T-Mobile Execs Mock “AT&T Next” Upgrade Program As Official Statement Is Released

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You might love T-Mobile, you might loathe everything about them but nobody can deny that CEO John Legere is one of most outspoken in the industry, perhaps the business world in general. Legere’s new Twitter account @john_legere has quickly become a soap box for Legere to point out the highlights of his own company as well as the shortfalls of the competition.

AT&T’s new “Next” upgrade program has provided Legere plenty of material for today and rightfully so. In a series of tweets Legere called it “painful to watch @ATT try to keep up. #JUMP is a revolution. @ATT Next is bait.”

A second tweet asks if AT&T “really just start charging full price for devices without discounting their rate plans? OMG? Really? #asktheschoolkids”

Aside from Legere just being pure joy to follow on Twitter, he’s absolutely right. There’s little question that AT&T’s Next upgrade plan is smoke and mirrors and tech blogs the nation over are calling out AT&T’s actions.

Even T-Mobile’s Chief Marketing Officer went on the record with All Things D calling out AT&T’s plans, stating they are charging the same monthly rates while eliminating the discount provided to customers while purchasing new phone.

“You get to pay for the same phone twice…Our friends at AT&T have really gotten it wrong,” Sievert said. “Far from being disruptive innovation, it’s just another way for [AT&T] to take more money from the customer than ever.”

I sincerely hope Legere has directed Sievert and his marketing team to mock-up some ads hitting AT&T for all the smoke and mirrors their new upgrade program appears to be. There’s so much opportunity here, it’s almost unfair. Almost.

T-Mobile’s official statement on the AT&T Next upgrade program follows below.

@john_legere (1), @john_legere (2)


Today’s news should erase any doubts we’re shaking up the wireless industry. But what AT&T announced isn’t a strategy; it’s a reaction to our Un-carrier moves. While imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, AT&T has gotten it all wrong. Their offer is a terrible deal for consumers.

AT&T has separated the cost of the phone and the rate plan, but they forgot to pass on the monthly service plan savings to the customer. Instead, customers are paying the same high monthly service bill, but with no device subsidy. That means customers in this program will essentially pay for their phone twice!

At AT&T, customers pay more and get less than at T-Mobile where customers aren’t charged overages and can save over $50 per month versus AT&T. Americans deserve better than the confusing, complicated “deals” offered by our competitors. They deserve an Un-carrier they can trust. And they get it at T-Mobile.

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  • ha! No, Att deserves all the criticism they’re getting with this joke of a plan.

    • Myphoneis4Gbutmynetworkis2G

      Not defending ATT but if you are travelling most of the time between NJ and PA for instance, thats all I see on my HTC One.. Love my phone only 4G I can get is across a major town or city like Philadelphia

      • Rudy Belova

        I traveled from NYC to fairfax va and back on my htc amaze countless times last summer and only lost 4g/3g a handful of times.

      • Quan Bui

        LTE on T-Mobile is still pretty young. Give it time. I live in Philly and I get crazy speeds all the time. I guess T-Mobile is best for major cities

        • Morton H

          They are…I’m I’m nj..ny pa areas and I have 45 down and 15 up all the time sickening speeds..

    • Morton H

      Absolutely..what a joke same as Verizon’s edge New plan

  • Myphoneis4Gbutmynetworkis2G

    How about do something about not getting EDGE service instead of “JUMPing” around?

    • Myphoneis4Gbutmynetworkis2G

      Edge service everywhere I meant

    • I haven’t seen EDGE service in years, I don’t know what you’re doing wrong… In fact, I don’t even know how to “spell” EDGE anymore. ha! Just been on the HSPA+42 and now LTE fast track for years everywhere I go.

      • TMOLOYAL

        You must not own a vehicle. If you go outside of just about any city across the country you will see Edge only or even worse a lot of GPRS only areas.

        I support T-Mobile and generally am a fan of what they are doing and hope they continue to grow and do well, but I am not going to bury my head in the sand and say they do not have room for improvement especially when it comes to covering Highways, Interstates and rural areas.

        You can be a supporter and still not be blind to their flaws.

        • GinaDee

          Not all T-Mobile customers have the credit to finance a vehicle. Please show extra sensitivity here. Haha

        • Jose Hernandez

          And why are you wasting your time here again?

        • PiCASSiMO

          Well said…

        • Chris

          This 100%

      • PiCASSiMO

        Believe it or not, I’m here in Chicago’s suburbs near O’Hare airport and I’m experiencing EDGE speeds and sometimes NO SERVICE with my Nexus 4 phone.

        I’ve also been seeing a lot of G (half the speed of EDGE) and also have experience R (roaming via AT&T network) while in Wisconsin and Michigan, and some parts of Illinois.

