 4 carriers and T-Mobile has the hardest customers to please. The entitlement is ridiculous.

        • kawkaw

          Its not entitlement…its that these people have no money and are trying to do whatever they can to exist.

          When you have money you don’t have to schmooze or bully people if you don’t want to (rich people still do it though).

        • loooool

          no money? then they dont need either a phone or they dont need the TOP OF THE LINE MOST EXPENSIVE PHONE!!!!! lol wow.

        • kalel33

          I had those same customers with T-mobile and Verizon, calling in about how they couldn’t make their payments and that we charged too much but they would have 4-5 lines of top end smartphones. I would tell them they could sell their top end smartphones and buy basic phones but that was out of the question.

        • kalel33

          I’ll say the culture I was talking about. It was the people from the Middle East who would either try to bully you into getting what they want or try to schmooze you into doing what they want. I don’t know how many times I heard, “Scott(not my name) my friend! I know you can help me out with this. Scott, my friend, you know it’s wrong and you should help out a loyal customer(been with us for less than 2 years) out and keep my business. My friend, you’re going to do this for me? Yes?”

        • brian

          I feel you completely, and don’t get me wrong some of my favorite customers were of Middle Eastern or Indian backgrounds but the mindset that they have of Every Fee is waiveable and every Price is negotiable is super frustrating when as a RSA T-Mobile gives you essentially NO empowerment.

        • TmoUSPloyee

          Ironic since the are a pain in the A$$$ to get them to waive stuff for you when you get them on the phone lmao!

        • brian

          haha I’d always cringe inside when I had to call m4g / activations or the porting center

        • tmo_rep

          lol omg, this is sooooooo true!

        • KingCobra

          It’s true!!

        • sleepthieves

          I feel that..god customer care was a nightmare. Glad I did tech support most of the time..but then you had to deal with people who had had 12 pink moto razrs and want a different phone for free. It was always fun to tell them they would indeed be receiving their 13th pink razr that is refurbished. I really wanted to tell a few of them to stop lieing about their phone issues to get a different phone cause it doesn’t work like that.

        • thepanttherlady

          Hahaha!! I ordered my 12 year old one of these from Amazon, just came in today.

        • ImTheBoogyMan!!!

          omg lmao! so dam true lmao!!!!!!!! I agree with you 100% haha! I too work for AT&T now, I will attest going through training they grind you and grind you on how to take care of the customer. The empowerment is there the tools are there to close sales, the ability to handle stuff right then and there is also there. You feel alot more trusted and you are paid well to do what you do best, sell. Deposit waivers to close a few line activations? np just request it. T-Mobile, sorry nope cant help you. It’s night and day what the company will do to close a deal. I’ll agree also, you tell customers, ok 72 in upgrades? ok so itll be on my next bill? Yep. Ok so just expect my bill to be higher next month? yep. KK np! I will agree it used to be a battle, they even trained you to tell customers of how they use it for network enhancements etc when we all know thats b.s. Opening doors for customers is a requirement at AT&T and we are required to make people feel at home, does it happen everywhere and are they perfect no? but they understand they couldnt do diddly squat without giving their customers that extra umph! Real demos for every phone not dummy ones like the ones you always find on certain models at Tmo. T-Mo has simply forgot that you cant have a business without taking care of your customers. They concentrated too much on prophets and they made a leak into a giant ice berg hole when they sold out what made them great. I was there for JD Powers and I agree, they did deserve it, Sue Nokes was an amazing influence, the customer was taken care of, was the old system perfect? nope not by a mile, things happened back then, what there was much more of though was resolve to find a way to get the issues take care of, that has disappeared. It felt like the company didnt trust its employees or seemed to care for that matter, the low point being when Best Buy employees got a better discount on their service than the corporate retail employees? I mean seriously wtf is up with that? good thing they reversed it but the damage was already done by that POS german ceo Phillup HumMMMMM wtf was he doing? You always get your needy people and yes tmobile does cater to that more it seems and you do see more of those issues, I worked for them more than five years and I will strongly agree with what was said above. You still get your needy people at AT&T and the ones that dont pay their bills usually leave on their own when they cant upgrade due to too many suspensions on their account. So many people that go dont care so much about the price and its surprising alot of them that leave from sprint or tmobile just want to have a phone that has service and is reliable, the only thing you have to tell them is yes, you are going to pay more and be up front but they will get what they pay for. So far i havent seen a person walk away from that unless they come back with some high deposit. Anyways I still care about Tmobile and the competiion is good looking back now though its obvious to see all the things they are doing wrong when you get to look outside the box from the competition.

        • JBrowne1012

          Is it a surprise that t-mobile customers are frugal? These customer have been with AT&T and Verizon and gotten hidden fees and a whole bunch of bs screwing over. So T-mobile customer are frugal with money because they struggle ok so comparatively AT&T and Verizon customers are idiots willing to throw dough re mi at you because of false advertising and bait and switch schemes.

      • sadtmobileemployee

        yeah its not (most of them) the coaches.. im talking above them.. but yeah I know its general customer service and customers will call and ask ridiculous things, but t-mobile customers are SPOILED, and it shows most every day i’m at work.

