T-Mobile’s Website, Retail Store Systems Go Down For Better Part Of Day


Unfortunately this issue went on for hours before I was able to report it this evening as there were numerous reports of a major T-Mobile system issue today that led to crashed computers inside company-owned retail stores. Along with the troubles affecting T-Mobile’s retail store computers, customers attempting to place orders on T-Mobile.com were unable to do so. As it stands now, it seems that most systems have come back up late into the evening allowing T-Mobile’s retail reps to continue business as usual sales processing.

Given the time of today that I’m finally getting back in front of a computer, unfortunately I can’t ping T-Mobile’s PR to get any sort of official company statement.

Hopefully this won’t be a repeat issue tomorrow and things can get back to normal, especially with the HTC One set to go on sale inside stores next week. We need everything to flow smoothly so even the limited selection of retail stores with inventory can get these devices in the hands of customers who have waited oh-so-patiently for them.

Did you have trouble ordering from T-Mobile.com today?


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  • Deon Davis

    I went thru the hell on Friday 4/19 to order the One. But all is well will have it 4/22 Monday!!!!

    • Joseph Tongret

      I’m sure it was Hell trying to get your order completed, but I think these reps probably walked through a hotter part of Hell today, lol!

      • LC

        It really was absolutely terrible today trying to manage with all of the outages :(

        • LC

          And it gets extra frustrating when customers act like we’re doing this sort of thing on purpose. I’ve never understood how people can react that way.

        • eanfoso

          Haha true but wasn’t this issue just with pos? Btw we were using the retail line to do activations and that went by fast lol

        • LC

          Uhhh you must not have been there when EVERYTHING was down. Watson, QV, CAM, POS…it was bad.

        • eanfoso

          Even citrix?! If you couldn’t log in into I to at least see customer options or something everything else then damn bro you guys are troopers

        • LC

          My point exactly lol.

        • Rand0m3

          When I was there the first time, the rep could see my main line but not the other line linked to it, but could see that only once I gave him the number for that line (they are separate lines, not family plan but both on the same bill/account) and I was going to switch from the legacy plan to the new rate plans and get an 8x for me (primary line) until the high end nokia rumored to be coming out arrived (tired of waiting) and then probably use the 8x for the secondary line. After they looked up the pricing for the options I wanted and the phone itself (5 min max) they couldn’t ring me up, they couldn’t access my account to change the options and I waited 15 min or more for them to come back up and then left. I really wanted to change (at the time) so I went to the gamestop across the street, bought a few games, then came back. Still no good (about an hour later). I went to grab a snack and came back and no dice.
          It isn’t the first time the system outage has happened when I went into the store and I know it’s not the reps fault but I can only imagine how much tmo loses in potential sales and such if the customers are like me (impulsive). Now I just think I’ll wait a month or whatever and probably won’t get a new phone for the second line (the person on that line is happy with what they have, I just wanted the newer gear).

        • fentonr

          Yeah, Care was even down, I don’t know what eanfoso is talking about, it sucked.

  • Nick Cannon

    Growing pains

  • sloanie

    Yes, sir. Ordering does appear to be back up and running, but for some reason they’re still saying I don’t qualify to upgrade to the HTC One (customer service– the site says “Out of Stock”)– they only give me the option of iPhone, Galaxy S III, etc. (I thought the One was supposed to be available to existing customers via upgrade.)

    • sloanie

      And when I tried to purchase the phone by adding a line of service to my plan, I was given a much lower credit tier option– $484 down and $4 a month, even though I was told in-store today that my account had the highest credit rating. :

  • Hopefully that means they’ll get my HTC One order right. They charged me twice for it, then said, I had 3 orders. And they cancelled all of them. I been calling back & forth about 3 times between today & Saturday, with reps saying they’ll call me back to resolve the issue the next day (being Saturday) or hours later, but never doing so. They still have to put the 2nd order’s amount back in my account. This was truly hectic. I just want my HTC One, because my original arrival date was the 22nd, but because of this, lord knows when I’ll get it.

    • sloanie

      Oh wow, what a mess. Makes me wonder how many other issues they have like that that they’re now trying to sift through (duplicate orders, etc.)

      • Yeah, hopefully they get it together by today or tomorrow morning

  • Impatient Waiter

    hopefully there are no technical glitches or any hiccups when my dad and I get the galaxy s4 on Wednesday! :D does anyone know what time exactly it goes on sale on tmobile’s site?

