T-Mobile’s LTE Network Speeds Off To Great Start In New TechHive Survey, RootMetrics Report

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The combination of T-Mobile’s 4G HSPA+ and LTE networks showed up strong in a new TechHive national survey of the nations four largest networks. T-Mobile’s LTE network is still in its infancy with only seven “confirmed” cities: Baltimore, Houston, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Jose and Washington D.C. Of course we’ve already seen plenty of LTE coverage start to light up in cities like New York, Minneapolis, Los Angeles and Detroit, but only seven cities are officially live. T-Mobile’s network remains on track for 100 million POPs covered by the end of summer and 200 million covered by years end.

For the purposes of their study, both the HSPA+ and LTE networks (where available) were accepted as “4G.” Given that, T-Mobile’s average download speed of about 9Mbps in 20 test cities placed it as a second place finisher tied with Verizon.

Average upload speeds were a different matter as T-Mobile placed lowest among the four carriers at 2.65Mbps. Latency was another tough finish for T-Mobile at 124 milliseconds average, though that’s still responsive enough to use real-time data services.

Things get a little better when the tests are focused solely on T-Mobile’s LTE network with 653 speed tests performed in the seven cities T-Mobile’s LTE network is live. The LTE network clicked an average of 14.94Mbps on the download side and 6.86Mbps on the upload. Latency was vastly improved at 54 milliseconds, which may be a sign of a limited number of devices running on the network.

According to the survey, T-Mobile’s fastest cities are San Francisco and San Jose, with Phoenix hanging right up at the top.

Still, things for T-Mobile customers are far better than Sprint customers can brag about. Sprint’s average download speed was less than half the speed of T-Mobile’s third-place finish and a third of winner AT&T’s average download speed.

The TechHive survey speed test results come at a time when T-Mobile’s LTE network is chugging along to keep up with the influx of CTIA attendees in Las Vegas. According to RootMetrics, T-Mobile’s LTE network is averaging download speeds of 12.5Mbps and keeping pace with Verizon’s LTE network. By comparison Verizon is showing average download speeds of 13.9Mbps against AT&T’s 18.7Mbps.

“T-Mobile’s 12.5 Mbps LTE-only average download speed ran almost neck-and-neck with Verizon’s Las Vegas LTE network,” writes Patrick Linder, communications manager at RootMetrics, in a special report. “In other words, the nation’s youngest LTE network performed nearly as well as the nation’s most mature LTE network in our Las Vegas average download speed tests.”

For the full 20 city breakdown or closer look at T-Mobile’s Las Vegas LTE network hit the links below.

TechHive, RootMetrics

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  • Will

    Latency is a problem for video calling. T-Mobile really needs to work on it.

  • JustAsking

    how much more spectrum does AT&T have over T-Mobile? Do GSM carriers naturally have faster LTE speeds than CDMA carriers?

    • rob

      On the GSM part of your question, the answer is Yes.

      • princedannyb

        Even CDMA carriers use GSM for LTE. Verizon speeds look good, but Sprint’s are slow. When T-mo upgrades to LTE advanced it will be the fastest.

  • notme96

    I have 2 things to say:
    1) Look at them Sprint scores, or the lack thereof. Just over 6Mbps up but just over 2Mbps down, and only 1 of the 3 markets tested in. That goes to show that their LTE network is going to be as bad as their current 3G.
    2) T-Mo is claiming that their “pipes are not clogged” compared to At&t, but by the looks of it from the above tests, of the 2 carriers it’s T-Mobile that has the clogged pipes (based on the latency).

    • Ashley

      The article addresses the issue somewhat as hspa+ has higher latency and was used in much of the testing.

      • Ashley

        And by that I mean hspa+ has higher latency as a technology (regardless of carrier) when compared to LTE.

  • bikeryder007

    Nice for those cities, but I am more concerned that I am still on Edge at my house.

    • PiCASSiMO

      Where are you located? I’ve got 3G/HSPA at my house… but my commute goes down to EDGE and even NO SERVICE. This is just north of O’Hare airport.

