As T-Mobile Drops Contracts, Verizon Moves In The Opposite Direction



Editors Note: So here’s a story that just hit the wires and it made me think about why I love T-Mobile’s new UNcarrier program…because they aren’t trying to behave like Verizon. 

With the release of T-Mobile’s Simple Choice plans, immediate feedback has been mostly positive, though I admit there’s been a decent amount of confusion as well. Still, as T-Mobile simplifies their rate plan choices with a one-size fits all plan approach to the mobile industry, the competition is moving in the opposite direction.

I think we all understand that T-Mobile’s new rate plans won’t benefit everyone, I don’t see how it could, but here’s why being on Verizon sucks. Sure, you get what is arguably the most dependable wireless network, but you are stuck with your phone and it’s not like there’s an abundance of unlocked phone choices for Verizon. Announced early this morning, Verizon Wireless has changed how it will handle device upgrades for customers nearing the end of their contracts. Customers on a two-year agreement will now have to complete the entire 24 months before being allowed to upgrade. That’s a four-month change from today’s current policy of allowing the upgrade at 20 months.

In fact, Verizon is taking the bold position of saying this actually benefits the customers by being “consistent with how the majority of customers purchase new phones today.” Pardon me while I go find an allergy pill, I’m allergic to nonsense excuses. Verizon says the first customers affected by this change will be customers who contracts expire in January 2014. So customers who thought they would be able to upgrade at 20 months are now going to be in for a rude surprise when they show up to a Verizon store and get told “sorry, four more months yo.”

So while T-Mobile’s new plans are imperfect and they won’t benefit everyone, the bright side is you don’t have to deal with Verizon’s iron fist. I sincerely hope T-Mobile CEO John Legere (Hi John! Thanks for the shout-out at the UNcarrier event) is taking note of his competition. The next time he bashes the competition, he better use Verizon’s new “better for the customer” upgrade policy as ammunition.

Still think T-Mobile’s policies suck?



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