  • david icke

    it wasn’t just retail, it was customer care and us in tech care as well — practically everything was down all day.

  • Yeison Peralta

    Still can’t order the One, I’ve been trying since yesterday afternoon. It shows as out of stock for existing customers but it seems to be fine for new ones.

    • sloanie

      Same here. Customer care told me I “didn’t qualify” to upgrade to the HTC One yet. What?

  • sysu3peat

    I spent all of yesterday since 8 am to try to upgrade to the HTC One but I still haven’t had any luck getting my order in…..I’ve spoken to 10 different customer service reps and none of them provided adequate help yesterday….and now the One is out of stock for upgrades. BS

  • Jason Choi

    Sigh… 24 hours of watiing and I still can’t pre-order. I keep seeing the iphone 5 as an option and it’s starting to pull me closer.

  • Joseph Tongret

    My HTC One orders went smoothly yesterday through the customer service telephone line, but today I sent my Wife to a retail store to pick up a Nexus 4(after regretting selling my last one to a VERY persistent friend,lol) and they told her that Customer Care had informed them that ONLY SIXTEEN transactions had been successfully completed for Tmo nation wide today! I don’t know how much truth there is to that, but as a very regular visitor to this corporate location I have no reason to doubt him. Fortunately, the reps here are familiar with my Wife and I so they were able to write down all necessary information, give my wife the Nexus 4, and he’ll officially enter the sale first thing in the morning he said. I was at work, but I think he did it because we’re very generous with the reps, usually tipping them $15-$25 on handset sales, lol. I’m a bit of a sucker, as most of my life I’ve been in sales positions, or working as a server or bartender in a “tipped” position, and even though I’m in a position where it’s probably better that I finance the the three phones we’ve purchased, I do always feel they earn that extra. I really hope everything will be back to normal by tomorrow morning, because through the various complaints I’ve read online this evening the sales reps are the only ones truly losing! To watch potential customes walk away with their cash in hand is DEVASTATING (and that’s an understatement when describing the feeling a commission based employee gets) when you’re rendered powerless over your own income for an entire Saturday! That’s a day these guys won’t get back, and all they can do is put a business card in everyone’s hand, really lay the charm on em’, and keep high hopes that they’ll return tomorrow and allow them another chance to set them up with what they’re looking for…. My condolences go out to you reps, I’m sure it was a rough one, but it’s over!

  • TheVorlon

    I was unable to get the T-Mobile app to provide any account status all morning.

  • Sean

    The HTC One is showing up as “out of stock” all day. I wasn’t able to order one due to all the other issues.. So hopefully Ill be able to order one if I can find a store in Denver that carries it. What a fiasco on T-mobile’s part. As a Webmaster, I get it but this still has been an exercise in frustration from a consumer standpoint!

    • Phil

      I went to the store on Havana and Mississippi and the person there told me that only one store in the state is getting it. North field I believe it was. Not sure what the chances are that we can get the phone if it’s only at one store.

    • superg05

      HTC is doing so bad that is credit got downgraded by its part suppliers so they likely have a limited supply of them and will likely give a larger share of them to the biggest carrier’s

  • tommy

    Every single system was basically down today in the store we could not process any transactions from 10 am est to about 6:30 est. Angry customers kept coming to the door wanting upgrades and to pay their “pay in advance” bills. Do you guys realize how many people who are on prepaid who’s due date was today were without service? Many of them said this was unacceptable and it pretty much is. I’m pretty sure T-Mobile lost millions of dollars today due to this like 9 hour outage on a SATURDAY of all days. I’m glad they fired all the dead weight in the company and kept all the genius people probably in networking so they can keep the systems working so beautifully…FAIL

    • pholocity

      if you only knew man…

      • tommy

        I do know, man..whoever is responsible for this outage should be canned immediately if legere has a a pair

        • bingobangobongo

          If Legere has a pair? Are you kidding me? The ignorance of this whole statement. Yes it sucked. I missed out of so much money as did my reps. But seriously. Shit happens. I doubt it’s one person specifically who caused it. One simple bug can bring a network to its knees.

          I know you want someone to blame for this…there must be restribution!! RAARRRR.

          But dude…its done…and if you did a good job explaining the situation, your customers will come back. If not…well then that’s your own fault.

