T-Mobile Announces MetroPCS Customer Migration To T-Mobile Network Ahead Of Schedule


T-Mobile has just issued a press release indicating the migration of MetroPCS customer to T-Mobile’s nationwide 4G HSPA+ and LTE network is ahead of schedule.

Just six weeks after completing the combination of T-Mobile USA and MetroPCS, T-Mobile US, Inc. (NYSE: TMUS) today announced the migration of MetroPCS customers onto its 4G HSPA+ and LTE network is ahead of planned schedule. This migration will provide customers of both brands deeper LTE deployment and faster network performance – delivering on the benefits of the combined company.

T-Mobile’s CEO indicates that the process began the moment the NYSE bell struck on May 1st and the migration was “put into high gear and hit the gas.” With the introduction of T-Mobile GSM-based devices to MetroPCS customers earlier this week and more than 60% of MetroPCS customers upgrading their phones every year, T-Mobile expects the migration speed to continue.

T-Mobile did announce that two weeks after becoming one company, they were able to connect MetroPCS LTE handsets to T-Mobile’s LTE network in Las Vegas. Independent third-party tests showed that the company’s 4G LTE network showed an increase in LTE speed of nearly 50 percent. As T-Mobile and MetroPCS work together to bring their networks in sync, it’s clear that more and more customers will begin seeing the reward from the merger sooner than later. That’s good news for everyone.


Press Release:

Migration of MetroPCS Customers to Nationwide 4G HSPA+ and LTE Network Ahead of Schedule

Migration of MetroPCS Customers to Nationwide 4G HSPA+ and LTE Network Ahead of Schedule


First devices connecting to 4G HSPA+ and LTE network become available for MetroPCS customers, offering a consistently outstanding wireless experience

BELLEVUE, Wash. – June 14, 2013 – Just six weeks after completing the combination of T-Mobile USA and MetroPCS, T-Mobile US, Inc. (NYSE: TMUS) today announced the migration of MetroPCS customers onto its 4G HSPA+ and LTE network is ahead of planned schedule. This migration will provide customers of both brands deeper LTE deployment and faster network performance – delivering on the benefits of the combined company.

“The moment that NYSE bell rang on May 1, we put it into high gear and hit the gas,” said John Legere, president and chief executive officer of T-Mobile US, Inc. “We’ve already begun moving MetroPCS customers to our blazing-fast network. The best part is as they upgrade their phones, their wireless experience immediately gets better.”

The company is making HSPA+ and LTE compatible devices available to MetroPCS customers as well as allowing them to bring their own unlocked compatible HSPA+ or LTE phone, providing them the opportunity to upgrade to a powerful 4G network. With approximately 60 percent of MetroPCS customers upgrading their phones every year, it is expected that migration of customers will continue at a rapid pace. The company expects full customer migration to be complete by the end of 2015.

MetroPCS customers in Boston, Las Vegas and Hartford, Conn. can now purchase two new HSPA+ Android(TM)-powered cutting-edge smartphones running on a nationwide 4G network, the LG Optimus L9TM and Samsung Galaxy ExhibitTM. On June 17, MetroPCS will also make available a refreshed version of the Samsung Galaxy S® III, which will take advantage of 4G LTE in addition to a nationwide 4G HSPA+ network1.

Additionally, MetroPCS launched a “Bring Your Own Phone” program in these markets, as well as Dallas, giving customers the option to bring their own compatible unlocked phone to gain access to the 4G HSPA+ and LTE network.

Migrating MetroPCS customers will also benefit customers of T-Mobile. As customers leave the MetroPCS network, the freed up spectrum can then be added to the company’s growing 4G LTE network. Deploying the company’s spectrum on a single network provides a path to double its initial super-fast 4G LTE deployment (to 20+20 MHz of 4G LTE) in approximately 90 percent of the top 25 metro areas planned for 2014 and beyond.

Indeed, just two weeks after becoming one company, T-Mobile leveraged the compatibility of existing MetroPCS 4G LTE handsets and enabled them to connect to its 4G LTE network in Las Vegas. This allowed the company to combine MetroPCS’ 4G LTE spectrum with T-Mobile’s spectrum, doubling the LTE spectrum deployment in Las Vegas and dramatically increasing data speeds for both T-Mobile and MetroPCS customers with capable devices. As the company’s 4G LTE network expands to more cities, T-Mobile will continue to migrate MetroPCS customers with 4G LTE-capable handsets and leverage MetroPCS’ spectrum to deepen the combined company’s LTE coverage.

