HTC Says “Around Five Million” One Units Sold Since Launch, Lack Of SD Slot Explained


With reports continuing to pour in that a shakeup is under way at HTC, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. According to a Wall Street Journal report, the company has sold “around 5 million HTC One smartphones since its launch about a month ago.”

“Orders are pretty good so far and are still more than what we can supply. This is partly due to the shortage of components. When the issue is resolved next month, we will have a better idea if it’s doing really well or not,” he said.

That number is half of what Samsung announced earlier this morning, but expectations for Samsung are far higher. The good news for HTC is that the One continues to sit at or near the top of the “most wanted” Android smartphone now on the market which hopefully allows for their own 10 million mark in the not-so-distant future.

Another report surfacing out of HTC this morning comes via TechRadar and pertains to the reasoning the One doesn’t have a SD slot anywhere in the world outside of China. HTC’s Jeff Gordon, the company’s Senior GLobal Online Communications Manager said:

“Because the Chinese version of the One is designed specifically for the smaller Chinese radio bands, we do have additional space inside the device we were able to use for the microSD slot. That space isn’t available to us in the global version.”

Still, couldn’t they have just made it a tad bit bigger? It’s not like bigger is in or anything these days.

Wall Street Journal, TechRadar


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  • sidekicker89

    Surprising since no T-Mobile store near me or even in the STATE next to me have them in stock.. I just ordered mine over the phone though.

    • Doakie

      I bought mine through Best Buy, I got the last one they had in stock. I asked if they sell a lot of them and the sales girl said “Yes they’re very popular.” I’m glad to hear that HTC has made a come back.

    • Caerolle

      If you have a problem with it, I hope you are aware you have to send it back? Your local store won’t deal with it, or so my local store told me.

    • D6E

      Everyone keeps saying its not available in store. How about online or a call to TMO? I didn’t think it was that big of a deal.

  • ShermCraig

    I have to admit that I was concerned about the lack of an SD slot, but people told me I should just use Google Music as opposed to my on-board player, thereby eliminating about 10 gb of files. My concern was that because I live in NYC, being in the subway/underground would cause me to not be able to utilize Google Music when out of signal range. Boy, was I wrong! The caching feature more than makes up for those periods when I’m underground, and I have about 5gb spare space so far. The next thing I plan to do is move my 5+ gb of photos to the cloud, and I should have no storage problems at all!

    I absolutely LOVE this device so far!! Rooted it and removed some bloat – good to go!

    • remister

      If you have Google+, you can automatically upload them through Instant Upload.

      • ShermCraig

        Yeah, I’m aware of that. I just want to be sure that my photo’s that I’ve already taken (thousands of them) are there or at least somewhere. Thank you!

        • subway

          You do realize nyc subways have lte well that is if ur on tmobile or att…so thereby eliminating all your worries.

        • ShermCraig

          Yeah – but not in the tunnels.

    • Doakie

      I’m not really seeing a storage issue on mine. At 32 GB it still has 9.52 GB available, I have 8.58 GB of photos and videos, I have 7.22 GB of apps which includes the 2 GB Dark Knight Rises game as well as a bunch of other huge games. I would recommend Dropbox for your photo storage. That’s what I use, but I also utilize Google+ as my secondary back up service. I just let them both go in the background. The One is probably the best overall impression Android phone I’ve ever touched. However my Note 2 is better for my project management job. My three issues I have with my One is that the battery seems to deplete fast when I’m using it heavily. My second issue is that I can’t seem to find any device that can connect to it using Wifi Direct. My third issue is that I’m paranoid about getting any scratches on the aluminum body so it lives is whole life in a Seidio Surface case, so much for that physical beauty, it’s all hidden in a case… But man! I love those speakers and that high resolution screen, this year I can’t recommend anything but the HTC One.

      • nyuhsuk

        #1 is an issue with any electronic device so not really a fair ding to the One alone. And no, the Note II drains just as fast under load.

        Wi-Fi Direct took me a while to figure out but once I got it to work, it’s blazing fast. I used ES Explorer after connecting between my One and wife’s Note II. Fiddle with it and you’ll get it going!

