9to5Google Says T-Mobile “Not Yet On Board” With Moto X Release

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The boys from 9to5Google are reporting that according to their inside source, only Sprint, Verizon and AT&T are definitively signed on to carry the Moto X. The report itself contradicts a WSJ source that stated all four national carriers will carry Motorola and Google’s first collaborative smartphone. The site speculates that because T-Mobile already carries the Nexus 4, it has yet to complete a deal with Motorola.

At this point it seems highly suspect that Motorola wouldn’t want this device on all four national carriers so we’re taking this rumor with a grain of salt. There is of course the idea that T-Mobile won’t be an initial launch partner but could pick up the device sometime later this fall. Either way, I’d love to see the device arrive on T-Mobile and the be the first in hopefully a long line of Motorola/Google devices to grace Magenta store shelves. Sony made a big return to T-Mobile with the Xperia Z, so why not Motorola?

We’ll know all the who, what, where and why on August 1st.


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  • TechHog

    Does T-Mobile have some kind of beef with Motorola? :/ I really wanted to recommend this to my mom…

    • Michael Montanez

      I wouldnt be surprised if they did. Last time I checked the only motorola phones that tmobile carried were the Cliq and Cliq xt…and we all know how that turned out. Unless there are other moto tmo android phones I’m missing?

      • tomarone

        They had the ‘Defy’ which was a ruggedized phone, and the XT, and maybe another one.

        • Michael Montanez

          ah completely forgot about those! thanks. but tmobile never ready had a “high end” motorola phone. I’m hoping they get the moto x though! since google has a good relationship with Tmobile. Thats gotta count for something

        • psychoace

          Yeah but this isn’t a high end Motorola phone. Cost wise this is more like the Defy.

      • tomarone

        They had the ‘Charm’ which was a blackberry type phone on Android. Great idea but slow HW. My first was a Cliq. I loved the HW but again it was way too slow. The Keyboards were great. Bye Bye to Android Keyboards but I’d like to see them reborn as little externals on the USB port, maybe clip on to the body of the phone like a case? I just bought a little USB host cable to try flash drives will it work?

        • Daniel

          Can’t remember what phone it was for, but I saw a case with a slide out keyboard that connected via bluetooth.

    • tomarone

      Why do you want to recommend this to your mom??? I have not seen any decent Motorola phones on TMobile in a year (the Defy maybe?) I am waiting for the One-Mini. I do not know of any decent Motorola phones on the other carriers, what I’ve seen and had others give me to ‘get working’ have been lousy. I do hope it’s good though.

      • TechHog

        The One Mini is actually what I really want for her, but something tells me that’ll be an AT&T exclusive. This is my second choice.

        • jonathan3579

          There’s been rumors of T-Mobile getting it but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

    • JB

      If I was to guess.. The cliq.. Haha. I’m hoping this comes to t-mobile as well. I was going to recommend it to my mom too. :-)

      • kalel33

        But just as bad or worse was the LG G2X and the HTC HD2, and they still keep selling LG and HTC.

        • JB

          Post RAZR, I’m not sure Motorola has had a decent phone on T-Mobile. I’ve heard the horror stories about G2X,but skipped out on that, and HTC has always made decent phones. I loved my HD2 (hell, I still have it) the only thing that hampered it was Windows Mobile 6.5 and we all know how horrible Windows Mobile was…

        • kalel33

          The problem with the Cliqs were the Motoblur causing OS instability. The Defy weren’t bad phones, just underpowered, but I’ve never seen a rugged smart phone that wasn’t underpowered. The Charm was just a low end knockoff of the Blackberry phones and it was underpowered also but didn’t have that many problems.

          The problems with all phones that were horrible with T-mobile was the software. The G2X could be fixed by running Cyanogenmod and HD2 by putting on Android. There just wasn’t a modding community around, like there is now, when the Cliqs were around.

  • JointhePredacons

    With the bad specs ive read about, im not surprised. I wouldnt want this POS either.

    • bleeew

      I know right? It seems that people are only praising it because its a “Google” phone, but when another company does the phone with same exact specs everyone looses their minds.