        If you live in the city and walk everyday, you will probably never experience slow E, G, and R speeds.

        • Stew

          The Midwestis region where t-t-mobile has the least spectrum. It’s not a coincidence that Milwaukee, Cincinnati, & St. Louis were left out of the first lte deployment.

    • Luis Espinal

      ever hear of ATT/Verizon/Schhprint? If TMo sucks so bad in your area, GO! Just make sure you tell TMO when youre leaving that service sucks and make it better for the rest of us that may have to visit your area in the future. Please and thank you.

      • My2cents

        Hey the post in english.Why dont you read the article and get something into your pig brain? We all know that leaving T-Mobile is always an option but instead of bad mouthing the competition why dont we improve our network. BTW trash talking might be classy in your ghetto but does not suit the CEO of a national wireless carrier. Please and thank you.

        • ANTHONY

          what are you even talking about?? Luis is DEAD ON RIGHT …..if you don’t like TMO…you have a choice…GO…simple as that….Tmo is improving its network more and more everyday…it may not be immediate to everyone…or you as an individual may not feel the effects of the improvements right away..but it is something that TMO is doing. We have a right to bad mouth the competition because if its soo great…then why are users who constantly complain and bad mouth TMO still here?? people should just go to the other carriers. simple as that…and I am not saying loyal tmo customers should not complain because it only makes TMO better in areas where service may be lacking and their gripes are likely legitimate…..but to suggest that we shouldn’t bad mouth the competition especially when they charge higher prices and may not be giving that much better service…OF COURSE we should bad mouth them…. Sorry you don’t like trash talking…that’s your problem…its done every day

        • MyPhoneDoesn’tWork

          If you can badmouth the competition, why can’t someone badmouth T-Mobile?

        • ANTHONY

          Of course you can bad mouth Tmobile…I never said otherwize…my issue is with people from other companies who are supposedly happy with their service coming to the TMO forum to badmouth Tmo…or people who are with Tmo…who obviously have a choice in wireless service bad mouthing TMO ( don’t get me wrong here…its one thing to complain about the lack of service which anyone whose on TMO has the right to do, but its another thing to bad mouth them yet continue to stay with Tmo when you have a choice..to go somewhere else that will serve your needs better. Still another thing to be on ATT or Verizon and come here to talk about TMOBILE ) I hate Verizon..but I wont go to a Verizon forum to post that…why should I….those people will crucify me and rightfully so especially when they are happy with the service….so I say if you are not on TMO..Don’t come here crying about how much better service is elsewhere….We don’t care…or at least I don’t.

        • Nothin4u

          Trash talking and Hating is your area of specialization. We are here cause we do love Tmobile and want it to get better. please get a life, we all know what our choices are and we didnt stop by your door for free advice.

        • ANTHONY

          aww…am I suppose to be hurt by those comments…LOL…..lolol….sooo trashy…. if you are offended by what I said…too bad ….if you don’t like what I write…don’t read it…and I will give out my advice when I want at whatever time I want too…and again I will say it….if you don’t like TMO leave…and if you cant stand what I say …to bad….LOL…LOOSER

        • thepanttherlady

          *face palm*

          Let’s just end it there. Other than another user’s obvious obsession with John Legere, this site has been relatively peaceful from bickering. Let’s keep it that way, please.

        • ANTHONY

          Hi PantherLady…. I haven’t been disrespectful to people who haven’t been disrespectful to me…however NOTHIN4U was just way out of line.. I see you edited ( or someone did) his and my comments….and I will refrain from bickering but that kind of language will prompt a terse response from anyone…especially when it wasnt warranted and his feelings got hurt because I was telling the truth.
          But Thank You anyway… :)

        • thepanttherlady

          I completely understand why you responded the way you did which is why I edited the comment. I knew there was no way that you’d know it had been edited immediately (I did yours too) and appreciate that you understand.

          Carry on! :)

          ETA: I should have worded my other comment so that it was clear I was referring to both comments, not just yours. Sorry about that!

        • ANTHONY

          LOL…I noticed Immediately…LOLOL…when I did a refresh…LOL it wasn’t there…LOL that’s how quick you are…That refresh took all of 20 seconds or less….
          But again thank you…especially cause you made me smile :)

  • Mirad77

    What is this, child’s play?

  • Jody Smith

    By T-Mobile’s own logic:

    T-Mobile needs to give their customers a price discount for a cruddy network with EDGE or GPRS outside the cities. Customers who shop inside big box stores and live in suburbs also should get a discount for losing service indoors

    People shouldn’t have to pay full price for a slower network. They are basically paying the same price as someone who lives under a cell site in some dense urban area with faster speeds.

