AT&T Finally Responds To T-Mobile’s CEO Comments Calling AT&T’s Network “Crap”

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AT&T is finally taking aim at T-Mobile almost two months after the newly installed CEO of T-Mobile called the AT&T network “crap” at their keynote CES event back in early January. Responding to the claims from T-Mobile, AT&T took out a full-page attack ad in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA today. The ad claims T-Mobile drops 2x the calls as AT&T as well supporting network speeds that are only half as fast as AT&T.

I’ll be the first to admit that T-Mobile’s network is far from perfect and there are far too many places still stuck on EDGE, but I laugh at the prospect of AT&T calling out anyone over dropped calls. Dear AT&T, I often use your network on a side-by-side basis with T-Mobile and Verizon when reviewing new devices, and John Legere was right, it’s not exactly the highlight of using AT&T.

For its part, AT&T isn’t taking the comments laying down:

“T-Mobile’s advertising is a combination of misguided and just plain wrong,” said Mark Siegel, a spokesman for Dallas- based AT&T. The company’s ads today are “just a friendly reminder of the fact that independent third-party testing says AT&T’s network delivers faster speeds and fewer dropped calls than them.”

T-Mobile’s spokeswoman Alexandra Schwerin had no comment on AT&T’s ad.


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  • Trevnerdio

    I think I’ve gotten one dropped call in the past year or so with T-Mobile, and that’s because my phone wouldn’t switch from 4G to 2G in a building. Before then, I literally can’t remember the last time I had a dropped call.

  • Anthony V Cannata

    So not true T-Mobile has had iphones on there network for how long and tmobile handled it very well at&t cried and got rid of unlimited data because they couldn’t keep up with it so what you have to say is bs at&t

    • Jason Crumbley

      T-Mobile has had iPhones on their EDGE network, until recently.

      • Bud

        Still edge in most of NYC

        • TMOREP

          Still edge in most of sac. T-Mobile corperate came into the store and told us Sacramento and surrounding areas weren’t refarmed. Only downtown, so that post in december about the sac area getting refarmed was bs.

        • TBN27

          Oh I can tell you no it is not mostly edge. NYC is fully covered In HSPA+ on 1900 MHz and it is fast. If you said that it had weak building penetration then you would be right. At times I get edge when my friends who have HSPA+ on 1700mhz are getting strong in door signals in a few places. Hope that improves in the next fewonths.

    • BigMixxx

      T mobile has access to all phones in the business space. It’s a matter of time until they launch it nationally.

  • Jody Smith

    In theory AT&T is right. AT&T’s network has improved 100 fold in many areas that count. Every carrier needs to improve here or there and AT&T still has weak areas but who doesn’t.

    T-Mobile is in no position to brag about network coverage. Having speedy HSPA+ speeds in patches here or there with GSM and GPRS coverage everywhere else is embarrassing and indicative of lack of cash. They could have a really good network but DT was just too cheap to invest enough $$$ in its US arm for years and they reap what they sow.

    • gsm1900

      Here is the thing… T-Mobile doesn’t advertise they are better than AT$T. Their CEO said their network in NY was crap, and it annoyed AT$T. Is there places were AT&T has less dropped calls, less failed calls, and much faster data? Sure! Is there places where T-Mobile has the same? Sure! Hell, I’m sure even Sprint has a cell site or two that has faster data. Somewhere.

      • milanyc

        The fact of the matter is that AT&T’s HSPA network in NYC is crap. Dropped calls to the point that I’d rather use skype to make important calls than my AT&T line.

        Also worth noting that T-Mobile’s voice quality is superior when comparing to any carrier of your choice. And now with AMR-WB or HD Voice, it’s simply unmatched.

        T-Mobile never claimed that they had better coverage than AT&T, they’re going after specific localized area, and they’re right.

        • GinaDee

          I’d agree with you 2 years ago Milan but your assessment doesn’t hold water anymore. AT&T has improved tremendously over the past 2 years. Believe me I know.