      • bisayan

        are u in north suburbs of ohare? schumburg area?

        • PiCASSiMO

          Live in Mount Prospect, near Milwaukee Rd.

          Drive on Wolf and Mount Prospect roads daily to work in Bensenville, get those EDGE and NO SERVICE spots.

          Sadly, even Randhurst Mall, where T-Mobile has a retail store, I got EDGE and sometimes NO SERVICE from my Nexus 4.

      • bikeryder007

        Ha, I live near the SC/NC border. I have HSPA in town and a lot of the time, but I have the dreaded Edge at my house. IMO, I am not as concerned about the speed difference between HSPA and LTE, I would like see more areas move from E to HSPA first.

        • James

          Agreed. Im prob not that far away from you (I’m in NC.. north of Charlotte)
          I’m on GPRS lol.. here at home there are 6 GPRS towers in this rural area.. unbelievable. I’m not complaining really (though i should be) as I’m on Wifi at home all the time, and do get HSPA when I am away from home most of the time.

          Still though, mid-2013 and GPRS? eek.

          Also, I should mention I am not paying anywhere near the premium price for a premium service you’d expect.. Just $30 on the prepaid plan.. I pay whenever im gonna use it for the month.

        • Fortunately I’m in Charlotte. Strong 4G 20 down/3 up at my house but yeah I know what you mean. Once this LTE rollout is done they need to work on getting HSPA at least along the interstates. When I drive from Charlotte to Raleigh I still get Edge in some spots.

        • PiCASSiMO

          Yup… I would prefer them focus on the EDGE spots and fill them up with at least HSPA (3G) or even HSPA+ (4G).

      • nnn

        ive had good service, no 2g, around ohare

  • i don’t understand anyone on Sprint lol .. it easily has to be the worst of the four right?

    • kev2684

      me neither lol

    • Jay J. Blanco

      Agreed I laugh at them!

    • mgldan

      It’s not just that it’s the worst, but that it’s totally inadequate for anything you’d want a smartphone for. Streaming video? Remote desktop? Downloading apps, podcasts?

    • WW

      Yeah, I feel sorry for Sprint the company and their customers.

      They can’t beat T-Mobile on price and can’t beat anyone on speed.

      Maybe their coverage is better than T-Mobiles and that along with their also truly unlimited data may make them a good value choice vs T-Mobile.

  • rob

    Seattle, home and headquarters location of T-Mobile USA has some of the lowest data speeds? impossibruuuuuuuu!

    • razmid

      just ran a speedtest in Seattle – 19 down, 17 up, 24ms ping

    • terminateATT

      The Seattle test was T-mo’s hspa+ not LTE. When T-mo gets LTE advanced it will me the fastest.

      • terminateATT

        I ment be the fastest. lol

        • jimmychulo

          *meant ;P

      • Verizonthunder

        I would not worry at all about updating to LTE advanced until they upgrade all their tower’s to at least HSPA+ which sadly has not been a good progress so far.

    • yasuya

      They haven’t launched LTE here yet. Seattle metro also wasn’t one of the very first to get HSPA + I think Tmo trys not to play favorites that way and instead tries to cater to their largest subscribed cities first along with places that are easy to deploy. and then hits their home turf in the 2nd or 3rd round of launches.

  • Zacamandapio

    But for half the price I should get half the speed and half the coverage which I don’t. I think I’ll stay with tmo for a while then.

  • yasuya

    I think it’s silly to use the cities selected if you’re just comparing LTE speeds among these carriers since t-mobile hasn’t launched LTE in Seattle yet.

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    I am getting about the same speeds with Nexus 4 HSPA+ in San Jose…I was thinking about getting S4 since I have only had Nexus 4 for 3 days. I think I will keep the Nexus for now and enjoy pure Google and quick upgrades for now. I am getting any where between 5 to 20 Mbps download and 1 to 3 Mbps upload..

