Verizon Set To Introduce JUMP!, Call It “VZ Edge” Instead


In a move that will have T-Mobile customers screaming “we had it first,” Verizon Wireless looks set to introduce “VZ Edge,” their own early upgrade plan for customers. In simple terms, Verizon will allow customers to upgrade their devices more often to “stay on the leading edge of technology.”

The boys at Droid-Life got their hands on a slide right out of a Verizon training session highlighting customers ability to upgrade to a new device at any time, once they have paid off 50% of their current phone. As a pre-cursor, Verizon customers have to be on the company’s new payment plan system that allows payments spread out over a 12-month period.¬†Unfortunately, most of the details about this plan aren’t available but with the information on the loose it won’t be long before Big Red puts it all on the table.

To say that Verizon’s plan doesn’t conjure up thoughts of T-Mobile’s JUMP! program would be putting it mildly and given the timing it’s unlikely Verizon managed to come up with this in the 5 days following T-Mobile’s announcement. However, even with the “VZ Edge” plan you can’t ignore Verizon’s high pricing and still more rigid company policies overall.

I wonder what AT&T and Sprint are thinking now? Well, Sprint should be thinking about catching up to T-Mobile’s LTE rollout but I digress.

Verizon’s “VZ Edge” plan is expected to go live on August 25th.


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