Windows Phone Overtakes BlackBerry Marketshare As Samsung Dominates Android Profits Once Again

windows-phone-8-launchOh how the mighty have fallen as another piece of bad news surfaces for the BlackBerry crowd as new figures suggest the once giant smartphone OS has dropped to fourth in global shipments. There’s no question that Android at 75% and iOS at 17.3% of the total global smartphone market in the first quarter 2013 have the clear lead. Still, Microsoft saw an increase of 133.3-percent over the last 12 months to hit 3.2-percent globally. Everyone who rebuffed those predictions that BlackBerry wouldn’t fall to Microsoft’s OS  should take note of just how far BlackBerry has fallen

Unfortunately for BlackBerry they have declined 35.1% year-over-year, dropping to 2.9% overall. BlackBerry maintains a firm lead over fifth place OS in Linux, but its clear that BlackBerry 10 has to really rock the boat to give BlackBerry any kind of boost in the market.

Windows Phone shipped 7 million total units in the first quarter of this year with Nokia shipping 5.6 million of those. It’s clear that Nokia is far and away the most popular vendor for Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform. Analysts predict that Nokia could match total Windows Phone Q1 sales in the second quarter with another 7 million handsets sold.

It should come as no surprise that Samsung dominates Android with 41.1 percent of the marketshare of smartphones. Combine that with reports that Samsung makes up 95% of the total Android sales profit and its clear once again that no other Android OEM comes close to the Samsung juggernaut. Only LG, with $119 million mobile profit stands out with 2.5% of total Android profit. That leaves HTC, Sony, ZTE and other lesser known Android OEMs in the “other category” at 2.7%.

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  • VG

    The BlackBerry Z10 came out very late in the quarter, and BlackBerry fans are probably waiting for the physical QWERTY Q10. This snapshot might just be a blip … I’d be interested to see the 2013 Q3 numbers.

    • thepanttherlady

      I returned my BB Z10. Really tried hard to like it but they still have work to do. :(

      • superg05

        what was wrong with it what did you not get out of it that you where expecting?

        • thepanttherlady

          First device had random rebooting issues like the LG G2X did. I swapped it out with a new Z10 and that cured that problem.

          1. Every email (gmail) came through as individual emails. Waking up to 100+ emails to read through was no fun. Every other device I’ve ever used has unread emails in a “thread” making it much easier to manage.

          2. Scrolling on certain websites was a nightmare. I would scroll up or down and the screen would turn black or white until it “caught up” with what I was doing. It didn’t matter if I scrolled slowly or quickly. Typing in some websites (mainly here) was horrendous. I could type “That’s what” and have it actually type That’s That’s That’s That’s That’s. When it didn’t do that, sometimes it would just take forever to even type and that was when I slowed down and typed one word, waited for it to appear then continue in this manner for each word.

          3. Camera wasn’t very good at all. Terrible trying to get it to auto-focus. I did enjoy the little tricks of the camera but I take a lot of pictures of my nails (I do my own manicures) and it’s important to me that the camera can focus on them close up.

          4. Battery life was not good at all. Coming from a Note 2, I probably had higher expectations than I should have on this issue. I will say; however, that I traded this phone for the LG Nexus 4 while I waited for the Sony Xperia Z and talk about highly disappointing battery life. :(

          5. Apps…..where are they? At least the main ones most people use. The apps I enjoy just weren’t there. This was a big disappointment because I truly was expecting by the time we got this release that things would have improved in this area.

          I know there were other things that added to my dislike but can’t think of them right at this moment. I think BB has come a long way since the Storm 2 (which I liked at that time) but I don’t feel they’re where they need to be to have a fighting chance today. Le’sigh

        • David

          I won’t reply to everything you wrote because much of it is preference, like the camera which shoots much better shots than my S3 did. But as someone who loves his Z10 I will correct one thing, the email thread or single is a setting you choose under options in your email. It can do either on the Z10. It’s also without a doubt the best browser I’ve ever used on a phone so I’m not sure what was going on with your scrolling. The main thing is you got something else you like. Cheers.