    • yasuya

      you realize they’re launching a stock experience SGS4 right? I mean if that’s the only thing keeping you on nexus vs SGS4, I can think of a number of advantages to the SGS4 (removable battery, sd card slot, more gadgets (internal / environmental sensors)) nothing against the nexus 4.. Im just saying.

      • HeLLkAt31

        There’s a few things against it. Like the ugly shape of the phone. The cheap looking plastic on it. And nothing against plastic but other companies design plastic to look premium. And don’t forget the price tag of $649.00.

      • JaswinderSinghJammu

        I do see your point but I am still thinking abt spending another couple $200 on the phone. I do see the advantages. Depending on if they want to charge me $50 restocking fee..

  • Having 50+ is cool, but not really needed. Don’t get me wrong, lol, I’ll take it. But it’s not needed. But again, it’s more than welcomed. Thanks TMo, now hook up the ATX and I will REALLY be happy lol.

  • Anonymous

    As a CSR rep I score highly on a monthly basis in customer satisfaction surveys.. But it’s REALLY hard to do so.. We are under so much stress for all sorts of numbers.. Sales , customer call backs, surveys, commitment to schedule, transfer %, supervisor scores and more.. Can you imagine being fussed at about your numbers all day by your bosses and also speaking with 70+ customers a day, many who want unbelievable requests and are mad? If you get two poor surveys in a month your not meeting company goals? If your not In the industry you have no idea how hard this is to accomplish. A customer calls in because they have roaming fees from their vacation in Mexico and we can’t waive those valid fees, that customer gets a survey and what score do they rate you? A 1.0. That kills the rep for the month and creates a huge stress environment that’s not fun to work for.. I somehow manage to be a top performing rep over and over but it’s extremely difficult, very very stressful a d your average employee just isn’t capable of doing this on a day to day basis.. I repeat a call center job is beyond more stressful than you could Ever imagine….
    All In all, I love t-mobile and I take pride in the work and customer satisfaction I provide.

    • Anonymous

      This totally went to the wrong thread -_-

    • PiCASSiMO

      Nice to hear some feedback from your end…

  • Scottyb112

    Come on now, Im with Verizon, and everywhere i go I average much higher than these figures. At my house I average between 35-55 mbps down and between 15-22 mbps up.

    With highs of over 60-mbps on the download.

    • ImmaDroid

      Yea pretty much the same here. I average in the 30 to 40’s normally, with higher speeds in the 50’s. Shoot, its faster than my home internet.

      • Scottyb112

        Yea and even when I go to other towns I still get pretty decent speeds. In my house with 3bars i can get close 60Mbps

    • Kahlayoh

      you forgot to state your place of residence or where you are achieving those speeds

      • Scottyb112

        Im in Coastal South Carolina, right by Myrtle Beach SC. But have done plenty of speedtests up and down the east coast during traveling. From NJ, to Florida. Understandably the ones used in this article are 3 west coast cities, but still, in my real life, I’ve achieved much higher speeds.

        I would post screenshots of recent speedtests, but I don’t see an option to ad pics

        • yolanda

          well honey youare LUCKY over here in losAngeles California verizon used to get the speeds u claim u are still getting . Becauseright now it slowed down alot over here average speed for Verizon is 5-6 up and 1 -2 up those are with full bars of LTE on my droid razr maxx i kno i aint the only one i know ALOT of people on Verizon getting the same speed . I want to switch to AT&T my sister got an s4 with them and she gets 10-20 dwn ,9-11 up on lte and when she turned of lte she did a speed test on atts hspa fake 4G wateva u wanna call it she got 9-12 dwn -1-2 up same i get on VERIZON lte so yea it sucks maybe ill switch to att maybe not lol

        • Scottyb112

          Im lucky now, but only recently got LTE by my house. I waited a long time!
          Well I guess the networks are getting to congested over there now. Obviously with more people using it, the slower it gets. Verizon will be deploying new “small Cells” this year in bigger cities like LA, to help with that congestion and slower speeds. basically they are small cell towers that will help get better service, and speed it up some more. they are also doing another phase of their LTE network which will strengthen it even more, and some areas will get close to 100mbps. I spoke to a person who builds the LTE network for VZW, and he verified it. All the other networks will soon get congested as well. AT&T will slow down when more people start using it, smae with Tmo, and sprint.

