T-Mobile’s iPhone 5 Sales Bumped Total iOS Market Share Up 3.5% Over Last Three Months

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A new report by research firm Kantar Worldpanel is noting that Apple’s iOS platform has bumped its market share up 3.5% in the latest three-month period ending in May 2013. All totaled, that’s not really shocking news, but for fans of T-Mobile what they are attributing this rise in market share to might be. So what are they attributing this rise in market-share to? Why the release of the iPhone 5 on T-Mobile of course.

Despite its mid-April release, Kantar says the iPhone 5 was the best-selling smartphone at T-Mobile for the three-month period ending in May. According to their research, the iPhone 5 accounted for 31% of T-Mobile’s total smartphone sales which helped give iOS a bump in market share overall.

Kantar Worldpanel insight director Dominic Sunnebo said:

iOS’ strength on T-Mobile appears to be the ability to attract first time smartphone buyers, upgrading from a featurephone. Of T-Mobile consumers who bought an iOS device since it launched on the carrier, 53% had previously owned a featurephone, well above the market average of 45% of iOS owners who previously owned a featurephone.

Kantar’s research also discovered that 28% of T-Mobile customers planning to change their mobile devices within the coming year are planning to switch to an iPhone.

Even with T-Mobile’s aid in bumping up total iOS market share, Android still maintains a clear lead in the US according to Kantar with 52% of the total market. Apple’s iOS platform follows in second at 41.9%, followed by Windows Phone at 4.6%. Poor BlackBerry, they weren’t even mentioned.

Depending on which research firm data you listen to today, Android and iOS have a duopoly that is responsible for either 91.2% based on comScore data or 93.9% based on Kantar’s data. The bottom line remains that Android and iOS have no close competition in the market and this is very much remains a two-horse race.



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  • TechHog

    “Depending on which research firm data you listen to today, Apple and iOS have a duopoly that is responsible for either 91.2% based on comScore data or 93.9% based on Kantar’s data.”

    Do you mean Android and iOS?

    • D’oh! You’re right, fixed!

  • Jeff Howard

    David, how do I send you a message with a photo? I’ve got a screen shot of lte in Savannah, GA

  • Im one of them…

  • Damian

    Proud Windows Phone owner here. Hopefully, WP will continue its rapid growth and we’ll soon have a three horse race with all three platforms flourishing! :)

    • Anonymous

      Windows Phone will NEVER take off. Windows Mobile is an old outdated platform. Android is the top spot and will remain that way as more sheep realize that Android is fully customizable along with more features than iOS or Windows will EVER have.

      • g2a5b0e

        What does Windows Mobile have to do with anything? Besides, even though Windows Phone has yet to gain any serious traction in the States. It’s doing very well across Europe.



        Check out the second link, especially. WP8 has seen serious gains in many European countries in only a short period.

      • D Velasquez

        Windows Mobile is not been supported anymore, you are probably talking about WP8 not Windows Mobile and if so have you even use it? i know many people on my job who have switched to WP from the iPhone and Blackberry, if business people is starting to notice this platform then there is a good chance for WP to gain more market share.

        Just because you don’t hear from a platform does not mean it sucks, your average joe does not care about hardcore customization all they care is that the phone works or why do you think iOS have a huge marketshare? you don’t see iOS users talking about themes, icons or modifying xmls to change the color of something and if anything you leave that to power users who understand the concept of modifying system files…iOS users have a straight forward platform which is solid and is doing what is supposed to do. WP does have a solid platform unfortunately Microsoft will have to do a lot more to get into a 3 horse race.

    • Whiskers

      Same here , i only wish more manufactures would build quality WP8 phones.
      The new HTC 8XT is a joke if that’s the only WP8 release for this year and that leaves you with Nokia for anything that’s considered a quality WP8 build.
      Hopefully HTC will listen to some of their customers and take the HTC ONE and put WP8 on it since it’s proven it can be done with a 1080 large screen phone.

  • Dakota

    Ironic for a company that used to say it didn’t need the iPhone. It really is amazing to me how popular this device is

    • bob90210

      It’s not ironic at all; it’s entirely expected. Companies praise the products they sell and ignores/ denigrates the products that they don’t sell. The only thing that’s changed for T-Mobile is the list of products they sell.