    • B-Mobile

      my only real issue with t-mobile customer service is not speaking to an american rep. ive been with t-mo for 8 years: for the past 7 just about every time i’ve called in, the rep understood the issue and we got to a root cause i was in a good mood for no reason. now with having to speak to outsourced, printout reading, vague and circumventative answer providing, outsourced customer service reps all the time i hate having to call in. working in IT support i can appreciate what its like to be tied to a telephone all day, but its difficult not having a bad outlook on my call if i hear a outsourced rep on the other end.the end all be all is not to factory reset my phone when you run out of papers to read back to me when i do get an american rep i want to thank them 15 times just for being available to speak to they have to think i’m crazy but the level of service is night and day

      • sadtmobileemployee

        man.. i feel you, you think we enjoy hearing “i just called in and i got someone in india and i cant understand them so i hung up” no… we hate that.. we cant help it, i really do understand how you feel about that though.. wish all our jobs were in America where they belong

        • tmorepguest

          also a rep here…we feel the customers pain…we REALLY do…every time the system wont allow us to do something and we have to call in, we get the same “i definitely understand why its important to do _____ for the customer” and then they proceed to read off a script, fill in the blanks, and generally act like we dont know what we are doing even though we work for the same company. Its a battle, all I want to do in the store is fix your issue, make you happy, and move onto a sale, honestly, as best as I can. If i could credit you a few fee’s here and there, knowing youd stay with the company long term, and we would make that back no problem, i would, if training were provided where you would bring in a phone with a software problem, and i could fix it, i would, if i could do warranty exchanges in store, i would, but I cant…sometimes customers think we arent helping them because we dont WANT to help them…TRUST ME, its alot easier for me to do what I can to get you in and out and happy, than it is for me to tell you i cant do it and have a pissed off person in front of me. We frontline reps are just as frustrated as customers because we cant do the same things people in call centers can….it doesnt make any sense, we deal with the customer face to face, its our job to retain that customer, but alas, no its not, its our job to sell, and to telemarket (ooo call lists to make you $$$…no its not, its because you want us to telemarket from the store instead of hiring people). Want to win customer service awards? HELP ME HELP THE CUSTOMER, provide me with the tools necessary to help, whether it be credits or training, whatever it is. Make stores a one stop shop to help.

          ALSO…customer service reps…STOP sending customers to the store, without first setting the correct expectations, im sick and tired of people walking in expecting a free phone, or for me to fix a water damaged phone, or for me to hand them a free battery…we dont even stock batteries!….that sets the customer up for IMMEDIATE pissed off mode.

        • T-Mobile Manager

          You sound like a whiner who needs a new job. People who are this frustrated with what they do, generally do not perform well. You are part of the problem, not part of the solution. Get moving.

        • ARealistFTW

          Lol you’re an even bigger problem for T-Mobile. Its managers like yourself that hold that company back, denial is the biggest problem the egos up in management and upper management at T-Mobile have. They are frustrated because they aren’t allowed to do their job efficiently, all while people like yourself think everything is going well. A little bit of news, no it’s not, thats not people not performing well, thats a company not performing well.

        • tmorepguest

          I labeled myself a rep because i work the sales floor but im not a rep, i make commission off of the stores revenue not my own, BUT, there is a serious disconnect between all levels.

        • tmorepguest

          good assumptions

        • Stone Cold

          Typical manager speak. We all know the bottom line is money for those that hold stock in T-mobile. But up until the shortly before the failed merger of AT&T/T-Mobile customer service was one of the biggest assets of the company customer service was open and serviced by American call centers where in most cases you had good reps doing good jobs. Now the store rep is set up to do the one thing mentioned SELL. Most reps in store try to help as best they can but they aren’t miracle workers either. There are somethings better handled by a call center but this article is about how T-mobile who once was tops in customer satisfaction now ranks dead last. As a manager please tell us what is really being done for us to have a better experience when we are dealing with at times very poor service.

        • Oompa Loompa

          Umm. sounds like you do need more training. Store CAN DO WARRANTY EXCHANGES, and they HAVE THE SAME ABILITY TO TROUBLESHOOT A PHONE. Fact is that EVERY BIT OF TRAINING A CARE OR RETAIL SUPPORT REP GETS, A RETAIL REP GETS AS WELL. However, most retail reps are too self important to spend the time necessary to actually do the training courses. I know agents who do not even know how to change a sim card or backdate a rate plan in the system. Stuff that is COMPLETELY WITHIN ANY STORE AGENTS POWER TO DO. 90% of the calls into the retail support line are asking agents to do things outside of policy because the retail agent cannot get their manager to do it, and the things that are within policy are things the store agent should know how to do but simply doesnt take the time to do and would rather pass the buck to the support line, which is why there had to be a policy implemented that retail reps couldnt just call the retail number and pass the phone to the customer, they ahd to stay on the line and be educated on how to do their job right.

          The only time this is not true is if you work for a non-tmobile store, like best buy or walmart.

        • tmorepguest

          We can order a warranty exchange, but we cant exchange it out in store, while over the phone this seems completely normal and fine, but the customer is in the store watching new customers walk out with their devices while they, a sometimes loyal customer, has to wait for a shipment (not that overnight is a big deal, but people still complain, and thats what this is about right? customer service?). Dont kid yourself, reps dont call in to change a sim card, although, customer service reps to send customers to the store expecting a free sim card…which is agaisnt policy.

          Ill give you a better example: Porting in an existing tmobile prepaid to a postpaid account. Doing a change of responsibility, Changing a future dated change, to a back date. jump didnt get added correctly because of a system issue…OH JUST CALL IT IN…why the hell do i have to call it in, it should show up in CAM, but it doesnt, for you guys though, for some odd reason, it does.

          Doing a manual credit review, or better yet, a business credit review…. “whats the tax ID…okay, whats the customers name, whats the business phone number…hold on while i verify the account”…they literally call the customers cell number we just gave them right in front of us, ask if its the customer, dont ask for any kind of information and hang up, then come on the line to tell us “congratulations your customer is approved…blah blah blah.