          Pre merger drama T-Mobile claimed AT&T was slow as if they were that way “nationwide.” They now claim they have better voice quality. Again “nationwide,” as if anyone could really vouch for that.

        • milanyc

          What they claim and what they actually deliver is two completely different things. I actually have both AT&T and T-Mobile in New York City. It’s as clear as day who has the better voice quality when you use the same handset and keep swapping SIM.
          AT&T’s voice is HAlf-rate, low bitrate codec, while T-Mobile is always full-rate, rich sounding, no staticky audio. If you happen to have HD Voice capable handset as well as the person on the other end of a call, it’s truly amazing quality.

    • Mike

      Obviously, you havent read the Challenger Strategy. ALL 37,000 T-Mobile towers will be HSPA 42 by this summer. Alot better than AT&T’s “crap” HSPA 21 and Slow LTE. My Galaxy S2 clocks faster on HSPA 42 than my friends that have AT&T LTE phones. Im in the Chicago area. AT&T, you really are over priced crap. Period.

      • just me

        What?? Where in the world did you read that? I’d dearly love for that to be true!

  • gabe

    They forgot to add x2 the price lol

    • Zink Fashow

      lmao your right

      • Steve S

        You mean being 2x less then ATT right?

  • Qbancelli

    I have dropped 2 calls in 5 years. My gf on AT$T at least twice a week.

    • Zak

      No way!!!

  • kay yon

    My friend’s iPhone 5 gets 10 mbps on LTE, while my S2 on T-Mobile gets upwards to 20 mbps in a moving bus. On HSPA+.

    Could be my location, or just got lucky, but that’s pretty good for me. Oh, and might I add that I pay way less than he does.

    • captaingrundlebeard

      Sorry it’s probs ur location. I’m getting 50 Mbps where I am on AT&T’s lte. Can’t remember a dropped call either

      • eanfoso

        Oh you get 50 mbps ? How much data do you use and what’s your monthly bill?

        • IRIE4IPIEIR

          He’s only allowed 5GBs. Lol

      • But what good is 50mbps when you can’t even use it freely without worrying about going over your limit?

        They even throttle their grandfathered “unlimited” plans at 5GB now.

        • leozno1

          What good is getting 20mbps in 1 location when 2 blocks later you’re on EDGE?

        • IRIE4IPIEIR

          As long as the 20mbps is at home, I’m goa good. And hew he’s right, what good is LTE on att and Verizon if you are only allowed 2-5GBs?

        • Kahlayoh

          I can walk around my county and not be on edge, let alone throttled like ATT users..hahha! ATT slogan on the comercial “More is better” then why is data limited? hahahaha

      • fsured

        You are the first person to say they are actually getting that high of a download speed. I’ve been reading more like 15-25 averages for AT&T/Verizon LTE. Do you have anything to back this claim up? How about reviews/write ups people have done stating this?

        • Budweiser Penguin

          ill second it, I was getting 50 mb speeds in Saginaw Texas for a while havent checked lately but its still lightning fast.

        • superg05

          just shut them up with a screen shot of your mobile speedtest

        • Kahlayoh

          Yea screen shot your lte speed versus hspa! Now when LTE is released for TMO, we shall screen shot TMO LTE vs ATT LTE

      • teknodogg

        lol….but you pay how much? and 2gb speed cap? I pay $20 for my 5gb H+ unlimited data plan per month~

        • Trevnerdio

          I pay $20 for true unlimited…on T-Mobile

        • TMOREP

          You sound so stupid….

        • teknodogg

          not as stupid as your name…TMOREP really? lmao way to be original

    • Dakota

      I avg @3mbps on hspa+ Atlanta.. H

  • picchus

    I’ve been on T-Mobile for almost 6 years and I don’t recall a dropped call. Very reliable at least where I live and work (Boston, MA)

  • gabe

    I mean AT&T is 2x the price …lol

    • T-mobile isn’t that much cheaper than the competition when you figure 2 line family account with unlimited talk, text and 4GB web on both lines. T-mobile’s Classic plan is $140.00 for that plan, whereas Verizon is $150.00. Ten dollars in savings for a much lesser network.

