T-Mobile Drops In American Consumer Satisfaction Index, Now In Fourth Place

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I look at each of these studies and wonder if the questions were a little different or if we caught someone on a different day, would their answers have been different? What I can’t do is argue that T-Mobile continues to be on the losing end with a fourth-place finish on the new annual study from the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

On a scale from 0-100 the overall score was a 72, a 10-year high in the industry. At the top end was Verizon with a 73, a 4% gain from last year. Sprint surprisingly stayed steady with a score of 71. AT&T aka the “death star” scored a 70, a 1% increase from last year. T-Mobile brought up the rear with a 68, down 1% for the second straight year.

Customers rate the reliability of wireless service in terms of call clarity, dropped calls, and network coverage. Unfortunately, T-Mobile’s fourth place finish echoes their recent JD Power results and it’s clear that there is plenty of work for the UNcarrier to do to change perception.

As for the devices themselves, Apple lead the ratings with a score of 81, down 2% from the previous year. Samsung gained 7% for a rating of 76. Google owned Motorola had a rating of 77, Nokia at 76, HTC at 72 and LG down 5% with a score of 71. Oh, and then there was BlackBerry trailing with a score of just 69.

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