      • kalel33

        It’s “loses”, not “looses”. It’s getting the hype because the rumors have it costing the same amount as a Nexus 4 8GB($299), which would be awesome.

    • Trevnerdio

      “Bad specs?” What specs are you seeing?

    • ephesus

      That was my initial feeling also, but the more I thought about it, I realized that most people don’t really care about specs. They want a good phone that is reliable, that “feels” fast and has good features. The latest and greatest hardware doesn’t automatically achieve these three things. Plus, if it can be achieved for $100 or even free (subsidized) vs. $200, most people will spend less (just ask Apple…the iPhone 4 and 4S is far outselling the 5 in the US). I think this was a brilliant move on Google’s part by appealing to the masses with a “midrange” phone which also serves to keep from stepping on the toes of their hardware partners by directly competing with the Galaxy S 4 and HTC One hardware. Striving to have the “best” specs would definitely alienate the partners. Ironically, I think this phone is more of a threat in terms of sales numbers to those flagship phones than a high-end phone would be. I know most of you would disagree with me about how the specs don’t really matter, but realize that you are not the norm. The average consumer would never visit tmonews.com.

  • Jonathan

    Sad you guys picked up their story. No source provided (other that the “mysterious tipster”) and no real info to back it up. It sounds like this was based on only FCC documents being made available for the AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and U.S. Cellular versions. I’d say it’s worth waiting a week to find out officially before news starts to spread about it not coming to the uncarrier.

  • Garo.j

    I am sure we will be able to purchase a unlocked HSPA+ version.directly from Motorola.?

  • psychoace

    Your source link doesn’t work. Just sends me to the article from this site about the X being on all carriers.

  • Edward constantin

    Same thing was said about the HTC ONE.

  • sidekicker89

    If Motorola doesn’t want T-Mobile to carry the Moto X it will be Motorola’s loss… I can’t wait till August 8th to see how many people switched to T-Mobile Q2.. anyone else notice how high TMUS’s stock is? Or how many more likes T-Mobile’s facebook page has over Sprint’s!? :D

    • Alvin Brinson

      Most of the switches have come from Sprint also. I personally have helped 3 or 4 different friends move their family plans over to T-Mobile… I’m working on one family that’s sold on Verizon still, despite the fact they’re paying atrocious rates for data which they hardly use.

      I agree with you here – no skin off of T-Mobile’s nose if they don’t get the X, but it sure will hurt Motorola’s credibility if they continue making things carrier exclusives. I thought we were done with that, but maybe not.

  • JJ

    We are not talking about the old Motorola by the way. This is the first phone designed and built from the ground up as a Google company. This takes a hit to your name for picking up a story from a site like that. No source anyone can write that up.

  • jonathan3579

    As long as there’s an unlocked option with ALL of T-Mobile’s bands available, then I couldn’t care less whether they officially carry it or not.

    • jimmiekain

      Do you ever use wifi calling?

      • jonathan3579

        No, I don’t. I really have never had a need for it.

        (That and it’s never seemed to work when I’ve tried to experiment with it.)

  • kev2684

    if you really like the device, don’t AT&T and now VZW has AWS (like the S4) on their devices? then in theory Moto X from either of these two should work on T-Mobile LTE granted it is not blocked by VZW/AT&T, right?

  • jimmiekain

    I will only buy a moto x if i can get a carrier branded one. I dont want an unlocked one. I know they are supposedly worth more but the general public doesn’t know that. A year from now when I try to sell a Moto X on Craigslist a lot people wont buy it if it doesn’t say T-Mobile or AT&T on it. Its hard to explain to people that will work with there current plan and service. The other BIG issue is that there is no wifi calling. I have the nexus 4 right now and the only thing I hate about it is that it doesn’t have wifi calling.

    Come on T-Mo and Motorola whatever the issue is just work it out!

    • nexus1981

      @jimmie its not hard to sale unlocked phones on craiglist, I’ve sold many of them…as soon as I post them I get emails within hrs of my post. Maybe its the way u word it or your description of the device may not be enticing to others. No offense or anything…however people don’t mind having a non branded phone as long as it works an is good condition.