Independent third party tests of the company’s 4G LTE in Las Vegas conducted before and after the addition of MetroPCS spectrum show that its 4G LTE has the fastest average download speeds in the city, with an increase of nearly 50 percent.

 Coverage not available everywhere. Broad LTE coverage planned for 2013. Capable device and qualifying service required for 4G HSPA+ and LTE. LTE is a trademark of ETSI.

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  • RobotChupacabra

    The sooner everybody on Metro switches to an HSPA+/LTE device, the better.
    Here in NYC, T-Mobile LTE is 5×5. LTE is supposed to allow scaling with 1.4, 3, 5 and 10 MHz blocks, so even a 1.4 MHz block from Metro would help greatly.

  • noelsito

    I am genuinely happy for T-Mobile. 2013 is setting up 2014 to be our year to slay!

  • Turo

    Good news for those in the available markets and good news for the rest of us down the line as this is happening.
    Curiously, the handsets available cost quite a bit less on MetoPCS than if you bough them from T-Mo. The L9 is 140 on Metro vs 240 T-Mo. The Exhibit is 129 Metro vs 235 T-Mo.

    • VG

      I just saw this. TMo is offering Metro customers some very aggressive pricing on new phones in order to get them onto the TMo network. Question: if I purchase the L9 from Metro, will it work with a TMo SIM, or is the phone locked to the Metro SIM card?

      • Turo

        I wonder the same thing. For the sake of simplicity, it makes sense that it use a T-Mo SIM.

      • jose

        Yes you can install your T-Mobile sim into
        The LG l9 and it will work perfectly. It’s the exact same l9 that T-Mobile sells except it has metro pcs branding instead of a T-Mobile logo.

        • VG

          Did they modify Android on the Metro version of the L9 to include Metro-specific preinstalled apps? And delete the T-Mobile apps and T-Mobile WiFi calling?

        • landmarkcm

          I tried to buy one of the new phones in a corporate store & they wouldnt sell me the phone without also adding one of there plans which I did not want to do right now because I still have time on my current month with Tmobile monthly. Plus I would have to port and all that. Needless to say they kept stressing how they were separate companies. I didn’t like the metro vibes anyway. Think I should just stick with actual Tmobile brand & keep enjoying my unlocked lumia 620 im using..

  • Austin

    In the press release it says that MetroPCS will release a new GS3 on June 17, capable of LTE and HSPA…does this mean capable of Metro’s LTE network AND HSPA? Or just T-Mobile LTE and HSPA?

    • VG

      I’m guessing just T-Mobile LTE & HSPA, but can’t be certain.

      • Turtle6988

        Considering they want to get MetroPCS customers off of Metro’s CDMA network I would say it is T-Mobile Bands only. Also Metros spectrum will be moved over to T-Mobile Sites to increase band width. Metro Customers will have access to T-Mobile’s LTE network but not vise versa.

  • meridian1

    Its time for t-mobile to enter Telematics like Verizon didi by purchasing Hughes’s Telematics.
    T-mobile can do Great by purchasing Telogis a leader in Telematics all over the USA,UK,Canada,New Zealand,Brazil,Mexico and Germany thees are a lot of doors to T-mobile products as well.
    I smell millions $$$$$$$$$$$$$ do you T-mobile?
    Now get to work and Acquire Telogis.

  • GwapoAko

    I still want LTE on my iPhone 4$!!!!

    • RobotChupacabra

      iPhone 4 and 4S are not LTE phones. Not on T-Mobile or any other carrier.

  • domo

    So does it mean that I can now have reception where metro pcs has full bar whereas tmobile had none before? im a tmobile subscriber.

  • Luisito1414

    I just want to know if there is LTE in Bridgeport CT yet?!!!! I still have the old S3 but I don’t wish to purchase a new LTE phone if its not up yet in CT. Anyone have any insight on LTE anywhere in SW CT, not Hartford, over an hour away, thank you!

  • Ben Cunningham

    Do they know that when you “put it into high gear and hit the gas” you get very poor acceleration?

    • RobotChupacabra

      Yeah, but stable acceleration. No wheel spin, which I guess in cell terms would mean no signal dropouts. Ha.

  • Lauren

    So I’m having a slow moment here, chalk it up to a really nasty summer cold. Does this mean that Tmo customers will gain access to Metro PCS LTE areas? I live in one, and that would be rocking!

