T-Mobile Responding To AT&T’s Newspaper Ad With Their Own Creative Responses

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Let me be the first to say, that if these ads developed for T-Mobile in response to AT&T’s one-page attack ad last week don’t run in newspapers everyday for the next year, I’m going to be disappointed. Do these ads point to a new, cocky T-Mobile? Absolutely, but that’s what makes me love these three spots. I’ve long hoped that T-Mobile would do more to adopt a scrappy marketing campaign and start taking pot shots at the competition. Sure, T-Mobile’s network isn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination — but anyone who argues that AT&T’s network is a glowing symbol of wireless achievement needs to really reconsider that perspective.

So, when are these going to run? I can say they are proof prints that have already been sent to T-Mobile for final approval. I’m even being told we may see them in newspapers as early as today. It’s worth noting that the team behind these ads is the very group responsible for a number of recent T-Mobile commercials, including the most recent helicopter promo spot. So it’s all the more likely we will see these go wide in the coming days.

Given T-Mobile’s CEO bold and filter-free statements, it doesn’t seem unlikely that his loose lips are making their way into the company’s advertisements. Welcome to the new, scrappy, no-holds-barred T-Mobile and one of the first real signs of a completely revamped marketing effort.

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  • TechHog

    Shots fired pewpew

    • Willie D

      18th and Bush, I got him at gunpoint – This is from the credits on COPS, but could probably work with T-Mobile firing shots back at AT&T too.

    • sonny souvannarath

      I swear I didn’t see this comment before I posted. :(

    • bang bang !

  • Matt Plovan

    They missed one. During the merger AT&T said they didn’t consider Tmo competition.

    If Tmo isn’t competing with them, why are they focused on them?

    • Dion Mac

      You have 40 likes. I just made it 41!

    • JBrowne1012

      Idk maybe because AT&T made this competition ad? would you not respond to the lies and slander that AT&T presents here?

      • koopawnkode

        He meant that AT&T went back on considering Tmo as competition when they themselves said it first that Tmo wasn’t enough of competitor during their attempted buyout.

        • JBrowne1012

          Ah.. ok

  • Mark

    These are hilarious! I hope they actually follow through with the purchases to make them worthwhile.

  • thepanttherlady

    Love it!

  • Funny. I have T-Mobile, my parents have had At&t. I only ever had dropped calls when I called At&t users. My parents had them often. -OKC area-

    • Dion Mac

      My calls only drop when I talk to verizon customers. I thought that was pretty funny.

      • Durandal_1707

        In other words, you have to keep asking them, “Can you hear me now?”

    • Backlogger

      Every carrier has dropped calls depending on where you live.

    • Steve Cox

      I only have dropped calls when my wife or mom are boring the crap out of me. My phone goes kaput every time.

    • miketh

      Here in the Bay Area, ATT still has voice quality problems. I can always tell the few times someone is calling me from ATT – especially an older iphone. (Most business people knew years ago not to try and use iphones here.) Of course low end carrier, MetroPCS, has voice quality problems. I get a few calls from low end users and sometimes it is a struggle to communicate. Mainly, tho, calling Vz., att, and Sprint phones are the same as calling landline to landline via TM.

  • qpinto

    i hope these run. it would make my day.

  • Mark-Anthony

    I LOVE this, especially the first one.

  • g2a5b0e

    It seems like I might be in the minority here, but I really don’t wanna see these companies get into a pissing contest. As much respect as I have for my beloved Magenta, I don’t really see how it’s one we could win (of course that would depend heavily on the definition of that word in this case) in the foreseeable future. I think Legere’s comments were ill-advised in the first place.

  • M42

    How childish. T-Mobile should be concerned with replacing their crappy EDGE network with 21st century technology like AT&T has. Everywhere I go AT&T has either LTE or HSPA+ 4G, compared to T-Mobile’s EDGE – that is if T-Mobile even has coverage in the area. More often than not I’m roaming on AT&T. T-Mobile needs to be careful because next time their roaming contracts come up AT&T is likely to tell them to take a hike. Then you’ll really see how many holes there are in their coverage map.

    • M43

      Where have you been? T-Mobile’s been refarming their networks so that all EDGE would be 3G. And if you haven’t notice the speeds of AT&T’s HSPA+ “4G”, it’s slower than T-Mobile’s 3G! At least for where I’m at. Maybe you should switch over to AT&T to avoid your roaming since AT&T is ALL OVER where you are!