        • rog27

          agreed. Tommy next time you forget to apply an epin, forget to fill out a RFG, screw up a port in, fail a secret shop…w.e the case may be….You will be canned immediately as well k?

        • tommy

          ok cuz ive done none of those things..u must be in management what do they do when you mess up? Take you to Ruth Chris’s for a sales meeting on the company dime…did you get your job through nepotism or just flat out ass kissing like most managers?

        • bingobangobongo

          its clear to me that you will never move up in any company with that kinda attitude. Always bitching about what other people get and what you don’t get. wait…let me guess, the world is against you to eh? Jeeze man, it must suck ass being so negative all the time.

        • Melissa

          All of this.

        • Joe C

          I have worked for tMo for over three years and the fact that this repeatedly happens and has not been properly addressed is definitely the fault of upper management. Take the hit on the cost to update the systems properly with new equipment and stop just patching. We lose more money with these issues than it costs to just get a proper fix.

  • Sold my phone on Thursday and shipped it out today at noon. Immediately after that I drove to a local T-Mobile store to pick up an iPhone 5. Left empty-handed due to the crashed system.

    I’m now without a phone.

    Insert feelsbatman.jpg here.

    • Bud

      i feel your pain. i got lucky i sold my att iphone 5 and got a tmobile iphone 5 that day.

    • Razball

      Did the same thing last night right next to a T-Mobile store so I could walk in and buy the iPhone 5 this was at 9pm best and they couldn’t do anything and now I’m using my nexus 7 with Google voice to text and call until they open today

    • I’m pretty much in the same situation. But my phone has been sold for almost 2 weeks, but now my order is being put on hold, cancelled or altered because of T-Mobile’s systems. And they still have to refund me for the 2nd charge they gave me for the same device.

  • Tammy Radcliffe

    Was a day from hell in stores. Angry customers blaming us for outage.

  • Cindy P

    I just tried to pay my bill AGAIN and the system wouldn’t accept my debit card payment. THEN I was on hold for 15 minutes to be told that they can’t accept any cc or debit card payments right now with no explanation given. I am getting ready to take my business elsewhere. They can’t accept a payment but they sure could turn off my service! This was on 4/21 at 3 a.m.

    • tommy

      wait…so they STILL haven’t fixed the outage?!!

  • D6E

    Site is back up but still says OUT OF STOCK for line upgrades (HTC One). What’s going on TMO?

  • Kit Pogi

    David, any news on what was the cause of the all day outage?

    • Verizonthunder

      I am curious myself

      • Bud

        i was on the phone with cs. She told me it was due to the iphone.

  • Mystery Man

    I want my s4 pre-order already

    • Impatient Waiter

      probably won’t be one… do u know what time the phone will go on sale on wednesday? like midnight eastern time or what?

      • Kenan Jackson

        My guess is midnight PST based on previous launches, so 3am on the east coast. I’ll check at midnight or set an alarm for 2:45am.

  • BKnight

    Still will not process an upgrade. Shows my phone I hit upgrade and it says website unavailable.

  • Verizonthunder

    Sad day i saw two people wanted the iphone 5 in the T-mobile store and the guy had to explain to them they could not sell anything due to systems were down , what a bad timing and PR nightmare yesterday afternoon, the guy told us it was like this all day loosing lot’s of money and potential customer’s

    • LC

      Yeah… I lost at least six. And that’s not so much what bothered me, but the fact that people who were walking in so excited to switch and save walked out with nothing. Looking for a better day today!

      • Rob

        Are the systems working now?

        • LC

          Things were MUCH better today. Didn’t have any of yesterday’s issues.

      • Verizonthunder

        Hopefully they come back and this did not leave a bad taste in their mouth’s

  • brooksieboy

    Hi, I work with loyalty/retention in albuquerque I will say it like this…it was a nightmare for all of us I was one of the firdt to get on as soon as the systems crashed this was a NATION wide system outage over all possible systems scheduleing, sales, account maintenence, the whole enchilada for lack of a better term. If I was a customer id be pretty frustrated thats for sure. But nothing is more embarrassing to me than having turn customers down from resolving their concerns. This outage internally most likely was due to an anomaly. We have been jamming so much information in our systems invluding new updates to standardize and create efficiency in our system for day in day out work. With the new launch of our uncarrier plans as well as the bride to value options new iphones samsungs htc blackberry z10…I do believe in executing a strategy when comes to this amount of information. However, its alot of code and more so programming to button together multitudes of systems and internal information to work together in unison. Personally I feel bad for our IT department and help desk I watched them rip their hair out walking back and forth for 10 hours. Im sincerely sorry to everyone here who was effected by thr outage and I can guarantee you we are really doing our best to revitalize these systems to get us all back on track for the htc one to arrive! Im sorry again I love you all!

