MetroPCS Customers Rejoice As GSM-Ready Variant Of The Samsung Galaxy S 4 Is Released

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A little break from the T-Mobile-centric world today as we highlight the release of the Galaxy S 4 on MetroPCS. The important piece of news here is that the MetroPCS Galaxy S 4 integrates a GSM/HSPA+/LTE radio designed for its parent company in T-Mobile. That’s great news for T-Mobile as the sooner the Magenta carrier can move MetroPCS customers off their existing CDMA network, the faster T-Mobile can put that spectrum to use for LTE.

MetroPCS says the launch of the “latest generation of the Samsung Galaxy-line of smartphones with the exceptional affordability of its unlimited rate plans…{provides} customers with access to a faster nationwide 4G network for one of the best wireless values in town.”

The Galaxy S 4 on MetroPCS is available in the select markets of Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Hartford, Las Vegas, New York, Philadelphia and San Francisco for $549 plus tax.

It’s clear that T-Mobile is moving swiftly to begin integrating GSM devices into the MetroPCS network. T-Mobile is counting on the oft-discussed high turnover rate of MetroPCS devices to help them quickly move customers off the carriers CDMA network. Perhaps then T-Mobile can follow through on its plans to expand MetroPCS into 15 more markets and become the no-contract brand on T-Mobile’s network many are expecting it to become.



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  • S. Ali

    They should be selling the T-mobile variant.

    • noc007

      TMK they’re the same phone with the branding and bloatware being the only difference. Tmo wants to get everyone off of CDMA and on to their network. Once they do that, they can start reallocating spectrum and dealing with MetroPCS’s cell sites.

      • Baxter DeBerry

        Same exact phone, look at the LG L9, I was able to flash the metro kdz on a T-Mobile one and everything, and I mean everything works.., disabled the bloat and wham its already a lot better then T-Mobile’s stock kdz

    • ClausWillSeeYouNow

      You must be T-Mo1082’s roommate.

  • gto5830

    Wonder when Metro’s G3 will be updated for T-Mobile?

    • sincarafan247

      It won’t.

  • noc007

    So the MetroPCS branded S4 is $30 cheaper than the T-Mobile’s. Hopefully Tmo will drop the price on their branded handset as well.

    • Jose Hernandez

      I noticed that too. I understand T-Mobile selling their phones at full retail. But when things like this come up, I wonder why their cash price is always higher than others.

    • bozzykid

      I doubt they will. They are offering slight discounts on MPCS GSM phones to get people off CDMA. My guess is they will continue to do this for quite a while. Since the number of MPCS customers is lower, it isn’t that big of a loss.

  • Lagurl

    It says here the metro pcs s4 will be gsm/hspa does that mean it s quad band? AND Will metro finally offer roaming in other places like canada? right now they only work in mexico I remember when I had them 2 months ago EVERYONE told me it wouldnt work in mexico but I activated travel talk once I stepped in TJ and went all the way to guadalajara I was on DIGITAL roaming only calling worked no data and apparently it roamed on iusacell everytime I called 611 it said I was using iusacell.

    • Richard

      i dk if they will offer roaming in other places other than Mexico i also like u tought metro didn’t work in Mexico i have the s3 from metro when i was going to uruapan michoacan i flew out from TJ. i had bought a cheap att go phone flip phone from kmart.Put 200 bucks on it as i was in tj i had my metro s3 off and the att flip phone onby that time it was already roaming on telcel flew to uruapan forgot about my s3 till the next day i turned it on Got DIGITAL ROAMING and a triangle next to the signal made few test calls to the US and called local numbers it worked fine just no data was available since i only had 1X so i regretted buying the att go phone only advantage att has when roaming is that it gets 3G the go phone displayed 3G while metro only gets 1X but still works and since mexico has a huuge cdma network tru iusacell and unefon i will not be using an att go phone next time.

      • lzc753

        Wait a minute, that means metroPCS really works in Mexico?

        • Richard

          yes it does. Like i said i have the s3 from metro people told me it wasnt gonna work but u gotta activate travel talk i activated when i first got my s3 forgot i had activated it till i got to Mexico and turned it on it roamed fine in uruapan michoacan, morelia michoacan and apatzingan michoacan it worked fine since they have cdma coverage with iusacell and metro roams on iusacell so were ever iusacell has coverage in mexico metro will work and iusacell is like the verizon of mexico they offer cdma almost everywhere

  • Jay J. Blanco

    The rumors were right! Sweet!

