Canadian Carrier Rogers Wireless Moto X Preview Video Hits YouTube

With rumors that Motorola’s upcoming Moto X smartphone is set to launch on all four US nationwide carriers in the fall which makes this leaked video all the more intriguing for T-Mobile subscribers. Courtesy of Canadian carrier Rogers Wireless, the video provides an official overview of the device along with some confirmation that the device will arrive in both black and white.

Also notable in the video is the double wrist twist gesture to open the camera app, voice only Google Now activation and snapping camera shots by pressing and holding anywhere on the screen.

There’s a good chance the video might come down so make sure to sneak a peek right away.

Android and Me via YouTube

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  • Richard

    What was all the HYPE about?

    • The “X” in the name made many people think this phone was going to be some super bad ass phone.

    • ok

      A mid-range customizable device. Think Nexus 4 with LTE and better materials.

      • Matlock

        I have LTE on my Nexus 4!

      • Spanky

        Nexus 4 is a quad-core device. Moto X is dual-core. If anything, this would be a downgrade from the Nexus 4.

        • Brian

          Who said it was a dual core?

  • Enzowned

    Twist your hand twice? What a terrible gesture.

  • Mike in KC

    I hope this isn’t the next “Nexus” device, that is unless they’re going to offer it clean and cheap like the 4.

  • Dubby C

    gotta see what battery life will be with all those sensors active…..hopefully they are only awake when phone’s in use, but i highly doubt it. i’m probably still gonna get one though, just to support american-made manufacturing

  • steveb944

    Looks pretty neat but I wonder if already most of these ‘features’ will just be part of the new Android OS. Regardless, if it does turn out being Nexus 4 priced, I’ll buy!

  • adam

    looks ugly

  • Jeff M Grace

    It’s suppose to hit verizon on the 25-28 of August and we know verizon gets things late since they are going to just now get the HTC ONE AUG. 1ST . So Tmobile will get it mid August

  • I didn’t like the twist wrist thing .. just seems dumb to do lol .. hopefully there’s more to it.

  • Josue

    Not liking the wrist gesture…hope it can be turned off

  • monchis

    I hope it’s truly white front/back, not half white.

    • Herb

      If you follow David’s source link, Android and Me has pictures of Eric Schmidt using the phone in a public place. It has a white casing and a black front, much like the Nexus 4.

  • Justin Black

    Motorola should have taken the hint from the Xbox One. People don’t want devices listening all the time.
    I agree with others here. the camera gesture makes it look like you’re having a convulsion. Dedicated camera buttons do the trick much better, IMO.

  • BellSide

    I hope you all know Verizon will take exclusity of nearly every moto google device. Atleast all the ones worth purchasing

    • It’s been confirmed as coming to all carriers at some point…id almost bet on play store availability

  • Impatient Waiter

    video is private, wtf!!!

  • kev2684

    i love the way you copy paste. i wonder if you are one of those previous customer representative i had who copy pasted things on every single question i had.

    • Jose Hernandez

      Probably, this is the fourth article he does this to. Very annoying.

      • kev2684

        he posted the exact thing on phandroid lmao

  • Dakota

    Hope it doesn’t have the annoying Hello Moto that my first phone had everytime it was turned on

  • Deadeye37

    And now it’s private. :(

    • you didn’t miss anything. the video just showed a bunch of voice commands .. no specs etc . nothing to write home about.

  • Irfan

    Long time ago Motorola changed the mobile industry by L6 etc models, if the price is right then less or more doesn’t matter .

  • Nils Miller

    Video is available here as of 11pm Pacific time, July 15: