HTC Drops “Quietly Brilliant” For James Van Der Beek And A Bachelor Parody

Look, I generally love Funny or Die parody videos and I have high hopes for the HTC One, but this video doesn’t do justice to either. This James Van Der Beek “The Bachelor” inspired parody gets in some highlights of the Zoe camera feature and long battery life, but for the most part this is the exact opposite of the direction we hoped for HTC. The bottom line? This was a video with great potential for a smartphone that has great potential and unfortunately was implemented with a lot of jokes that just fall-flat.

In fact, this wasn’t at all what I had in mind when HTC dropped “quietly brilliant”…and replaced it with James Van Der Beek? Usually this is the point where I tell you to watch and comment, but this time around I may just tell you to avoid losing 3:48 of your life.

TechCrunch via FunnyorDie

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