    • xmiro

      uh girl, you’re paying less already $50 for unlimited everything with 500MB data, AT&T’s equivalent is $85. How much more of a discount do you want? What do you want them to do, pay you for their service? Don’t live in the boonies or go to Verizon not like T-Mobile is forcing you to use their service

      • GinaDee

        You proved Jody’s point right here.

        T-Mobile charges less because they have to not because they want to. They know good and well that if they priced their service the same as AT&T their price conscious user base would run to Tracfone.

        In Europe T-Mobile is the opposite. They are the big boy on the block and charge premium prices like Verizon and AT&T. T-Mobile is not a company who loves people they are just pricing service according to market conditions.

        • xmiro

          Wrong. T-Mobile USA has always charged less for service than AT&T, Cingular, Verizon and Sprint. The TMUS 2G network is huge, it’s the 3G and 4G that is only covering the larger metro areas that started under the old regime of managers that eventually saw them leave.
          Where I live when we moved in couple years ago my signal was 1 bar, it’s now a consistent 3-4 bars all day every day and my 4G speeds have never been less than 12Mbps – usually 12-19Mbps.
          Also, T-Mobile Europe ain’t doing so well so not sure where you get your info. If they are doing so great T-Mobile Europe wouldn’t have to semi-merge with other companies in some markets. Deutsche Telecom has been complacent for a number of years and it’s catching up to them

        • ANTHONY

          Not to mention that TMO is the smallest of the 4 majors but seem to be doing the most to optimize their network, refarm there under utilized spectrum and offer plans that people want…. all without holding you to a contract….lets see ATT or Verizon match that!!! However the good thing is …TMO gives you the CHOICE to go anywhere without penalty..so if you don’t like us…>LOL simple choice Leave!!

        • Jose Hernandez

          Would you just PLEASE, leave our happy little place here and go sign your soul over to AT&T or Verizon? Please?

      • Luis Espinal

        Alright Xmiro couldnt have said it better!! If TMO sucks in your area go to a carrier which works best!! DUH!! My goodness, im so sick of hearing the same old thing…it’s as if they want to force TMO to be good for them alone…there are others on the network, they must not realize that!

      • ANTHONY


    • UMA_Fan

      That’s debatable. T-Mobile is better than At&t in many areas. It all depends where YOU go.

      But let’s say your 100% right. T-Mobile is still much cheaper than a comparable at&t plan WITH paying for a phone installment. Within this reality at&t is expecting consumers to pay for a phone installment on top of that bloated service plan.

      I think at&t’s strategy, if there is one, is indifference for at&t next being a success. If it takes off, great! They ooze profit by not having to subsidize devices. If customers are disgusted by installment plans it leaves a bad taste in their mouth when T-Mobile offers them one. Even though they would see, with a little thought, what T-Mobile is doing is completely different.

    • GinaDee


      Wireless operators like T-Mobile talk a lot but 14 years later my phone still camps out on 2G right off the 101 FWY when I go into Universal City.

      Still no service inside my local Target, LA Fitness or Best Buy. Been that way since 2005 and i live right in the city.

      • JaswinderSinghJammu

        Why would you keep bad service for 14 years? Why not try something that works for you on 101 in Universal City?

        • Stop it now

          Yes Gina, just like you had bad service in your area, please stop going to the Dunkin Donuts where he serves bad coffee and dishes out rotten advice.

        • ANTHONY

          EXACTLY!!! if I had 14 years of bad service knowing damn well there are alternatives….then shame on ME for not acting…Don’t blame TMO

      • nd5

        You sure you don’t just need a new sim card? Sometimes that alone can improve service…. just saying

      • gentleman559

        I dunno GinaDee I had amazing service when I lived in LA and now I have even better service in Las Vegas. Are you sure you live in CA and not Kentucky? Just saying

    • bitbank

      I’m willing to bet that the places you see only EDGE service are where you’re actually roaming on AT&T’s network. T-Mobile areas support their 3G/4G signal, but unfortunately use the 1700Mhz band for 3G/4G while AT&T uses 1900Mhz. T-Mobile is slowly rolling out 1900Mhz service and devices. This should help smooth out the roaming areas and get everybody fast data.

    • Luis Espinal

      Wow that’s terrible! But Jody maybe you should just stick with the BEST carriers for your area. It’s not Tmobiles fault you have bad service LOL. This is what you should do: Cancel your Tmobile, tell them that service is bad in your area, and then guess what? Go to ATT/Verizon/Sprint and tell them you’re coming home. See how easy that can be? Don’t dwell on bad ol’ Magenta not treating you right, just dump him! Just dont forget to tell him why you’re leaving, that way they can get on fixin’ up the network in that area and leave more happy Magenta fans like me to be capable of using awesome data and service in that area. Also, if you have bad service outside, youll probably have bad indoor service too. Im sorry your area sucks on TMO, but that’s not the reality everywhere else, keep that in mind!! 21Mbps on Nexus 4 inside Danbury Fair Mall, CT.