  • Josue

    that’s the main reason why im sticking with my note 2 although I like the one

  • Deadeye37

    I had some time to kill while I waited to get my hair cut yesterday, so I walked to the T-mobile store that was next door. All I got to say is that the HTC One is one sexy beast! I love my SIII, but the One has done the hardware right! The blinkfeed was a lot more useful that I initially thought. I also had no idea that the phone had an IR blaster like the S4 does.

    If I knew that HTC was going to keep the One up to date like Samsung is doing with the SIII and the SII, then I would, without a doubt, get that phone!

  • mueller2051

    what a lame excuse lol add sd cards! dam how many times do they need to here it

  • Graham Blackadder

    I’ve been in the 3 different T-Mobile stores about half a dozen times in the last 2 weeks in Oakland county Michigan and neither store has even had the ONE as a demo let alone on display. Samsung s4 was on display and could be demonstrated no problem at all.

    • The Twelve Oaks Mall store is the only one in Metro Detroit that stocks the One.

      • Graham Blackadder

        I got tired of waiting so just went with the nexus 4 since it was almost half the price of the HTC and samsung phones and to be fair I love it. Saved some money, got a great phone with absolutely no crap on it. Intact I’ll never buy anything other than nexus from now on. Bring on the nexus 5 this fall!!!!

      • Caerolle

        Noone in Indianapolis has it. I finally gave up waiting and bought something else, like Graham.

    • jose

      Wal- marts has the T-Mobile. HTC one and gs4 and the nexus4 in stock as well as the demo units. I recommend if you want to check them out stop by your local wal-marts.

    • ant

      me too i ordered one like 3 weeks ago n they shipped it 2 days later its not even backordered

  • OZ

    It could be a challenge for some that do not have Data/Wi-Fi available where they usually go to, or for the ones with ITunes mindset (keeping everything on the phone).

    We are transitioning to storage in the cloud. A few years from now, local storage will be unnecessary.

    I have an HTC One S with 16 GB. Only 9 GB available for storage. Do I use it? Barely. I stream all music from Spotify. You can choose other providers like Google Music. Videos? Youtube lives in the cloud. Same goes for Netflix. Documents? Dropbox or your prefered service. Pictures? Try Flickr, now with 1 TB storage available, or Picasa web with virtually unlimited storage (for pics under certain size).

    Think about it. Why do you need additional storage? For travelers, it could make sense. But for the rest of us with unlimited data and Wi-Fi? I do not think so.

    • Travis Tabbal

      Not everyone has unlimited data. It’s pretty easy to eat up even a 5GB plan with just music streaming if you like to listen a lot. I do that about every other month. Some things are also just not workable for cloud storage as well, like game data. Even with LTE, it’s still not fast enough. And even the best networks have dead spots. With some local caching and better software to use it, you can remove the need for a lot of storage uses like music and such, but not everything. I used a Galaxy Nexus for over a year, and it was OK without the local storage, but the lack of it was one big reason I switched to a Note 2 rather than a Nexus 4. It’s not an issue for everyone, but it is an issue for a LOT of people, and the parts are dirt cheap. It needs a tiny bit of PCB space, and a socket that costs less than 50 cents in quantity. The CPUs all have the needed hardware to use it. There’s no good excuse NOT to include it, other than trying to push everyone to using cloud stuff, Google.

    • mueller2051

      I think so some of us don’t want to keep our personal stuff on a cloud. some of us don’t want to have to rely on a data connection to stream music with up and down data connection. and some of us don’t trust the security of the cloud with personal photos and so on… don’t take much to add a SD slot to a phone. you can leave your beer at the police station refrigerator in the lounge i choose not too. so as long as there a choice to buy a phone with sd slot i will. and a removable battery all litihiom battery eventually go bad

      • OZ

        I understand the concern. We’ll go through a mindset change and simplicity will be added to cloud services. They are still evolving.

        Couldn’t agree more that it would be more efficient to have files readily available, however there is still opportunity for service providers (like Spotify, Dropbox, etc.) to implement algorithms to push out and cache files on your phone via Wi-Fi, that you are more likely to listen to, or use.