          Front line reps and call center reps are not on the same team, we work agaisnt each other…I’ll be honest, based on the pressure i receive from upper management, my goal is to SELL. customer service reps jobs seem to be to get off the phone as quickly as possible while reading a script.

        • Stone Cold

          Why charge for a new sim card at all is my question? I had a online rep tell me less than a month ago it would cost me 20 bucks just to get a new sim card because my old one kept giving me an error when wifi calling even though the sim was a newer sim that I got in April. Went to my store rep and was in and out in no time with a new sim free of charge.

        • Oompa Loompa

          It doesnt cost for troubleshooting. The only retail reps that charges are ones that are greedy or dont do their job well.

        • ChitChatCat

          There is a policy for charging for SIM cards in retail unless its a verified network issue. Care doesn’t charge to ship them out. The reason most reps I know charge is for people that like to phone hop.

        • Oompa Loompa

          Thats why there are loaner phones, lol. I agree I would rather have ins tore exchanges, but tmobile actually tested putting tech agents in the store, and it never took off. Most people didnt care.

          Sending customers to the store for a free sim card IS POLICY when it is a result of troubleshooting. Not to mention stores CAN change and backdated rate plans, they just dont cause they skip through the screens too fast and dont change the date before submitting the change.

          For “porting” from prepaid to post (which is not porting BTW) you fill out a form that EVERY STORE AGENT HAS ACCESS TO.
          You can also do a COR if its just a ban to ban move, and if it is a new account for the potential customer, you cal activations, not the retail line.

          Not to mention store agents call THOUSANDS OF TIMES DAILY just to have a sim card updated, and half the time they just pass the phone to the customer before they even get the chance of verifying the account first.

          There is literally not a single thing you mentioned that a store agent who is properly trained and knows what s/he is doing cannot do. Nothing you mentioned requires calling in to the retail line.

          and of course a retail support rep’s goal is to make the call short. Because he has 1000 calls in queue from retail store agents asking how to remove the back cover of a galaxy s 4 and where the liquid damage indicator is located.
          You may not know this, but the majority of the calls that come in to the retail line are for NO REAL VALID REASON. There are actually calls that come in saying “my manager won’t approve this, so can you?”

          There are arguments that take place telling an in store agent that they can the simply thing they just spent twenty minutes on hold calling in to do.

          I really would recommend going back and doing more training.

        • ChitChatCat

          We can do almost all of them. Retail can’t remove a FD rate plan. We also can’t always add JUMP. It’s a known system issue. The rest of that can totally be done at the store without a phone call.

      • sleepthieves

        The funny part about that is you are talking to people in the Philippines who were trained at least partially by my call center. I worked for NCO a company which also does really shady collections services but for a while outsourced 5 call centers to do Tmobile Cust., tech, retention, and Blackberry, and tech chat while it existed. Then NCO trained people in the Philippines and proceeded to lose the Tmobile contract at our center…kinda seemed like on purpose so they could just use their new foreign cheap labor instead. Aren’t you glad a scummy collections company who couldn’t even maintain the contract due to poor performance trained all those foreign people you talk too…now you know they are ready for your call!

  • Paul

    I just spoke to customer service 2 days ago about possibly terminating online that was under contract. the girl who helped me was great!
    after I explained that phone is not being used she was able to search through her accessible plans and give me an even lower monthly fee.

    Unfortunately if you signed a two-year contract, prior to the changes that happened recently, that contract is still being honored.

    She was very helpful and even compromised by giving me a lower rate.

    • sleepthieves

      I’d be careful as they do that and then forget to emphasize that you probably signed a new 24 month contract on that price change. Maybe they stopped doing it but I doubt it. I’d call up CC and ask when your contract expires. Used to work for them a couple years back, I know things change, but they don’t change much.

      • Paul

        – no new contracts, they’ve been advertising that.
        – I made sure that this change wouldn’t change the current contract.
        – got the expiration date.

        She was helpful, and I explained what I was wanting to do. She found an agreeable solution.

  • MuthaFuckinStephen

    How the hell does at&t get up there? Everyone I asked seems to hate their tech support.

    • 21stNow

      You never asked me.

  • mjs64

    JD Power puts the company that pays them the most to #1.

    • me

      So your saying T-Mobile paid more than Verizon, Sprint, and Att all the years they were #1?

      • Graham R. Pleece


    • kalel33

      Then T-mobile paid them off for over 3 years, because they were the top customer care for quite a long time and then they went downhill. There was a very good reason for them to go from first to worst.

  • Jimbo Jones

    Maybe, and this is only a suggestion, T-Mobile should work to ensure their reps spend more time helping customers and less time on this website spinning feeble slogans to each other about how great everything is.

    • Oompa Loompa

      So, in other words you want customer service agents to not be able to surf the internet on their free time, but be helping you instead? Cause tmo agents dont surf the web while they are at

  • jim

    Tmo continues to be rated worst and it will again in next 3 months. TMO should stop this SCAM advertisement campaign. The so called JUMPS, EARLY UPGRADES are all nothing but a pure and total scam to lure gullible customers. How is it an upgrade if you keep paying $600 plus tax = full price for phones? I know all the Tmo employees in this site will say otherwise. Folks, most here are Tmo agents themselves promoting this scam. Don’t believe everything that is said by many here

    • Ur dumb

      Dude you are one of the simple minded customer I was talking about, hopefully your not a customer any more. Anyway, ill say this one more time, loud and clear. Ready?


      Got it? Probably not..

      • guest

        “Full retail”
        16GB Nexus 4
        Google Play Store – $349
        T-Mobile website – $432-$482
        I guess that’s a $100 “more phone purchase options” premium.

