T-Mobile CEO John Legere Taunts The Competition With LTE Speed Tests

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 5.56.23 PMThe Twitter account of T-Mobile CEO John Legere (@john_legere) is handily one of the most entertaining I have ever seen in the technology industry, especially from a CEO. It goes without saying that Legere is going to say nice things about his company and some  and some not-so-nice things about his competition. However, Legere takes it another level with almost every tweet and that level is “awesome.”

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 6.04.12 PM

Now, I grant you that hitting the speeds on the company’s LTE network in the picture above begs the question if Legere wasn’t piggybacking onto a part a T-Mobile’s LTE network that is not yet accessible to the public at large. Truthfully, it doesn’t even matter. What does matter is the way Legere presents the results and the competition he taunts because of them.

T-Mobile has needed this kind of energy injection for far too long and even if the rumors of a Dish/Sprint/merger/acquisition never stop, Legere has inspired his base through social media. There’s still work to do on the company’s JD Power position and company morale but he does seem to be making all the right moves and setting social media on fire with almost every tweet. At the very least the tech blog world is in love with him and that just means more coverage for his Tweets which means more coverage for T-Mobile in general and that’s something we can all get behind.



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  • Eric

    That’s 20X faster than my home connection.

    • Binny Gupta

      That is sad

    • Trevnerdio

      That’s a little over half of mine

    • Carlos Hernandez

      Lol, Ever since T-Mobile announced LTE in Sacramento, I “hacked” my Nexus 4 to get LTE. I’m reaching speeds above 30mbps.I’ve now use it as a subsitute for my home internet service cause it’s faster. I was shocked at how fast tt downloaded my 22GB WoW file. @.@

  • Deadeye37

    The best part of that tweet was that it was directed @TmoNews. When John sends you stuff directly, you have arrived at the top! Good job!

    • TechHog

      Unless it’s a typo… >>

  • ccnet005

    Uh, my data speeds are actually getting slower!!!!!


      Have heard similar reports from others before they suddenly see blazing fast speeds. Perhaps network re-farming in progress?

  • David Cowan

    I’d settle for a bit slower, if I could just get a better signal… here in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles – I have to disable the LTE on both my HTC One and Lumia 925 in order to get a decent signal indoors!

  • Luis Espinal

    HA too funny ! Im lovin the speeds!!!! In fact, I was on 11th av just this morning, not around 21st like he was but maybe 5-10 blocks away at most and I did a speedtest maxing out at 31Mbps. Go Magenta!!! I wish I could hit those insane 60+mbps, probably never will, but Im not complaining. I’m more than happy with the awesome 30+mbps with my rooted Nexus 4.

  • sincarafan247

    I can get lte almost everywhere around me except at my house. I was told my antenna thats less then a mile from me wont be getting updated for a good 3-4 months if they even do it then. ugh. I can get around 20-28 mbps on lte when I can get it though.

    • maximus1901

      How’d you get that information? If it was TMO customer service, was it the first-line people or were you transferred to a network engineer?

      • sincarafan247

        T-Mobile’s facebook support app. All you have to do is ask about antennas near you, give them your zip code and they can look it up for you.

        • vinmac3

          What do you mean facebook support app?

        • TMUSFTW

          Go to T-Mobile’s FB page and click on the support box. Alternatively, search via FB for T-Mobile Support. Enable the app and you’re good to go.

  • IceGreenT

    I like the fact the unofficial tmo news is now officially @ed by Tmobile CEO LOL

  • Morton H

    Im running 40 down and 16 up,, in NJ/NYC on the TMOB LTE

    • Julian C. Taborda

      Where are you located? 40mbps and 16would indicate 10 x 10 lte!

      • Morton H

        Newark.. Yea I have always been running fast lte speeds..since they added lte I’m flying in unlim speeds and no throttle..good job tmob

  • I wish they’d release some sort of map detailing which city is 5×5 vs 10×10

    • Jay J. Blanco

      I wish we had a lte coverage map period instead of a list of cities. and a refarm city coverage map

    • maximus1901

      never gonna happen. ever.

    • Trevnerdio

      Too technical. Lots of people wouldn’t care…but there are those of us that would really, really care.

  • vrm

    I think that he needs to go beyond the 200 pop line. All he has to do is announce that all their towers outside the metro areas will be updated to at least HSPA by EOY 2013. That is enough to draw more people in, even if they have to wait 6 mos for better coverage or at least retain existing customers. Tmobile’s problem is retention.

    Their n/w would still be weaker compared to att due to sheer # towers but at least its a start.

    • maximus1901

      TMO has more towers than Sprint: 52k before Metro merger.
      The problem with TMO is that they’re 74% owned by Deutsche Telekom which doesn’t want TMO to spend “too much money” on network upgrades so that TMUS’ debt can be smaller so that DT can sell it for more after its 18 month lockup period expires. TMO has announced – in investor conference calls – that their CURRENT plan is to only update 37k towers to LTE.
      However, that “37k towers upgraded to LTE” plan was made before Softbank bought Sprint and plannedto deploy TD-LTE.
      The problem with TMO’s current network is, as you said, they only have city coverage. When Sprint deploys TD-LTE in the cities, TMO will be screwed because Sprint will be able to afford to offer data a lot cheaper than TMO cause of the higher capacity of Clearwire’s spectrum.
      TMO’s only hope is to upgrade the rest of its 52k to LTE. Look at how much 2G-only coverage has, all those 2G-only towers. If it upgrades the remaining 15k towers, it’s gonna have awesome (for the price) rural LTE coverage.

      • TMUSFTW

        Sadly misinformed

        • maximus1901

          about what?

        • Jody Smith

          You are denying reality TMUSFTW.

          T-Mobile service sucks. Only T-Moible will give you LTE then back to EDGE 100ft in any direction. The network is patchy and unreliable.

