Windows Phone Overtakes BlackBerry Marketshare As Samsung Dominates Android Profits Once Again

windows-phone-8-launchOh how the mighty have fallen as another piece of bad news surfaces for the BlackBerry crowd as new figures suggest the once giant smartphone OS has dropped to fourth in global shipments. There’s no question that Android at 75% and iOS at 17.3% of the total global smartphone market in the first quarter 2013 have the clear lead. Still, Microsoft saw an increase of 133.3-percent over the last 12 months to hit 3.2-percent globally. Everyone who rebuffed those predictions that BlackBerry wouldn’t fall to Microsoft’s OS  should take note of just how far BlackBerry has fallen

Unfortunately for BlackBerry they have declined 35.1% year-over-year, dropping to 2.9% overall. BlackBerry maintains a firm lead over fifth place OS in Linux, but its clear that BlackBerry 10 has to really rock the boat to give BlackBerry any kind of boost in the market.

Windows Phone shipped 7 million total units in the first quarter of this year with Nokia shipping 5.6 million of those. It’s clear that Nokia is far and away the most popular vendor for Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform. Analysts predict that Nokia could match total Windows Phone Q1 sales in the second quarter with another 7 million handsets sold.

It should come as no surprise that Samsung dominates Android with 41.1 percent of the marketshare of smartphones. Combine that with reports that Samsung makes up 95% of the total Android sales profit and its clear once again that no other Android OEM comes close to the Samsung juggernaut. Only LG, with $119 million mobile profit stands out with 2.5% of total Android profit. That leaves HTC, Sony, ZTE and other lesser known Android OEMs in the “other category” at 2.7%.

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