    • lovingmyGN2

      Vonage app buddy. Works great when I’m out of the country. Geez.

  • vinnyjr

    If T-Mobile wants to have any success with this phone they need to have it right away. They need to get this phone as soon as it’s made available. If they pick it up in 3 months it won’t sell.

  • UMA_Fan

    I think the major draw of this phone will be price. Since it’s not really a ‘Nexus’ phone why not just get a Nexus 4 with roughly the same specs?

    • kalel33

      The Moto X has LTE, bigger battery, better camera, smaller footprint, and rumors around tech sites have the 16GB costing the same as the N4 8GB.

      • Luis Espinal

        Just root the N4 flash the older .33 radio and ull have TMo LTE. I did and I’m so glad I didn’t shell out the money for an LTE phone out the box.

        • moss

          Not everyone wants to root a phone to get LTE connectivity, especially a phone that’s missing some hardware components for perfect LTE compatibly. And root still doesn’t solve the weakness in battery life and camera quality in the nexus 4.

        • Daniel

          When you do this isn’t it LTE only? So if you live on the outskirts of LTE it wouldn’t look for HSPA+.

  • Chimphappyhour

    I would like to see this come through Tmo officially. I work 20 feet underground where there is NO cell signal of any kind. We do have wifi though and the wifi calling (and text) feature has been amazing! And it scares the cr@p out of my coworkers when my phone rings down there. :P

    • Trevnerdio

      Are you some kind of nuclear engineer or something? lol

      • Chimphappyhour

        Ha ha! Nooooo. I don’t glow in the dark. Although, that would be a neat party trick. No. I work for a museum in one of the collections management areas. The collection has to be kept at a constant temperature and humidity. The easiest way to do that is to put it underground.

        • the2000guy

          LOL I thought that it was in Area 51

        • superg05

          if he did he would not say so gag order

        • steveb944

          I have a similar issue at a National Park I work at but we don’t have WiFi unfortunately.

      • the2000guy

        Must be AREA 51 where they hid the spaceship. Look at the avatar, Chimp happy hour, that means that he work with aliens or some sort of monkeys that they traine them to know how to drive the spaceship that some people watch in Mexico during evenings. LOL

  • davidwal

    It does not matter people can just buy a unlocked version and use it on Tmobile. Worst case scenario they can buy a ATT version and get it unlocked from ATT. It uses the refarmed bands that Tmobile has now. HSPA is good enough for me at least, and I bet it is good for some people that still use HSPA phones only.

  • Alvin Brinson

    “later this fall” my ass… why this constant carrier exclusivity B.S.? I had hoped with Google onboard, the lovefest between Verizon & Motorola would come to a stop, but apparently not. One of the side effects has long been that T-Mobile and to a lesser extent AT&T & Sprint have been locked out of Motorola’s best handsets because they’re all left as Verizon exclusives.

    And now we find they’re still playing that same game.

  • mark long

    Unfortunately for Motorola, it isn’t their call on whether or not Tmo carries this device. This is up to the carrier, not the OEM. Google can’t decide it either. Only Tmo.

  • not that interested in this mid range phone but i expect it to see TMO shelves regardless.

  • steveb944

    No say it ain’t so! If it’s true this will dampen future device relationships with Moto.

    • Nick Gonzalez

      I doubt it. Maybe T-Mobile would rather have a high end Motorola phone, I know most people that visit websites like this one would agree.

      • steveb944

        I don’t think you understood what I said. If talks are going bad this is a bad sign for the future for Motorola+ T-Mobile

  • Amos Guerrero

    Why would anyone want this POS phone? Moto is trash.

    • Napster87

      you’re not to familiar with phone tech, are you? This is the first real Moto phone designed with Google. Moto has always had amazing hardware with horrible software but this is going to be nearly stock android with an amazing price tag. If you can honestly tell me anyway that this phone is a POS then i’ll let you have this one but you’ll probably only come up with, “OMGZ! IT DOESN’T HAVE THE QUATRO CORES AND NO 128 MP CAMERAS AND NO 1080P SCREEENZZZ! WHAT WAS THEY TINKING!”