      • tmorep joomz

        Classic is over and done with my friend. The VALUE PLAN with byod family will be 100 flat with 2gb per and no overages and free hotspot.

        • Add in the $20 per line in equipment financing and you’re right back to $140. The 20 months are the same, because you can upgrade every 20 months with Verizon. AND you get free WIFI hotspot with Verizon too. By the way, what’s the data speeds now with going over. When I was there is was 56kbps, which means besides getting emails you have no internet.

  • bondosho

    You know what’s funny? My sister has AT&T up in the SF Bay area, and you know what? I can talk to her 5 times in a week…all in the span of 20 minutes! Just an FYI, I’m on Sprint in Anaheim, CA. No issues here.

  • Jody Smith

    You’d have to be delusional or very “unaware,” of the industry to think that T-Mobile’s network (as a whole) is anywhere close to AT&T’s.

    Anecdotal “here or there,” experiences about getting faster speeds than your friend with AT&T may be true at your location, at that moment but in terms of nationwide coverage, HSPA+ coverage and LTE coverage it’s not even close.

    T-Mobile, if you included all of their roaming parters could only offer up to 260 something million POPS of service. That means no service in so many places. AT&T’s HSPA+ network alone covers more than all of that.

  • WGM

    I don’t get dropped calls on Tmo except for a few dead zones that I know of each time I drive through.

  • HeLLkAt31

    AT&T should advertise how they are 2X the price of Tmobile… nuff said!

  • d1andonly

    I’ve used tmobile for 12yrs (worked for tmobile for 7yrs) and used at&t for 4yrs. I experience more dropped calls with tmobile on a daily basis (various phones and multiple sim swaps to try to solve the issue) than att. So if I had to call a network “crap”, it would be tmobile’s. But I guess it would depend on what part of the country you’re in.

    • Bud

      My gf has AT&T she gets no dropped calls. She also has good service in buildings. I tmobile I get allot of dropped calls.

      • niftydl

        Sadly T-Mobile’s building penetration will remain piss poor unless they decide to buy 850 MHz or 700 MHz spectrum (will never happen). Their 1700/1900/2100 bands are just a poor choice for indoor coverage.

        • TBN27

          So I guess AT&T’s LTE has poor in door coverage too? Because they are using the same 1700 MHz for their LTE.

        • niftydl

          Vast majority of AT&Ts LTE deployment is in the 700 MHz range so no, they only have 1700 MHz in select markets. The problem with current T-Mobile allocation in areas not refarmed for 1900 MHz is that you need 1700 AND 2100 signal, and the later is just bad at penetrating structures.

  • BigMixxx


    So my parents get to vegas. Long time ATT users. TEll me why, on the busiest street in the countr, my mother could not get a signal, and I was puttering along on the my galaxy nexus just fine…

    I reminded her, AT&T is crap here in vegas. There are tooooooo many dead spots. Wait till you get to my crib and you will be amazed in regards to the dead zones there for ATT…

  • fsured

    The CEO did open the can of worms by calling out AT&T the way he did. Truthfully or not, the statement was rather ballsy. It is rather odd it took this long to respond and hopefully TMO doesn’t back down. He rattled the stick on the playground and needs to back it up now.

    I think AT&T is trying to fire back and capitalize on a weakened TMO. They’ve come out ahead in the past few customer satisfaction surveys, the Metropcs deal may be headed for some bumps, and depending on when these ads were placed, the quarterly report for TMO wasn’t exactly dashing.

  • TayshaunBoba

    Is it weird that I really love this? AT&T took the bait, and this is the first sign that they’re feeling the heat of competition from Tmo. Not to mention, free advertising for Tmo in all those papers.