        T-Mobile wouldn’t engage in hidden fees. They’ll just gouge you right to your face, the way a proper company should.
        And speaking of “simple minded”, it’s “you’re”

        • 3560freak

          Join the simple minded customer group. You give 1 example of a phone that is well know to be subsidized by Google to customers. Congratulations on your brilliant argument.

        • kalel33

          OK, how about the LG Optimus F3. It’s $150 through Metro PCS(a T-mobile company) and $240 through T-mobile?

        • Oompa Loompa

          Kalel you do realize that Metro and TMO are not the same company right now? They ahve approved the merger and gotten through the red tape, but they are being operated separately with gradually increasing integration. So, for now, OEMs may charge metro a different cost to purchase their phones with Metro compatible radios in them, whereas TMO may pay a different amount.

          Besides, if its gouging, and you want to use examples, how about the example that they held onto selling the iPhone AT LAUNCH WHEN MOST PEOPLE BOUGHT IT for 70 bucks LESS than Apple was selling it for, until Apple made them change it to the higher price tag? They could have easily sold it for the same apply did, but they did not.

          The truth is that not all phones cost the same amount for all carriers or divisions of companies. Its why a vase costs 3.99 at walmart and 4.99 at target and 4.79 at costco and 5.29 at sears. Its cause every company has different overhead costs that factor into cost of service and equipment.

        • kalel33

          You do realize that the merger was finished quite awhile ago. T-mobile has even merged Metros LTE in Vegas with their own LTE. They use the same LTE towers. T-mobile is getting sued for breaking a contract that MetroPCS had with a vendor. Why? Because T-mobile runs the show. T-mobile added many new markets to MetroPCS, not MetroPCS themselves. There are tons of articles stating how T-mobile is now in control. It was an acquisition, not T-mobile keeping two separate companies. T-mobile is already on track to close down MetroPCS altogether by 2015.

          The Iphone part was them trying to lure customers over to T-mobile from other carriers. They don’t have to lure customers with Android, because they’ve had Android since the beginning of Android. They don’t have to lure customers from MetroPCS because T-mobile owns and runs MetroPCS.

        • Oompa Loompa

          If Tmobile wanted to LURE customers, why did they decline many attempts by Apple to get the iphone to Tmobile in the first place? In fact, the delay was because tmo played hard ball with apple in order to let tmo do it their way, not apple’s way.

          Metro and tmo may be merging, as I already said, but they are far from the same company. If they were, then why can you still sign up at or get a metro branded phone, or be on metro?
          They are merging it gradually and integrating more and more, but they still do a good deal of their business separately. So you cannot assume that 100% of business done by in metro and is the same exact way its done in TMO. There are still differences in overhead cost, employee pay and benefits, relationships with vendors, and more. TMO is taking over, and will eventually have everything under the TMO name, but for now there still are differences.

        • landmarkcm

          Ya the people at the metro stores some of them too arent to knowledgeable either abt it all. And there a bit more rude it seems. Anyway im using the F3 in the market you mentioned and am happy with it though. The Lte is surprisingly fast. And I figured why not save myself the 10.00 bucks per month. Same service

        • 21stNow

          OK, this doesn’t excuse the fact that T-Mobile wanted to charge me $38 more than customers with plans of $50+/monthly for the same phone because I wanted to use it on my $30 prepaid line. T-Mobile shouldn’t have different device prices for different classes of customers. Varying downpayments are one thing but varying total costs are wrong.

        • Oompa Loompa

          Well when you consider that prepaid vs postpaid have vast difference. Different taxes, overhead, etc. They also make less back from customers, so they have slightly different pricings on phones. Some cheaper, some more expensive. Typically, though, I found that prepaid phones were cheaper than full cost postpaid phones.

        • 21stNow

          Older prepaid phones may be cheaper, but newer phones are more expensive across the board (edit: maybe except for the iPhone) for anyone on a plan that is less than $50/month. Prepaid plan customers that spend at least $50/month get the same pricing as a postpaid plan customer that spends at least $50/month from my understanding.

          I still think that this is wrong. The device price is supposed to be separated from the service price with the “Un-Carrier”.

        • chardog

          TMO and Metro are the same company now, just two different customer facing brands. Like Boost and Sprint. There shouldn’t be differences in devices going forward, as the Metro customers are being moved to the TMO network. The back end operations are all one, but there are two different types of selling points with differentiated plans and network experience…

        • landmarkcm

          I have the f3 on metro but it looks like you can order it through there website with no plan required. I am not sure if it’s already unlocked. The girl when I bought mine offered up that it was. And when I put my old Tmobile sim in it, It didn’t ask for an unlock code but it didn’t work either since it’s an inactive sim.. Anyway should be able to use it on both or unlock it if it’s not already.

        • guest

          Please, continue to name call. It underlines the point of this article quite nicely.

        • Lawl

          Not worried about Grammer typing on my phone, come again.. Anyway horri or argument.

        • JBrowne1012

          Google sells at loss T-mobile sells at a profit and actually through play you have to deal with play support which sucks but is good had troubles with my N4 and replaced with a brand new in box n4

        • philyew

          If you followed what went on when the device was released, you would know that LG charged other distributors significantly more for it than they charged Google, which is why TM have to charge more than Google.

      • GinaDee

        If I had to pay $700 for a phone I would want to activate it on a network that doesn’t bounce to 2G all the time even in LTE areas. T-Mobile needs to work on this.

    • Paul

      JUMP also requires you to turn in your previous phone upon “jumping.”
      Paid half of it? No worries. They throw the balance out and you start over with a new device.