    • conservative_motorcyclist

      Yes. :D

  • jimmiekain

    Wait, isn’t this a bad thing? Doesn’t this mean a whole lot more people on the tmo network? Wont that make tmo slow and congested like ATT?

    • mgldan

      Maybe in the short term, but MetroPCS’s spectrum will certainly be used to broaden T-Mobile’s as the migration continues. T-Mo’s field engineers have been working like they’re on fire over the last few weeks.

    • RobotChupacabra

      Metro wasn’t exactly a behemoth. Remember that their AWS spectrum for LTE is being merged with T-Mobile’s AWS spectrum.

    • Dakota

      probably eventually – at least thats what Ive read in analyst reports. Even VZ still has only a minority percentage on LTE

    • Serge

      MetroPCS customers most likely will be eventually throttled like GoSmart Mobile. If you want full speed stay with T-Mobile.

  • WTF?!?

    I read this on Sprint’s facebook page: Someone posted:

    “OMG!!! Your service [Sprint’s] is outrageously priced!!”

    Nancy (Crazy Sprint Fan) replies: Nancy Brandes : Only if you are going to tmobile or prepaid then it is over prices. Not compared to the big box carriers. Plus sprint is unlimited with no throttling.

    …. is this lady serious? she’s literally saying T-Mobile is more expensive than Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint… what an idiot!!!

    • mgldan

      I think Nancy is actually saying that Sprint is overpriced relative to T-Mobile (with the assumption that T-Mobile’s service is inferior). She is saying Sprint is cheaper than Verizon and AT&T.

      I think anyone posting here agrees that Sprint’s value proposition is heavily in decline.

    • Dakota

      I just realized if Im getting an iPhone, Id probably be better off pricewise with ATT – With an IPhone and most people I know with iPhones , iMessage will give me free texting so I can go without the text package. 450 rollover minutes with free nights and weekends is more than I need and 3gb of data ends up being $70…That price on Tmobile (with the phone payment) is only 500mb of data (and not LTE yet)

      • conservative_motorcyclist

        you do realize that the 500MB plan is unlimited data, right? AT&T has a hard cap at 3GB, then it’s $10 per GB. Also, the iPhone 5 supports T-Mobile’s LTE network which is live in many places. T-mobile’s DC-HSPA+ network is twice as fast as AT&Ts HSPA+ Network.

        At $0.20 a text message without the text plan, things could get pricy fast for you…(you are charged when you receive or send)

    • Dakota

      well sprint gives you unlimite everything for $80 while Tmobile’s price would be $90 with the phone payment…Yes its not unlimited minutes but its more than enough for most people who are using it for personal uses. Now VZ is another story

      • moss

        That wouldn’t make it unlimited everything then would it….

      • mattinmo

        Unlimited everything on T-Mobile is $70 after phone paid off but sprint will still be $80 forever even if you don’t get another phone. plus no throttling and fast speeds on tmobile unlike sprints 4g that is like most 2g. And with T-Mobile you aren’t forced to buy your phone from them and can get an unlocked one anywhere unlike sprint.

    • jaxgrim

      Sprint doesn’t throttle because their network is already slow

    • Anthony

      You are reading this wrong…she is saying that Sprint’s pricing is overpriced ONLY if you are going to TMOBILE…meaning that TMOBILE is lower priced than Sprint…but Sprint is lower than ATT and Verizon

  • Brandon

    I switched from Verizon (after 5 years) to T-Mobile a few weeks ago and I’m happy I did. The price of my bill is about the same ($90), but instead of 500 shared minutes I get unlimited minutes, instead of 1000 texts I now get unlimited text. Unlimited data is still the same because I was grandfathered in, but my speeds are a hell of a lot better (700Kbps on Verizon’s 3G compared to 7-10 Mbps on T-Mobile’s HSPA(+) and soon to be on LTE!). I was also getting pissed that Verizon kept lying to me and telling me for 1.5 years that LTE would be “coming soon” to my area. Lying bastards.

    Almost every morning I hear a commercial for Sprint that advertises the Galaxy S2 for $150! Read that again in case you missed it. THE GALAXY S2 FOR $150! I put $150 down for my S4 on T-Mobile and it’s dropped down to $100 now.

  • plinytheelder

    Migration has begun in S. Florida/ Fort Lauderdale area. LG connect will not work on TMobile network so Metro PCS switched me to a Galaxy Avant. Cost half as much as my LG when new, but didn’t cost my anything.