Google’s Play Store Stops Sales Of White Nexus 4, Still Available At T-Mobile

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Making the rounds over the holiday was a story that caught at least a few by surprise as Google stops sales of the white Nexus 4. A Google spokesperson confirmed to Engadget that the device has sold out and won’t be carried again as it was a limited edition release. T-Mobile customers can still take comfort in the knowledge that the color variant is still available from their carrier.

We want to believe that a new Nexus model is not that far off though the lack of availability for this particular color scheme is hardly an indicator of that.

The Nexus 4 white is available from T-Mobile for $19.99 down and 24 monthly payments of $17. Full price will run you $427.99 which is still well above the $349 price tag previously found on Google’s Play Store.

Google Play via Engadget


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  • Ronnie Miller

    Glad I got it for my brother couple of weeks ago. Bought the 8GB and not the 16Gb. Why need all that extra space and the extra $50 when there’s the Cloud?

    • Guest

      Depends on how you use the phone, if you’re a bump on a log and never travel then sure, Cloud is a great option.
      When you travel around the country for work and sometimes don’t get service, it’s great to have the extra space for movies/playlists for entertainment.
      Coming from a G-Nex owner and someone that considered a N4, this will probably be my last device with no expandable memory, and removeable battery will be a must for my next device.
      I like the Cloud as an Option, not a necessity when it comes to my device.
      That said, I thought the White N4 looked gross with the black front.

      • Luis Espinal

        I was kinda shocked that the bezel is Black on a WHITE phone! I got used to it after a few days, now I’m over it, it’s still a sleek looking phone, and with my cover from Rearth, which includes a back clear cover, I love my phone even moreso~!

      • tristan

        You will be seriously limited to a few devices if you need a removable battery. As for space, the need for more than 5gb space on a phone is lack of knowing how to deal with the resources at hand. If you travel enjoy your trip :)

    • Luis Espinal

      Cloud Rules! Well atleast til there isn’t any service, but I still lUV IT~

  • kalel33

    David, Google stated that the white Nexus was going to be a limited manufacturing run so all they did was just make so many and waited for the stock to be sold.

  • JBrowne1012

    Hey David also worth mentioning is that if you buy from T-mobile they will throw in the wireless charger free

  • JBrowne1012

    Worth Noting is that the wireless charger is free from t-mobile

    • Garo.j

      Excellent point.@ JB

  • Garo.j

    I think the white n4 is one of the better looking device’s in 2013

    • Luis Espinal

      I agree I love my white Nexus 4, bought it from Google Play. I Love Magenta but I just don’t see the point in buying a 16gb for 428.00 w/ a free wireless charger, aren’t they just charging you for the charger anyway? The price is lower at the Google Play store! I purchased the 8GB. I’ve changed from the SD cards to Cloud Storage, in my life it has been more convenient. I’ve signed up for so many free cloud sites and use the apps to stream my content when I feel like it instead, im up to 50GB worh of free storage from 5 diferent apps, I think It’s worked for me!

      • Geek Man

        I assume you have unlimited data which is; not everyone have this. And even if most have unlimited data if there is no signal or if the bandwidth is slow, it is pretty much useless.

        Also, when you go camping, travel in a train, bus or airplane and we all know this is the time when we really want to stream music or videos but you can’t because you have no internet.

        Cloud Storage != Local Storage

        Cloud storage is more useful as an offsite backup.

  • Jody Smith

    The camera and reception on this phone suck. Thank you LG! This phone loves camping on 2G and the camera takes the grainiest bluriest pictures. Definitely not worthy of the year 2013.

    Unless you are broke there are way better options to spend your hard earned money on.

    This is the kind of phone you can recommend to your friends who use Metro PCS but for everyone else the GS4, HTC One or iPhone 5 blow this phone out of the water.

    • Jbrizzy

      I completely agree with you , especially about the camera issue. While I love my N4 , the camera was very disappointing, especially for an 8mpg camera. My camera on my old Samsung gravity smart took clearer pictures and that’s a damn shame. The camera is decent if you use the instagram camera though.