      • ANTHONY

        THIS!!! Jody you have a lot of choices….Verizon, ATT, Sprint…one of which will make you happy…RUN FREE….Go To HIM..You will be In a contract…BUT you will have the service you so desire!!! We wont be mad at you..Heck we wont even care.

      • Jose Hernandez

        Loving your answers here man. Wish more people saw things this way. Would make it easier to read the boards.

    • Bklynman

      If I was you I would checkout Pure Talk,they run there service on Att. towers There top
      plan is $44.00 with talk and text, with 1 gib of data. David had add running on the site for
      awhile. You can buy a phone from them,or use any phone from Att. Hope this helps.

  • Damian

    This is fine and Dandy, but they need to turn their focus on getting other big cities on track here. HSPA+ still deplorable in Cincinnati, and LTE, not even a ballpark ETA.

    On a side note, At&t … please continue to entertain us lol.

  • Rob

    Pretty upset that I get crappy service in my apartment I am getting 1bar right now. . But if I go to the main road which is in front of the building I get full service. Thankfully for wifi

    • Jay J. Blanco

      Same here, i still called technical support and got them to ticket my area.

    • Quan Bui

      yea thank the gods T-Mobile offers free WiFi Calling. I mean look, whatever provider you have, you’ll have dead spots from place to place- building to building. There are ZERO drawbacks for WiFi Calling and it only helps customers.

      • eneka

        they need to make it into an app so i can get it on my Nexus 4…had it on my G2 and One S and I really miss it….great for calling home when you’re abroad too..

    • Jeff M Grace

      Here’s one use wifi to call out not that hard. Could be your SIM card as well

  • ruffst

    With every new article I see on here, it gets me more and more excited for T-Mo’s future. Adding a line to get the 925 as soon as I see it up tomorrow.

  • AlaJoe

    I think comments on all the threads on this site should just be cut off as they all say the same thing and that is:

    If you live, work or travel in an area where T-Mobiles coverage fulfills your needs then it is without a doubt a far superior deal to any AT&T or Verizon offering. However if you are like me and a lot of others that live somewhere where Tmo would leave you on Edge service or without service altogether 80%-90% of the time then Tmo is useless at any price. Paying half the price to get a third of the service is not a good deal.

    I Hate what AT&T Charges me but there coverage beats everyone in my area and it is worth the extra money for that .

    • Jose Hernandez

      OK, you have AT&T. Good for you, why are you in the T-Mobile boards again?

      • Oompa Loompa

        he’s jealous, lol

      • AlaJoe

        I keep coming back here hoping for news as to when all the current 2g edge area will become 3g or LTE. This is 2013 I have not been anywhere in the last two years on ATT that I was not on at least 3G. I want to switch but I am not going to pay $700 for a phone to only have it on Edge 80%+ of the time. I am by no means an ATT fanboy and VZ is even worse than ATT on price.

        • Jose Hernandez

          I can understand what you are saying, but T-Mobile will not be doing any upgrades that will fix this issue for you anytime soon. Sorry to say it, but it will be a while. Constant complaints may get you some negative feedback. Just warning you.

        • Jeff M Grace

          You won’t pay $700 for a phone to come to tmobile at most $350 for the best phone say Samsung galaxy s 4 or the new now out Sony Xperia z if you have good credit maybe 50-100 so tell whoever to suck it and come to tmobile where the real deals and revolution is where there is no contracts at all and if we don’t have service in said area you can have all your money back since there is no contracts not just swine like AT&T or verion saying there won’t be one but there is and a ETF . If you don’t like your phone get jump and then when you want a new one trade it in pay taxes a few bucks and get some money for your trade in phone towards the new one and be happy

    • Luis Espinal

      Joe you make an awesome point!! It is true that TMO still has EDGE in many locations ATT has 3G or LTE! The point of this thread is to focus on the COST SAVINGS Magenta has over AT&T/Verizon. NOT a single forum user here is going to deny that our lovable Magenta lacks in expanding its HSPA/LTE into EDGE prone areas. Unfortunately, many like yourself, focus SOOO deeply into this issue that you forget one simple fact. If we wanted to pay Sky-high prices for wireless service we wouldn’t be defending our T-Mobile. Team Magenta is about getting the best possible at the lowest possible price. Can’t do that with ATT, forget about VERIZON, and let me not even get started with Sprint AKA Fake3g/4g/LTE.