          People too cheap to pay for real service or those with credit challenges justify their service by saying T-Mobile is cheaper. That’s about it. They’re cheaper but so is a McDonald’s hamburger.

        • Eric

          People go to T-Mobile to have FAST 4G and LTE, not some congested Verizon LTE or heck, even Sprint’s “small city first” LTE. AT&T may not have congestion yet, but that will change since they don’t have enough backhaul to support the ever-expanding markets.

          While T-Mobile on the other hand is deploying LTE faster than any of the four major carriers (116 markets in 6 months!) and using the latest Release 10 equipment, which will also make it LTE-Advanced ready.

          Now yes, T-Mobile has EDGE or no service in rural/country areas, but that all may change since T-Mobile is actively upgrading some EDGE towers to 4G HSPA+, and then LTE from there. Also from the possible Dish merger or spectrum buyout, T-Mobile could gain A LOT of spectrum to build out their smokin’ LTE and kill EDGE for use for LTE. That coupled with the upcoming 600 MHz auction could (and should) make T-Mobile’s speed and coverage much better. Just you wait and see. This new CEO is just magnificent.

        • Eric

          I’m a huuuuge fan of T-Mobile, and will always support them as a company, but the amount of EDGE or GPRS service is terrible when traveling anywhere. It is beyond frustrating unless you live in a city and never leave (and that kind of life just seems sad to me…). Who said they are upgrading their EDGE towers to HSPA+? That has not been formally mentioned in T-Mobile’s plans any time recently. But if they do it I will be ecstatic. Fingers crossed.

        • Eric
        • Trevnerdio

          They just deployed HSPA+ 21 or 42 north of me. Previously they had 0 coverage in said area.

        • vinnyjr

          I could buy and sell you 50 times over and I’m a very happy T-Mobile customer. I choose to use T-Mobile not for price but for data speed in my area. Live in a suburb of Boston where AT&T, Verizon and Sprint can not touch T-Mobile’s data speeds. My HSPA+ speeds are over 20mb down and 6mb up during the day all day, my LTE is even faster. T-Mobile in my area is far and away the superior Carrier. That is why I choose T-Mobile. Saying people go to T-Mobile because of their financial situation is just moronic. T-Mobile is getting better every day.
          T-Mobile is the only Carrier installing LTE Advanced Hardware on their LTE Towers. They will be the first Carrier to be able to use this technology when it is available and that is very soon.

        • Trevnerdio

          I’ve never even seen 4mbps on HPSA+ upload…you sure that’s HSPA+?

        • bucdenny

          Provide some facts behind your claim.

          Sprint Network Vision project is installing hardware that is LTE Advanced rev 10 ready. Sprint hasn’t flex its muscles yet with TD-LTE.

        • lovingmyGN2

          Ouch!! Forget to take you meds today? How bout this, I have service in the underground NewYork city subway how bout you Verizon/sprint?

        • Fraydog

          Everyone look up Jody Smith on linkedin. Astroturf much?

      • vrm

        tmobile’s 2G coverage is also lacking away from highways but that is not whats hurting them most. People expect good data speeds even when they are on the road- commuting, traveling for weekend, visiting relatives in countryside, vacationing etc. As soon as they see poor data coverage, they plan to switch.

        DT keeps repeating the same mistakes. Tmo will not be worth much as it is. Other than at & t two years ago, no one is interested in tmo. Now, even at & t is not interested because they expanded their HSPA and are doing LTE now. Tmo will have nothing to offer at & t today.

        • Jody Smith

          Exactly. Careful though the fanboys on this site will get really offended by the truth.

        • samsavoy

          The anti-expansion trolls have not awoken yet. Prepare for battle in the morning.

        • lovingmyGN2

          Who says all the fan boys aren’t awake lol. Just cause some fan boys are moody doesn’t mean all of them can’t take criticism.

        • TmoAhole

          You and Judy Smith should get a room!

        • Trevnerdio

          We’re all pretty realistic here at TmoNews

      • keasycase

        If u think bout it T-Mobile is upgrading 71% of there towers… That’s pretty good but clearly not enough

  • besweeet

    10×10 > 5×5. AT&T and Verizon use 10×10, what, everywhere? In San Antonio and Austin, you’re getting 5×5, assuming you aren’t dropped to 4G due to a cruddy and slow rollout.

    And I’m not saying that that’s a bad thing, since even on one bar of their LTE, it’s still pretty speedy and reliable. I’m just annoyed by how I always have better strength over 3G/4G than LTE.

    • maximus1901

      Verizon uses 10×10 everywhere.

  • lovingmyGN2

    Legere my man you know what? Even though there’s like 0 service in the rural boondocks I give two fracks cause I’m in NYC baby. So who cares if I have no service while camping in Lake George ny? I don’t live there haha. My only compaint is that I can’t get 32 or much less 64gb models of the phones I want like my note 2 and the s4 I wanna get my girlfriend witch forces me to go to an at&t store and argue with the poor sales guys cause they have defend the company they work for. I’m mean seriously you should hear how hard it is to just buy a Damn phone in at&t, they literally want to get the last penny out of you and force you to get a contract even though you wanna buy the phone cash. Ridiculous. Still love ya John, but please get me my note 3 in at least 32gb.

    • superg05

      great write but maybe you should click that link and tell him on twitter

      • lovingmyGN2

        Haha I didn’t know I could that but then again I hate social media witch is why I only had Facebook for like a day. Besides it’s not like John doesn’t come to this forum anyway, for all we know he probably even comments too.

        • Trevnerdio

          Maybe he’s TMOTECH! @_@

        • superg05

          true he just come here to read to see what are snowed has leaked

    • g2a5b0e

      After the snafu with so much of the S4’s memory being taken up by features & bloat, if Samsung is smart, they will start the base model of the flagships with 32GB from the Note 3 onward. No one (read: almost no one) will complain about almost 8GB being taken up when they still have over 24 to work with.