        • yolanda

          i hope so cuz sometimes it gets REALLY bad less than 1 mbps down and up last time i couldnt even upload 3 pics to fb it kept on timing out and i had 4 bars of lte. I just hope they do something cuz apparently att network can handle more cuz theygot lte here in LA nov 2010 if imnot mistaken and im sure alot of people are on it and from what i seen from the few times i borrowed my sister s phone att lte works much better in LA.

        • Scottyb112

          Wow that does suck… Hopefully it gets better for you, Im sure LA would be one of the first to get the new small cells, and new bumps in speeds. But i’m sure when you first started using Verizon LTE the speeds were much higher. I remember people posting speedtest pics from LA and they were pretty good. Now Verizon only sells 4G phones, so just think how many people are on your tower everyday!

          I hope T-mobile expands their network and adds more LTE phones to their lineup, because they are good and cheap service. Verizon is expensive, but they do have great customer service and coverage. As for AT&T LTE network by you, Im sure they dont have half the amount of customers using LTE as Verizon does yet, because they only have had a few LTE phones. They only launched LTE in LA in Jan 2012, and expanded it more in LA December 2012. I guess just wait out your contract, and make a good decision after that as to what to do. Before you know it 5G or whatever will be out, and speeds will be insanely fast! No more worries.

    • Jeff Martinez

      Good for you but if you don’t live in any of those places that’s listed above you don’t know squat. Every city is different.

      • Scottyb112

        I don’t know squat? Obviously you don’t, cause if you can read, you would see Im speaking about places that I travel to, and where I live. I never said I get higher speeds than you when im in San Jose. So quit your whining, negative nancy. Sorry you have slow speeds, but that’s not my problem, its yours!

        • Jeff Martinez

          Your original comment never claimed you traveled to those areas. *shaking head* But If you stated that before Hand than my bad.

    • Tony

      Yeah whatever. You are so full of it.

    • sok

      Amazing speeds! But i’m going to stick with my 60$ bill. Have fun with your 200$+ bill buddy.

      • Scottyb112

        Yea T-mobile has better prices. But I pay more like $150 for 2 phones, + I have unlimited data.. I’ll pay the extra $15-$30 a month for better service & better speeds. That’s why I do. At least I get what i pay for, which is fun!

        • superg05

          why are you even here to troll?, look down on others that use a service not as good as yours?, bored?

        • Scottyb112

          No for your information, I like Tmobile. Where do you see me trolling, or saying anything negative about Tmo or anyone, until someone was negative to me. I like Tmobile, hence why I follow TmoNews. Because I stuck up for Verizon, and i actually have good data speeds that makes me a troll?? get it right man before you start making assumptions

    • You’re outside the norm. When I had Verizon LTE on my iPhone 5 I could only get 1 bar in my house and speeds around 5mbps down. Highest I ever saw period was 32mbps down 15mbps up. Then I would say on average things were around 17-22 down, 8-12 up. I notice Verizon was slower in smaller cities than the larger ones. Maybe it was congestion.

      Depends on your area. I’m in Charlotte, NC.

      • Scottyb112

        Yea well granted you’re in a busier area than me, most of the year anyways. I live just south of Myrtle Beach, SC now, winter is slow here. But during tourist season, which is April through September. There is like 1000% more people here. But when i go back home to Jersey/NYC.(Busy Area) It’s usually between 15-30 average.

        I know in Charleston, SC (which is a Semi busy city) I used to get 50-60Mbps alot, now it’s slowed down to 20-30’s most places. If i can always have a consistent, 20-30, and over 10 upload, I’d be happy with that.