    • PiCASSiMO

      I’m not sure if anyone employed at T-Mobile can say that much about the situation, but I do appreciate the honesty and do hope that T-Mobile gets back on it’s feet.

      In the mean time, please find ways to have existing customers be able to order the HTC One as it currently shows OUT OF STOCK, but for new customers it is in stock.

  • I finally got my order in on 4/19 and got a tracking number! HTC One on monday!

  • mgldan

    I had planned to spend the better part of a day migrating from my iPhone 4S to a new, unlocked iPhone 5, and only got as far as picking up the iPhone 5 from the Apple Store. I had intended to get a new nano-SIM from TMo retail; that obviously didn’t happen yesterday.

    I’ll try again today, but I wanted to finish yesterday… gotta set up two-factor authentication on the new phone for Google, Dropbox, and Apple, spend time rearranging my icons, and of course download over 30 GB of music and movies to my new phone.

    I didn’t see anyone yelling at TMo reps here though.

    • Tmo-rep

      Why did you buy your iphone at the apple store? Did you not do any research before you shopped? Unless apple store dropped the price recent you paid 30-40 bucks more on your device then you would have in tmobile store. Plus apple store Iphone 5 doesnt have our LTE freq bult in.

      • mgldan

        I did extensive research, and you seem to be making several assumptions about my motives. Since I don’t like to reply to posts that attack my character, this will be my only response.

        1) The difference between Apple Store and TMo is $70 (before tax), not $30-40.

        2) The Apple Store’s iPhone 5 2013 model does have built-in support for TMo’s LTE frequencies, and FWIW, the iPhone 5 2012 model also supports TMo’s LTE with the free carrier update that went out last week.

        3) TMo retail did not have 32 GB or 64 GB models in stock; Apple did.

        4) By doing Barclay’s Visa deal, you can get back the $70 difference even if you buy from the Apple STore.

        • John

          Mgldan: you are correct on all fronts except for one thing. T-Mobile stated that the 16gb, 32gb and 64gb would be carried online. With the 32gb and 64gb iPhone only carried at T-Mobile website or from Apple store. Only the 16gb iPhone 5 would be CARRIED in T-mobile retail stores. Thus, it wasn’t that T-Mobile was out of stock on 32gb and 64gb at your local T-mobile retail store.

          However, if you tried ordering the iPhone 5 32gb or iPhone 64gb on T-Mobile’s website and it said out of stock than it was out of stock.

          As far as the poster T-Mobile rep I don’t know where he/she got their info from because they are 100% inaccurate in what they posted.

        • mgldan

          I knew that, but that’s a pretty fine point. I guess I should have written, “TMo retail does not carry 32 GB or 64 GB models.” But from a customer’s perspective, they either have it or they don’t.

          Honestly, they should have at least one of each larger capacity SKU at their own retail. It’s their own store; why wouldn’t they sell all their own phones? I think I read here the other week (on some leaked PowerPoint slides) that you can order the larger capacities at TMo retail for shipment to your house, but when people buy cell phones, they like to know that everything is working before they leave the store. Having to do setup in two steps is a bad alternative.

        • John

          I asked a T-mobile rep why they don’t carry 32gb and 64gbmodels in store. The reason I was given for T-Mobile not carrying 32GB and 64GB models was that they don’t sell well in stores because most who buy in the T-Mobile retail store get the 16gb model.

          The T-Mobile representative in the store can order the 32gb or 64gb for them in the store. However, some representatives in store don’t know they can do this. While some store reps know they can order it and have it shipped to the customer, but are just TOO lazy to tell the customer this and go through the process with the customer.

          The T-mobile representative should tell customers in the stores that they could order the 32gb or 64gb model online for them right there in the store and have it shipped to their house. That way they don’t lose the customers wanting the 32 or 64gb models.


    I can log it… but the HTC One is still out of stock.

    Web-Only Price

    NEW! HTC® One – Glacial Silver

    (Be first to write a review)

    2.1 Megapixel Front-facing Camera

    HTC BlinkFeedâ„¢

    HTC Zoeâ„¢

    HTC BoomSoundâ„¢


    • Honestly I think since they’re now up and running again, I’m quite sure they will expedite shipping on new orders placed in the next couple days now to make up for this.

