T-Mobile’s Website, Retail Store Systems Go Down For Better Part Of Day


Unfortunately this issue went on for hours before I was able to report it this evening as there were numerous reports of a major T-Mobile system issue today that led to crashed computers inside company-owned retail stores. Along with the troubles affecting T-Mobile’s retail store computers, customers attempting to place orders on T-Mobile.com were unable to do so. As it stands now, it seems that most systems have come back up late into the evening allowing T-Mobile’s retail reps to continue business as usual sales processing.

Given the time of today that I’m finally getting back in front of a computer, unfortunately I can’t ping T-Mobile’s PR to get any sort of official company statement.

Hopefully this won’t be a repeat issue tomorrow and things can get back to normal, especially with the HTC One set to go on sale inside stores next week. We need everything to flow smoothly so even the limited selection of retail stores with inventory can get these devices in the hands of customers who have waited oh-so-patiently for them.

Did you have trouble ordering from T-Mobile.com today?


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