        • No doubt Verizon has the best network easily. If they still offered unlimited data I would have stayed with them. Even at 15mbps down, LTE was good. Money wasn’t that big of deal to me as I’m willing to pay for great service, it’s just that their share plans are no good for those who like to use data. Sometimes I use over 10gbs per month and the costs for that on those new plans is absolutely ridiculous.

        • Scottyb112

          Luckily my town is a smaller beach town, with not many permanat residents. And the tower nearist to my house is the last one for a couple miles, because of a big park. So i think they gave mine some extra juice to make it across the park. but it took mine the longest to get LTE..
          I know what you mean, I had to use my last upgrade on the Galaxy S3 to keep my unlimited data plan right before the share plans came out. Plus I have a discount on data where it only cost me $19.99 for unlimited. Just sucks that I cant use anymore upgrades. But supposedly they are implementing the monthly phone finance, for full retail phones. That may help keep unlimited data and get a new phone.
          I almost switched away from VZW a couple years ago, but everyone else has crappy service here.

  • Jeff Martinez

    Here in Mesa AZ, last time I checked my moms Tmo Note 2, speed test clocked in at 29 something download and 18 on the upload. My brother In laws iPhone 5 was pretty much the same when he checked it. This was only several days ago. My Nexus 4 tops out at 17 Mbps and 3.02 on the upload.

    • SnowBabie

      Is this T-mobile you’re talking about? I have T-mobile, and I have such bad service everywhere :( It says I’m in a 4G area, but it always says 2G on my phone. If it doesn’t get better soon I’m switching to someone else. Even calls drop a lot, and texts don’t go through all the time.

      • nemowho

        “It says”, can you clarify what “It” is?

        • SnowBabie

          Really, you couldn’t figure that one out? “It Says” = T-mobile says. T-mobile, and T-mobile Coverage map both specify I’m in a 4G area, but my phone says otherwise, along with other friends that have T-mobile

        • nemowho

          Well, that was called for. How were we to know if you meant you saw it on a coverage map online, on some third party map, were promised it by a retail salesperson, etc.? If it was obvious, I wouldn’t have asked. Consider yourself discharged from any peer concerns here then, Professor.

        • SnowBabie

          Do you really have to be so rude. Because I said “it” I have to get all these condescending comments from you in return?? Really, can anyone comment in here without getting a rude remark back, I see other comments, and its like everyone is being this way.
          Please don’t discharge me your honor, what would i ever do without you. believe me, i wont be coming back to this sight with all you disgruntled t-mobile fans

        • nemowho

          Back to this “sight”. Case closed. NOW we can commence with the condescending remarks.

          (Wait, wait… I’ll go first, I earned it)

          This just in: Deutsche Telekom isn’t terribly concerned about their wireless coverage in Carolina trailer parks!

        • SnowBabie

          If only I lived in a trailer park in the Carolina’s that might of been somewhat funny. And just like Deutsche Telecom isn’t concerned about coverage in a trailer park, it seems they don’t care much about there coverage anywhere, since their service pretty much sucks.. Kinda like how you do on their ballz :)

        • tomarone

          You don’t have a store you can run to , and just compare it with another phone to quickly check if it’s defective?

        • steveb944

          We’re not all douche bags, just a select few. Don’t let them get to you and enjoy the best T-Mobile news anywhere. Best of luck with your phone

        • Bklyn Tmo

          I was also confused, since you use the same “it says” twice in the same sentence. Until you posted your clarification I thought you meant the same “it,” as in your phone was indicating that you were in a 4G area, but the phone was also telling you that it wasn’t connecting past 2G. You could’ve just explained without being sassy. It was, after all, your mistake. Pronouns matter, dude.

        • SnowBabie

          I’m sorry it was a simple mistake of using the word it. Me saying “Really, you couldn’t figure that out” was nothing more than a joke. whether it was T-mobile, or Tmobile coverage map, I’m still only getting 2G service most of the time.

          P.S. I am a woman, not a Dude… Dude!

        • nemowho

          Someone, help me fetch me monocle; I fear it has sank to the murkiest depths of my brandy!