  • Boy am I glad I put my htc One order in Friday after work, before this MESS happened. *phew** I almost waited until the next day Saturday to do so, it’s a good thing I didn’t!

    • Razball

      Damn you and your quick thinking -_- lol

  • LordCaliban

    Its been a mess. They screwed up my plan (but fixed it several times over now) but I still can’t “upgrade” the phone. The rep told me that was one of the issues they’ve been trying to fix, but at this rate even if I order next day air it’ll be here on Tuesday and I’ll have spent even more money when I can wait one more day.

    So I’ll probably wait till Wednesday, only issue I have is that I don’t get off work until 6pm and there’s only 3 actual “RETAIL” locations in my area of which I don’t know which locations will have it.

    I got my HD2 and Sensation 4G on launch day, hopefully my luck will continue.

  • Mark Hennessey

    If I were the CEO I would have fired the CIO on my first day. T-Mo’s back end servers seem to always have issues. Their infrastructure is rickety- any big sales event causes problems. EVERY time I’ve done a retail transaction at a T-Mo store there have been problems of one kind or another. Some were just annoyances (I put that down to BAD software design and poor training for staff) others were catastrophic outages like this.

    The “high availability” revolution seems to have passed T-Mobile by….

    • LordCaliban

      I agree to an extent because of the slowness of the site I’ve experienced a few times, and the same issues with the App. But on the other hand, it appears the iPhone launch didn’t have any issues, or at least none that I know of. My optimism is hoping that they under-estimated the popularity of the HTC One, but that could just be wishful thinking.

    • 21stNow

      Yeah, the systems were down even at the Galaxy Note II launch.

  • MJ

    interesting, I was in an Apple store yesterday and was talking to be for manager about a variety of things including the iPhone and various carriers. He said they didn’t even have a T Mobile iPhone in the store. He also said that the reason T Mobile has problems is because the process for a poor network which is just for cheap teenagers. Those were his words.

    • CRT24

      Yep, all of t-mobile’s 34 million customers are cheap teenagers….the APPLE employee obviously has no clue what he is talking about so you might want to get your information from somewhere else about T-MOBILE operations.

    • superg05

      What store was this? Where was it located

  • SteVe

    the more things change, the more they stay the same. T Mobile

  • CRT24

    Those that have seen me post on this will know that I am a staunch defender of this company when it comes to our plans, how we treat customers, the value we provide, and even our network from the standpoint of it’s performance in good coverage areas…..but I cannot defend THIS! Every time, and I do meen EVERY time we have a sale, a large phone launch, or any event that drives a large amount of traffic into the stores, at least one essential part of our sytems go down almost immediately to the point where we cannot complete most, if not all transactions. This obviously creates a situation where customers who would already have an extended wait due to the increased traffic even if the systems were working perfectly, are waiting 5 times longer and sometimes even leaving the store because we could not help them. Even with the iPhone launch where traffic was not even at the volume of some of our “free phone” sales, we could not use the installment plan option from the moment we opened the store, which 99.9% of customers needed to utilize for their phone purchase……and this was only one a several issues with the systems that we experienced that weekend. Minor system glitches are to be expected from time to time but situations like what happened yesterday where all systems went down for literally the entire day have become common place and have come to be expected every time we make any kind of material changes and/or have increased traffic. This has been going on for years and it is time for T-mobile to update our systems once and for all, because not only is it an embarrassment to the company but probably loses more $$ than it would cost to just update the systems already!!

    • I agree. A busy saturday afternoon with tons of customers ready to buy new devices and everything shutting down for the entire day is unacceptable and embarrassing. Some prepaid customers couldn’t even refill their balances and their phones were turned off. T-Mobile should give them some type of inconvenience credit for this debacle.

    • PiCASSiMO

      Well said…

    • Melissa

      I completely agree with you about updating our systems. It was very embarrassing to have to explain to customers but on the same token, you don’t let that stop you from doing business. Our store had no problems activating and upgrading. We did manual receipts and when the system decided to cooperate, we rang it out. We didn’t let the computer problems stop is from making money and helping out customers. Yeah its frustrating but you can’t let your customers know that and provide them with the best service despite the crappy ass systems we have. Rep from Kc East.