      For me, I’m not interested in the program. However, once my phone is paid in full my monthly bill goes down. Plus, I can leave anytime. The other 3 keep you in a contract, and once that contact is up you’re still paying the same amount you did for the previous years.

      Ssssooooo what about that?

      • MetroPCS

        Yeah Jump is very gimmicky IMO, I won’t use it, its very sketchy, leasing of a phone.

        • Paul

          It’s not gimmicky.

          You lease a phone and switch it up, or you keep it. It works well for some, but it doesn’t for me. I love my Note 2, and there’s nothing that is coming out that I’m all that interested in. So I’m not interested in “jumping” in 6 months.
          However, some people want to get new devices when they come out. I’m looking at you PantherLady.

          It’s a good deal for those that want to upgrade more than the average user.

    • $15454173

      Jim Snowden!! We have a plane waiting to take you to Russia! We can’t hold off Eric Holder much longer from sending the black helicopters to converge on your secret location. You can seek asylum along with your brother Eric. Your leaking on T-Mobile is a high security risk so hurry and pack to leave now!!!

    • Guest

      Do you even have a TMO account? If if you do, why? Surely you had to have known how “terrible” they were long ago. Why not just leave?
      And if you say you’re still under contract, then, 1), why did you renew it? But, assuming you had the service for a short while before the no contract plans, will you leave when your contract is up?
      I personally(I know not everyone can afford to) have bought out my contracts twice instead of staying with a serive provider i despised, like you seem to despise TMO

  • Brian T.

    Yeah, this is one area they really need to address. I’m just one case study, but I’m a pretty loyal customer (I’ve been with them since the VoiceStream days, over 10 years!) and I’ve had to call them four times (and counting) to credit me for three bogus $9.99 third-party weird charges. Every time, they tell me they’ll be gone in 24 hours, but no dice. Asking to speak to a manager gave me somebody just as clueless who made the same empty promise. UGH. Awesome ideas about the future of wireless, the coolest CEO in tech, but just awful customer service (at least in my case)….

  • Oompa Loompa

    Keep in mind that the scores do not necessarily mean Tmo is doing badly. In fact , many of the scores are better than they were when TMO was winning first place repeatedly, just that the other carriers are doing better.

    I actually would rate this to customer being won over more easily by marketing and fake sincerity. Most other carriers pump more into marketing and more into placating customers than TMO, and if you talk to many of the ATT customers, for example, they will swear that ATT is better because of some random “fact” that some ATT store or customer service rep told them to get them to buy into their service. Such as saying that ATT has more towers, or that they have no 2g areas.

    • Nearmsp

      customers are not stupid. Only losers blame their customers.

      • Oompa Loompa

        You have apparently never worked in customer service.

        Credit card companies actually talk about handing out free crayons with every application. Most customer service agents are at higher risk for emotional ailments because of dealing with customers.

        One phrasing I heard was that customer service was basically trying to explain to a moron that he was a moron without actually calling him a moron.

        I am not saying every customer is an idiot, by any means. Having worked in multiple fields through my long life, I can assure you I have dealt with customers I could easily call smart, and customers that I wondered how they tied their shoes in the morning.

        When the average intelligence in the US is right above the mental retardation line, and the majority of people who have to call in are typically of lower intelligence comparatively, you can see why intelligence would be a concern.

        There are stupid reps as well. However, we cannot focus blame on one side or another. Truth is, the issue is with both sides. There are, plain and simple, stupid people. When you are dealing with technology, it creates a problem.

        I remember one person, WHO WORKED AT BEST BUY AS A TECH AGENT try to convince people that android was horrible because you could only download as many apps as your 5 homescreens would hold and if you downloaded a widget than it just reduced the amount of apps your phone could hold, and that is why apple was better because they would just give you infinite screens to put apps on. Never accepting that android phones have an app tray.

        Also, if you call any rep stupid, you much also consider they are, at some point in time, a customer themselves. So does their stupidity just vanish as soon as they clock out and go be a customer somewhere?

    • GinaDee

      AT&T does have more “towers,” than T-Mobile equipped with cell sites of all sizes. T-Mobile does have the largest geographic area of 2G only coverage out of the top four. Those are the facts.

      More facts: AT&T’s LTE network alone is bigger than T-Mobile’s entire nationwide 3G network and will soon be bigger than their entire network in general by years end.

      T-Mobile is losing on customer service survey’s because they’ve made the shopping experience difficult. So many times I’ve heard store reps struggle to explain to consumers why they should pay $699 upfront for a new phone because they’ll save money on their bill and because their credit doesn’t allow them to do EIP. I cringe when I hear them because it sounds like they are asking customers for a tooth.

      Trying to reach activations, prepaid or the porting center automatically lands you in some offshore Philippines or India call center. They don’t know what they are doing and customers wind up having to call back to complete something. Customers should not have to call back 3 times to complete a port because some offshore rep forgot to update the number in the system.

      T-Mobile does have slightly cheaper pricing on their monthly rate plans. This does help them win over those who are broke and those who cannot or refuse to pay $700 for a new phone upfront (x 5 lines on a family account) can make payments on their phone. I’m sure some people like this.

      • Lagurl

        I agree with everything u said xcept the call centers thing everytime I called 611 customer service I ALWAYS gotten someone with perfect american english l, first time I called josh took care of me, second time Bridgett, third time jake they all had perfect english.

        • Roger

          Isn’t it ridiculous that you had to call in the first place three times? I don’t know if JD Powers is measuring happiness amongst people who called, or amongst all customers (whether they called or not).

          I’ve had memorable calls. One was where the rep took 1h15m to work out what the heck my bill was saying. It didn’t help that what they show the customers is completely different than what is shown internally.