        Instead of syncing everything (like iTunes), we could have some type of smart-sync going on in the background so your files are ready when you need them.

        Battery technology is also evolving, and there are already prototypes that can store 1,000 times the capacity on a Li-Ion equivalent battery. Combined with unlimited data, it could be a win-win.

        Regarding security, I see the opportunity providers could offer to encrypt data as it leaves the device (and vice-versa). CrashPlan already offers it for documents that reside in their cloud (I have 500 GB with them).

        • mueller2051

          it true that battery are evolving but it so easy to go to amazon for instance and buy (like in my case i own a galaxy s3 and a note 2 and be live me ,i would have stuck with htc i still have my amaze if they had these options) a zero lemon battery for the the s3 7000millamps and for the not 2 9000millamps. i love them both no worrying about turning things down to make it thru the day both last over two to three days. screen brightness on full gps on all day i can play games do what ever i want and never worry about charging. as far as SD card it one time price and mine lasted so far without any issue. I am like you i have 128gigs of music and i carry half of it on a 62 gig card because i listen to a wide variety of music. i believe that the lack of these two items have not just left me walking away from htc but other two. another reason i don’t like the one is the new camera i feel better camera then the new one and the note 2 and galaxy s3 for as far as that goes. i like to keep my pics and put them on my computer when blown up 4 megapixel is stll jagged and still 4 megapixel. dont get me wrong i have loved my time with htc but they do need to consider these thing when creating a phone.

        • mueller2051

          whoops i feel amaze had better camera then the one and galaxy s3 and note 2

        • OZ

          HTC phones have one of the best lenses out there in smartphones. The HTC Amaze had an f-stop aperture of 2.2 and 28 mm lense. The HTC One S has an f-stop aperture of 2.0 and 28 mm lense. This is primarily the reason I prefered getting it back in July.

        • mueller2051

          That why it my view it a shame to see them go the direction they went with the one. I have enjoyed the quality of the camera that htc has been putting out ultra pixel is not going to work for details in a pic.yes it may capture more light but blowing up the pixels leave less detail. it like comparing the quality from a digital zoom pic and and optical zoom. i am sure your htc one s will take better pic quality they the htc one. so again Samsung take the show with 13 megapixel camera. limited choices is the same reason i don’t like the i phone because they leave less choices for transfer files and useability. I sold my 120 gig i pod for the same reason i was done with i tunes and having to use there program. i just wanted to drag and drop files not be tied by their program. if i was to give up my choices and for changing battery and adding memory i would go with the sony xperia witch at least is water proof and i can take in my pool although the camera suck on the sony. go figure guess they can build point and shoot and dslr cameras but not for a cell phone. i have to believe that sony choice is not by chance they probable don’t want to intrude on there point and shoot cameras sales. the same for samsung but thee sales leave them more freedom to adventure. htc dos not have this conflict but they chose to lower there camera sensor ability by going backwards. hope next model they have all the feature i miss with my amaze and a kick ass camera.

    • As you mentioned people go places without cell coverage or WiFi (especially T-Mobile customers). When I’m out riding my motorcycle I’m often in areas with no coverage.

      Not to mention if you are streaming all your media even if you have unlimited data (true for most people on TMO, not so for other carriers) you are using quite a bit more battery than if you are working from local storage.

      Plus it’s important to me to have my pictures saved on removable media in case something happens to my phone from the time I take the picture to the time I get to a place where those pictures sync (every picture I take gets auto-uploaded to both Google+ and Dropbox) I will almost certainly be able to retrieve those pictures but if they are stored on non-removable memory everything unsynced is for all practical purposes lost to me if my phone becomes inoperative.

    • tonkotsu

      Reasons are:
      -Reception – even if reception is “good”, there is the occasional burp. Which means my music is distorted or will skip.

      -Travel – When I go travel and I wanted to listen to music or watch movies while I wait for my plane/bus/train/etc, I do not want to buy the overpriced overseas data, locally or through the carrier.

      -Data cap – I chew through my 2gb cap without even streaming music, however 2gb is enough for me on most months, and i do not want to be forced to move to a higher cap just because the phone I got is not able to store more of my music.