  • jehrler

    Has there been any word on the TMo call through your Internet connection capability coming to iOS?

    We are interested in switching from AT&T but would really like to be able to use that feature.

    • Trevnerdio

      You mean WiFi Calling? Or VoLTE? I’m guessing WiFi Calling.

      • jehrler

        You guessed correctly. Wifi calling on ios is what we are wondering about


    Every store in the Country sells mostly Android with Iphone going mostly to the very old and very young but anyone that knows technology will always choose Android.

    Go to any Carrier store and see what salesman are using for personal phone I would say about 98% carry an Android phone.

    • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

      Android phones are also cheaper, so I would say this is the largest factor.

    • macman37

      For the carrier(s) who currently don’t sell the iPhone and their subscribers, yes, Android phones will be their choice in the meantime until they officially get the iPhone. For most people who know technology well enough, they would know that any iOS device is still a better choice when it comes to a comparison with their competitors like Blackberry, Android, and/or Windows. Why?! Simply because you can run these other OS’es along side iOS or on another partition. iOS is able to run the current Windows through apps like Citrix; Blackberry is only another Unix OS that chooses to show off that they can run Android apps – remember the Blackberry Playbook? Apple can easily do this as well, but they like having competition around to beat up; it’s been already shown on various YouTube videos as well as cNet that iOS devices can run Android. Why Apple has chosen to not show off this capability more with something like BootCamp for iOS is because Unix and Linux (which is the OS line that Android is built off of) are too similar; Linux was made to be compatible with Unix from the beginning. So, it’s just a waste of used space for people who tried doing so! I’d really love to hear from anyone who’s dual booting their iOS devices with Android – heck, maybe we’ll hear about how it’s easier to get updates for their Android partition like on the Nexus phones. LOL!

    • Viper

      In my opinion, sales people are not the best metric for phone purchases. It depends on use but I’ve known Android users to be ass-broke to being highly tech-literate. iPhone users range from people who can barely afford the device or know just enough to turn it on to government and corporate users. it really runs the gamut but sales people are usually a bad demographic for people who are highly literate on mobile technology. More often than not, they will be a price sensitive group so of course they will have Androids.

      • Adrayven

        With Free iPhone 4, Nearly free iPHone 4S.. and now iPhone 5 going for less than $130, I think price is not really an issue when comparing iOS and Android.. they both run the full price range now. The ‘cheep’ Android phone is an OLD argument from a few years ago. Just not valid now.

        Subsidized carriers of course.. T-Mobile doesn’t really have much access to the lower end phones yet. iPhone 4, but thats only in select markets. I think the low cost iPhone will fill that gap this fall.


        A High end Android is priced comparable to Newer Iphone and one should never go with a low end Android .

    • spritemoney

      I know a lot about phones but I prefer the iPhone over Android.

    • bob90210

      Quick life lesson: Buy what you want or need not what salespeople are trying to sell you.

    • steveb944

      As much as I would love for this to be true, it’s not. You can’t stereotype device choices to age nor tech saviness. There are people that like a simple easy to use device, while we prefer an intricate and full featured device.

      On the other hand, never trust sales people. I would have returned my brand new Nexus 4 when I went in to get a new Sim when the device had just released.

      I’m in sales, and what they care about is $$$. An Android may be their only purchase option, best deal, or best commission. We’ll never know.

      • tmorepguy

        Most reps could care less which phone you buy when you come into a tmo store. We don’t get paid different based on phones. Its all about features. Now that being said everyone has their favorites and will push that to customers.

      • T-Mo1082

        I know a few At&t stores that the commission on the iPhone pays very little like under $5 but other phones pay $5-$15. I was told that the reason the commission on the iPhone is so little compared to other phones is that Apple sells the phones at whole sell price thats almost the cost of retail. But say the Galaxy S4 can be a $70 to $100 dollar mark up on the phone.

  • T-Mo1082

    Now hopefully the iPad will come to T-Mobile soon.

    • RedGeminiPA

      I think you mean AWS support. All GSM iPads are sold unlocked. The “AT&T” version will work with T-Mobile’s LTE.

  • Zac

    Can anyone estimate for me how many iPhones T-Mobile has sold since launch?