          The second ultimately involved them explaining how they do charge for service with a SIM card they day they put in the mail, not the week later that I received it, even though it was impossible for me to use that service.

          Another was when they sent an email that was poorly worded but seemed to say that you could turn off something on the web site so you couldn’t get slammed. I couldn’t find anything using the same wording, and ended up having two calls (the first one they couldn’t work it out either) to find out what the heck the email was actually talking about, and where the setting was it was alluding to.

          Or there was that time they decided that as the only person on the account, I wasn’t the primary account holder and wasn’t allowed to see things about myself, or make changes …

          Those are all things that have happened in the last 12 months. It is absurd.

        • Stone Cold

          All depends on the time of the call the later in the evening higher chance of hitting the off shore support. I generally try for early morning calls so I almost always get the american call center.

      • Tmo1082

        T-Mobile has 50% more bandwidth than AT&T…

      • Oompa Loompa

        Wow, you are out of the loop arent you. Fact is that ATT does not have more cell sites. TMO actually has more sites than ATT. and their LTE footprint is ridiculous, not to mention horrible bandwidth. TMO is using LTE v10, with 5×5, and 10×10, and moving to 20×20 before ATT can even catch up on their 10×10 coverage.

        And “slightly cheaper’ really? The average customers saves between 500-1000 bucks PER LINE over a two year period. Thats a good deal cheaper.

        BTW< how many customers have to call in to activations or port, and how much of an idiot are you to not know that activations and port ARE THE SAME DEPARTMENT. Not to mention that most customer service reps and sales agents can do the port. No customer should ever have to call in to discuss port issues except when the previous carrier could verify information properly cause a customer gave the wrong password or other info.

        BTW, with your example, you mention a 699 phone. Seriously? You throw out the highest number for a phone. TMO isnt ATT, they dont charge you 700 bucks for every phone, just one, lol. BTW, you cant really try and argue against TMO charging full cost for a phone when ATT NEXT does the same thing, and doesnt even discount the rate plan. So good luck watching customers go into the ATT and have them explain why they have an extra 30-40 bucks a month on their line, assuming they even qualify for credit, which you also tried to insult TMO for. Tell me…whats ATT's credit requirement for EIP, do they offer isnurance on installment items in DC, PR, and other locations where restricted by law and where TMO found a way to make it happen for customers, and why doesnt ATT discount their plans instead of just charging higher bills and full cost phones?

        At this point, being an TMO customer may make you think of pulling a tooth, but being an ATT customer is like ripping off your entire jaw.

        • besweeet

          “Their LTE footprint is ridiculous, not to mention horrible bandwidth. TMO is using LTE v10, with 5×5, and 10×10, and moving to 20×20 before ATT can even catch up on their 10×10 coverage.”

          While I would love to defend T-Mobile here, I just can’t… Most of AT&T has already been 10×10, hence their very good on-average LTE speeds.

        • JERRY

          I can tell u that over here in los angeles,orange county ,hollywood, riverside ,glendale att doesnt have 10×10 lte , att lte like others have said here in LA is horrible. . i still have my s4 with them and have a xperia z on tmobile which my wife got everywhere in LA tmobile is faster wheter is hspa+ or tmobile lte tmobile is always faster than att on the data side. att lte gets so bad AROUND 12 PM that even with full bars lte standing outside u get 2-4 mbps dwn 1-2 up sure i turn of lte i get 6-9 on att 3G. TMOBILE doesnt have lte everywhere in LA yet but when my wifes xperia is on lte she gets 20-30 dwn, 10-15 up and on hspa gets 11-15dwn ,2-3 up something i never ever seen on att lte or 3g in los angeles only time i saw those speeds in my s4 was last month in san fransisco im sure att has 10×10 in san fran because i saw speeds up to 30 mbps dwn ,15 up now im back in LA stuck with slooow speeds tmobile is looking pretty good since they have faster data in LA. ..

        • Oompa Loompa

          Not always. They still have older LTE versions that need a lot of backhaul to get to v10 and they are still using a good deal of 5×5

      • Fraydog

        GinaDee, proud AT&T astroturfer, fails to point out that the drop in JD Power scores came from Philip Humm implementing AT&T policies for T-Mobile in preparation for the merger that the FCC thankfully shot down. I wish Tmonews would deal with you astroturfers in a harder line fashion.

  • Nearmsp

    Message for John Legere –
    1. Please institute 100% phone survey after every customer call. Weed out the problem SRs.
    2. Every survey should ask if this is repeat phone call for same problem. If yes, it should be escalated to senior level.

    Every company makes mistakes. If the company is able to rectify that, customers are still happy. If the problems are not resolved or false promises are made, you have lost your customer. Please focus on SRs,

    • Oompa Loompa

      I think there is a lack of understanding of how business works here.

      1. They survey a lot already. You get surveys for going into a store, for changing stuff on your account, for having any number of indicators or triggers. However, the idea that they should survey 100% is like asking you to write down whenever you pass a dashed line while driving, or asking you to track every inhaled breath. Its simply not feasible and will waste a great deal of time. When you consider that one center may have, on a conservative side, 100 reps, taking an average of 50-100 calls a day. Even on a conservative side of things, that means 5000 calls per day for that center. We all know those numbers are very conservative, but lets assume that out of those 5000 calls, there is an average of 10% of those customers who got a poor experience or need further follow up. Than means 500 calls that need to be done per day for follow up with customers. Those customers typically require more time, and on average a call back from a manager or other escalated team can be as long as 10 minutes to an hour. So lets assume 20 minutes for a decent length. So you have 500 calls to make, per day, at 20 minutes per call. That means it would take you 10000 minutes, or a bit over 83 hours of calling people. So, in an 8 hour work day, you have to hire 10 people to do the job for calls, have resources for systems, IT, business support, manager and floor support, and more, just to cover the hind ends of 10% of 100 reps calls. ON A CONSERVATIVE ESTIMATE.

