Taking An In-Depth Look At The HTC One, International Edition

Without an opportunity to properly review, unbox or at least go hands-on with the HTC One now available from T-mobile, I’m doing the next best thing. So here’s Cam, our TodaysiPhone.com Managing Editor who is taking a look at the international edition of the HTC One in fine detail. Missing from this review will be some dedicated T-Mobile bloatware, speed tests and a pretty picture of the T-Mobile box. Otherwise, what you see is what you get with the HTC One and all the features contained within this video will also be present on your future One smartphone.

There’s 16 minutes of video here all taking a look at the One hardware, software and specialized features like Blinkfeed, Boomsound and more. How it will stand up to the Galaxy S 4 is something we’ll learn soon enough, but until we can properly compare the two devices, take a look at the international edition thanks to Cam and enjoy all that the One has to offer.

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  • Deadeye37

    That was a really good walkthrough of the phone. The HTC One definitely looks like an awesome phone! I hope HTC sells tons of these and gets back into the smartphone game. I loved my G2 and would love to have another HTC phone.

    Now, if HTC can only put together a decent marketing campaign to really push this phone…

  • I saw this the other day. Honestly at this point I’m addicted to hearing about or seeing about anything HTC One right now. Anticipation is not even the word right about now.

  • i just ran into a guy with an HTC ONE from ATT .. asked him about Blinkfeed and he said it sucked lol
    however, the phone did look really good.

    • Cam Bunton

      Yeah, I couldn’t handle BlinkFeed as my home screen. I don’t mind checking it every now and then, but to have it as a constant is a killer.

      • du22ty

        You don’t have to have it on the home screen. You can move it off and never look at it again if you choose.

  • StarMenace

    The camera is the ONLY thing keeping me from this phone. I really don’t care about removable battery or microSD slot but I utilize my phone’s camera a lot as my primary camera anywhere I go.

    • du22ty

      Unless you’re getting a Lumia 920 you’re not getting a better camera than the HTC One.

      • John

        the iPhone 5 has a better camera than this phone imo. However, other than the camera issue this HTC One is a GREAT phone.

      • hieuman

        The 920’s camera is lackluster. Besides its nice nighttime capture, it smears way too much detail even in good light. Seeing that Nokia made the awesome 808 and then stuck Pureview on the 920 is a bit disappointing.

    • Cam Bunton

      The camera isn’t that bad, and it’s incredibly customizable. Zoe has some great features too, enjoyed creating Sequence Shots a lot.

    • I am really impressed with the camera. I have taken quite a few shots with mine and I have only been disappointed once.

    • Alex Zapata

      If you’re that worried about having a good camera then just wait for the Eos. That’s what I’m doing :-)

  • ShoeVixen

    I’m a loyal Tmobile customer and I went to an AT&T store (felt totally out of place..lol) yesterday to check out the HTC One and I must say that I was thoroughly impressed. I think the camera is awesome, blinkfeed doesn’t bother me since I can move it to another page, the boomsound was nice and crisp. Personally, I think HTC outdone themselves with this device. It feels real solid and I didn’t find the size intimidating. I have small hands and I thought that it would be too big but it fit perfectly in my hands. The device has a light and airy feeling but it stills feel quite durable and solid. I dont know what it is about this phone, I just love it. I played with the S4 too and I wasn’t that impressed, everything seems to be the same from before. It is a very nice device but just isn’t my preference. I dont knock it and what is capable of at all. I just heart the HTC One more.

    • how did you play with the s4 if it isnt even out yet. And judging by the fact you had to go to a att store tocheck out and “play” with the HTC ONE im thinking you dont have access to the s4 before its launched

      • souggie

        Some stores have s4 demo units already. The store in camp Creek Atlanta had one. Shoe vixen is right tho. The software is tweaked a bit but the biggest change is the internal hardware. Other than that, it’s an s3 pretty much

        • ShoeVixen

          Thanks, some people are just a little clueless.

      • ShoeVixen

        Obviously you dont follow technology that close because stores have demos before phones are released all the time. Tmobile just so happened didn’t have any in the area that I’m in so I figure AT&T would and I was right.

  • ShoeVixen

    BTW, very nice review Cam!

    • Cam Bunton


  • princedannyb

    I would think that even though only the back is aluminum it would still reduce signal strength.

    • Herb

      I haven’t had any problems picking up T-Mobile signal, even indoors. That’s only based on about 24 hours of use but still.

    • gg555

      The antenna is integrated into the back somehow, so rather than being a barrier to signal, it somehow is the antenna. I read about this when the One first came out, but haven’t been able to find a detailed explanation of the design. But it did sound like they were definitely trying to get the benefits of this sort of antenna design, while making sure not to repeat the problems of the iPhone 4’s antenna in the metal sides.

  • Christopher Roberts

    Ok this review was what I need to FINALLY make my decision… S4 HERE I COME!!!

    • fixxmyhead


  • Guest

    I have the T-Mobile version of the HTC One. I love it. I live in a basement and the signal strength is an improvement over my Galaxy Note 2.

    • sidekicker89

      are you sure the signal strength improved? Have the speeds improved? The Galaxy Note 2’s signal indicator has a max of 4 bars. The HTC ONE and ONE S has a max of 5 bars.. Is it weird i buy phones based on how many bars the signal indicator has? haha I’m going to get the HTC One when it comes out on T-Mobile :)

  • Paul

    No microSD slot? Seriously? Such a basic thing to have on a phone and HTC screws it up. So, how does one transfer their photos and data from microSD card to an HTC One without their old phone? Or, am I out of luck and have to look for another phone that has a SD card slot on it? They managed to put an SD slot on the Butterfly and that is thinner than the One. I don’t get what HTC was trying to prove by leaving it off.

    • TBN27

      Drop box or Google Drive and their alternatives.

    • Synacks

      Welcome to 2013, SD is old tech. You’re doing it wrong if you’re filling up your 32gig phone.

  • Jack

    I love all the features on this phone yet remain skeptical about not having a removable battery. Considering how I’ve worn down lithium-ion batteries in the past after several months, I’m a little concerned about having to send it in to HTC for a replacement.

    The 4MP camera is only a slight drawback as I don’t usually blow most photos up bigger than the size of a sheet of printing paper. Besides, the Zoe feature as well as some of the other features of this camera make it pretty intriguing. Again, it’s just that inaccessible battery…

  • Sirwill4

    I wasn’t going to get one (hah), but HTC is really trying to push it so they have an awesome deal for dealers nationwide. HTC One carrier of your choice 250 no contract. Great marketing plan in my opinion. I’ll take even if just for backup!!

  • superg05

    People are really excited about this phone i gave up on htc i hope people find happiness of there hopes in this device they want me i love my Note 2 and can’t wait for my note 3,4,5,6 and my Galaxy Note Table

  • Jose Hernandez

    I’ll just keep my GS3.

  • why

    Looks like a mini iMac. No wonder Apple has to sue all these fools….

    • the2000guy

      No sue will ever happen. They agreed to contribute and use styles and design one from the other. I know that other people will clarify better than me.

  • Kush

    T moblie happy 420 . Do we get discount on phones since is today is 420 . Lol