HTC Drops “Quietly Brilliant” For James Van Der Beek And A Bachelor Parody

Look, I generally love Funny or Die parody videos and I have high hopes for the HTC One, but this video doesn’t do justice to either. This James Van Der Beek “The Bachelor” inspired parody gets in some highlights of the Zoe camera feature and long battery life, but for the most part this is the exact opposite of the direction we hoped for HTC. The bottom line? This was a video with great potential for a smartphone that has great potential and unfortunately was implemented with a lot of jokes that just fall-flat.

In fact, this wasn’t at all what I had in mind when HTC dropped “quietly brilliant”…and replaced it with James Van Der Beek? Usually this is the point where I tell you to watch and comment, but this time around I may just tell you to avoid losing 3:48 of your life.

TechCrunch via FunnyorDie

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  • I actually don’t think it was that bad, it was fairly enjoyable.

    • Deadeye37

      I thought it was mildly entertaining. Does it do its job in selling me an HTC One? No. Did it bring a smile to my face? A couple times. Should HTC have spent money doing that ad? No.

    • LordCaliban

      “I don’t like your dial tone, bro!” Haha, it was worth a laugh. I don’t think it’s as sharp of marketing as the Samsung GS3 commericals, but it could get some people talking. If they follow it up with shorter clips and commercials and get the people in the stores talking about it, there’s a chance it could do quite well. There was a long spot in the movie theatres for it when I went to see GI Joe last week.

  • Mark

    I’m still hoping to see a return to the original Carly commercials where she (now as T-Mobile Girl, since there’s no MyTouch line ATM) walks off into the sunset with the iPhone guy,

    I’m also still hoping for Jellybean for my One S, just to touch on HTC for this post. :)

    • The one s is not scheduled for a JB 4.2 updates at this

  • Steve Park

    And it will be available at T-Mobile when????????

  • Fer

    Wow how stupid can this get

  • Deadeye37

    C’mon HTC! Show us how cool the features are on this phone! Sell it to
    us! Don’t expect mediocre parody videos to make us buy the phone.
    Funny commercials are my favorite commercials, but you need to strongly
    tie in the product & the features! If I didn’t know anything about this phone, then all I would’ve gotten out of that video is that the HTC One can take videos and has more than 1 speaker (I assume).

  • RG

    WTF OMG what the heck

  • not that bad but it in no way makes me want to get an HTC One. just makes me want to laugh sort of at the other stuff … but it’s not a video to make anyone want to buy one.

  • melon3531

    I actually thought the video was kinda fun… This is the kinda stuff the general public responds to, not the much more limited number of spec geeks.

    • ant

      i wouldve like to see how kobe or justin verlander spend their day lol n use the phone to show off its features but hey htc isnt as creative as sam

  • Ruvim

    i deff wont be buying an htc one after this.. lame.

    • Dion Mac

      Wait, this ad would keep you from buying a phone that you may actually want?

      • Ruvim

        that and the unremovable battery, no sd slot, smaller screen, and just a weird/crappy android software experience as per droid life… cant forget the weird soft touch button configuration.

  • ceegii63

    i thought i was watching “The B in Apt 23”

  • Richard cruz

    There is a HTC one Kiosk in Columbus Circle new york the guy said it will be available for t-mobile on the 19th but the phone is very solid and feels like a premium phone. Couldn’t do much which it becaue there were more people waiting to see it

  • fixxmyhead

    the bitch is lying, she’ll be needing that charger in like 3 hours lol

  • that was great! lol. I’m already buying the phone either way so a little comedy don’t hurt :)

  • Jose Hernandez

    This was just awful. This video was just bad. I could not even finish watching it. HTC, this is just horrible.

  • thepanttherlady

    “I don’t like your dial tone” LOL This made me chuckle.

    I kept wondering throughout how this was highlighting the HTC One but realized what they were doing towards the end when it says “Everything your phone isn’t”. iPhone and even Samsung could probably get away with the backwards advertising but don’t think HTC should bank on it working for them.


    It wasn’t that bad… I did get snicker out of myself.

  • Yoda

    “Walk away bro, I don’t like your dial tone”…LOL, this isn’t all that bad actually. Now when is the HTC ONE coming to Tmo?

  • vb

    HTC and T-Mobile please announce some sort of date.

  • krazytrixxxsta

    that was actually pretty funny.

  • ant

    i watched 10secs n said nomore i spent more time on this comment this the video

  • sssl48

    Will the unlocked HTC One being sold on HTC’s website be compatible with T-Mobile’s 4G or LTE network?

  • Randall Lind

    ROFL however HTC still sucks

  • Brett A. Spitzer

    I don’t feel that was a waste, clever and doesn’t make you think. Exactly what most funny or die videos are.