Taking An In-Depth Look At The HTC One, International Edition

Without an opportunity to properly review, unbox or at least go hands-on with the HTC One now available from T-mobile, I’m doing the next best thing. So here’s Cam, our TodaysiPhone.com Managing Editor who is taking a look at the international edition of the HTC One in fine detail. Missing from this review will be some dedicated T-Mobile bloatware, speed tests and a pretty picture of the T-Mobile box. Otherwise, what you see is what you get with the HTC One and all the features contained within this video will also be present on your future One smartphone.

There’s 16 minutes of video here all taking a look at the One hardware, software and specialized features like Blinkfeed, Boomsound and more. How it will stand up to the Galaxy S 4 is something we’ll learn soon enough, but until we can properly compare the two devices, take a look at the international edition thanks to Cam and enjoy all that the One has to offer.

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