WSJ: All Four National Carriers To Carry Motorola’s Upcoming Moto X Smartphone


A new Wall Street Journal report highlights new details surrounding the anticipated announcement of Motorola’s new “Moto X” smartphone. For starters, Google is expected to spend several hundred million dollars according to the Journal’s sources. In fact, Motorola’s total marketing budget for the Moto X could hit somewhere north of $500 million. All four major carriers, including T-Mobile are expected to carry the device sometime this fall. Another piece of good news is that Motorola was allegedly successful in limiting the amount of bloatware, or pre-installed apps the carriers could place on the device.

Motorola is expected to offer a level of customization right from the start with buyers purchasing online allowed to pick colors for the phone’s front and back as well engravings. There’s little question there will be plenty of attention on Motorola’s first major launch in a post-Google acquisition world and many will wonder if the companies can rival Samsung’s own offerings.

Will Motorola’s Moto X device appeal to the masses this fall? That’s a question we can’t answer but there’s no question between now and then a number of other anticipated devices could offer steep competition to the Moto X at launch.

Wall Street Journal

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  • ChitChatCat

    Hello Moto.

    • ChitChatCat

      It just felt necessary.

  • jbrizzy

    Was thinking about getting the Xperia z in purple, but Im gonna hold off and wait for this to come out

    • thepanttherlady

      I have the XZ in purple now and was looking to get the Honami i1 but now I’m off to Google the specs on this. Sounds good. :)

      ETA: No sd slot is a no go for me.

      • jbrizzy

        Yea this definitely needs to sport an sd slot, im tired of checking the storage on my N4 lol. How is the Xperia for you? Is it better than the nexus 4, and how is the battery life?

        • thepanttherlady

          What I read though was that this would be released with 32 and/or 64GB internal storage. That would work for a lot of people but I’m against phones without an sd slot no matter the internal storage. Just personal preference. :)

          I love the XZ and definitely love it more than the Nexus 4 (yes, I bought one to use while I waited a couple of days till my XZ arrived. LOL Sold it soon after). The battery life on it is so much better than what I had on the Nexus 4. It’s still not comparable to say the Note 2’s battery life but let’s face it, it’s a smaller battery. Man, I was so spoiled with that phone’s battery!

      • Chris

        Damn how many phones do you buy!? Wish I could do that! haha

        • thepanttherlady

          Way too many. :/

  • Nearmsp

    This will affect Blackberry. If the Moto X product is good and the iPhone5S lackluster, it could do serious damage to both.

  • Moto X Forum

    Motorola and Google will spend more in marketing the Moto X than Samsung and Apple spent in TOTAL last year for each of their own device lines. Pretty ambitious. The Moto X Forum is open at

  • Moto X Forum

    Motorola and Google will spend more in marketing the Moto X than Samsung and Apple spent in TOTAL last year for each of their own device lines. Pretty ambitious. The Moto X Forum is open at motoxforum dot net

    • Binny Gupta

      Although i would be happy to see that happen.

  • Clarkkent113

    I have to wait for the fall? Dammit. I was hoping to sell my Note 2 for a high price now and pick up the Moto X for the rumored $199. If I have to wait until the Note 3 is already out my phone will be worth significantly less on the market.


    • Long Island Steven

      If you sell your Note now, what are you going to use in the mean time?

      • Clarkkent113


        I was hoping for a late July/early August release for the Moto X, so then I could sell my Note 3 right around then.

    • Sid

      Waiting till mid august may help. Trust me.

  • Jag_Mehoff

    Sounds good in theory, except that the X phone is rumored to have fairly weak mid range specs. I would much rather see the new Droid Ultra released to everyone, with proper high end specs. Unfortunately it’s a Verizon exclusive. Stupid!

    • superg05

      yes very stupid you’d think they would have learned from htc

    • Hesster

      Moto would have to call it something else, since only Verizon phones can be called Droids. The term “droid” is owned by Lucasfilms (now Disney), and VZW paid them big bucks to use the name. That’s why the previous Droids were released under the Milestone name for other carriers.

      • bleeew

        You’re right. Its why the international models have different names.

  • Asael Delgado

    I will be down to get this phone!

  • Nick Cannon

    Nexus Maxx please

  • Trevnerdio

    It’s about time! Google acquired them a long time ago.

  • JTrip

    If it only comes with 16gb of storage I won’t pick one up unless there is zero bloatware. Hopefully there will be an unlocked, stock android version on the Google Play store.

  • David Lebron

    Dual core processor = fail

    • jimmiekain

      I can deal with a dual core processor, the rumors of a 720p screen is what has me concerned.

      • David Lebron

        Forgot about that. That was another thing that had me underwhelmed with it.

    • Herb

      The dual core processor isn’t such a big problem when you consider the dedicated processors being implemented for voice controls and other functions. Frees up the main cores to handle more even though it’s only a dual core phone.

  • archerian

    if its sold anywhere like how Google launched the Nexus 4 with all the shipping and stock confusion, it will be a fail.

    • TechHog

      That was clearly LG’s fault. It’ll be fine.

  • Will this device have a MicroSD slot? If not then I’ll pass; oh yeah and It must have WiFi calling.

    • Singleweird

      wifi calling is crap

  • I think it’s ridiculous how some people get so obsessed with specs. To each his or her own, but idc if it’s dual-core, quad-core, octa-core, whatever. As long as it runs smooth and works like a smartphone, I’m fine. I’m really more about innovation, and if I can get all that at an affordable price point, especially where it’s customized in some sense to my own as an individual, I’m sold.

  • WW

    Value (Nexus 4 currently) is my top priority but all other things being equal, I lean toward Motorola, an AMERICAN company.