      -Wifi – Free wifi is not avail everywhere. Even if it is, speeds are usually poor.

      You are thinking like HTC, which is exactly they they continue to fail.

      When you’re the underdog, “just enough” is not sufficient. You’re supposed to show everyone you can do better and exceed expectations. So far, it seems like storage, availability, and battery life are only a few of the issues.

      • techpro1993

        How much capacity do you really need? Sound like a marketing.

        • tonkotsu

          Need? A customer has wants, they want more more more, not less less less. You don’t tell customers what they need. Because when you do, they go to someone else.

          What the heck kinda marketing would this be?

        • techpro1993

          Marketing is to appeal to feelings and emotions in stead of facts.

          It’s like feeling a need for a bullet proof car in stead of car with good highway safety crash design. Most people do not need bullet proof car. Or drinking Pepsi make you happier than drinking water.

          Back to real question, do you need 250GB or 500GB to satisfy your applications?

        • techpro1993

          Marketing is to use emotion and feeling in stead of fact.

          Everyone is entitled to want whatever and I want to have a bullet proof car. In reality I need to car with good highway safety rating.

          I tends to use tablet more if I am flying or camping in the wild. Tablet has bigger screen, bigger battery, SD card and standard USB connection. I can plug in 512GB hard drive if needed.

    • sloanie

      I’d rather not be at some ISP’s mercy to do something so common as listen to music– I have a fair amount that you simply can’t get on streaming radio services, and so while there are options to upload that content to the cloud to have it available for streaming– to have that be my ONLY option means I basically have to pay someone else in order to listen to previously purchased music.

      Yeah, that’s where everything is headed these days, I get it. But with how relatively expensive internet service is here in the U.S., I don’t want to really don’t want to be any more dependent on it than I already am.

      • OZ

        This is where I think selective sync works. Caching of just a subset of your collection to be readily available in off-line mode. I got a ton of music on my hard drive, which I have ripped/encoded to 320 kbps MP3 and/or FLAC. However, for convenience I am utilizing Spotify. I am the kind of person that prefers not to listen to the same song(s) in a short period of time; in fact when I go for a run I prefer creating a radio station based on a tune I like, and be ready to enjoy music I might have not listened to before.

        Another advantage I get with music in the cloud, is the ability to use several devices, anywhere, anytime. For instance, I have gone to a friend’s house and hooked up Spotify in his Roku, pointed to one of my favorite playlists, and enjoyed music right away. I kept my phone in my pocket instead.

        Another reason some might not store all their music is because they prefer not to own. MP3/AAC files cannot be sold legally, and quality is lossy. Instead renting seems to appeal, and if it’s for music that is good just for a few months (LMFAO anyone?) it makes sense. For the music they really want to own, there are better options like CD/SACD,DVD-A, Vinyl.

        I’m all in for the cloud. In fact, I’ve been streaming from home (before Spotify) with Subsonic.

  • nickmgray

    The Chinese HTC One variant is bigger than the globally released HTC One. If we converted mm to pixels, the image below shows the thickness and width differences between the HTC J One (red), HTC One (green) and Samsung Galaxy S4 (blue)

    • kalel33

      Look up “HTC J One” and “dimensions” and you’ll see the Japanese version, with a microSD card slot, and it’s dimensions. It’s EXACTLY the same as the US version in width, height, length, and weight.

      • nickmgray

        Not sure where you’re getting your stats from. The HTC J One is 10% heavier and thicker than the HTC One.

        HTC J One: 69 x 138 x 10.5mm at 157g
        HTC One: 68.2 x 137.4 x 9.3mm size at 143g

        • kalel33

          I found two sources verifying my numbers but I did more research and you are correct. Give me 10% more weight for a microSD card and I’m completely fine with that. The J One has an infrared light and microSD card slot. I’d say that’s the flagship for HTC, because it has the most features.

  • Pretty good sales considering that this thing still isn’t even available in most Tmobile stores yet. They have a beautiful device but screwed up big time with the supply. Why is it that Apple have millions of their phones available on day 1 on all carriers while other manufacturers have delay after delay and staggered launches?