      • M42

        No, the refarm is to simply move existing 3G from 1700 MHZ to 1900 MHZ to accommodate iPhone switchers. If your area doesn’t currently have 3G on 1700 then you’re going to be stuck on EDGE. This is according to T-Mobile.

        • mike

          you are a moron and don’t know the facts. T-Mobile has stated ALL 37,000 towers will move to HSPA + by the end of July. Know your FACTS before you make slanderous and untrue comments.

        • samsavoy

          Sorry, you’re being untrue. They have 37,000 HSPA+ towers which are being converted. They have an additional 10-15,000 EDGE-only towers for which they have no plan.

        • g2a5b0e

          Everyone is right here besides you. When you call someone a moron without truly knowing the facts yourself, YOU end up sounding like a moron.

    • S. Ali

      so switch, no one has a gun to your head to stay on t-mobile. Another entitled consumer…

      • M44

        What a stupid comment Ali. Grow up and use that middle school efucation to understand business, customers and feedback.

        • Jose Hernandez

          You don’t like someones comment and you called them stupid? how middle school educated of you. see? it works both ways.

        • Stiles

          if you live in a place where you’re only getting 2g it is because no one lives there. Get Verizon or at&t

        • Verizonthunder

          Well some people like the simple, quite life without hearing background noise, or having to lock your door’s when home. Agree with last sentence both offer prepaid $50 buck feature phone’s with great coverage.

    • Verizonthunder

      It’s True T-Mobile has a lot of EDGE tower’s but I hope they will be upgraded to LTE. As for improving EDGE to HSPA+ not many area’s, I only can count for one area that is 1 mile radius.

      • TBN27

        My prediction or I shall say the fact is eventually, those EDGE sites will be coming down and replaced with HSPA+. They going to have to do it. I predict so after the 4G conversion and the deployment if LTE happens. More so after the Metro PCS merger (hopefully) happens.

        • Verizonthunder

          I hope for the best for T-Mobile the more bold move’s lately have been making will have the other three carrier’s think about their business practice’s. If they upgrade all tower’s to LTE it could have a big and positive impact for T-Mobile.

    • MuthaFuckinStephen

      Last time I checked. I’m getting 3G on my iPhone where I never had before. you should consider going back to TechCrunch if youre trying to troll.

      • Dion Mac

        Did you just call him out LOL

    • 30014

      If T-Mobile is so bad and At&t is so great then why don’t you switch and stop bitching.

    • Pikachu

      This is the way I see it. WHERE Tmobile has 4G, they have better back haul to those towers than Att does. Who cares if Att has the radio technology enabled so TECHNICALLY it’s 4G but in reality they are probably rocking a set of t1s at each site because they haven’t invested in getting off of their own copper, making it slower. I have a GS3 on a 21mbit market area pulling 13mbit down. If it was 42+ I’d obviously see double. Once we go revision 10 lte OMG… verizon and att have revision 8 equipment up because they jumped early.

  • Spanky

    What about the disparaging comments that John Legere made about AT&T? I assume that was totally fine? I swear, these companies are like little kids squabbling at the playground…

    • Jose Hernandez

      The comments that Legrere made about AT&T were in reference to AT&T’s network in NY. The consensus is that YES, AT&T’s network in NY is crap. He did not attack AT&T as a whole, he specifically said in NY. So, YES. That was fine because it was the truth. Companies will squabble like little kids all the time. But we should not take away when the truth is spoken.

      • TBN27

        It is a fact that when too many people are in one area on AT&T, their data call connections crap out. It happened at the finish line of the NYC Marathon and at other large public events. This used to happen to T-Mobile before they got 3G. The only advantage AT&T had over t-Mobile is that their LTE and 4G data had better building penetration than T-Mobile. A friend of mine switched to AT&T because of poor coverage in his house and place of work on T-Mobile. However this subject in NYC and in major Metro areas will be a non issue very soon and the customers will be running back.

        • Spanky

          My contract with AT&T ends in July 2014. If T-Mobile can improve the quality of their data network in NYC, I will certainly consider coming back.

        • RLB63

          Actually not a good reason for most people to switch. Since most people now have WiFi and home and work, and TMobile has decent WiFi calling that uses the same nunber that solves the problem fairly well.

        • TBN27

          I told him the same thing you told me and he switched anyway because he couldn’t get service at his job. Recently he has been asking me how much I am paying a month. That is a sign that he dislikes the high bill he is paying every month. I see him soon switching back in a couple of years or sooner.