    • iTried

      I don’t think they are too worried about a company who just lost 515,000 post paid customers. They probably just want to pick up some of the ones that are leaving……

      • TayshaunBoba

        Not quite. That number only tells half the story. Post paid subscribers are not increasing but this is a trend across the entire industry.Rather, it is recognized that prepaid is the new growth space, and that is why Tmo reported net positive subscriber adds for the first time since 2009. Add in the fact that many of those new subscribers are former AT&T iPhone customers using the BYOD program and you have your answer as to why AT&t is angry.

        • SouthernBlackNerd

          Oh really? If the entire industry is losing postpaid customers, then explain why ATT just posted its best postpaid subscriber growth of 708k customers in q4. Sprint just gained 401k subscribers in q4 this year. Sprint gained 300k more postpaid subscribers the past year compared to the year prior.

          The industry is trending towards the Duopoly. over the past two years Att and Verizon have gained over 10 million subscribers, while Sprint has gained slightly less than 6 million and Tmobile has lost 400k.

        • iTried

          I would say that may be a trend for smaller carriers but larger carriers not so much. AT&T reported for their 2012 Q4 report “780,000 wireless postpaid net adds, largest increase in three years; 1.1 million increase in total net wireless subscribers” and Verizon reported ”
          2.2 million retail net additions, excluding acquisitions and
          adjustments, including a record-high 2.1 million retail postpaid net
          connections”. T-mobile looks like an easy place to poach customers from to At&t, so why wouldn’t they go after T-mobile customers who obviously aren’t happy.

        • Dakota

          Exactly.. Postpaid is where the big bucks still are

    • Dakota

      It’s not the type of advertising Tmobile wants or needs. This ad just reinforces Tmobile poor reputation. Most folks don’t even consider Tmobile as a top tier carrier. That may change with the arrival of the iphone… But will be interesting to see consumers reaction to lack of subsidies. You say save $20on your plans but we’ll add a $20 surcharge on your bill for 20 months. Trust us, even though its a much better deal for us, it will also be great for you. Plus people on these blogs constantly talking about unlimited data or 50lte need to remember that the average person doesn’t need or use their devices that way. They use 1-2gb..want a phone that meets their needs at a value price. They’re not doing daily speed tests. People I’ve talked to dont even know what OS version they even have.

      • TBN27

        Some will fail to see that the phone bill is still less than the competition with the 20 for 20 months.

  • Sam

    The area of Houston I live in has a pretty poor AT&T signal on my iPhone 4S. I get around 5 MB/s d/l (which is decent) when it works. It likes to throttle down (a lot) to around 0.3 MB/s d/l. I have to cut off my antenna for a couple of minutes then turn it back on to remedy the throttling. When my AT&T contract is up later this year, I’m going somewhere else. Maybe back to T-Mobile or maybe a prepaid provider. My 2 years with AT&T was pretty crappy

  • iRdMoose

    Something tells me that AT&T is bitter over the breakup while dating T-Mobile. AT&T is crap. One of their company store managers kicked me out when I asked about tethering a year ago. AT&T also drops 4x the calls that T-Mobile does in my area, and if I call about exceeding the bandwidth caps (and getting mobile internet cut off) on their Fake Unlimited Fake 4G service, their TOS allows them to cancel my service and charge me for up to 6 months worth of service fees plus the full price ETF as if it’d been cancelled on day one. T-Mobile doesn’t do that, T-Mobile charges less, and when I had severe reliability issues with my phone they bent over backwards to take care of me. T-Mobile went so far as to upgrade me from the horrid LG G2X to the Galaxy S2 at no charge with no contract renewal even though I’d had the phone six months. My friend’s three month old AT&T iPhail 4S exploded and caught fire in his pocket and AT&T told him to basically go die in a fire (funny that he almost did), and when he couldn’t afford to replace it (because the crApple Idiot bar told him that that they wouldn’t fix it under the warranty since it’s impossible for crApple products to fail) AT&T refused to work with him to reduce the phone bill while he saved up for three months to get a new one.