      • lovingmyGN2

        I know what ya mean bud but all we can do is hope and wait.

        • g2a5b0e

          Yeah, man. But being the realist that I am, I suspect that this won’t happen until the S5…if we’re lucky.

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Awesome Columbia,SC will be getting lte soon, i talked to technical support to confirm. The refarm has hit us now too. which is great !

    • Trevnerdio

      Weird…there’s already some decent (albeit quick to kick back to HSPA+) LTE coverage here in Lake Charles, LA where my relatives live. I did not expect it here so soon.

  • kev2684

    T-Mobile has at least 40mhz of AWS spectrum in the most populated cities in FL, 50 in some thanks to the VZW-SpectrumCo.-T-Mo swap and MetroPCS merger. i wonder when will this be launched? will VZW beat T-Mobile from deploying the first 20×20 LTE market? can’t wait to see it!

    VZW and T-Mobile both owns 40-50mhz of spectrum each on AWS in FL so the LTE competition here is gonna be interesting speed wise, but without low frequency band, VZW will still be the leader in in-building coverage.

    • milanyc

      You’re forgetting that while T-Mobile does have 50Mhz in some markets, they only have 30Mhz of unused AWS. The other 20Mhz stays to support their existing HSPA+42.

      Verizon on the other hand has 40Mhz of AWS completely unused, so it’s safe to say they’ll deploy 2x20Mhz before T-Mo.

  • Don Kim

    I’m stuck with 5~10 / 5~10 in Los Angeles.

  • steveb944

    I just started following him because of this, best CEO EVER.

  • Alex Zapata

    He actually referred to it as 10+10 MHz. I think I just choked up a little with joy.

  • Richard

    tmobile lte in los angeles is great dnt know if its 10×10 but it sure is fast loving 25-30 mbps dwn ,and 10-15 up on my new xperia Z so far LTE has been solid in east la,dwtwn la, Hollywood etc..

    • Trevnerdio

      That’s 5×5 :) I have gotten around 27-28 a couple of times.

  • superg05

    does anyone know why you cant download files through the browser on the galaxy note 2 it’s an artificial restriction right any way around it

    • kalel33

      I could be a restriction in the skin. I know T-mobile used to put in restrictions on how fast MP3s would download. I had many customers call in and complain that certain files were being throttled on purpose by the phone. I know it was the phone and not the network because I then rooted and through Cyanogenmod on my phone, which the download speeds of podcasts(MP3) went from 50kbps to over a 1mbps.

  • Blair Ginley

    Even before it was officially announced to be running, I was getting 24k mbps download speeds. And that’s on a N4 that had to messed with to be able to get 4g.

    I’ve been with T-Mobile for about 10 years, came from Cingular which then became at&t. I’ve loved my experiences with T-Mobile all these years. And it keeps getting better. I’m glad they’re getting the attention they deserve

    • Trevnerdio

      you got 24,000mbps download?!? Someone give this guy a medal!! *_*

  • Bklynman

    David,I know this is off topic,but can you do survey of your readers,
    who had their bill lower when they switch over to the Uncarrier plan?
    My bill was lower by $22. a month,from $106.-$84.00,that with my hot
    spot service too,my hot spot fee went down but gigs went up from 5 gigs
    to 6 and half. This is with my job discount too. Just a thought. Keep
    up the great work.

  • Kenny C.

    I guess they’re going to flip the 10 mhz bandwidth soon. All I can connect to is 5 and am getting half that speed if I’m lucky.

    • Willie D

      The fact you are running 5Mhz bandwidth and getting half the speed of that offered in 10Mhz bandwidth is AWESOME! 30mbps isnt too bad considering on another carrier like Sprint, you are LUCKY to get 10mbps, an average of 3mbps in their 5Mhz bandwidth. But in all honesty, Sprint isnt even fully deploying 5Mhz like they claim, something like 40% of the network they have deployed is only 3Mhz anyway.

      • Kenny C.

        I’m really getting closer from 5-25 with an occasional 30 Mbps down. regardless, it’s all good!

      • Guest

        You have no clue what is coming. Sprint just launched their TD-LTE cities. Sprint has achieved over 75Mbps long ago in 2011 testings. It is just a matter of a large scale launch this year. That T-Mobile 60Mbps speedtest will look weak when you start seeing TD-LTE speedtest from Sprint.

        • kalel33

          Sprint doesn’t have the fiber optic backhaul to push out LTE fast. That’s why it’s going to take them forever to push it out.

  • Sprint Sucks

    Sprints 3G is Faster than their own LTE. That’s how sad Sprint is as a company

    • Trevnerdio

      You sure? I think 3G on their network is equivalent to about our EDGE

      • bucdenny

        At least Sprint is overhauling their “entire” network. T-Mobile will continue to operate 2G EDGE for quiet some time. Try saying “Sprint’s 3G is slow as our Edge” when their Network Vision project is complete. Pretty sure you won’t be able to.

        T-Mobile will still have plenty of EDGE and Sprint will have LTE covering their “entire” network.

        • kalel33

          They have to overhaul their network because they don’t have the fiber backhaul to push out LTE in most places.

  • Nick

    I just flashed an LTE-capable radio on my Nexus 4…pretty awesome stuff

  • RobotChupacabra

    I don’t approve of marketing like that. They had 10by10 running there for that screen grab while rest of NYC is 5by…nevermind just did a speedtest. We’re good.

    • TmoAhole

      Oh shut up. Nobody cares about what you approve of.