      • CRT24

        Not really the point….of course you do what you can with manual processes when the systems are down as did my team…. but the larger issue here is the fact that front line employees keep being put in these positions because they are putting bandaids on bullet wounds as it relates to our systems and have refused thus far to adequately deal with the system issues. How many more times does this need to happen before serious action is taken I am glad you were able to “make money” and take care of some issues by the manual process, but that did not cover 100% of the customers that came into the stores yesterday. As sales managers/associates we are expect to perform…..we should demand that we have the systems in place that allow us to do so…..we deserve nothing less and our customers deserve it as well.The amount of money these outages have cost the company could have paid for the system upgrades multuple times over, but you can’t even measure the cost to our reputation and image for a company that is trying to accomplish what we say we are.

        • Kenan Jackson

          How many more times must it happen? Wednesday. If the iPhone launch caused problems, then the HTC One caused worse problems, the Galaxy S4 launch might be an inconceivable failure.

          Of course, I hope this is not the case, but based on recent history the bigger the launch, the bigger the problem. I was watching the @TmobileHelp tweets last night and was amazed that over 10 hours they kept sending out “All systems up and running now”, when it was absolutely not the case. Did they not think people would immediately figure this out?

          Oh, TMO, please let my GS4 order go smoothly. Please.

        • Melissa

          Our specific location has been asking for new equipment for years now and all we continually get denials. So we are at the point where we work with what we have until they decide when they what to improve systems. Yeah, I agree it makes us look completely incompetent when the majority our customers come in and can’t pay bills or need help with their account, but it’s all in how you position it. Yes, you’re going to have upset customers. And they have every right to be upset but until the upper people realize that they’re just shooting themselves in the foot by not improving the systems, we have to be the one to carry the team.

        • Makes us looks completely incompetent is right … let me restart my computer to take an epin

    • Mystery Man

      T-mobile needs to hire an BA to come up with a proper Enterprise Architecture. This is going to have to be done regardless with the metro pcs merger.

  • blah

    It appears the htc one is already on back order. . What a joke

  • Binny Gupta

    i bet it was verizon

  • Rob

    Is it working now?

  • LordCaliban

    It’s working now and you can upgrade, however they are trying to charge me $41.09 in Taxes and Fees but it doesn’t break down what those fees are. I think I’m just going to wait and go into the store on Wednesday.

    • Burton Guster

      The tax is for the entire cost of the phone. It will be the same amount if you wait to go in a store.

      • LordCaliban

        Yeah, I just figured that out too. I’m just going to wait till Wednesday and hope I can find it in one of the stores. With express shipping I still won’t get it till Tuesday, so I might as well save the $24 on shipping and snag it Wednesday.

        • John

          Standard shipping is free on the T-Mobile site for phone purchases. Express shipping is available for a fee. However, I am sure you could talk with a rep or manager and get them to waive half of the express shipping fee since standard shipping is free.

        • sloanie

          I actually was charged $6.99 for ground shipping on an upgrade. Might be free with new lines of service.

        • I’m thinking the same thing since I was also charged for shipping, unless they refund us later and it was an error. Who knows at this point, at least we got our orders in, right?

        • John

          Call them and negotiate with them. Explain to them that the T-Mobile site says free standard shipping and makes no mention of a new customer requirement.

        • thanks, I think I just might. They’ve always been super helpful when I’ve called and always thank me for being a customer since 2000. If I don’t qualify as a long time Loyal customer, I don’t know who does. lol

        • John

          From the T mobile site “Get free ground shipping on all phones and devices. Expedited shipping is available for a fee; you can choose a shipping option during checkout. Sorry, accessory-only orders are not eligible for free shipping.”

          “Plus, pay no activation fee when you purchase a new phone, SIM card, or internet device online.”

          It doesn’t say anything about a new customer requirement.

          I have been with T-mobile since January 2005. I pre-ordered the iPhone 5 and chose one day shipping. I received the iPhone 5 on launch day via UPS NEXT DAY Air. I had them waive all my shipping costs. However, i negotiate with T-mobile and go toe to toe with them. I also get a 35 dollar monthly loyalty discount. I don’t let them get anything over on me. Therefore, I would not have let them get away with charging me the shipping costs for my phone upgrade.