    • 21stNow

      Apple still doesn’t “meet initial release demand”, so they theoretically are in the same boat as HTC is when you consider the scale of the supply and demand for both companies.

  • 32GB is more than enough for the average user, only techies are complaining.

    • tonkotsu

      anything is more than enough for the average user. the average user also doesn’t buy high end handsets. They buy the most affordable one on their carrier that fits their needs.

      • nd

        I disagree. Plenty of smartphone users who are willing to pay for the best phone..but dont need a ton of physical space. I stream music and upload pics to dropbox…ill never use up 32gb on my htc one.

        • kalel33

          I’ll agree with you on that. The most popular phone sold on Verizon is the Iphone 4 with only 8GB of storage. The vast majority of people don’t need more an 8GB phone.

    • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

      and heavy users of NSFW contents

      • OZ

        Even NSFW content lives conveniently in the cloud. No need to expose it in your device.

  • Upzkale

    i dont see the need for an sd card other than i would rather just take pics off the card rather than connecting my phone to the computer but even with all the tmobile installed apps 25 gb is enough….and if if was made bigger for a sd slot i wouldnt have bought it

  • cybersedan

    I’m happy to hear this news for HTC, I’ve seen The One and it is a very impressive phone, even though I prefer TouchWiz to Sense, I also want HTC to have a nice size of the pie, keeping my options open (Don’t want Samsung to become the Apple of the Android world).

    As for this issue with memory card and removable battery; I’m beyond memory cards now, I have a slot but don’t use it, as far as batteries are concerned, as long as I can get a full day’s use out of my phone and charge it at night, I don’t care if the battery is removable or not.

    • nicedudex26

      i don’t know how you like touchwiz more its cartoon style Samsung need new UI

      • cybersedan

        That’s the beauty of choice and preference, you don’t have to know how or why I like touchwiz better, and I don’t have to defend myself for doing so.

        The point of my post is that I want to see the HTC One do well, even though it’s not the phone for me

        • tortionist

          I like touchwiz better as well. It’s a lot less intrusive than Sense. I totally agree with you.

  • tomnewtn

    I personally unconcerned about the lack of sd card. I’ve had some go bad, so just as soon not deal with it when I can back up to cloud or my pcs. That said, it’s a great option for those who make good use of it. Just not a deal breaker for me. I’m going to try the One. I have always appreciated how HTC makes the effort to create quality builds. I have a Nokia E7 and you want to talk about quality build, that thing is beautiful. Just one of the things I appreciate, vs every bell and whistle in software. So I hope HTC can get it together and flourish again. if they would just build stock Nexus style phones….don’t they realize what a hit that would be?

  • The HTC ONE is perfect as is, that is why I bought one

  • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

    smaller/limited radio bands = smaller radios = more physical space for an expansion slot. Is this this logic here?

    • kalel33

      They use dual GSM sim slots, so that’s where some of the space is taken up.

      • superg05

        thats bull$hit though cause dual-sim thats not in the us version so that space is still there

  • tomarone

    You can buy portable batteries inexpensively, and search for this project on Google:

    Mini MicroSD Reader for Android
    so the SD card and battery issues are moot.

    • If it has the ability to charge the phone in addition then thats a win

      • tomarone

        It is called: External 2600 mAh Power Tube Battery Charger on

  • Don Turner

    I use to love HTC…. not no more!!!!

    • lzc753

      Same here!!!

  • Andrade

    I will not buy a cellphone or tablet with micro sd.

    • ShermCraig

      Cool story.

    • Andrade

      I meant without micro sd lol I’m stupid.

      • yeah you are considering it shouldn’t matter

      • D6E

        Are you stupid? You’re complaining about a microSD slot. Good argument.

        • kalel33

          I run titanium backup pro to back up my entire phone to the microSD card automatically. I guess you can manually go in, make a full backup of the phone, and manually put that image on Google Drive. and manually run a back up every two weeks, or I could have a microSD card that automatically backs up to without having to worry about it. If you could tell me a way of backing up the phone with Ti back up automatically, without a microSD card then I’m all ears.