  • AdamVM

    LOL here people are slamming Sprints LTE speeds and some of us STILL do not have LTE From Sprint in our cities. This month I have had my LTE capable phone from Sprint for a year and we have one little tiny area that I get LTE in. Some places, the 3G is STILL so bad, my battery drains fast and my phone gets warm just surfing the net. We were one of the first 7 cities T-Mobile turned LTE on. That’s a great thing so when contracts with Sprint are up, I’m outta there. I’m tired of having slow 3G and no wide area LTE for too long.

    • gshoq

      I believe this man. I had HTC Evo Wimax 4G for 2 years, and for two years I paid a $10 surcharge on two lines for having advanced devices and for two years I had cruddy 3G in 99.9% of the places I went to that was no better than T-Mobile’s edge at around 300 kbps when I was lucky. Wimax was never deployed in my area and I couldn’t get Sprint to discount anything even with that fact. Granted Sprint abandoned Wimax and instead started focusing on LTE, I have no intention of ever going back to Sprint as long as its slow 3G network is the fallback. I am happy paying T-Mobile $105 a month with corporate discount after fees for five lines, three of which have 2GB data.

  • vinnyjr

    Mr Legere is great for T-Mobile. Love a guy who isn’t afraid to throw punches. T-Mobile is on fire right now, their stocks are the highest they have ever been, they are rolling out LTE fast as hell and I couldn’t be happier. I get very fast HSPA+ and my LTE is even faster. I can pick whatever poison I want to use my real unlimited data. No other Carrier in the US can touch that combination. In 6 short months I will JUMP.
    Thank You T-Mobile.

  • sidekicker89

    anymore LTE sightings?? please post! :)

  • bucdenny

    These speeds Sprint already achieved testing years ago (2011). Over 75Mbps in this video: http://youtu.be/vwFoWFuKNMI … T-Mobile your late in the game.

    Sprint has launched their TD-LTE. The game just started. I wouldn’t be surprised we start seeing 90Mbps+ from Sprint. John talks a lot of crap, he first needs to upgrade his “entire” network to at least 3G standards. Sprint it’s upgrading their “entire” network with LTE to be completed by mid 2014. Read up on Network Vision and Softbank.

    Now in 2014, Sprint’s NEW Network will be covered with 99.99% LTE, try driving outside the city with T-Mobile because you will be back to the stone age with 2G.

    • milanyc

      You do realize that all wireless operators do “test” different bandwidths prior to launch, right? The sad part is that Clearwire test was performed two+ years ago, and they still don’t have LTE in that configuration, and most likely never will have FDD LTE.

      So can’t really see your point.

  • bucdenny

    Oh also, on the Speed TEST going over 60Mbps posted by John, T-Mobile was using Verizon’s spectrum. Isn’t that embarrassing?

    • Red5

      My advice would be to avoid claims like this until you can provide actual evidence to back up your theory

    • BlackLighted

      Actually, the NY AW-CMA-001A license was won by T-Mobile in FCC Auction #66, all the way back in 2006.

      What you don’t see is that there is a lot of spectrum swapping going on behind the scenes between T-Mo and Verizon, and the FCC “Spectrum Dashboard” is an inaccurate and misleading mess because of it.

      The A-block is/was T-Mobile’s but they haven’t moved off of it yet.

      T-Mobile and VZ are in the process of a 1:1 spectrum swap, where T-Mo gives VZ the A-Block(20MHz), and VZ is giving the F-Block(20MHz) to T-Mobile.

      .This is to alleviate T-Mobile not having a contiguous block of AWS spectrum, (the T-Mo/Metro A, D,and E blocks had VZ’s B-block in the middle).

      At the end of the swap VZ owns the A and B blocks(40MHz Total contiguous), and T-Mo/MetroPCS own the C, D, E, and F, blocks(50MHz Total contiguous).

      Plus, the A-Block was only for NY and Northern New Jersey, the F-block that T-Mo is receiving is a Regional Block covering the entire Northeastern US

      So, YOU don’t know what you’re talking about, because you have no clue as to what is going on behind the scenes, because you don’t work in this industry.

      Now, isn’t that embarrassing….

      • bucdenny

        Yes, T-Mobile and VZW and have swapped many AWS A block and F block licenses. But those transactions are already complete in most, if not all affected markets. For example, T-Mobile’s lease of its former AWS A block license in New York was canceled back in February.

        Additionally, the AWS A block license is CMA based, while the F block license is much larger REA based. But T-Mobile has received geographically partitioned portions of VZW’s AWS F block license, not the whole Northeast REA.

      • WiWavelength

        BlackLighted, YOU are the one who does not know what you are talking about. And that is embarrassing for you.

        I would suggest that you start by reading this post:


        Then, for evidence that the spectrum transaction is not “in the process” but already complete, you can view T-Mobile’s canceled lease of its former AWS A block in New York:


        Finally, for confirmation that the spectrum swap is not for the “entire Northeastern US” but instead for geographically partitioned portions of it, you can view the Northeast REA AWS F block license that VZW still holds:



        • BlackLighted

          FYI, s4gru is a Sprint shill site, they seem to hate T-Mo with a passion over there for some reason.
          Maybe it’s because Sprint’s LTE(if you can even find it) doesn’t even approach the backhaul capacity that T-Mobile LTE sites have.

          Did you really have to ask them, and get your talking points from them, because they don’t know what they are talking about either.

          T-Mobile IS still occupying the NYC A-Block, and it’s all legal, because they have a private inter-op agreement with Verizon, and it’s still in the migration process.

          VZ is already testing it’s AWS band LTE in the F-Block, which now belongs to T-Mo, so it needs to be a coordinated switch, and it hasn’t happened just yet.
          Cellular systems aren’t like the radio in your car, you can’t just change the channels by pushing a button.

          The BS argument that T-Mo doesn’t have room to test 10×10 in NYC falls flat, because they have 50MHz of AWS spectrum there.

          Not all sharing agreements have FCC leases attached, and if you were a third-party Spectrum manager or Band planner you would know this.