        • Impatient Waiter

          So you ordered the phone and then called about the shipping fee and got it for free?! My family and I have been with tmobile since November 2003 and got jack squat from being so loyal… we tried to waive my mom and sister’s migration fee to get them to the new uncarrier plan, but no luck and the woman on the phone was a total b**ch.. very disappointed, hopefully that changes when my dad and I order the galaxy s4 on wednesday.

        • John

          Yup, I had my overnight shipping cost waived.

          how much longer did your sister and mom have left in their contract?

        • Impatient Waiter

          mom and sister have 14 months left… I called them and got a nice rep named Christopher and he told me to do Installment plan and that we’re going to want to do “Bridge to Value.” I don’t know what that is…I would love to do overnight, but if I don’t get the fee waived then I don’t lol :p

        • John

          Well if you do overnight shipping and you can’t get them to waive all your shipping costs than you should have them atleast waive half your shipping costs. Because standard shipping is suppose to be free for purchasing phones for new and old customers.

          David posted an article a few months ago explaining the bridge to value. Here’s the link h ttp://www.tmonews.com/2012/11/t-mobile-set-to-introduce-bridge-to-value-help-migrate-customers-over-to-value-rate-plans/
          no spaces between h AND ttp

        • Impatient Waiter

          thanks, John! I just don’t understand how to select that option online… there are 3 options: stick to current plan(classic unlimited-talk & text), change to a “Value Plan” or “Choose a Classic Plan.” I assume the “Value plan” is the new simple Uncarrier plan so we want that, but where do we find the “bridge to value” or EIP option? I’m afraid to progress the order because when I select “Change Plan,” it says I will lose the following data options and I don’t want to do anything to mess up my account..

        • John

          My advice call 611 from your cell phone which calls t-mobile customer care. Once you get the rep on the line, give the T-Mobile rep your mobile number in question explain to them what your trying to do. The rep will be able to best assist you with your account in front of them. But make sure you explain to them you want to do the bridge to value and you want to know how you can go about doing that right now. if the rep is unhelpful ask for their supervisor.

          Let me know what they say. :)

        • Impatient Waiter

          they told me it was an “all or nothing” deal. That I would have to pay the migration fee for my sister and mom’s lines ($300!!!! and she can’t do anything to waive it, but she wishes she could for how loyal we’ve been…). And that apparently we are already on the bridge to value plan…

        • John

          I am sorry to hear that.

          When was the last time you upgraded your phones on your mom and sisters line?

        • Impatient Waiter

          both about 10 months ago… my mom has 14 more months left.. :/ But I was thinking what if my dad and I just “left” tmobile and then I signed up myself as a new customer and just added him to my plan? what’s stopping me from doing this? :p

        • John

          Oh, I was going to say if your upgrade was done over 18 months ago they would have to switch you to value with no migration fee. Sorry to hear that.

          Well make sure you fight for your free shipping on your phone purchase Wednesday.

          Well if its cheaper for you and your dad to leave your current plan and sign up as new customers than i say go for it.

        • Impatient Waiter

          We decided to just wait until the stores get the GS4 on May 1st and get them then… We have called tmobile 4 times and have gotten 4 completely different answers as to what we can do, so obviously they don’t have a damn clue what to do with customers like us. We’re just going to go into the store and try to work it out, but if we have no luck, then we’re going with my plan of “leaving” and just resigning as “new” customers.

        • John

          okay, good luck . :)

    • sloanie

      Finally! Thanks for the heads up. Got my upgrade order placed. :D


    Got a personal email from T-Mobile who said that they are changing their way of doing business. Needed to sign in to see the details and first thing that I get is an error screen.

    “Error 500–Internal Server Error

    From RFC 2068 Hypertext Transfer Protocol — HTTP/1.1:

    10.5.1 500 Internal Server Error

    The server encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request.”

    Why bother with the emails, T-Mobile?

  • ant

    idk i couldnt sign in to my tmobile to see how much the one would cost me so i guess i had trouble

  • ant

    all i want is a black 64gb for 200 from tmo why is that too much to ask
    (go to my website people and youtube channel antbandz

  • ant

    sounds like tmobile computers were celebrating 4/20 as well

  • Rand0m3

    I was in a store 3 times yesterday trying to buy an 8x to hold me over until the rumored Nokia 9xx was released but it was down at least until 1pm (last trip in) so I just kind of stopped caring about getting anything and decided to wait.

  • legere

    I guess laying off 80 % of the IT staff was a bad idea

    • PiCASSiMO

      Was it really that much?