  • Selling half as many as Samsung is no joke. Thats a LOT of units sold. They would have sold more if the S4 wasnt released within weeks of each other. Good on ya HTC. But get your stuff together

    • agreed, selling 5m units WITH a supply issue and essentially ZERO marketing is quite impressive.

      • ant

        they had alot of marketing have u been to a movie theater like before the first release date in april they had a shazam app that if u used shazam u can get a htc one or something and its all over youtube in maginzines now i havent seen a commerical but its been all over the internet n stuff

    • nicedudex26

      dont forget if they give it to Verizon and better marketing they would have sold alot more like 15 million

  • kalel33

    “the reasoning the One doesn’t have a SD slot anywhere in the world outside of China.”

    That’s not true at all. The Japanese version of the One has a microSD slot too.

  • ant

    i was a complainer until i went n got a one a month ago i havent had one complaint n the memory isnt a issue because of the dropbox app and google drive

  • ant

    and my girlfriend laughed at me when i got this she was like wtf you got a small computer for u geek like if it dont empress the ladies its useless so dont try to get the biggest phone get a sweet “one”

  • I have never had an sd-card go bad on me. If I buy a phone without an sd-card I want the device to have 64 gb of int storage, if device has sd card slot I want at least 32gb of int storage. Today’s high end smart phones with only 16gb of internal memory is pathetic, they fill up so fast due to the large size apps and modern games, after they fill up the phone slows down, hiccups and is just useless. Don’t know who designs these phones or who desides what goes in them but the US market is getting all the 2nd rate junk with shit for memory, only lately is AT&T getting the top of the line phones with plenty of int memory, T-Mobile is getting the leftovers of AT&T, they are getting the great phones without int memory. I won’t buy a new smartphone without plenty of int memory.

  • steveb944

    Woo! Great job HTC! I want them to do well because they make the best hardware hands down. Can’t wait to see that 10m mark!

  • frigadroid

    I really wanted to go HTC only reason I took 2 free galaxie 3s was the sd slot. Out on the lake we don’t get 4G 3G 2G or Wi-Fi. So ever since the Vibrant came out I’ve been using my phone as a mobile audio video entertainment center. I got a dozen or so of them cards now, okay enough music videos to open a country, rock, or pop even disco nightclub. I’m talking every top 40 song dating back to the sixty’s. as long as they make phones with SD slots I’ll never buy one without it.

    • frigadroid

      Lol, I love these friga haters ;-) I could post a link to free coffee & donuts and they would still vote me down. I need to post more often like I used to do just to piss them off! :-D

  • hal j.

    Still no black edition on tmo.

  • np6s4x

    i just don’t like all my data being stuck inside the device itself, i want a way to physically remove the bulk of it if anything happens to the device

    • DMAC

      Black model will never come to T-Mobile

  • Goliath King

    WHERE IS THE BLACK ONE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • ceegii63

    yeah BULLCRAP!!! Good riddance APPLE Wannabe

    • 0neTw0

      So are all Nexus phone’s Apple wannabes?

      • kalel33

        Why would you say that? The Nexus One had a removable battery and microSD card.

        • 0neTw0

          The good ole days

        • Agreed

    • Kit Pogi

      How is the One an Apple wannabe?

    • Michael Cromer

      God hates fanboys.

  • HawaiiD

    What about fixing the camera and button issues.?

  • xtriker360

    Lane BS excuse. I’m still holding to my s3, I will not pay over $500 dollars for phone with “16 gb” of memory, which is actually NOT 16 gb at all.

    • Josh


    • Its 32gb

    • Kit Pogi

      16 GB? did you mean the S4? ‘coz HTC One comes with 32 GB

      • xtriker360

        The s4, the htc one has a 32gb minimum

  • CactoesGel

    I don’t even know where to get this darn phone. Anyone in Los Angeles know where I can get one?

    • Kit Pogi

      T-mobile or AT&T? It seems T-mobile just recently got more HTC One units in their stores.

      • CactoesGel

        T-mobile. I guess I’ll start calling stores again tomorrow.

  • Don’t believe that please just be honest I hate when companies blatantly lie, just say other companies are pushing data usage and cloud for storage

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