          The FCC ULS database is a complete mess right now, so don’t quote it unless you understand what is actually mixed up.

          In most markets where Verizon was forced to divest much of it’s SpectrumCo(Comcast,Cox,TWC, Brighthouse etc..) AWS holdings to T-Mo, it still shows VZ ownership of the licenses, although VZ doesn’t own all or part of them anymore.

          MetroPCS still is listed as an AWS license holder in NYC, although the T-Mobile transfer of ownership filings have been processed by the FCC, and T-Mobile USA officially is the licensee.

          Even Leap/Cricket is swapping spectrum around between themselves, VZ, and T-Mo, but you won’t find out about it from the FCC website as of yet either.

          Funny thing about that too, Cricket never owned any spectrum in NY, they operate there as a MVNO, using the MetroPCS network.

        • milanyc

          “VZ is already testing it’s AWS band LTE in the F-Block, which now belongs to T-Mo, so it needs to be a coordinated switch, and it hasn’t happened just yet”
          All I’m gonna say is that this is physically impossible since T-Mobile’s been commercially running DC-HSPA+ on F block in NYC for more than a year, therefore you really don’t have much knowledge on this matter.

          Verizon’s AWS active NYC licenses are A + B for a total of 40Mhz of spectrum. T-Mobile does own 50Mhz in NYC, except that out of those 50Mhz only 10Mhz of E block was available for LTE.

          10Mhz of C block = MetroPCS LTE
          10Mhz of D block = MetroPCS CDMA
          10Mhz of E block = T-Mobile 2x5Mhz LTE
          20Mhz of F block = DC-HSPA+

    • milanyc

      Am I also using Verizon’s spectrum: http://i.imgur.com/yKMynV8.png

      I don’t think so.

  • bucdenny

    John talks mad crap. Look on http://www.sensorly.com/map/4G/US/USA/Sprint/lte_310sprint there is plenty of Sprint 4G LTE covering 33rd and 3rd Ave. Misleading.

  • bucdenny

    By the way, John Legere tweeted at Sprint on 33rd and 3rd Ave is misleading. Check out the true map of Sensorly dot com, Sprint has plenty of 4G LTE coverage there on 33rd and 3rd Ave. Very misleading for marketing gain.

    John Legere, you need to upgrade your “entire” network to at least 3G standards before talking a lot of crap about others. Sprint will laugh later because their Network Vision is almost complete. The Network Vision project is to upgrade their “entire” network to 4G LTE. For those who don’t know about Network Vision.

    T-Mobile users, once you leave the cities, welcome to John Legere’s 2G EDGE network because he ain’t going to upgrade it anytime soon.

    • Mdhen

      Personally, I am not sure why everyone is concerned with the entire network. While yes it would be nice in some ideal world to have a fully covered map of the US, realistically the majority of the population is found within the metropolitan areas. I would much rather see them invest in areas that will provide them with more immediate cash flow and customer base then worry about those in poor reception areas/rural areas. T-Mobile does not have the cash on hand like Verizon and AT&T to be able to afford doing everything so their focus is intelligent and pragmatic.

      At the end of the day, T-Mobile is re-energizing itself and creating market share (hopefully). This is not an over night process, but having a CEO like John gets headlines and press and that is what we need in order to enter ourselves back into the conversation. The ball is gaining momentum in the right direction, so have some patience. But really if we don’t expand into rural areas like urban ones, so be it. Yes it stinks for travelers, but honestly most of the population is moving/migrating back to city centers anyways so oh well, it is what it is!

      • samsavoy

        I agree, it makes sense to do cities first. However, I have a feeling they’re going to stop expanding once they’re done and then jump to LTE Advanced. The problem I have is the half-assing. Go to any market, find where 4G stops and 2G starts, and chances are you’ll see some big college campus or suburb right outside the coverage area. For example, they just launched Binghamton, NY as a (LTE) market but still don’t cover the Binghamton airport with anything..not even roaming. There’s still a lot more they can do.

      • LOVE

        because T Mobile shouldn’t talk trash about anyone. Edge is worse than anything, no data ability. T Mobile cell tower deployment has always been filled with gaps, going from 4G HSPA 42 + to Edge within a block and than back to 4G than to E.
        To much inconsistency with T-Mobile cell coverage. Not worth it.
        I guess if all you can afford is T Mobile than a perk of having T Mobile
        is when T Mobile has its best network available to you.

        • Mdhen

          Really confused here, “I guess if all you can afford is T Mobile than a perk of having T Mobile is when T Mobile has its best network available to you.”

          As an aside and prior to addressing what is an utterly asinine statement, I don’t experience going with 4G LTE to Edge in Chicago. Maybe I am just lucky though?

          It is almost like we live in this crazy world were spending through your nose for a product makes you a boss. Depending on your need, traveling, etc. there could be tons of different reasons why one might pick one carrier over another. If you live in a large metropolitan area, say Chicago, and don’t travel too often outside of it, or only travel via plane to other large cities, say Miami, Las Vegas or maybe Los Angeles, why would you pay considerably more for no reason? I guess maybe you prefer to have less money in your pocket for things you find considerably more important like financing a house, traveling abroad or going to the Stanley Cup playoff game. Or maybe it is because by paying more for similar/same cell phone service you are a “boss.” Imagine the options, which understandably may be difficult.

          In any event, T-Mobile’s CEO is doing a terrific job of bringing attention to the carrier, which will hopefully translate into growing the customer base and increase revenues. As noted above, the metropolitan areas of say Chicago, New York and Las Vegas have more densely populated areas and will provide access to more new customers and thus more pseudo contracts, which in turn can lead to investment and expansion. Maybe economics, goals and business plans are Greek? However, would it be nice for additional consistency? Most definitely.

