T-Mobile Responding To AT&T’s Newspaper Ad With Their Own Creative Responses

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Let me be the first to say, that if these ads developed for T-Mobile in response to AT&T’s one-page attack ad last week don’t run in newspapers everyday for the next year, I’m going to be disappointed. Do these ads point to a new, cocky T-Mobile? Absolutely, but that’s what makes me love these three spots. I’ve long hoped that T-Mobile would do more to adopt a scrappy marketing campaign and start taking pot shots at the competition. Sure, T-Mobile’s network isn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination — but anyone who argues that AT&T’s network is a glowing symbol of wireless achievement needs to really reconsider that perspective.

So, when are these going to run? I can say they are proof prints that have already been sent to T-Mobile for final approval. I’m even being told we may see them in newspapers as early as today. It’s worth noting that the team behind these ads is the very group responsible for a number of recent T-Mobile commercials, including the most recent helicopter promo spot. So it’s all the more likely we will see these go wide in the coming days.

Given T-Mobile’s CEO bold and filter-free statements, it doesn’t seem unlikely that his loose lips are making their way into the company’s advertisements. Welcome to the new, scrappy, no-holds-barred T-Mobile and one of the first real signs of a completely revamped marketing effort.

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