      • What kind of phone do you have?

        • SnowBabie

          A Samsung galaxy S3.

        • The T-Mobile version? If so then I would take it back and exchange it for another one. Everywhere I’ve traveled I have been able to get 4G in the places that the coverage maps say I should.

        • SnowBabie

          would they exchange it and give me a new one? I just don’t know it is my phone, I know other people here have similar issues. My ex boyfriend has the galaxy S2 and his showed 2G alot.
          Do you get 2G popping up at all where you live?
          But thanks, i’ll call T-mobile and see if they can send me another phone, hopefully it will work better!

        • I almost never see 2G in my area except for a few buildings around here where Tmobile has bad building penetration. My town is blanketed in the green “4G” areas on their map. If its less than 14 days since you bought it they should let you exchange. It might just be your area though if other people experience the same. You might have to switch carriers.

        • Jeff Martinez

          And you live in Mesa AZ? Or close to it?

      • Jeff Martinez

        Yeah I have T-Mobile so does my mom and brother in law. Their devices are LTE capable though.

      • I get 20-29Mbps regularly on HSPA +42 everyday, my area has phenomenal service as T—Mobile has a lot of spectrum here as does Metro-PCS so imagine our LTE here when it’s turned on next month and even later when both Spectrum are combined. Truly Excited. – )

      • $20426701

        Go to this site to have them improve service in your area. http://www.t-mobile-takeaction.com/

      • chinis

        I know what you feel, same issue here in Miami. Frustrating.

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Good test but Lte needs to get deployed faster. I want it already lol

  • curtl

    This is a little fishy. The max speeds they reported for T-Mobile are slower than the average speeds I see on my Note II with T-Mobile.

  • Andrew Hamilton

    In Phoenix Arizona I got 69.13 Mbps Download and 19.07 Mbps Upload on my Note II.

    • Zacamandapio

      Holly Molly Guacamole!!!

  • nemowho

    LTE lamp JUST FLIPPED ON on my Note2, in San Ramon, CA (no promise/announcement from T-Mo) May be testing, but 25 down, 8 up. Mustn’t grumble.

  • Robert

    LTE Roseville CA 37Mbps down 28Mbps up! :)

  • Chris Reilly

    17 down, 8 up in Silverlake area of L.A. on Note2

    • jose

      Is that LTE or HSPA+.?

    • Brandyn Duncanson


  • Guest

    Face down, A$$ up, in Brooklyn, New York o_O

  • Aurizen

    I cant wait to see what speeds i get in Philadelphia, I’d be happy with 12mbps, i hope i see LTE next week in my area!

    • TMOPhilly

      You will see it in Philly, 5×5 network, averaging from 15mbit to 29. They have been testing it for about a month on over 300 sites.

      • Aurizen

        Thats cool, I haven’t gotten any LTE yet, I live in west Philadelphia.

        • TMOPhilly

          Tomorrow is the day my friend. Philly lights up LTE 5×5. Latency will be the biggest plus as websites/apps will see an immediate boost in response times. Upload speeds on average of 6-9mbit and download speeds from 15-30mbit. There is plans for more spectrum, but Philly has always been constrained for this company since Vz and ATT buy and sit on their AWS and do nothing with it.

        • Aurizen

          Awesome!!!! I cant wait to finally get LTE on my phone! yeah my area needs more spectrum the good spectrum is all in center city, my HSPA+ gives me like 1-3mbps and that sucks bad. and some parts of west Philadelphia I still get E on my iphone. Tmobile needs to get rid of E and upgrade.

        • TMOPhilly

          It takes time and lots of money. The modernization project has multiple phases, first is to get the existing HSPA+ sites up to LTE. With the refarm done nationwide and another in markets with smaller amounts of AWS spectrum (Philly is one of those), first it will be 5×5, which with HSPA+ it was 21, which offered speeds around 3-7mbit, with the same spectrum in the hands of LTE, the same amount of spectrum can offer speeds up to 30mbit down. It is a FAR more robust network technology. As the modernization continues and Metro spectrum is released for use and some more refarming of older 2g spectrum, AWS will be clear to go to 10×10 in Philly which will offer superior speeds. We have the backhaul capacity, which is just as important too, most sites sit on 100mbit of fibre backhaul.