      Now lets do the real numbers. There are about a few centers doing customer service, in each center there are 300-500 reps on average, if not more. So that means AT LEAST around 1500 reps. So if you take our original calculations and assume that of all the surveys done only about 10% need call backs (which is still conservative, considering that about 20% is the norm on a good level), than that you means you have to hire 150 people to make the call backs PER DAY, not including systems, IT staff, manager staffing, and more. The average call center can range in electricity costs from around 4000-15000 bucks a month depending on size. Not to mention insurance, benefits, bonuses, training, employee perks, and more for those agents. Assume we pay those agents just 11 bucks an hour, before any other fringe benefits. Thats around 264000 bucks a month, just to do call backs on surveys, which to be honest the majority of people wanting call backs are upset because they didnt get what they wanted not because of some fault of the company.

      So that 264000 a year +benefits +support staff +center costs +additional overhead = a bigger bill and more for customers to complain about.
      Thats not even including the cost to do the survey itself! AND it only calculates for customer service. Not tech support, not retail support, not retention, not any other department. In reality, if you included all call types you would be looking at most likely over a million dollars a month just to do this JUST FOR THE EMPLOYEES PAYCHECKS.

      That translates into a bigger bill. Simply as that.

      2. T-Mobile already using priority routing and tracking of how many time someone calls in and why. The use these stats to route people appropriately, but escalating to a manager is like being escalated to a manager at Burger King just cause you forgot to order an extra sweet tea and have to go through the drive through again. Its time consuming, a waste of resources, and more hassle for the customer. In order to implement something like this, you would have to make a team of just “managers” that would take calls only. Assuming that 20%, on a conservative side, calls back within a day or so, and an average call center may take 300,000 calls that month, that means about 60,000 calls just being routed to managers. Thats 2000 calls per day routed to managers, and assuming the 16 hour tiemframe managers would be there during business hours to take calls, thats 125 calls per HOUR coming in. Assume, as before, escalated calls about 20 minutes long, thats 3 calls per agent per hour, meaning you would have to hire approximately 42 agents to be available at all times. Assuming each agent only works 8 hours per day, you would have to have two shifts of agents, meaning 64 agents per day. Now managers definitely make more per hour than a normal representative, so assume 15 bucks an hour conservatively. Thats 7680 bucks a day spent just to handle incoming calls routed to managers. because, after all, normal managers have to manage and support their team, not take calls.

      Assume then 7680 bucks PER CENTER PER DAY. Assume the 14 centers out there. Thats 107520 bucks PER DAY. or about 3.33 MILLION dollars a month just to take these calls. Thats a conservative figure too. That is on top of already existing manager staff and pay, that doesnt include added systems, support for those managers (cause we all know customers who escalate will continue to escalate most likely), and not including IT staff, electricity, utilities, centers to house those agents, overhead taxes, and more.

      Anyone wanna increase their bill so TMO can fork our another 4-5 million a month just to implement these ideas?

  • Winski

    I tell you what, T-Mobile may still be lagging in 2013 (although I dis-trust JD Powers numbers) with overall customer service rankings, but I’ve been a customer A LONG time (14 years), and if you think this is bad, you should have been around in the late 90’s !!! This is like being in the lap of luxury !! Once again proving everything is relative…

    Although I AM NOT excusing T-Mobile for their relatively poor showing, it is by far better than anything I’ve seen from ANY OF THESE KLOWNS regardless of what JD Powers says… The reason I’m suspicious of JD Powers numbers IS THIS… you ever been on an AT&T/SBC customer service call ??? AWFUL, SINCE IT’S ALL A ROBOT !!!

    • JBrowne1012

      It was much better 04-08 back when anything could be handled in a store or on the phone talking to the right people nowadays the right people are hard to find, The in store reps can’t do much for you and the tech support always force you to do a master reset instead of just replacing the damn phone for every issue that you bring up unless you add up every little issue and tell them there is something wrong physically. 9 times out of 10 the customer is calling you about issues with their devices are not due to either no space nor is a master reset going to solve it. I think it may be the tech support that if you call initially for it they route you to the Philippines..

      • Winski

        I agree with you on most counts… IF you find yourself in such a bind that you’re about to throw in the towel and walk away, shoot a note to Legere… He seems like the kind of CEO just radical enough to pull the band-aid off, figure out what’s really underneath all the layers of crap, and get the problem fixed !!!

        You can probably do this once…

      • Stone Cold

        So agree here I love being able to go to a store and get help in some situations cause I personally know some of my local reps. And master resets almost NEVER solve the issue
        you may be having. Long time customers only call in if they did a master reset and it still didn’t fix the issue. And he off shore tech support to India, Phillppines is AWFUL.

    • 21stNow

      I don’t know if you are referring to the landline side of AT&T/SBC or AT&T Mobility at the end of your comment.

      I’ll give one example where AT&T Mobility will beat T-Mobile – getting an unlock code for a cell phone. If AT&T is going to give it to you, you get it right away when you call in on the phone. You don’t have to wait on an email to come with the unlock code in it like you do with T-Mobile.