      • Spanky

        I beg to differ. I live in Brooklyn, and T-Mobile’s network in the Bensonhurst area is absolute garbage, topping out at 0.5 Mbps. When it comes to data speeds here, AT&T leaves T-Mobile in the dust. Believe me, I am not too happy about having to pay more money for wireless service, but I don’t mind getting what I pay for. After having been a T-Mobile customer for over 7 years, my choices were to either deal with their barely above EDGE speeds or find a carrier who can actually deliver. Before trash-talking other carrier’s networks, it would greatly behoove John Legere to take a look at his own company’s network.

    • Dion Mac

      TO be fair, Legere said that to an audience he was infront of. Not in the news paper to millions of people! Let the fights began!

    • TBN27

      It reminds me of the game console wars in the 90’s

  • S. Ali

    They don’t need to runs these ads, just let them go viral on blogs and social media

    • Wink Frozen Desserts

      Save the cash! If you have to advertise you don’t have a great product ;)

      • JBLmobileG1

        Not entirely true. Samsung has great products and they actually advertise quite a bit. I say if your going to spend money on advertising you need to make it good and worth the while, otherwise why even bother? Sometimes you just need to spend money to make money.

        • volvoV70guy

          Samsung’s advertising is clearly working on you!

  • JTrip

    They should put “T-Mobile Unlimited Talk, Text & Data For $70.00” on these ads.

    • Colin Griffith

      They should put “T-Mobile Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data for $50 per month,” on these ads. Though I have the $30/mo. plan with only 100 minutes, since I rarely actually talk on my phone.

      • sonny souvannarath

        No, they shouldn’t put the $50 on those ads. You must be out of your mind. The customer will just be pissed because you sold them a plan that had minimal data. If you work for T-mobile, I hope all of your customers churn.

  • TMoFan

    To be fair T-Mobile parent DT sold them out. It takes two …

    • BigMixxx

      Think I’ve said this one before. Ill sell my mama for 39 billion and 10 percent for the rest of my life…

      • tmomanager

        if your mama can service 33 million customers daily, then yeah, $39B is a good price

  • That is awesome.

  • Verizonthunder

    I am excited for T-Mobile to launch LTE, I can see At&t sweating I guess they are going to call LTE 5g LOL

  • Someone in the PR/marketing department @ T-Mobile deserves a raise…

    • Dakota

      They need to hope they have a new advertising &PR agency. At PRSA, we used to use T-Mobile as a case study of what NOT to do

      • Wolfenstein

        They have multiple ad agencies working for them, and if you knew anything about how advertising works you would know that the agency can only do what the client allows. Try not to talk about things you aren’t familiar with.

        • sonny souvannarath
      • Durandal_1707

        If this is indicative of the work their agency does, I think they’re doing just fine. I just laughed harder than I have in a long time. These ads are brilliant!

  • BigMixxx


  • okatetsu

    Ha! Way to go!, T-Mobile. Way to go!! :D

  • s0uLjah

    Take those gloves off T-Mobile :D

  • sailracer

    Waste of money that should be spent elsewhere. Revenge rarely works in advertising – too many ways to spin the words / to much emphasis on the negative message. Who has more ad $$ to play with? ATT or TMO? TMO needs to advertise their strength such as cost and quality – rather than placing the web link on the ad just run the link’s full message on the ad!

    • Ever seen a Galaxy S3 “Next Big Thing Commercial”? I think I will respectfully disagree with you.

    • Whether they run these ads or not, the amount of free exposure they will receive will most likely dwarf the ad production costs.

      Conflict and competition can really be an attention grabber….as long as it doesn’t go too far like Apple v Samsung. At some point people will stop paying attention and start resenting both companies.

      But for now, I think it’s more effective than a bland “our coverage is great” ad campaign.

    • Yeah add campaigns that that discredit the validity of anothers statement never works.lol

      Ask anyone in politics

  • Mirad77

    Good to see Tmo picking a good fight but they should do it so that it benefits them more so than just hitting back coz you got hit. Nice tho’.

  • bleeew

    At first it was AT&T attacking Verizon and vise versa. Now its AT&T attacking T-Mobile and vise versa.

  • Joseph Tongret

    I know close to nothing of advertising, so I can’t tell you why these ads are great or not. I am similar to John in the fact that I’m not hiding my dislike for anyone in business, personal life, or any matter of life, so I can’t help but smile and laugh at these new ads! Sometimes you’ve just got to say how you feel and not defend your views to others because they aren’t so “nice”. Yep, I’m a firm believer that every once in a while you’ve gotta hit below the belt, just to remind them that you’ll do it, lol! And when they hit back, “HIT EM’ HARDER”!!! Again, is this the best approach to business…. I don’t know, but it’s how I’d play it!