          If you don’t like T-Mobile, don’t feel obligated to troll a T-Mobile fan boy site. It just makes you look a maladjusted young adult in your mother’s basement! Also, you might want to look into how to properly use “then” vs. “than” it will do wonders for you. You might then (note proper use) look like a boss. Thanks for coming out!

        • LOVE

          Why pay more isn’t a realistic question because we are not talking about two similar products. Have you ever had Verizon Wireless service in recent months? with T Mobile, you would know right away the difference between the two, and starting with the sound quality. Okay isn’t great. Working good enough isn’t the best. It is

          Ignorance to even compare T Mobile to Verizon, and how some “experts” claiming T-Mobile now has a comparable competitive network. The engineering behind T Mobile radio tower is cheap. This is the reason T-Mobile can so quickly deploy LTE.
          Money changes people’s perspectives, but let us keep this in perspective.. Why pay more isn’t the question because we are not talking about two similar products.

        • comments

          ahh a tmob hater! lol

    • JJCommonSense

      dude you need to go work for Sprint if you don’t already. You been harpin on this whole “they’re upgrading their ENTIRE NETWORK” soapbox and it’s getting old… We get it… You’re a fan of Sprint… why are you trolling the Tmobile site?

  • zozo douce
  • Aaron Tillery

    Honestly for everyone saying that Sprint is so much better than T-Mobile for starters that’s fine and all with saying they will be better but will be better is not right now right now T-Mobile has far more LTE than Sprint does and it’s definitely faster the sad part is Sprint started months before T-Mobile even released their first market so in all fairness T-Mobile is doing pretty well with the rollout irony have LTE in my area Buffalo New York I don’t travel all too much and when I do it’s by air so I don’t really need to have good fast data while I’m on the road which I can understand some people would That would be the only thing I would say T-Mobile needs to expand on but if you look at sprints map and compare to an actual map that is Sprint coverage and not sprint throwing in the Roman agreements with Verizon and so on their map is no bigger and has no more coverage then T-Mobile does so for everyone Sandsprit has so much more coverage and when they’re fully covered 100% with LTE okay that’s fine most of T-Mobile that will have LTE will probably have the same amount of people covered with LTE so honestly I don’t Understand how a lot of people are comparing the two when they virtually have identical coverage only difference being T-Mobile has deployed their LTE a lot faster then sprint has,And as far as the people that have commented and mentioned T-Mobile being for people that can’t afford to pay more for service or have credit problems that might be true for a lot of their customers but it’s being fair for the customers that need a good service provider that can’t afford maybe Verizon or AT&T but like myself I know Plennie people that can afford $150 cell phone bills but I get the service I need for less money so I’m happy I have had all four of the major providers at one time or another T-Mobile AT&T and Verizon were all great but I get the equivalent service minus maybe coverage everywhere like Verizon for data but honestly being able to use around 30 GB a month of unlimited data and I have any overages or have to pay anything extra is really nice AT&T and Verizon can’t say that Yes sprint unlimited but you’ll never Be able to use that much because there 2G and 3G is so slow And anywhere that I travel to and live doesn’t have 4G by sprint

    • bucdenny

      Don’t have a problem with T-Mobile service, family also using T-Mobile service. The problem is John Legere talks to much crap about other networks but not upgrading his “entire” network. We all benefit if he ever plans to upgrading the entire network.

      Yes, T-Mobile just started upgrading LTE and is going faster than Sprint. T-Mobile is only overlaying existing HSPA+ network, now how big is that map? Ain’t that big if you want to compare it apples to apples with Sprint. Soon as in a few months cannot compare HSPA+ map to Sprint 3G map because their 3G map will be their LTE map excluding roaming. Don’t forget 2G from T-Mobile.

      T-Mobile has fiber to most of their HSPA+ sites so piece of cake to get LTE up and running. Now if they were to do their “entire” network, everyone on T-Mobile can benefit from it but that is not the case.

      T-Mobile’s network is half loaded with users compared to Verizon and AT&T. Again compare it apples to apples, you will get faster speeds with a less loaded network.

      Once T-Mobile completes its LTE deployment by “overlaying” their HSPA+, now what is next? A few months later after T-Mobile, Sprint completes its entire network with LTE. There would be no more trash talking then because Sprint will have deployed 800Mhz by end of the year for better in-door coverage AND 2500Mhz TD-LTE that will surpass T-Mobile 60Mpbs speed test.

      T-Mobile is only a few cities ahead of Sprint, but once they reach their maximum deployment zones, T-Mobile won’t be able to compare apples to apples. We are talking a few months out when T-Mobile fully completely finishes their LTE “overlaying” existing HSPA+.

      A few months out is not that long. We know it is not “right now”, but lets talk again when T-Mobile is completed with LTE deployment in a “few” months. NOT years.

      • bucdenny

        Once Sprint is completed with their entire network upgrade, Virgin and Boost mobile will benefit from it. Those are for the people that have no credit and looking for CHEAP and CHEAP plans. It is like comparing Virgin Mobile to T-Mobile 1 year from now because they are not planning to upgrade their entire network anytime soon. Virgin Mobile LTE coverage will be a larger map than T-Mobile!

        Virgin and Boost will benefit from Sprint’s 3G and 4G LTE entire network overhaul. They will enjoy better 800Mhz coverage and FAST 2500Mhz spectrum that Sprint is deploying. This is not happening in 1 year, it is happening now and being deployed as we speak.

        • Chardog

          Good luck with Virgin and Boost benefiting… MVNO network traffic is usually prioritized after primary brand traffic on a network or given a throttled experience altogether. If you want cheap service, you get what you pay for if not on a carrier’s primary brand.