  • Trav Montana

    Hey david, you should have a contest to give out free htc ones and gs4 or even a nexus 4:) just saying lol

  • Frank Dominik

    Ordered mine through adding another line because upgrading still says out of stock… order it being processed… lets see what happens tomorrow.

  • sysu3peat

    Ever since last Friday, I’ve been (and still am) in an endless circle of customer service call after call about my HTC One order status being stuck under “EIP Pending Confirmation”. bs. And now the One is out of stock again

    • kevin hundon

      Where should I get mine then?><

    • sysu3peat

      Well most people have seemed to get better results than me…so you might have luck…..maybe do it instore

      I don’t have the luxury to do it in-store since my college doesn’t allow freshman to have cars and the closest store is a 2 hour bus ride one-way

      I Just got off of the phone for the 12th time with customer service and all that they told me to do is “Try Again” but how can I when it is OUT OF STOCK!? The last customer reps have told me to Try Again and that was when it was in stock….and when I did I would just get errors on the checkout screen. I’ve tried doing it with different browsers and even different computers but it’s the same result. I’m about ready to give up on the One and wait for Google IO

    • LC

      With online orders using EIP they send an email where you have to agree to the terms and conditions for the installment plan before the order will actually process…any luck receiving the email?

      • sysu3peat

        I know about that email but for some weird reason my email would never receive it…. I would check my spam and my inbox but still nothing

      • sloanie

        I wish I’d realized this. I downloaded the EIP agreement after getting my order placed yesterday, but clicking the “verify” button didn’t do anything in the system’s built in PDF reader. Didn’t realize I had to do something else before that order would move forward (web site just said “processing order”).

        What’s the policy? You have to verify within 24 hours? Did so within 24 hours, but I’m wondering if this doesn’t bump me to the back of the list (order status now says “backordered”, as of this morning).

      • sysu3peat

        I tried putting another order again this morning and it went to pending EIP authorization again. Called Customer Rep and they still can’t figure this out and basically told that they can’t help and to just try again later. This is after the previous 15 reps that I’ve called told me that they would be able to figure this out. Well today has just been another day of empty promises from the T-Mobile Reps

  • Jay J. Blanco

    I tried to log in to mytmobile and when i logged in it said were sorry were updating the website or something. Was that a cover up????

  • Dave

    Well it figures that something like this would happen I suppose, the week after TMO gives nearly 100 pinkslips to employees within its IT department. Ah the joys of outsourcing. Save some money by cutting employees and availability at the same time. What could possibly go wrong?

    • Not a G1

      I have been in the background, fixing just this type of problem for years. I “used to” bleed Magenta. Now, I feel the pain with you all, while still holding my seperation paperwork. Legere said himself, “if you have an issue send me an e-mail”. I did, and he actually responded (wow!).

  • Bknight

    Our website istemporarily unable to complete your request. Please tryagain in a few minutes. For immediate assistance, please call 1-877-334-7151. This is all I get when I try to upgrade.

  • Trinity

    I’ve spent the better part of three days trying to order the HTC One only to run into a million problems, and now they won’t take my bank card even though I KNOW I have money on it. They say there’s a problem and I have to call and I’ve called and called and no one can help me.

    At this point, I am HOPING one of my local stores has the thing in stock on wendesday.I’m so done.

  • elite

    I lost so much sales that day it wasn’t even funny. I had like 10 customers come in interested in opening up lines for the iphone. Could not do anything since I had to run credit for each of them. Could of had $10,000 in revenue easily. I have to move on and try to surpass my current PR at my store of 60K (revenue) ,currently @ 50K. Let’s see what happens.

  • Breanne

    But seeing that Windows 8 BSOD screenshot at the top of the article made it all worth it. ;)

  • Elvis

    4th place in EVERYTHING! Even store POS systems!

  • 21stNow

    Are there still problems with the system? I tried to login to MyT-Mobile and pay my bill, but the system is unavailable.

    • thepanttherlady

      I was able to log in several times today including the bill pay section.

      • 21stNow

        I get this message still: “My T-Mobile is currently unavailable while we work to improve the site
        for you. Please try again later or call toll-free at 1-877-453-1304.”

        I guess I’ll try again tomorrow.

        • thepanttherlady

          Just tried via cell and got the same message as you.

  • Bknight

    its down now as well…… Cant get into My T for anything Im not even sure they still have stock on HTC One.