    • Donald

      I second this

      T-mobile, as the #4 player, is following a good marketing strategy. They have to be chippy and pick a fight. They have to get noticed. If Legere isn’t persistent with this, then it can backfire, but I get the feeling he will be.

      at&t sitting from their higher position is being dumb. They’ve played into Legere’s hand. They would probably been better off ignoring it or acting like they were above it.

      This will be interesting.

  • Rey

    I hate, hate AT&T, those annoying U-Verse commercials “back in my day…” blah, blah, blah. Their wireless service is way overpriced. I have tried them all and T-Mobile is my favorite wireless service.

  • NYCTheBronx

    Good for you T-Mobile! AT&T is just scared because T-Mobile is going to take their spot soon when T-Mobile tops them. Cheaper contracts at T-Mobile and prepaid. First to release G1 and the largest HSPA+ that grew nationwide. $100 for unlimited calls, text and only 5GB of data max? Then they charge you over fees if you go over lol. Want to save money and be happy then I suggest you go to T-Mobile. Want to be a cheapskate and what terrible slow data? Then Sprint is your guy. Feeling like blowing $100 a month on one cell phone line? AT&T and Verizon is the game. Subsides, Go Smart, LTE, Revamped SG S III LTE with 42.2 Mbps (unlike AT&t’ 21mbps HSPA+ SGS IIl lol), first to release Blackberry Z10, LG GN4 & G1. AT&T is really sweating lol. A couple years back, didn’t the news say something about AT&T being or wanting to become a Monopoly?

    • Spanky

      The only way T-Mobile will take AT&T’s sweet spot is if they improve coverage. 0.5 Mbps downstream speeds in my supposedly 4G area of Brooklyn just doesn’t fly.

  • gdwhite85

    Nice…Been a customer of T-Mob since Voice stream. Love me some T-Mob……Get them!!!! AT&T, is weak for starting this mess in the first place! Love the Ad T-Mob….keep it up. All will be well in the end……

    • Spanky

      Actually, John Legere (T-Mobile’s CEO) is the one who started this mess.

  • rob

    This is the kind of SHIP I do like T-Mobile. More of this will get ppls attention.

  • Dakota

    I wonder if this is geared toward consumers or influencers

  • mdosu

    AT&T stooped down to fight T-Mobile at their level. Funny. As a T-Mobile customer, I find this entertaining.

  • Therese

    “What Keeps AT&T Up At Night” ran full page this morning in the Seattle Times.

  • xmiro

    Love.It. Moar of this please!

  • Poopdick

    I’ve had T-Mobile before, hated it, switched to AT&T, and now I’m semi-happy I guess… Truth is, all of these phone companies suck.

  • charlieboy808

    Bra-fucking-vo!! *Standing Ovation* This is just to awesome. I can’t stop laughing.

  • Trevor

    But they are both terrible…

    • Colin Griffith

      Verizon is the undisputed king of wireless networks. That said, they also have terrible policies and expensive pricing.

      AT&T is a lot like Verizon, with terrible policies and prices. T-Mobile, however, is not. They seem quite a bit more fair and reasonable all ’round.

  • Winski

    What do they care?? They KNOW they have the WORST NETWORK ON EARTH !!!

    • bob90210

      T-Mobile or AT&T?

      • Winski


    • Joseph Tongret

      I’ll never understand why you ppl come here???

  • att

    tmobile sucks

    • Colin Griffith

      Hm, depends on where you live. Here where I live, voice works ok, but data is crap. At my school and… Everywhere else around town? Everything is wonderful.

      My boyfriend lives in Iowa, where apparently T-Mobile does not exist. Anywhere. So he has to go with AT&T. He has a full time job though, so he can afford it… I had a seasonal job that has ended now, so I really don’t want to pay more than I have to. And $30.00/mo. for unlimited texts and data (100 minutes, but I rarely talk on the phone) is gorgeous.

  • Richard Yarrell

    I am definitely not surprised about the response. I agree 100% everyone knows At@t is useless with it’s crappy data plans. Matter of fact we won’t even get into the WORST CARRIER EVER IN UPDATES to handsets. What’s so comical is how they copy and butt sniff everything Verizon does. Piss on At@t

    • squiddy20

      “Butt sniff”? What are you, 9?

      • Colin Griffith

        Or a cat.