      • Jody Smith

        Oh no they deny it alright. Or just don’t want to hear it. Or they never leave their house.

      • ANTHONY

        You are soo right…but the other thing is this…Why do people who are on ATT or VERIZON or SPRINT for that matter need to come here to tell US that service on their platform is soo much better or that TMO doesn’t give great coverage in all areas…Of course its ok for TMO customers who might not be getting the best coverage in certain areas to complain…because THEY ARE SUPPORTING TMO…but for those who are on other platforms….if you are paying higher prices…and getting the service that you want from VZ, or ATT..or Sprint…be happy with them and keep it moving…we don’t need to hear your sob stories of how you left TMO to go somewhere else…we don’t really care… Go to your own forums…if you wanna bash TMO,….and good luck with your service… But I for one am tired of it…I don’t care about ATT or VZ or Sprint for that matter…..unless someone is saying how they left them to come to TMO….

        • Jose Hernandez

          Right again!!!

      • Jose Hernandez

        Awesome reply!!!

  • Mike

    Just to let you all know i switched from Sprint to Tmobile.

    Sprint was terrible and I barely got service and when I did it was a crawl. ( Could not play a youtube video in low quality with 5min buffer time.)

    My contract was not up with Sprint but I found out a way to get out the contract early. (still had 7 months)

    Sprints terms have changed and the customer (YOU) has not agreed with them till the next months bill. They cannot turn you down for braking the contract and jumping ships. Just call Sprint customer service and say I want to cancel because the TERMS have changed.

    Please do this before July 30, 2013

    When I switched to t mobile they had LTE coverage every where I went!

    I got 25 down and 7up!!

    Tmobile ROCKS!!!!

  • Jesus Villafranca

    You are justifying getting ripped off simply because of
    coverage. That is why we have 4 national wireless providers in the USA. The
    odds are no matter where you live, you will have at least one wireless provider
    provide excellent coverage and the other ones lacking. That goes without
    saying. However, justifying paying full price of a device WITHOUT getting a
    discounted price on the rate plan is a complete joke. It is as ATT assumes us,
    the customers, are idiots or stupid to realize this. I don’t care if I get full
    bars with 30 MB download speeds at LTE speeds. I would find this charging
    policy tactic offensive and I would leave the company immediately. This is
    where they simply don’t care about the customer and just focus on one thing:
    profit, profit and more profit. Tmobile while may not have the best coverage
    out there, has many spots EDGE/GPRS, at least it is upfront with its customers.
    Yes, of course, they will be some customers that have a bad experience with the
    company. It happens with every company that provides a service or sells products
    to consumers.

    • you can’t lead the sheep to drink .. i have a few friends who refuse to see what’s directly in front of their eyes over some blind loyalty to a carrier who doesn’t give a F and charges then more than should be charged .. it’s mind bottling.

  • GinaDee

    I’ve haven’t seen so many mad T-Mobile prepaid users since the original AT&T buyout plans.

    AT&T’s new plan has really struck a nerve. How dare they!!!

    If AT&T service is out of the budget till the job offer comes in or the FICO gets better so be it. You have your cheaper service and nationwide 2G network and Wi-Fi calling to help with some of the big coverage holes. Some people are just never happy.

    • Mo

      Sprint isn’t even a factor in my eyes..I had Verizon and I left them..nasty towards customers and I paid there high premium for years and I stopped and went to att and they gave me more than Verizon did..and lte speeds was far better than Verizon… but when T-Mobile.. introduced these new uncarrier and contract free plans a free months ago..plus I’m I’m nj..ny I haven’t looked back yet happy with T-Mobile… better call quality than att.. and just as fast lte speeds as att … and far faster speeds than Verizon… I have a good paying job but why pay more for less..it’s a no brainer esp if u have the T-Mobile coverage in ur area..if u don’t give them time they been doing a lot of great things.. and for these other companies..I see ur all up at nite thinking huh..T-Mobile in ur mind huh? It’s called a revolutionary thing tmob had done

    • Morton H

      Post paid get facts straight

    • Oompa Loompa

      Look who seems to have their nerve struck, lol. Someone get their panties in a bunch?

  • mingkee

    It looks like Jump! has been a wild success. If not, why other carriers follow suit so quickly?

    • Morton H

      That’s my point exactly..we are keeping the other carriers up @ nite..like it or not it’s true

    • Spanky

      The slide in the post about Verizon’s version of the upgrade plan suggests that Verizon has been working on it since Q4 2012.

      • Oompa Loompa

        ya, but TMO has been working on their changes well before then. It is possible that VZW got wind of some things, or were working off old plans of TMO.

