MetroPCS Customers Rejoice As GSM-Ready Variant Of The Samsung Galaxy S 4 Is Released

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A little break from the T-Mobile-centric world today as we highlight the release of the Galaxy S 4 on MetroPCS. The important piece of news here is that the MetroPCS Galaxy S 4 integrates a GSM/HSPA+/LTE radio designed for its parent company in T-Mobile. That’s great news for T-Mobile as the sooner the Magenta carrier can move MetroPCS customers off their existing CDMA network, the faster T-Mobile can put that spectrum to use for LTE.

MetroPCS says the launch of the “latest generation of the Samsung Galaxy-line of smartphones with the exceptional affordability of its unlimited rate plans…{provides} customers with access to a faster nationwide 4G network for one of the best wireless values in town.”

The Galaxy S 4 on MetroPCS is available in the select markets of Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Hartford, Las Vegas, New York, Philadelphia and San Francisco for $549 plus tax.

It’s clear that T-Mobile is moving swiftly to begin integrating GSM devices into the MetroPCS network. T-Mobile is counting on the oft-discussed high turnover rate of MetroPCS devices to help them quickly move customers off the carriers CDMA network. Perhaps then T-Mobile can follow through on its plans to expand MetroPCS into 15 more markets and become the no-contract brand on T-Mobile’s network many are expecting it to become.



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