WSJ: All Four National Carriers To Carry Motorola’s Upcoming Moto X Smartphone


A new Wall Street Journal report highlights new details surrounding the anticipated announcement of Motorola’s new “Moto X” smartphone. For starters, Google is expected to spend several hundred million dollars according to the Journal’s sources. In fact, Motorola’s total marketing budget for the Moto X could hit somewhere north of $500 million. All four major carriers, including T-Mobile are expected to carry the device sometime this fall. Another piece of good news is that Motorola was allegedly successful in limiting the amount of bloatware, or pre-installed apps the carriers could place on the device.

Motorola is expected to offer a level of customization right from the start with buyers purchasing online allowed to pick colors for the phone’s front and back as well engravings. There’s little question there will be plenty of attention on Motorola’s first major launch in a post-Google acquisition world and many will wonder if the companies can rival Samsung’s own offerings.

Will Motorola’s Moto X device appeal to the masses this fall? That’s a question we can’t answer but there’s no question between now and then a number of other anticipated devices could offer steep competition to the Moto X at launch.

Wall Street Journal

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