  • bobert

    Tmobile is the best. I Have all the money in the world But I would NEVER switch to another carrier (well okay never is a promise so can’t say that) tmobile is the best if you live in the northwest (well.. A metropolitan/urban area but who doesn’t live in a metro?) And actually I went to the boonies (white trash neighborhood) the other day and got 25mbps speed test, and Thats just with hspa+ since I dont have an LTE supported device.

  • Jeff

    This is not just a mock, in any industry when companies see value in business model, they try to adapt it. Even when organization as big as ATT, can turn so quickly speaks about the company and its leaders. These (AT&T, Verizon and Sprint) are great honest ethical American companies. Price is for the quality of network and I am sure their directors are not firing their employees when they try to fix issues.

    In certain organization (not just in telecom) corruption is so deep, that if a employee disagree to send wrong information to their senior leaders, directors can give their job to their buddies no matter how sincere, ethical and hard working this employee might be. This
    creates a huge gap in what these poor CEOs and other senior leaders think about
    their products/services and what is really delivered to customers.

    I think senior executives should look into their own organization for all injustice done by their own directors and fix those issue so they can be better competition rather than mocking the competition.

    • RedGeminiPA

      So, which one of those 3 do you work for?

      • ignore it he posts the same thing on every article. no idea why David hasn’t banned him yet.

        • Jose Hernandez

          I agree. This is just getting ridiculous.

        • $15454173

          Yes, how do we do a ban request?

    • gentleman559

      You must be a spy from AT&T roaming the T-Mobile forums. LOL

      • Alex Zapata

        Worst……. spy………. ever……….

    • Zac

      Jeff you’re a dork. I would have fired you for your dorkiness. If you’re any good someone else will hire you like the honest and ethical folks at at&t and verizon. You’ve already wasted a week of your life bitching about it. I’ve been fired several times and I always end up in a better situation. Grow up and accept responsibility for yourself.

    • jonathan3579

      I stopped reading that rhetoric after the first paragraph. Do yourself the favor and spew it elsewhere.

  • Sunny Days

    The full cost model is all about making money– Lets get the phones sold in popular Retailers such as Wal-mart or Best buy so there will be price wars and get them out of wireless stores and that’s when the wireless industry will truly change. The wireless companies don’t want to change your monthly cost per month when they need revenue but controlling the cost of that handset and where you buy it is a goldmine. Is it a coincidence that this national database for blocking stolen phones was just started when these companies seem to be moving to a full cost model?

    • Oompa Loompa

      Actually the database as you put it was started a while back. It was just that not many carriers were on board with it. TMO has been doing many things for a while like this, well before full cost phones were a “thing”.

      Also, phones are not revenue, your service is. Phones are the reason that many carriers have etfs, contracts, etc. For example, it cost tmobile a couple hundred bucks just to refurbish phones for customers who do warranty exchanges. They would love to get rid of this cost, but its a service to the customer to make things easier. Carriers spend millions on devices, returns, etc. It is one of the biggest expenditures for companies and they would like to get rid of it. We will never get to a point where hardware is no longer handled by the carrier, at least not anytime soon. So many customers also complain about the carrier because their phone doesnt work right when the carrier many times has no fault in the device acting up. I don’t know how many people who use old non-tmo setup iphones on tmo’s network and then bitch about slow data speeds. Seriously. This happens a lot. People complain like “ATT gets better speeds on my iPhone 4, TMO sucks.” …well DUH. Your using an ATT phone on a different network. Of course it wont work as well. Try buying a phone designed for the carrier you are on, or deal with some of the limitations.

  • Dakota

    Just be careful because snarkiness sometimes can cross the line and be a turn off to people

  • GwapoAko

    I like this man!!! John you’re the man except when you do not invite David!!!!

  • 21stNow

    Once again, T-Mobile should advertise on price alone. Don’t throw out the line of with AT&T you pay more and get less because T-Mobile can’t compete on high-speed data coverage (yet). Just hit on the price because that is T-Mobile’s competitive advantage.

  • tomarone

    But they will get away with it because people assume AT&T signal is more reliable. Many of those customers will pay the extra $20 a month to avoid dropping calls while travelling or going in the elevator.

    • Irfan

      Not so true, signal s r reliable but not the service , low qquality sound , slow speed compare to t mobile and Verizon , and blocks many of ports via software in hand sats , I believe u never checked both network s face to face …yes t mobile do not cover footprint as att&t does .

      • tomarone

        Just talk to people, The impression is that TMO calls drop or don’t go through in the first place. That’s all important. 90%.

        • Oompa Loompa

          Wow, you must be getting your stats from ATT, lol. Actually, TMO has fewer dropped calls than ATT,

      • HTC_One

        I have used both T-Mobile and AT&T in the same areas of my city (a major metro with nearly 1M people), and I can tell you AT&T has a better coverage in the middle of the city.