        • Aurizen

          I’m glad that metro was merger with tmobile, when will Tmobile refarm metro spectrum in philly? I think this is much needed.

  • Alan713

    ATT’s LTE is the best, always knew it. But it’s good now it’s pretty much 3-horse race, Sprint is left behind. Tmo will definitely have more customers than Sprint pretty soon!

    • WW

      Those poor Sprint customers. I’m guessing many of their “4G” customers/tests are still using their old WiMax (similarly to most of T-Mobile’s still using HSPA+) network.

      My home ISP (Clear) is Sprint’s pre-LTE 4G and I used to like it but just Speedtested and am only getting 1.6Mb to 2.6Mb (I used to get over 7 reguarly) down. This compared to my TMo HSPA+ GNex’s 3Mb-4Mb at home.


    • WW

      I’ve never had Sprint service so can’t speak to their coverage but yeah, how the hell is Sprint beating T-Mobile? They can’t beat T-Mobile’s value and can’t beat anyone in speed.

      Sprint once had terrible customer service but turned it around when they got a customer satisfaction focused CEO. I hope Legere can turn that around. Many CEO’s fail to recognize that happier employees make for happier customers though.

  • I really wish I had more than the 14mbps I get because it just isn’t enough for a phone

    Just kidding its more than enough

  • TmoFandom

    What happened to LTE-advanced being their competitive edge with speeds?? Not impressed at all after holding my breath for so long.

    • superg05

      they have to set up lte before they go to advanced in 2014 and here you are complaining with its not 2014 yet

  • jose

    I average about 14.5 download and about 5.5 uploading on HSPA+ with my LG l9 4.1.2.:-) :-) :-)

  • Charles Ray

    LTE rollout is great but I live in a small town where a major university is located and Tmo is the only carrier that only has 2G, other carriers have LTE. I can go out in the boonies to a friends house and get a 4G indicator with 12-15 down and around 5 up, I’ve been with Tmo for over 10 years and I’m not going to raise my bill by switching and have no other issues except slow data.

    Does anyone here have any connections that can come by some info on if and when this area will get an upgrade? Oxford, Mississippi area.

    • Christopher_McG

      Looks like you’re right outside the 4G coverage area which sucks. T-Mo has no rhythm for these updates so you could see it next year, you could see it in six mos.

  • sanlam2001@aim.com

    I got the LTE signal in Brooklyn (Bensonhurt area) NY this morning with my Note II, 7.39 mbps download and 7.53 mbps upload.

    • superg05

      use sensorly please it can also do speed test but detected lte goes on map

      • TechHog

        I’m trying to figure out how to get that to work

  • DLow

    The only reason people in certain areas are getting no matter than 20mbps down is because of the spectrum tmobile has in your area
    You could live in a 5×5,10×10 or 20×20 area. That was another reason they bought out metro because the company has a ton of spectrum and a ton they weren’t even using blame the FCC for your slow speeds. And the remaining 2G areas its not tmobiles fault.

    They are also still tuning the network remember you may see lte now but it’s prob in test mode for them to collect data.

    -former att employee

    • TechHog

      I’m pretty sure that all of T-Mobile’s LTE is 10×10 right now

      • TMOTECH

        Actually most of the network is 5×5. In my market we are 5×5 right now and are getting 20 to 30 Mbps. 10×10 will be more like 30 to 60 Mbps.

        • TechHog

          Really? I thought it was 10×10 and that Metro’s spectrum would make it 20×20. Oh well. I wonder if the 5×5 markets will ever be upgraded. Based on what you’re saying, NYC is 5×5, which is pretty dumb.