        • thepanttherlady

          And THAT is why I love T-Mobile. I can buy to my hearts content until I find something that suits my needs. So happy Magenta is finally starting to offer a great range of devices. :)

        • 21stNow

          Wow, pantherlady! I had 15 items on my list of things that I didn’t like about BlackBerry and the Z10, and there is very little overlap in our lists. We both had the rebooting problem, but my battery life was fine. Are you saying that you have bad battery life on your Nexus 4, too? Do you live in a weak signal area? My Nexus 4 has awesome battery life.

          Out of my 15 things, three were defects and had make/break status. Two were items that I thought that BlackBerry should have done better with in the OS. The other 10 were preferences.

        • thepanttherlady

          I didn’t have 15 on my original list but had more than I posted above. I’m 2 phones later and just didn’t care to recall the bad experience. LOL

          Bad battery life on the Nexus 4? It is HORRENDOUS! My commute via public transportation is 1.5 hours. I couldn’t watch a movie on Netflix if I wanted to make sure the battery didn’t hit the red zone and potentially die on me before I got home. Games were out as well. I think it’s the only phone I’ve EVER owned that I couldn’t do what I wanted without thought to my battery dying. I knew I’d bought it specifically to be a back up phone so I lived with it. Now, it’s boxed up all snug as a bug in my closet. :)

        • 21stNow

          OK we use our phones differently, so that would explain the vast difference in our assessments.

      • just me

        Seems like I talk to people every day that say the same thing. Frustration with moving personal data over, BIS integration non-existent, etc. Blackberry really messed up methinks. I’ve even had people call in just for help with moving back to their bbos7 device because bb10 didn’t have some features they needed…

  • 21stNow

    I know that using a Z10 made me appreciate Windows Phone more. Congrats to Microsoft and Nokia.

  • sahib102 .

    congratz to MS and nokia but mostly nokia for their hard work to gain 3% market share :) who knows maybe if more peeps get on board with windows phone and more apps come who says they cant go after 2nd place…wishfull thinking now but its a fun thing to think about ;)

  • superg05

    they just need to advertise

    • Quan Bui

      It’s a case of “too little, too late.”

  • only businesses really care about BlackBerry anymore .. yeah you can find some enthusiasts here and there but for the most part, the consumer has moved on .. BB10 won’t matter either. there’s something to be said when people choose even a Windows Phone over it.

    • Baxter DeBerry

      blackberry’s are cool but the lack of apps is killing it, plus no one knows how the company will keep going for the next year or more.. its uncertainty that keeps people from buying..

    • WW

      The businesses have historically been the most lucrative market. There was a time when vendors basically gouged businesses because they had money to throw away (less than the government but still). These days, businesses are looking for any way to shave expenses. Vendors can’t pull that crap as well as they used to.

      For BB, they don’t really need BES’s any more. There are more cost efficient ways to handle secure e-mail these days.

  • kev2684

    LG got $100m+?? aren’t they the 2nd most popular Android manufacturer? the gap is too wide from Sammy’s $5.1b…

  • Luigi

    Finally Windows Phone receives the credit that it deserves. Is WP8 the perfect OS for smartphone? Of course not, it has a long way to go and many updates to come. Frankly I like competition: having 3-4 top players in the smartphone ecosystem is a huge victory for consumers. So WP8-BB10 show what you got to the big iOS-Android cats: Prices will stay low and features will fly high.

  • Brian Bloom

    Samsung to Microsoft: “You sold 7 million phones in the first quarter? How … quaint. We sold that many last week.” ;)

    • Ordeith

      Microsoft to Samsung: Really? we look forward to receiving that royalty check.

      • Baxter DeBerry

        haha no kidden!

  • hasopinions

    Windows 8 Phone is awesome. I bet it’ll be at 10% share in another year. People just don’t know how well it works and how well it integrates with Windows 8 desktop. If MS can fix many of the frustrations with the Windows 8.1 patch, W8 phone will only get even stronger.