        I have an HTC One on both T-Mobile and on AT&T, and on the T-Mobile phone I would constantly get “No Signal” and the dreaded X over the bars in 3 areas that I would travel. On the AT&T One, I get 1-2 bars and coverage. On the T-Mobile One, I get digitalized calls & even dropped calls while driving or even while grocery shopping. On the AT&T One, I do not get that too often.

        Now here’s where it gets even more interesting…

        On the T-Mobile One, I get decent speeds of 7Mbps down, but for some reason our city of nearly 1 Million cannot get LTE while smaller towns can get the LTE (beats the hell out of me!), that’s just straight HSPA+ signal. However, T-Mobile’s data isn’t consistent. I find that the data drops while the H+ or 4G icon (depending on installed custom ROM) is there, but the data isn’t pulling anything down.
        On the AT&T One, I get randomly anywhere between 3-10Mbps of LTE, yet, it is consistent, not just dropping randomly.

        I feel once T-Mobile builds out more LTE and converts their 2G/Edge network over to HSPA+ or LTE their coverage will be much better.

        I love AT&T’s new $60 pre-paid GoPhone Smartphone plan. Now with 2GB of LTE data. But, having T-Mobile LTE might be better and cheaper. I’m just having to keep both for my business until one outshines the other.

        • Irfan

          Try nokia mobile phone many android hand sat have this type of problem over t mobile network. ..

        • Oompa Loompa

          So…when did you troubleshoot your phone?

          BTW< 1M is not that much. A "major" metro area is thought of as more than 8mil. Think of atl, or new york. 1m nowadays is more like a medium city, not a major metro area. Many people like to think of their city as big and mighty for town pride. Ive known people who say things like "I live in a major city. We are just 100 miles outside of houston and have a walmart.". Truth is that most people who are getting the kind of signal you get are not getting the kind of service normally associated with tmobile. There could be something wrong, or something you screwed up with the ROM. I know for a fact that many roms have issues keeping the 4g and other signals working properly. I remember big long waits for some ROMs to actually get more than 3g enabled, while others worked fine. Maybe you should try stock setup, call in for troubleshooting, and see where it goes from there.

          BTW, what city is this major metro area you live in?

  • Khanh

    So today, I found out that the JUMP program is not so great if you don’t have a T-mobile store near you. If you need to trade in your phone, you would have to send out your device first then T-mobile will send the replacement. This means that you will be without a device for at least a week and that will suck a bit unless you have a backup phone to use. I was hoping it would be an easier swap.

    • Don Kim

      I’m sure that’s for Authorized dealers.
      If you go to a corporate store, you can swap your phone on the same day.

      • CRT24

        Not all corporate stores are instant trade in stores due to zoning regulations of the particular city they are in. I know we are working to get as many stores as possible registered as instant by the time initial jump subscribers are eligible to trade in…..roughly 6 months from now but you would need to confirm which stores in your area can process before you make the trip assuming you can do so.

    • Jeff M Grace

      No you would not be without the jump program includes free overnight ship

  • Don Kim

    The problem with AT&T and leaked Verizon’s versions is they don’t reduce the monthly rate plan even if you purchase a full price device.

    • Willie D

      I think their thought is this.. With T-Mobile, you can go month to month, since their network still has a lot of 2G and slower 3G services offered than AT&T and severely lacks the 4G coverage than Verizon – it would be insane to ask people to sign 2-years away if the network doesnt meet their needs after 3 months, like it didnt meet my needs 2+ years ago. They should offer lower prices simply because of this.
      With AT&T and Verizon, sure you are paying more for the device AND the service, but the trade off is there – 1. You are getting a larger and faster coverage area, someone has to pay for that. AND 2. You arent paying a deposit or downpayment on the device, you are paying more each month straight across the board.

      • Oompa Loompa

        You do know T-Mo’s network is not the same as it was 2 years ago, or even 2 months ago, right? They have LTE in 157 markets, more towers than ATT, their data runs faster, and when you don’t get LTE you drop to HSPA+ 4g, unlike with ATT. ATT’s network is crap. It is their number one complaint. Significant dropped calls, poor connections, slow speeds, etc.
        Not to mention the 8 billion dollars TMO put into their network, the LTE advancements, the modernizations, the metropcs integration, the verizon spectrum swap, and more.

        You really should judge networks on current information.