      • Amos Guerrero

        I have Nexus 4. Why would anyone use their upgrade on this phone. All the hype phone still has 720 p, so in a year this phone will suck more and forgotten like every other android phone released. Moto cliq was the worst phone I’ve ever owned.

        • Napster87

          You really just complained about all the things a predicted. This phone does not require the highest specs and has no reflection of the Moto cliq

        • Noel

          So you mean to say your N4 with a 720p screen will suck by next year right?? Tell me what a quad core 1080p screen device can do that a dual core 720p screen device can not do. The 720p screen on my N4 is just as good as some 1080p screens i have seen, though i will give a slight edge to 1080p screens. For the price point it is just right cuz u will have an amazing experience with this device just like u will with the N4, GS4 or HTC One.

        • lovingmyGN2

          Oh Come on man, ok forget the specs this thing is still ugly!

        • Dakota

          LTE? For one

        • psychoace

          Not every phone released is aimed at you and is trying to get you to upgrade. If you have a Nexus 4 then this phone might have some small performance gains but is obviously not something that is worth $300. To people who have lower end phones or are ending a 2 year contract with a dated phone this is a major leap in performance. So stop thinking everything is about you and is geared towards your. It isn’t

    • Jim

      They are probably saying, “Just when we started to come out with flagship phones, why would we want to downgrade again?” lol.

  • JTrip

    With this “X8 Mobile Computing System” I think it’ll be more than a mid range phone and it does beat the Nexus 4 in benchmark testing.

  • lovingmyGN2

    Who cares aside from the outdated specs and lack of sd that thing looks horrendous! NOTE 3 FTW!!!!

    • Amos Guerrero

      Exactly what I’ve been trying to say.

  • psychoace

    Your source link is still wrong Tmonews

    • Ugh, that’s the fourth time I’ve changed it.

      • psychoace

        Nothing ever goes right. Thanks for fixing it and hopefully it will stick.

  • mingkee

    It’s interesting to see whether Moto X is coming to T-Mobile or not.
    iPhone 5 is here.
    Sony Xperia Z is here.
    If Moto X isn’t coming to T-Mobile, Motorola should offer non-branded version with all required HSPA+LTE bands.

  • angel13chris

    this phone has good specs and will hopefully be released at a competitive price point. my Nexus 4 has similar specs to this so I’m in no rush to upgrade. If Motorola extends the level of customization beyond just the color of the phone (because I have to have a case) and lets customers chose the material it’s made from or a bigger battery (like in their MAXX series of phones) I may pick one up and give my Nexus 4 to my girlfriend, which I’ll add to T-Mobile’s awesome no contract plans!

  • Bobby Wright

    Damn it! come on t-mo!
    I will leave you if you don’t get this!.

  • AnthonyRyan89

    If T-Mobile gets this phone this will be my next phone for sure.

  • enigmaco

    I swear you spec snobs crack me up.

  • Kit Pogi

    wow..barely has any bezel.

  • Trysta

    Will we be able to purchase the Moto X from the Play store? I thought that was one of the original rumors at least? If so then that’s fine with me. T-mobile has to know they are the best major carrier for unlocked phones (especially from Google) because their plans don’t include subsidy, and Google maybe knows this too so maybe there is less incentive to make an official deal with T-mobile since using an unlocked Moto X on this network will be most popular anyway? Just a theory.

    • googlephone

      If the Moto X runs non-vanilla OS, it will never sell on play store.
      Maybe it will release a google edition but I doubt it since it is not a flagship device.

  • IceGreenT

    As long as the phone supports T-Mo’s 3G and LTE frequency I can just buy the phone and JUMP on BOARD right

    • Anthony


  • Tdo

    I hope Tmo picks this up. It might be the only way to get a stockish Android phone with wifi calling….

  • xestil

    im glad to see T Mobile getting new devices from motorola. ill drop verizon and jump on this jump program and moto x when its released