  • Guest

    If these are T-Mobile ads, why does the bottom right part look like it says T-Mobile has 2x the dropped calls of ATT?

    • thepanttherlady

      That was part of AT&T’s ad.

  • GwapoAko

    Tmo should include that AT&T’s bill is 2x Tmobile. :)

  • ポオナンジまあしゃ

    Ever since I took my Unlocked GNex off my 2GB AT&T plan and on to T-Mo’s unlimited data, I haven’t looked back. Sure, I can’t tether but being able to use 7GB a month without a throttle is a good trade-off.

    • Colin Griffith

      You can’t tether with an unlocked GNex? I have a Nexus 4 on T-Mobile’s $30/mo. plan, and it tethers just fine.

  • Ethan Johnson

    Ever consider they just wanted to buy your customers and spectrum and reduce competition? AT&T is trying to move back towards a monopoly…

  • tmomanager

    do whatever you want, T-mobile is never really a competitor to ATT.. ATT just wants to grab more customers from Tmobile… after all, every new addition to their customer base is more money for them

  • winkles

    AT&T tried to buy T-Mobile for the same reason that they bought Cingular – to acquire more bandwidth space and towers so that they could keep up with customer demands. Get off your high horse T-Mobile, because AT&T is still on top and that’s not likely to change.

    • superg05

      you must have missed he fcc reports on how they have a $hit ton of spectrum there not even using so no

    • sidekicker89

      AT&T didn’t buy Cingular… Cingular bought AT&T…

  • Their kerning needs some serious help in this ad. Digging the angsty message though!

  • Bandwidth spectrum to route more data/voice traffic that T-MO is not using, nor does it have the money to invest in the build out of that spectrum, but then idiot consumer are too dumb to think of this reason. They will be dead in a few years with sprint or ATT revisiting the purchase.

  • enoch861

    Time to grab some popcorn, sit back, relax, and watch the show. This is gonna be fun!

  • matt

    They didn’t wany tmob for the network they wanted the frequency bandwith tmob owns also both being gsm integrating their customers to att would be very easy

  • JustSaying

    I think T-Mobile needs to FIX their coverage map and UPDATE it before they direct anyone to look at it.. there is a huge glitch on their map if you zoom in towards Cincinnati, Ohio. There is a huge rectangle of coverage just randomly missing from the map!

  • One thing I never understand is why T-Mobile never advertises how much better their prices are compared to AT&T. Also they need to advertise that their network can also do voice/data at the same time since a lot of people seem to think AT&T is the only network capable of this.

    • RLB63

      Actually I have some data issues when I am talking in the phone. Live in the Chicago area, and have GS3.

  • William Huddleston

    The problem isn’t T-Mobile’s Network, as I’ve never had any problems with calls. Their customer service is absolutely horrible, and I mean REALLY bad.

  • Aelinulis


  • daniel212

    Well I DONT really have a problem with both at&t n tmobile they both have there ups n dwns my only complaint with tmobile is the lack of coverage outside major citys were as att usually has coverage. But one of my major complaints from at&t is that there HSPA network is CRAP. Sure LTE works awesome but once u out of the LTE area at&ts HSPA is crap lets face it its true. Even with full bars of hspa standing outside I cant even get 2 mbps on my at&t galaxy note 2 in los Angeles. I just wish at&t would of done the same thing with there hspa network that tmobile did make it fast . Then it would of been an awesome experience on at&t. Getting 25-30 on lte then 10-15 on hspa on at&t would been great cuz tmobile s hspa does easily get 10-15 megs easily. But noo once u go out of the lte area u cant even get more than 3 mbps were as tmobile usually gets at least 10.

  • Mark

    They should do a TV campaign with the guy who used to play AT&T in the first Carly ads teasing Carly (maybe she even comes back with “then why did you try to date me”)… and then the iPhone actor comes in and gets on her motorcycle!

  • me

    At&T next add leaked, it reads: Last month T-Mobile’s network drops almost as many calls as outsourced reps that they employ.

    • TechHog


  • Guest

    go tmo!

  • Now THIS is a READ ! Finally a company not being politically correct. T-mobile either knew the merger would fail & used AT&FEE for the $$$ or they are both really working together for a future deal

  • Singleweird

    i love a good marketing war

  • Singleweird

    boulder, co – never had a dropped call

  • rob3211

    ATT ads are hitting Philly hard and I haven’t seen or heard anything from t mobile They come on probably every commercial break on the most popular rock station in the area as well as occasionally on the pop stations.