Samsung Talks Galaxy S 4 Memory, Might Free Up Space Through “Further Software Optimization”


Samsung is reversing their position of sorts as it pertains to the available memory on the 16GB Galaxy S 4 telling CNET UK:

“As one of the most advanced smartphones on the market, the Samsung Galaxy S4 uses part of its internal memory to bring our customers its innovative and unique features. We appreciate this issue being raised and we will improve our communications. Also, we are reviewing the possibility to secure more memory space through further software optimisation. Samsung is committed to listening to our customers and responding to their needs as part of our innovation process.

Samsung was under fire last week when users discovered that out of the 16GB total memory, only 9.5GB was available for users to fill with media, apps, games etc. Samsung had defended the position saying the lack of space was necessary to offer “more powerful features” to the end-user. While it’s true that the Galaxy S 4 has expandable memory, a point Samsung continues to emphasize…that storage can’t be used for apps, especially high-end games that clock in at over 1GB.

It’ll be interesting to see just how much storage Samsung uses up for their TouchWiz software and “more powerful features” when the vanilla Android Galaxy S 4 drops later next month.


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  • Gdm Laz

    Install cm10.1 on your galaxy s4 and you will have the answer no need to wait for the GLOBAL edition to come out

    • Manny

      I don’t root my phones often. I think I’ve done it once successfully on my old Samsung Vibrant, the progenitor to the S series we have.

      But from what I’ve read and seen, there is still a big difference between stock android and CyanogenMod. Especially for stability and ease of use. Not knocking it, but for many users this stock android is exactly what they want without having to root it and do any jumping through hoops.

  • Jason Walker

    Software optimization is all well and good, but carriers need to stop pre installing their software. Just make it available in the market

    • Gdm Laz

      Agree on this

    • Marcelo_L

      And for that matter….the carrier based software needs to be uninstallable as well. Why this by itself hasn’t caused a similar uproar is beyond me. That the manufacturer loads it’s own “premium” software is one thing. That the carrier makes you load 1/2 Gb of it’s own “premium” stuff ( Really ? Who pays for TMobile TV on the Go ? Seriously ? Are there people who’re actually purchasing that service ? And if so, haven’t you guys heard of Netflix or Hulu ? Really ? ).

      • 21stNow

        I’m sure that some people pay for T-Mobile TV, or else T-Mobile would have stopped developing the app long ago.

        • Marcelo_L

          I’m sure there are some people ( several thousands, in fact ) that do or have used it. You’re missing in that I’m saying that in comparison to the overall number of customers that actually end up subscribing to the service, versus the number who have to have the app on their phone because they can’t uninstall it, is wildly disproportionate.

          I’m sure that for the vast majority of people who have it pre-installed, they would immediately uninstall it if it were possible without having to root the phone. That’s the point I was making.

      • sincarafan247

        Funny you mention the t-mobile tv app. I looked at it for the first time last night, went to the free section, found the weather channel, found my local forecast and it was from before the superbowl! lol

      • Jason Walker

        1000% agree

    • Deadeye37

      I totally agree with you. However, in the case with Samsung, I don’t think a lot of their premium features could just reside on the market. I think a lot of the camera, NFC, and other things might have to be buried deeper into the OS and would require root access to put them into place properly.

      Now, if they were to have the phone totally unlocked & rooted, then we could just download those features we want. Until then, you have to root yourself & play with the many flavors of CyanogenMod.

      • Jason Walker

        Oh mine is rooted running Wicked v.10 I just meant moving the Carrier adding like T-Mobile TV, My Account, and things like that strictly to the Play store. Or at minimum let it be deleted

        • A lot don’t know how to root or it’s a hassle I be honest 90% of the apps on my phone I don’t use. The ones I do I made a homepage for.

      • Not maker software we are talking carriers base software. If I don’t use a T-mo like more 4 me or T-Mo TV we should be able to remove it. and any other non-OS / kernel needed app.

    • Vic

      I agree with you on this. That is one area that iOS and Windows Phone has on Android.

      • 21stNow

        I’ve seen carrier software on an AT&T Windows Phone. I haven’t looked hard enough at the T-Mobile Windows phones to know.

        • James Harding, Jr.