  • Guest

    Sprint who? I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a Sprint commercial on TV? (I’m in Mobile, AL)

  • JustSaying

    Everyone please download the Sensorly app on your phone and then at the bottom tap “Map Trip” so LTE sightings can be mapped out on their coverage map.

  • Colet

    I live in the Bay Ridge neighborhood of Brooklyn and it LTE was obviously switched on this morning I’m getting 29mbps down and 9 up! Finally tmobile!

  • Matt

    In a Minneapolis suburb and Ive had lte for a few days. When I did speedtest I got 35 down and 12 up with sub 70 ping.

    • superg05

      please use the app sensorly so lte can be charted in your area

  • Alan

    Doesn’t seem that great (San Jose LTE) since in the beginning Verizon’s LTE speeds were 30+ Mbps before getting more LTE devices on the network.

    I wonder how well their network will keep up when more migrate to T-Mobile.

    • TechHog

      I think T-Mobile’s more focused on getting the network out there than actual speeds. Also keep in mind that Verizon only had one LTE device at the start, while T-Mobile already has 5, two of which (Note 2, and iPhone 5 since the AT&T model supports AWS LTE) were out for several months before the network launched.

  • Jesslyn Hendrix

    They are testing the heck out of LA. I’m picking up LTE at various times on the freeway, out shopping, etc. I’m happy to see it.

    I won’t be griping about comparisons to any networks that would charge me up the “wazoo” for the same service. As far as I’m concerned, Tmo is rocking right now.

  • Guest

    We haven’t got LTE here yet, but I’m happy with 4G HSPA+ speed. 17Mbps down.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Definitely glad to rolling with tmobile

  • iPhone 5 guy

    I get about 44 Mbps in Houston with my IPhone 5 on AT&T food for thought

    • TechnoRealz

      & yet u are here posting….hmmmm…small carrier envy much>?

  • Bryan

    53rd and 7th ave subway station in NYC has LTE lit. I was getting solid 13 down 13 up. latency under 40ms

  • Vladmir4

    Epic fail in Seattle, near the Tmo headquarter. They call this “success”. Lol.

    • Fedway

      Seattle is still HSPA+. Those speeds will change when LTE comes online.

      • Vladmir4

        Who cares about LTE? They could get enough speed even with current HSPA.

    • Funk

      Seattle LTE just came up today. I live South of the Financial District. It’s been between 12-18mbps for the download. 2-3X increase from HSPA+.

      • Vladmir4

        thats cool. Will check myself in a few weeks.

  • Simon

    And still I see no one with T-Mobile phone at my work either in SF or SJ. Everyone has AT&T and Verizon or crappy Sprint.
    I understand AT&T and Verizon part since they usually have much better selection of phones compare to T-Mobile or they get it first but Sprint…
    Anyway good to see that speed in SF and SJ. I am wondering speed it high in that area because of not much users around there or what!?

  • Winski

    Well, take those charts and just toss them out the window. T-Mobile switched on LTE in a large chunk of Southern California today and YIKES is it quick. I got 28-32 mb up and 17-22 mb down consistently over about a 100 miles of driving around from South LA to San Diego… That’s faster than my in-house WiFi !!!

    Whatever they’re doing, keep rockin……..

  • spotted

    Just tested in austin tx. 4.35 down and its not even showing up for upload. 73ms. Note2
    It jumps from 4glte to 4g to E within a few minutes of one another. I hate when the the lte is lit up and it obviously is not an lte signal.

  • x Platinum

    i live 30 mins away from san jose i wonder if LTE will work in my city i will find out next month when i get the S4

  • Ben

    I will never for the life of me understand why people buy anything from Sprint. For a while before I landed on T-Mo, I used Virgin Mobile, which is one of two Sprint MVNOs and I got EDGE-like download speeds, and very poor cell reception in my area. I stuck with it for 6 months and then finally decided to cut my losses, jump ship, and get on T-Mo. Been here for 18 months first as pre-paid, and now on a Simple Choice plan and could never imagine going back to Virgin.