  • Tre

    LMFAO I’ve been with T-Mobile since I was in 8th grade and I’ve NEVER had a dropped call. I’m 21 and in College and I don’t ever see me going to anyone. AT&T is crap where I live and all I hear about it is constant dropped calls and slow data speeds compared to T-Mobile. Now I’ll admit that when you can find a good spot for AT&T you get some good looking data speeds but who wants dropped calls? Don’t lie to customers because T-Mobile called you out.

  • Dave

    So it is or isn’t true? The story above wasn’t really clear on that.

    • TechHog

      It’s true in whatever area AT&T tested

  • Tee2

    BS. I’m in central Illinois and I have a factory unlocked AT&T iPhone on T-mobile and I can use AT&T’s 3G network with my T-mobile sim and AT&T’s 3G run just as fast as T-mobile’s Edge on my iPhone and I never have dropped calls with T-mobile by the way. So T-mobile’s statement is true. AT&T you are crap

  • T-Mobile got the attention of AT&T. Looks like they’re doing something right.

  • MatthewMurawski

    I have actually not once had a failed or dropped call… speeds are great and AT&T LTE is only remarkably faster than T-Mobile in certain areas. Half the time, it just drops down to “4G” or HSPA+ 21. This is in Queens, NYC.

    • milanyc

      Keep in mind that AT&T’s only has HSPA+14 in NYC not 21.

      • MatthewMurawski

        Actually adding more to my argument then lol

  • fsured

    Reviewers have already done comparisons of the “4g” networks and while AT&T is LTE, when it comes to 3g/HSPA+ signal T-Mobile has the better network. No one is arguing AT&T is the larger company regarding coverage. They also had no choice but to invest a ton of money after the smear of crap they got when the Iphone was released.

  • teknodogg

    I haven’t had any dropped calls with T-Mobile ever….but if I travel west when it jumps satelite over to AT&T roaming it drops calls left and right……but they do have faster internet speed compared to our H+ network (depends on location my GS3 can get up to 15mbps)…..hope our LTE get here soon~ and btw….AT&T is 2x the cost of T-Mobile

  • That Dude Named Manny

    Sorry, where I’m at in South Jersey I rarely ever lose service til I get fairly close to the Delaware Memorial Bridge, and all the way up 295 to Deptford I have beautiful clear service and for 4-5 years I’ve never once had a dropped call, (From my end.) I have plenty of friends who have ATT and they go into my basement or a big house and lose service. But IMO I believe it is the phone quality. I’m a big Samsung Fan and even with their problems, which every piece of tech released has, it really is a quality phone. I think ATT should not look so threatened.

  • I have T-Mobile and it is by no means perfect, but the network has improved a whole lot. At my job we use ATT to provide internet to about 36 machines, some are mobile others stationary and our biggest problem is ATT. My phone typically gets way better speeds than ATT. On major events like football people with ATT have been completely unable to make/receive calls/texts and with my HTC HD7 I tethered 4 machines to it because ATT completely crapped out. There are new ATT towers near by and they’ve installed LTE and it still is crap. I think end of day neither can be bashing the other they have a lot of room to improve.

  • UMA_Fan

    In a way it’s a good thing at&t did this. Ultimately, it sends the signal to at&t’s own customers that T-Mobile is a legitimate alternative. Kind of like when Verizon and At&t kept only marketing against each other.

  • Durandal_1707

    I have T-Mobile, and I get dropped calls all the time…

    … when talking to my friends who are on AT&T!

    • fixxmyhead

      in so cal its the other way around

      • Will

        Either way it’s due to the AT&T end of the connection.

  • jimmiekain

    I’ve had both att and tmo. Right now I have att in my N4 and i have to admit it is better but its not enough for what i pay. On the 4th (when my billing cycle is over) i’m ditching att and going back to tmo. What I pay on ATT is $28 a month more than I will pay on tmo for unlimited everything and that includes a 20% discount from my job and no discount on tmo.