      • Winski

        Let’s get ALL the detail on this one… With AT&T, YOU MUST WAIT 2 -YEARS before the unlock code will be issued.. From date of purchase… With T-Mobile the wait is 42 DAYS from date of purchase and they will issue instructions… The Apple iPhone does NOT require an unlock ode…

        So, 730 days or 42 days… You pick…

        • 21stNow

          I’m comparing full-price purchases on both carriers so that it will be an apples-to-apples comparison. A full-price buyer does not have to wait two years on AT&T. I got my Galaxy S4 unlocked within days of buying it.

        • Winski

          GOOD !!! My iPhone 5 took 4 days… Even ..

  • IamtheBoogyMan!!!!! Meow! Haha

    Have every interaction be surveyed by a text survey like at&t does. That alone will make your reps jump on their feet, at at&t the willingness to recommend question they send customers can make or break you. You can have awesome numbers (over 120% to goal) and have a bad WTR score but still have a 10 on rep satisfaction and still have a fail score. They care about what their company looks like as a whole. Basically are you willing to recommend your friends and family to at&t? That’s the only way you can truly do business. Apples to apples, the training doesn’t compare, there was someone on here detailing how the training at T-Mobile works and how it works at at&t, it’s true! I felt the exact same way when they put me on the sales floor. Obviously what at&t is doing? it’s definitely working, we have to ask the Paul Roth questions every time (at&t COR reps know what these are if they see this). If we suspect an issue we dive into it because we have to do so in order to make sure our WTR scores stay on top we cant even talk about the surveys but are trained to not let a customer leave unless we know for sure we will get a 10 from them. Training is a month long, in a dedicated classroom, even if you are a re-hire you can’t bypass it you still have to take it. You train on customer scenarios, you train on how to use OPUS (the system we use to do transactions of every type), you’re trained on how to bring accessories into the equation, upsetting our products and services, how to make a customer experience superb, you’re taught the in’s and out’s of the company and what they are about, you are flown out of state in order to do training with people from other states, hell they pay for your expenses and everything is provided by the company, you can’t even go onto the sales floor until you complete training and the trainer feels comfortable that you are ready to be on the sales floor, lol we even have to do a presentation at the end on what we’ve learned, we even learn about products that aren’t even in our market in case we run into them with customers from those markets that travel to ours. The training and resources are so numerous and impeccable you can’t even put them all on here. The book and information that you’re given even on day one is immense and wears you out, you do constant role plays, you’re graded, you’re given ideas to improve, you get feedback from the trainer, hell even your peers tell you what they think about how you handled stuff. It’s all pretty impressive stuff, they put a crap load of money into the whole process it’s wonders why it took so long to get to where they are now. People come from all backgrounds, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, hell even people with no experience who have great potential are folded into the mix (not just car sales people “hear me now VeriZon?” lol) I’m not here to bash T-Mobile, I worked for them many years but if they are to succeed then they may need to take a lesson or two from how at&t was able to get their shit together and turn it around. I have a’lot of amazing friends who still work for Tmobile that I hang out with and have good times with. They definitely have the talent but management and the higher ups need to get their heads out of their asses and realize the path they’re taking is the wrong one.

  • Stone Cold

    The move to more off shore reps really hurt T-mobile as the customer base Hated it when they started talking to people they can’t always understand what is being said to them. But as a 9 year customer I have been fortunate enough to have only had one or two issues during that time.

    • Maxxx Depth

      I love ATT…..but i haven’t had an English speaking rep as of yet….in two years.

  • johnnycell

    If tmobile would not let go most of its tenured emploees, might be in 2nd place, maybe 1st….for reasons that dont merit termination.

  • T-Mobile Rep

    Not trying to make excuses for T-Mobile’s scores, but to me there is a very logical explanation for finishing last several times now. Back when we used to win it every time, our reps were tenured and knowledgeable. At that point I was new, but the tenured:new ratio was 10:1. The site I work in was completely full and hiring only occured to account for attrition. However, in 2011 when the merger was announced, literally over half the site quit. People just didn’t want to be a part of ATT. Every call we took we had customers telling us that they loved us but if we merged with ATT they would leave us. It’s was beyond stressful. There was a hiring freeze and my site dropped down to less than half full. After the merger was canceled, our company had to go through and start rehiring people. To this day the site is still not even full and the ratio of tenured:new ratio is 10:5, with most of the tenured now were new just a year ago.
    So we’re in a situation where our reps are so new and there is an insane amount of knowledge this job takes, and customers expect to speak with experts in every thing. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it takes time. Our scores have gone up and up and I’m confident we will be at the top again soon. I’m in the training department now and I can vouch that we teach our reps to have courtesy and concern on every call, and training for our call centers is 8 weeks long. We coach to do the right thing for the customer no matter the situation and we give a lot of leeway on what we will allow outside of policy.

  • Payum

    This is accurate. T-Mobile does not care about its customer. I mean, why does the Customer Care (corporate) and the T-Mobile retail stores act like they hate each other? Both blames the other and contradict each other when there is a problem. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “I can’t help you, but they can” BS from both sides. T-Mobile is one company to me. When there is a problem, own it, and fix it for the customer. Don’t make the customer chase between the two! By far, T-Mobile has the worst customer service of all carriers.

  • tmochik

    Being a former ATT customer, I dont know how ATT is #1?? I left AT b/c of their poor customer service…it was god awful when they were cingular and got progressively WORSE! In TMo’s defense, the poor ratings is probably due to all the merger mess. I’ve been w/TMo for over 10 yrs and Ive never had an issue w/their customer service. My onbly gripe is the network coverage. I can hardly ever get signals when Im inside a store or at the mall. I hope w/the new leadership this stuff will get fixed in time.

  • Irfan

    So true. ..att&t customer service is the best in mobile field …no doubt about it .. t mobile customer service need a good team and leader ..