      • JJCommonSense

        Well here’s the deal…. upgrading “the entire network” is a process. Are they going for the low hanging fruit and overlaying existing HSPA+ with LTE? HECKS YEA! That effects the most densely populated areas! Do I need T-MO to improve in the outside areas, YES! But they’re working on that. I couldn’t drive from Chicago to Detroit and stream Google Play the entire way due to Edge and 2g zones. However I’d rather have them invest more heavily in where I live (and where most people live) whether beef up areas that will have a lesser public effect. The FACT is… Sprint’s had LTE for a little while now in Chicago, but everyone I know complains of slow speeds (and dropped calls)… Hell I’m using an international Note 8.0 on t-mobile’s refarmed network and can get consistent speeds of around 9mbps in the city and suburbs… Yet sitting next to me will be my friend on his Evo LTE struggling to pull up a website. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a T-Mobile fanboy… I’m like many selfish disloyal customers… I’m going to go where I get the most bang for my buck… I left Sprint for Tmobile 2 years ago due to slow data speeds. I’ve considered switching to AT&T cause their speeds are pretty awesome BUT their costs and the possibilities of overage charges are a complete turnoff. I’m feeling pretty confident with the fight that T-mobile’s putting up, and the moves that they’re making. If/When Sprint beefs up their network, it’ll be great for all, cause everyone will be forced to compete, including T-Mobile. I consider that a win for the consumer.

        • bucdenny

          Speed been slow for Sprint because it is known they don’t have the fiber “back haul” in placed for ALL of their 4G LTE sites. Many sites would take on more load because it’s neighboring site does not yet have fiber. I have seen plenty of speed test that Sprint can do 35Mbps+ all day.

          Once all sites are upgraded with an enhance back haul, TD-LTE will be doing 60-100Mbps speeds on Sprint. Again, this all takes time but at least Sprint is upgrading their “entire” Network.

        • LOVE

          I agree. the better all the carriers get, the better it will be for the customer because all the carriers will have to compete. a negative effect once tmobile and sprint have competitive nationwide lte deployed, like in 2015, is that all the carriers raise prices and cap data. it will be competitive, but it will probably become more expensive for everyone in the long run. Right now is the best time to get a phone because the prices are low.
          Like the stock market, once a company becomes more valuable, their stock is going to remain high and strong. get in on the low pricing will it exists !!

      • Aaron Tillery

        That might be true about sprint having a larger potential network and T-Mobile’s LTE network but I’m basing it off of personal experience and as of right now yes I’ve heard of that is been their network vision or whatever But as of right now that isn’t what I’ve seen happen so far and so on and so forth and let’s just say T-Mobile and Sprint both do exactly what they promised to do okay Sprint might have more LTE more coverage overall from what I’ve experienced on their network traveling with their having more 3G than T-Mobile’s 2G honestly obstacle T-Mobile I don’t travel enough on the road where it makes that big of a deal and When I do 2G has always work fast enough for my GPS and music player to work which is all I really need it to granted it’s frustrated and some of the time when I have to load a webpage but honestly that sacrifice I can make for not paying $150 a month if I had AT&T or Verizon and when I am in a city like Boston at the time or Buffalo or anywhere else Sperin is always had subpar service for me maybe some of those places have LTE now But they didn’t have the time and T-Mobile does have good service for me and all those areas that I already am in so, If I had a compare apples to apples for me I would ask for Sprint to get LTE and all of the areas that I currently get it now or at least 4G network which I was already happy with with T-Mobile LTE was just a plus in I would ask to have better call quality as well T-Mobile my only complaint I would really want is for them to upgrade their highway system to at least HSPA plus or I guess to Amorak sent update their hold 2G network HSPA plus but on another thing Not saying they will do it and I don’t know if they have planned to do it but T-Mobile has been very good with recycling old equipment so I’m thinking when they updated HSPA plus if they have any extra towers or whatever they need to run service maybe they’ll put their old 2G towers in areas I have no service to put the HSPA towers in place that originally had 2G service and you know recycle down I don’t know if they’ll actually do that or not or if that’s something that’s possible before I’ve heard they have been able to do that in the past so maybe they Could do that if they did that would be extremely nice Because so far my data speeds have always been great since I’ve had T-Mobile for the last year in my call quality has been just as good as it was when I had AT&T I especially love that whenever I call another T-Mobile customer that has HD voice on their phone call quality sounds so good I would say better than Verizon My whole spiel on this whole thing was mainly in reply to people comment and how crappy Sprint and T-Mobile is as a whole when honestly sprint I’m not too happy about but T-Mobile I think is even worse wrap out there because I’ve had just great service as I did with AT&T and Verizon but for half the price

      • keasycase

        T-Mobile will have 20*20 so I think 60 is way under doing it… People see 60 on a 10*10 like verzion or AT&T…

    • LOVE

      Softbank is going to quickly roll out Sprint LTE network. but, Sprint is only 5×5, so that is a mistake and sprint will always have the worst network because they choose to.

      • bucdenny

        Wrong, did you forget about 2500Mhz BRS and EBS? Sprint has plenty of that for TD-LTE.

        • LOVE

          which Sprint will roll out in 2025.
          Look at how long Sprint’s roll out of LTE 5×5 is taking..
          have fun

        • bucdenny

          Wrong, TD-LTE already turn on at 8 major cities on July 19th. Most urban cities will get TD-LTE by years end.

        • comments

          ahh a sprint hater! get a life !

  • chad

    In downtown la I get 35mbps on my galaxy s4

  • keasycase

    In places T-Mobile is deploying 5*5 then later 10*10 then 20*20 if enough spectrum… Only place where T-Mobile has fully deployed lte 10*10 is las vagas… And they r testing 20*20 now in vagas… They will be fater than sprint trust me…

  • cooldayr

    I just wanted to make a quick comment, I move around quick a lot in areas of Connecticut and New Jersey and used to come across a bunch of 2G only zones. Recently I have noticed that these 2G zones are all being upgraded to 4G or LTE (these are quite rural areas). I don’t really know what this means but it seems their upgrades are moving outward since they have finished the cities in our area.