  • Alan713

    i think in city (any major city ,HOU for me) Tmob is actually better, outside of city ATT may be better, and call quality is better at TMO, it was all in my experience. I have both Tmo prepaid and ATT MVNO h2o (only cuz i use locked iphone) and Tmo was better

  • rj

    For att taking a couple months to respond means that it sees tmo as a huge threat. I have had both att and tmobile and i have got alot of drop calls on att but I get drop calls from time to time on tmobile. A week and a half ago on my way to work my Lg L9 somehow wondered onto Att for some unknown reason. It showed Att as the network I had the 4g icon with full bars and did a speedtest. Then after pulling the battery out and the sim card twice, the phone found tmo 4g network. I live and work in the metro hartford, ct area and both areas Tmo and Att covers very well. I’ve included both tests below.

    ATT –


    It was a very odd thing my L9 did on a sunday morning almost two weeks ago. For whatever reason my Lg L9 did, the test showed me att network is crap lol, whether or not is fully accurate I’m not sure, but one thing sure somehow I roamed onto att and when my phone said tmobile again I was sure glad to see it .

  • tomnewtn

    Gee that’s funny. When I tried ATT for a couple weeks last Sept, the speeds seemed the same as TMO, possibly slower, I dropped several calls which hadn’t been a problem on TMO, and it cost about twice as much.

  • TechHog

    In my area, which just happens to be New York, that would be 2x zero. Not bad at all AT&T

  • mingkee

    Come to City Hall in NYC to see the truth.
    LTE is slower than HSPA with ATT.
    At least T-Mobile has unlimited (I used 18GB last month).

  • Alex Zapata

    I’ll admit I wish T-Mobile had better coverage. Getting stuck on edge or gprs can be a pain in my keester. That being said, I had so many dropped calls with AT&T that I still have a sour taste in my mouth. Hopefully t-mobile will get it together and expand their high speed coverage soon.

    • TBN27

      They will since there is a renewed fight in them I believe.

    • tmorep joomz

      Tmobile has wifi calling in which you can use wifi as a tower at no additional cost. Regardless of a dead zone or not, your home internet will boost your signal.

  • Ickster

    I have never in two years with TMO had a dropped call….not one.

  • 21stNow

    Any of these reception and data speed issues are location-based, so it’s silly to advertise this. Then again, this kind of marketing works for the masses.

    I use AT&T and T-Mobile for phone calls. In the DC Area, my phone calls are pretty much the same (dropped calls are extremely rare). In the Atlanta area, there is one spot where my AT&T calls either drop or won’t go through at all. T-Mobile works fine in this spot, as it is between two towers. The closest AT&T tower is much further away.

    Data speeds are an entirely different story. I have AT&T’s LTE service where I live; those speeds are 2-3 times faster than the HSPA+ speeds that I get on T-Mobile. In that spot in the Atlanta area, data is spotty on both carriers.

  • Mike

    What 3rd party is AT&T using to make the claim? I can’t see the fine print on the images.

  • QBeastly

    I’ve been a T-Mobile customer for 8+ years and the only time i get failed/dropped calls is on New Years lol. I live in Philly and it’s no secret that ATnT and Sprint sucks donkey butt around here. A lot of ppl here only use big blue because of the iPhone and can’t afford big red. When magenta gets the iPhone, I know plenty of ppl who said they’ll switch carriers in a heartbeat.

    • DoDoMan

      You are correct. In philly, AT&T has possibly the worst connection overall. I just heard a radio ad in which AT&T claimed that T-Mobile has 3x more dropped calls and 67% slower 4g Speeds in the Philadelphia area. I know plenty of people with AT&T and T-Mobile and my AT&T friends complain about dropped calls a lot. I mean, some of em live right on south street and they get like 1-2 bars… wtf!? that’s like the heart of Philly and you only get 2 bars max!?

      • TBN27

        I go to Philly often. Early last year when I went t-mobile’s existing 4g was crazy quick but then a few times recently I went to Philly and it has been fat slower than usual. I witness this in South Philadelphia in the Eastwick section from Island ave. and Lindbergh Blvd. on up into the surrounding areas. But in center city it is pretty quick. I wonder why the data speeds tanked.

  • cozzy

    The Tmobile CEO was right. In NYC att’s service is pretty crappy compared to Tmobile.