  • T-Mo1082

    T-Mobile shouldn’t allow Metro PCS to carry the latest smart phones. Why have one company competing against the other on a almost level playing field. I know you have to pay full price up front for your phone at Metro but some Metro locations in DFW are offering financing now on phones through a third party company. The coverage map on Metro website seems good over all and for traveling. So if something isn’t different enough between the two companies people will just go to Metro in the markets its offered. I know it’s better for the customer but it just seems like bad business on T-Mobile’s part.

    • Richard

      Because either way, one company wins.

      • T-Mo1082

        One company still loses and that cost the combined company money. In the markets that have both brands they still need branded stores. Branded stores cost money to build, lease, stock, and staff. I’m not saying T-Mobile should give “1980” cell phones to Metro but the model down like S3 or 4s.

    • ClausWillSeeYouNow

      You’re absolutely right. T-Mobile should carry the S4 while MetroPCS is limited to 1980s-era carphones. That would be GREAT for business.

      There ought to be a law preventing Metro from having good phones.
      Write your Senator.

      • Trevnerdio

        He just said NOT 1980s phones, but ya know, say what you will.

    • BlackLighted

      They are two different parts of the same company, what difference does it really make??
      You’re still the customer, and T-Mobile USA is still the company that owns the network.

  • cjflores

    We have a lot of people here in south florida here that have metro in cdma…wonder what will happen when they all are forced to buy new phones? lmao

    • Nick Gonzalez

      T-Mo will more than likely have some kind of free phone or something for those Metro customers that don’t want to pay for a new phone when the big switch happens.

      • gto5830

        Sure hope so. I just bought my G3 in Dec. and really cant afford to upgrade or want to now. Would hope that some kind of credit towards Metro G3 is appied.

        • IRIE4IPIEIR

          I’m sure they will replace your current gs3 with a new gsm model completely free, it would be unethical and bad business practice to force customers to buy new phones. Doesn’t even make sense, you will be offered a device equal to the one you have now.

          For every person like you that just wants the same phone they already have, there are 70 more who want a better phone than the one they have for free, these people are annoying, they think something is owed to them, they have the dirt cheapest smartphone on their old network only to call up for their free replacement phone and bug and try to find a way to get a gs4, note 2 or iPhone, they don’t understand equal value. Feel sorry for csr’s dealing with these customers.

        • gto5830

          Thanks for the info. Do hope that you are right as that is all I want. I enjoy my G3 and is still new to me so would just like a even swap. Thanks again.


      When I worked for att call center several years ago, and they were in the process of converting Alltel customers, they offered phones of equal value free to the one the customer had. If they wanted a device that was more expensive than their current device, they had to pay and sign a contract, the iPod phone was not offered as a free device of course.

  • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

    love that case, do they make one for the Note 2?

    • g2a5b0e


  • Dakota

    so if you are in one of those cities, will the phone work on the T Mobile 4G network or on a slower metro network

    • BlackLighted

      That’s not a CDMA compatible phone at all, it’s the same GSM/HSPA/LTE SGH-M919 model that T-Mobile sells at it’s regular stores.

      It might still work on metro’s LTE, but not their CDMA 1x voice network.

      Essentially, this is T-Mobile saying they are done with selling new phones for Metro PCS’s old network, because they would be obsolete by 2015.

  • Chris

    So would my Metro PCS Galaxy s3 still work on T Mobile 4G network once they switch us over or not?

    • BlackLighted

      In the end, sorry, the answer is NO.

      Although the LTE data part will work across both carriers, and T-Mobile has said they won’t phase out the Metro CDMA voice network entirely until 2015, so you still have a few years to go.

      The MetroPCS Galaxy S3 variant is the SCH-R530 (you’ll see the part number on the label under the battery). It might be part of the FCC ID# A3LSCHR530.

      The T-Mobile Galaxy S3 equivalent to it that will work is the SGH-T999L, FCC ID# A3LSGHT999L.

      It’s completely different voice hardware, nothing updateable, unlockable, or software re-flashable about it, the phones aren’t compatible, CDMA vs. GSM/UMTS.

  • LOVE

    Los Angeles is a later market for METRO so LA probably wont start getting T Mobile METRO compatible phones until that the logic behind why Los Angeles isn’t on this list yet?
    Hurry up Metro

  • Tulio M. Mesa

    so my question is, will the Sg4 for Metro PCS work with my Tmobile Sim card with the 4G LTE? because if it does im buying it in metro lol, hopefully it doest have metro pcs bloatware

  • enkay1

    Can this use the Metro LTE network? Or is it T-Mobile LTE only?