        • jeremyvbk

          AT&T has hspa+ 4g. Their 4g covers more area than T-mobile does with edge. You forget AT&T did a spectrum buy from verizon as well, buying leap, 8 billion in wireless investment, 6 billion in wireline, which helps out the wireless build out. AT&T has the fastest 4gLTEnetwork. Has a ton less edge coverage. I have had t-mobile very recently, about a month ago. So yeah they still suck, every location I went, major metro areas, 100k cities, rural. And t-mobile sold their towers to crown castle. Oh and T-mobile call quality is garbage, with full bars, I could barely make calls. Maybe you should judge it based on current information. AT&T has the mostreliable and fastest network. Verizon is basically the same, but terrible customer care. T-mobile has the worst Customer care, and engineers Ihave ever experienced. They deceive the customer with the maps, knowing they can say you get 4g in a place, even though they know you can’t,and call it “variances”. They lie and deceive every day, even more than the rest.

  • Anonymous_Poster

    Let’s not forget what AT&T is trying to do here.

    AT&T is offering AT&T Next as an “early” upgrade in place of the 2 year upgrade Apple forced on most carriers (except T-Mobile since they are now a no-contract carrier which help land the Apple deal no doubt & Pre-Paid carriers), so now you can get a new phone earlier than when you were supposed to, but, you have to buy it on installments.

    The monthly discount wouldn’t apply, because you still have that subsidized phone you signed the 2 year contract with in the 1st place. So, basically, you’re still locked into a 2 year contract, only renewing it, but, it’s a year earlier & you end up paying slightly more for it. Or, you could always pay the ETF & resign a new contract, which might be cheaper still compared to the new AT&T Next program. LOL

    • Willie D

      One does not simply pay the ETF and resign a contract. No company offers a way to pay the ETF and restart a line of service. They all consider it a disconnect if you ask to pay for it, as it cancels the contract, you lose your rate plan, your number, and any discounts you have on those lines. Additionally, all carriers require you to NOT have service or a specific period of days 30, 45, 60, 90 days (90 in most cases) to be considered a new customer when you want to come back and get a discounted phone and resign a contract. In cases of “marking contracts fulfilled” and getting out of paying the ETF due to changes in the contract, all companies ended this practice, and now fully terminate the line of service after giving 14, 15, or 30 days to port over to another carrier, should you not, the contract is reinstated. So no, there is no real easy way to pay the ETF and resign.

      • Idiotnotwrlcome

        Shut up, your argument is invalid.

  • Alex

    Tmobile needs to upgrade their coverage is what they need to do. Instead of wasting time, money, & effort on changing plans & phone trade-in gimmicks. I’m tired of having horrible signal soon as I leave city limits.

    • superg05

      its not a gimmic its to help them get the funds to fix what your b1t@hing about

    • Cityfolk

      Move to a city you fauckin hill billy. We have great 4G lte here.

      • Alex

        I do live in a city but I’m a truck driver u idiot. I’m talking about when I drive through a city then soon as I’m out the signal is horrible.

        • Oompa Loompa

          Actually T-Mobile has more towers than ATT and broader signal, but you just have to know how to use 2g sometimes.

    • Shoaib Sheikh

      umm what you call city.. mmmight not exactly be a city. I live in miami and roam around keywest orlando tampa — all these cities are 3-4 hour drive away. I never had coverage issues.

      may be you are from south dakota boonies ?

  • Willie D

    T-Mobile, this is PATHETIC! Market the fact yours comes WITH insurance, market the fact your rate plans are CHEAPER for UNLIMITED offerings and that with JUMP its up to TWICE you get to upgrade in 12 months. Point out WHY JUMP IS BETTER… Not berate how lame AT&T is. That only makes me think, “What keeps T-Mobile up at night? AT&T does!” and only makes me want to drive myself to them and sign up since they arent bad mouthing T-Mobile anymore…. Just saying, negative marketing works…at losing potential customers!

    • superg05

      get on Facebook and twitter and let him know directly

    • borogovnar

      you are an idiot did you not even read the article AT&T is double screwing customers charging them higher rate plans that include the subsidy of the phone and charging them full invoice for the upgrade program. if you would’ve read you would’ve had the answered your own question

      • Boomho

        This dude is an att employee. You should quit and and apply for Tmo, your commission about to drop.

    • Justcalledyouout

      I hope you do. Please, idiot. Yeah I called you stupid for now knowing why insurance is added to jump from the start. It’s to protect customers short term phone investment. If they pay for jump and loose the phone on the 5th month than they can trade it in. It’s simple moron.

    • Oompa Loompa

      So according to Willie here, its OK for ATT to screw customers over….so long as they do it in a nice way.

  • moshi

    Instead of T-mobile talking bad bout AT&T get you coverage map to where AT&T is and then talk!! AT&T is way better in coverage and LTE… T-mobile get better coverage

  • What do I owe the fortune! A CEO in America, speaking boldly so publicly? Patronize them for that alone