          It’s there, but unobtrusive. It’s removable too (at least on my WP7 device) The T-mobile apps are in the market and downloadable

    • I agree My device, My account and voice mail is all I use the rest could easly make the rest removable. T-mo video chat, T-mo ID, T-mo TV, mobile life and more for me

  • Jdog25

    I have a Nexus 4 so I don’t know. Does Samsung not give people a free Micro SD Card with the phone? I am sure that a 64GB memory card would only cost them like $1.

    • Edgar Gomez

      Noi they don’t include a micro sd card.

    • zifnab

      Nope, and 64gb cards still cost quite a bit more than $1. Plus MicroSD can’t run apps anymore, so really they need to provide more onboard.

      • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

        He said it would only cost Samsung $1 to provide a large flash memory card, not that SD cards cost $1.

        It’s probably true since Samsung is the largest manufacturer of flash memory.

  • Uh…I’m going to assume that they’ll be using none of the space on their vanilla S4 for Touchwiz…

    • 21stNow

      David made the comment because it is inherent that some of the internal storage space will be used for the Android OS. Once the Google Edition of the S4 comes out, we’ll be able to see how much available memory it has, subtract the amount that is available on the current S4 and the result will tell us how much space Touchwiz takes up.

      • I’m really interested in that actually. I always hated Touchwiz…too cartoonish for me. I’d like to see how bloated it actually is.

  • D Velasquez

    i sold my S3 and that was the best thing i have ever done in my life, now im using my N-02A but soon i will upgrade to a Droid Razr MAXX HD GSM version, not going back to Samsung ever again. Whether or not they actually do this it have to be seen…..premium suite anyone?

    • mgrexx

      best thing? Sounds like the dumbest thing you ever did.

      • D Velasquez

        yes best thing because i had far better phones in much better quality than the S3, if the S4 is everything i heard is just an S3 in steroids.

  • TechHog

    Android just needs to start allowing apps to be loaded from SD. I know it’s slower, but I don’t think that’s enough reason to completely block it. Though, with Google and pretty much everyone except Samsung now trying to phase out expandable storage in favor of limited, expensive, unreliable, subscription-based cloud storage, I guess that’ll never happen :/

  • NuShrike

    The real question is can people flash their T-Mobile GS4 to the Google Edition? Would be nice though to keep Samsung Camera.

    Also, is the Google Edition going to continue ignoring the SDcard as Google policy? So it’s in the same stupid boat since ICS?

    • steveb944

      It’s still a Samsung device so it has the expandable memory. Of course no app storage on there. Google won’t be changing that policy because they want you to use their cloud.

  • Paul

    Glad to see they are listening to the consumer.

  • Why isn’t anyone asking the real damn question, Why the hell isn’t the larger storage option SGS4’s being sold by the other carriers. Why has AT&T the only Carrier with the larger storage phone??? Where is the 64gb int storage model???? I have 5 of the last top of the line Samsung phones, no more for me until Samsung starts selling the larger storage models. I am just totally pissed off.

    • Borillion

      I got a USB 3 – 64 GB SanDisk Cruiser for $64, and its smoking fast too. I simply don’t understand why they can’t stuff more flash into these dang phones

  • animaleyezz

    Just release the 32GB and 64GB version only, do away with the 16GB models and this is solved. The only reason I haven’t purchased a GS4 is because I’m waiting on Samsung/T-Mobile to release the 32GB or 64GB model. If neither gets released soon, then I’ll stick with my GS3.

    • Android Rooter

      Seriously, I have a SG3 32gb with 32gb SD card and I can’t see myself trying to go down to 16 (well, 9.5) because the apps I run on my phone takes 20gb…compromise and take some out? Oh hell no…it costs what, $3 to $5 extra for Samsung to have made 32gb as the standard? Or how about just stop BSing and let us users move some apps to the Sdcard!?

    • Borillion


  • Borillion

    How much can they realistically “optimize out” without removing features or compression? 20 MB :P ?

    Larger Storage options please. 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB. I would drop cash for that 64 GB or 128 GB.

  • Wow, glad to see that great news!

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Samsung is working on two new Galaxy S 4s one with a 16MP Camera And a more durable one. So we’ll have more options.

  • Steve

    I just bought 64gb microsd XC sandisc card mounted in the phone worked great for 2 day then all the sudden my phone said automatically unmounted SD card and won’t let me reformat or recognized the card. I went on line and noticed many complaints about Samsung blowing out SD cards. I wrote San Disc email hopefully get a response to get fixed