    • ClausWillSeeYouNow

      Where in Connecticut?

      This is of special importance to me…

      • cooldayr

        Stamford, Darien, Greenwich, Norwalk (I am talking the northern EDGE only parts of these).

    • samsavoy

      looks like they’ve always been 4G areas….what phone do you have?

      • cooldayr

        The heats of those cities maybe, if you went to the northern parts of any of those cities they are service deadlines for all major carriers

  • Jeff

    This is a general message and is not meant for any particular organization.

    Any organization and its senior leaders before mocking or taunting other
    organizations itself expose their maturity as business.

    And when organization has corrupt directors (John,-I don’t mean John Legere)
    who are corrupt, and can fire an employee just because he didn’t add wrong
    information on weekly executive report which is send to senior leaders. Organization
    where HR, legal department and senior leaders just closed their eyes to such
    injustice, should me more careful while mocking others. When there is so much
    corruption and injustice in their own organization.

    When organization and its leaders are involved in such injustice to their own
    employee, they can never ever be good to their customers.

    AT&T and Verizon are best wireless services, these two companies are not
    only best in class. They have such a wide range of products and services which
    make them so unique. Above all, these organizations are blessed with great leaders’ especially middle management,
    who are not like director(John).

    • Ok, we got it…you don’t like the guy and you think he is corrupt. We all got it, can you stop posting it 400 times now?

      • D Nice

        Exactly dude has been going on and on about John as if he is an bitter ex wife!

      • ClausWillSeeYouNow

        Ahem, do something about it! If he’s not engaging in meaningful dialogue about T-Mobile, why is he allowed to post here?

      • Oliver Jackson

        David what is this guy’s problem?He can’t find a woman or something?

    • ClausWillSeeYouNow

      You, sir, are a fool.

  • Dakota

    I wonder how many speed tests he didn’t post

    • LOVE

      How many months has T Mobile had LTE?
      So CEO Legere finally found one spot in TMobile LTE coverage worth mentioning publicly. T-Mobile has had LTE for about 4 months?

  • LOVE

    Good Speeds. Impressive. Let see T Mobile do those speeds indoors and a half a block from where this test was done, that would be a little bit more impressive and a reason to brag.

  • Lagurl

    I really wish tmobile improved there signal in LA I just got a new xperia Z and everything was fine good LTE signal outside right now im at work 22ndfloor dwntwn LA I have 1 bar of edge everywhere I go elevator, restroom, cafeteria i get zero service there THANK god we have wifi here or else I dnt know what I would have done girl that works with me has an att galaxy s3 she gets full bars lte everywhere she goes in the building so she dnt need wifi, luckily my calls are going tru fine with one bar of edge there not dropping but still sucks that I dnt even get hspa or lte only edge!

    • Richard

      i agree tmobile needs to fixthere signal indoors i like i mentioned on here plenty of times had att loved the coverage they had and signal inside buildings but hated there data plans right now have T-Mobile love there plans so even tho signal aint that good in buildings im sticking with them i love unlimited data a lil bit too much besides like u said even tho signal gets crappy in buildings it usually works to atleast make calls even if data dnt work calls usually work if the phone drops down to edge/gsm/gprs i noticed that has happened to me alot lately in hospitals, elevators,underground parking lots i always have at least 1 bar to make a decent phone call dropped calls i had zero believe it or not i had more on att!

      • Bob Archer

        I think this has as much (or more) to do with frequency than signal strength. AT&T uses 900Mhz while T-mo is on 1700/2100Mhz. Low frequency is better able to penetrate buildings. Of course, if you get lower bars than AT&T standing outside or on the roof, then it is certainly a single strength issue as well.

  • 21stNow

    This inspired me to run a speed test where I am in Maryland. Galaxy Note II on T-Mobile LTE, 7 down, avg. ~6 up and Galaxy Note on AT&T LTE, 21-24 down, avg. ~4 up. Maybe one day I’ll see speeds even half of what Mr. Legere is showing in his tweet.

    • Brandon

      Exactly, the highest I’ve ever seen was about 15 Mbps down, usually around 10 Mbps down. Verizon’s is definitely faster (I’ve seen 50 Mbps down rarely on my own tests, average of around 15-25 Mbps) though. The funny thing is that at my job in Mount Laurel, NJ I had VZW LTE on my Gnex and in my office it would drop down to about 1-2 Mbps inside the building but would be about 15 outside of the building so tethering would kind of suck. I just tethered for the first time with my S4 on Tmo’s LTE and I’m getting about 10 Mbps down in the building! It gives me hope for what’s coming in the second half of this year :D

  • Tai Nguyen

    RSRP of -59 dBm is like standing right under the tower. No wonder the rates are so high.

  • keasycase

    All the people thinking sprint is goi g to be faster than T-Mobile is crazy… Its going to take them years to even get the backhaul to support TD-LTE…so they should of been started the backhaul long ago like t-mobile did and Verizon and AT&T… That’s y T-Mobile will be way faster.. and when 600mhz auction comes more coverage… More people who come to T-Mobile more money… More money to get spectrum that’s how it works

  • Trevnerdio

    10MHz in Mobile, AL!

  • H2

    Sprint’s voice and data network is a joke! Dropped calls and painfully slow data speeds. I recently paid Sprint $800 in termination fees to transfer my 5 lines back to TMO. I am now enjoying high quality voice calls and incredible data speeds with TMO in Tampa Bay, FL.
    How poor is service with Sprint? If Sprint offered me 5 lines with free voice/data service for life- I would say no thank you and pass.

  • Robert Cosontrov

    If T-Mobile manages to get alot of people to run on their 4G LTE network alone like Verizon and At&t did then that 61.19mbps will turn to 10mbps approx. when their network in congested..