Hands-On Video With The Nokia Lumia 925 For T-mobile

We all know a flagship Nokia Lumia device is overdue on T-Mobile and that’s what has Windows Phone 8 fans in a tizzy for the Lumia 925. Sure, there’s some concern about the lack of expandable memory and built-in wireless charging.

Thankfully, our man at PhoneDog, Aaron Baker got some hands-on time with the Lumia 925 over in Las Vegas as CTIA gets underway. T-Mobile has yet to announce pricing and availability, but with the registration page already live it shouldn’t be that far into the future.


  • 4.5? AMOLED WXGA 1280×768 display
  • 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 16GB internal memory
  • 8.7 megapixel camera with Optical Image Stabilization
  • 1.2 megapixel front-facing camera
  • 2000mAh battery


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  • Rhino

    Awesome! Can’t wait to get one of these

  • oahu_built

    Looks good! It’s nice to see some high end Windows Phone handsets.

  • I’m not A Windows phone user but that is A Slick looking device to me, really caught my eye. If I were, this would be the device I’d get.

  • Cool

    Nice phone. Nokia hardware fan here. Wi-Fi calling on WP….. finally. Goodbye Android.

    • Bratty

      Wifi calling on wp? For real? Coz that would be awesome!

    • Bratty

      Wifi calling on wp? For real? Coz that would be awesome!

    • Dudemanbro

      I have wifi calling on my 8x.

      • TMOguy

        Then you got a March software release in error. About 1700 8X’s did. The release does enable wifi calling but makes the phone unstable. Microsoft stopped the release because of that. It’s not available anymore.

        • Bill Berry

          If WP8 can run Skype in background, you have me as a buyer! It’s not going to kill me to spend $60 a year for a Skypein number and a subcription. The deal is it has to run in background and not on top.

  • Graham Blackadder

    I remember Nokia being the best of the best in the phone market whilst growing up in England in the mid-late 90s before android, ios and windows phones were around.Everyone wanted Nokia phones. I’m still to be convinced they can get back to past glory days by just focusing on windows phones. I personally would love to see them make a high end android device.

    • Ordeith

      A high end device deserves a high end OS, and Android ain’t it.

    • Bill Berry

      I keep a HTC HD2 around to test Android, but when it comes to a buttery smooth experience, it’s WP. My only concern is my Titans are HSPL and custom flashed and I want that exact same profile with whatever Lumia 92x I buy and I realize that isn’t possible. I’ve invested money into the apps I have bought for my devices and am well aware there is a greater amount of branded apps on WP8. It is hard to justify spending however amount of money a new WP8 device will cost when thanks to XDA developers I have their Homebrew equivalents on WP7.8. What I don’t have is a T-Mobile variant and cellular data speeds on them (not the Titan II Radiance) is painfully slow even on HSPA+.

  • Hudi G.

    They really need to get this phone with 32GB memory, so that it will be a true high end device

    • aussiedog61

      Agree. I also wish that they get the Black version as well. It looks much nicer to me. I am not a fan of cases.

    • Bill Berry

      a 64GB option like the HTC One?

  • xmiro

    Get. In. Ma. Pocket!

  • Luigi

    Finally the right replacement for my good old HTC HD7. Wait is almost over! C’mon T-Mobile, keep up with the good work: the way to the top is still far away but at least we know that it does not have to get worse before it gets better.

    • Brandon A Boone

      I miss my HD7, though I have a Note 2 think I’m going to sell it and get my wife and I the 925!

      • Bill Berry

        I have a HTC Titan running on T-Mobile; I know, it’s not 3G plus but one can wait for T-Mobile to refarm 1900. I keep a HTC Touch Pro 2 around for my mom…what I would give for a 925 with a physical keyboard or a Note II with a physical keyboard like the TP2

  • Not impressed, but maybe if I get it in hand I will be.

    • Doodmanbro

      That’s what she said?

      • That’s so corny, how old are you again? Oh wait..about 19 or 20 right. Stay on topic please.

        • ceegii63

          wonder who voted his comment down, hhhhhmmmm…

  • Gsm Helper

    Beautiful device. I wish it’s 32 GB minimum or has a microSD slot. I’m ok with no built-in wireless charger.

  • LinkArt

    I’ll be among the first people to pick it up at local store.
    Thanks Tmo for finally bringing the Nokia WP falgship

  • Paul

    I have to say this looks like a nice phone. Seems Nokia heard the comments about the screen-to-phone realestate and made the display fill in better.
    I’ll stick with my Note 2, but I think this is a very nice looking Nokia Win8 phone.

  • sahib102 .

    hey did you catch on 0:42 there was data sense …… makes me think that the 521 and MAYBE the 810 will get that :) and also I really dig the 925 it looks nice :)

  • Forget_you

    I have nothing against windows phone but I would get this if they also had an android version available. why not make both? more sales=more money for nokia.

    • chuey101

      ladies and gentlemen, i give you Exhibit A as to “why not make both?”


      • Whiskers

        If HTC would take the ONE and put WP8 on it , it would be the winner !

        • Bill Berry

          Those live tiles would be gorgeous on that device! I use Launcher 8 on my wife’s One…outstanding!

    • techymexican

      = less resources and less attention to a specific device. Nokia also get a huge amount of money from Microsoft to use Windows Phone. Nokia needs the cash right now and will stick with Windows Phone.

      • Bill Berry

        Nokia is moving ahead with Asha overseas and while WP8 is up to 5.6% marketshare where’s the joy in a OS that is so locked down you can’t really enjoy its potential?

  • GwapoAko

    Any leak on the pricing?

  • conservative_motorcyclist

    I would love to see a side-by-side with the HTC 8x. They seem to have similar specs. I went with the HTC because I desperately needed a new phone and the Lumia 810 was way, way, WAY too bulky and ugly for my tastes.

  • ceegii63

    16gb uuuggghhh

  • chuey101
  • Bill Berry

    I was in a T-Mobile store in Opelika, AL yesterday and I asked them point blank if the Nokia Lumia 521 they have on their shelf and the upcoming Nokia Lumia 925 will have the T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling capability and I was told, “NO”. Now which is it; yes…no?

    • TMOguy

      925 should have WiFi calling.. It’s installed in Windows Phone as an “app”. 8X does not have it yet, but “almost” did when a future software update was released in error and made the phone unstable.
      Update to WP8 OS should be coming sometime “this summer” – which hopefully will have WiFi calling for all, but that’s unconfirmed. But, the capability does/will exist.

  • Bill Berry

    While I was in that store I asked to see if they had a working WP8 device and they showed me their Lumia 810…I immediately went to Settings >> Cellular >> Absent was the “Highest Connection Speed” row that can be found on the HTC Titan which is the last known device that can be HSPL and custom flashed. Do we have the ability to set the data speed on these devices and if so, where? I’m not aware via ##3282 or ##3282# field test mode will get the job done or is the diagnostic mode available; thanks!