AT&T Finally Responds To T-Mobile’s CEO Comments Calling AT&T’s Network “Crap”

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AT&T is finally taking aim at T-Mobile almost two months after the newly installed CEO of T-Mobile called the AT&T network “crap” at their keynote CES event back in early January. Responding to the claims from T-Mobile, AT&T took out a full-page attack ad in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA today. The ad claims T-Mobile drops 2x the calls as AT&T as well supporting network speeds that are only half as fast as AT&T.

I’ll be the first to admit that T-Mobile’s network is far from perfect and there are far too many places still stuck on EDGE, but I laugh at the prospect of AT&T calling out anyone over dropped calls. Dear AT&T, I often use your network on a side-by-side basis with T-Mobile and Verizon when reviewing new devices, and John Legere was right, it’s not exactly the highlight of using AT&T.

For its part, AT&T isn’t taking the comments laying down:

“T-Mobile’s advertising is a combination of misguided and just plain wrong,” said Mark Siegel, a spokesman for Dallas- based AT&T. The company’s ads today are “just a friendly reminder of the fact that independent third-party testing says AT&T’s network delivers faster speeds and fewer dropped calls than them.”

T-Mobile’s spokeswoman Alexandra Schwerin had no comment on AT&T’s ad.


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