    10 years ago maybe Tmobile dropped more calls and was slower but these days I never get dropped calls or have problems calling people. The problem is generally with people from ATT/sprint. Their calls always drop.

    I get 10-14 mbps in a lot of places in manhattan/brooklyn while my girl gets 4-6mps on att.

    Out in suburbin’ type areas around long island or north jersey my data goes up to 15-20mps. So ya tmobile service at least where I work and play and the few spots I have traveled to have been great.

  • Shawndh

    I’ve been with T-Mobile since they were Powertel and I don’t recall many dropped calls at all. Maybe once every 3 months and it was probably due to being on the line with an AT&T customer. My bill is always correct and way cheaper that AT&T. In fact, I worked for AT&T for almost 10 years and it was still cheaper to keep my T-Mobile service that to move to AT&T even with their employee discounts. They are outrageous!

  • zifnab

    I don’t know where ATT’s independent analysts did their tests but when I had ATT the biggest problem was dropped calls. Now the data, whatever… it’s location based more than anything. Depending where i’m at either can be the faster. Maybe ATT covers more areas. But when it comes to phone calls, I don’t think ATT has a leg to stand on… they’re terrible.

  • fixxmyhead

    in so cal at&t sucks. my co workers have it and when i try to call them i can barely hear them or the calls drop constantly. never had any dropped calls with tmobile

  • Matthew Mueller

    I believe that when he made the “AT&T is crap” comment he was referring to coverage in NY. Having been an AT&T subscriber in NYC in the past and now a T-Mobile customer, I can say without a doubt that T-Mobile works far better hands down. I used to drop about 5-10 calls EVERYDAY with AT&T. Now – maybe one or two every 6 months with T-Mobile. I agree with his initial assessment.

  • MuthaFuckinStephen

    Funny I’m in San Francisco and to me honest. I sometimes have signals in places where my friends iPhone on at&t says Searching… And yes T-Mobiles HSPA+ is a lot faster than at&t’s HSPA+. Don’t know about their LTE. Most people I asked don’t even know or care.

  • Lagurl2022

    Well I live in los Angeles and I wanna switch to tmobile again for the price but I dont know .. Im always hearing how tmobile works great in Chicago, NY, boston, etc.. but over here in LA it sucks just like sprint.. I gave them a try got a note 2 I had good coverage outside but inside buildings its a whole different story my first bad experience was in food 4 less when i went grocery shopping I was halfway in the store when I lost service I couldnt even send a text. Same thing happened in Macy’s, walmart, kmart , home depot, etc.. I went to the store switched phones 3 times so I doubt it was a phone problem. Hspa speeds were fine 10-12 mbps on average when I was outside. But coverage in buildings was bad pretty bad . WENT to Vegas same thing no coverage in hotels, elevators etc. Switched to at&t I now have service in all those places I mentioned above. But I am hating the price :( thats the only thing im hating on at&t I mean I was kinda scared to swtch to at&t cuz from all I heard from them but honestly I havent had 1 dropped call , data speeds are fine on lte 15-20 mbps on lte, better signal in buildings. But RIDICULOUS that im paying 115-125 for 1 phone with 3gigs of data .

  • Kart Durai

    At least T-Mobile has a 5GB cap and does not charge extra $$ just for going over the cap. I prefer slower speeds than an extra charge on my already costly plan.

  • TiredOfEdge

    After six years with TMo I’ll be leaving when my contract is up. My faux G coverage has disappeared without explanation, only to be told that I’m in a good 4G area. I always had 4-6 down but now I’m blessed with 300 kbps edge. With discounts att isn’t that much and their network is built out as far as HSPA lte is concerned.


    Netflix movie streaming speeds. T-Mobile #2!, AT&T #4!


    There is no such thing as the best carrier or network for ‘everybody’.

    It only depends on where you work/live and how much you would pay for the right plan.

    For me, here in So Cal, T-Mo is perfectly fine and does get the fastest internet speed compared to any other networks. Verizon LTE gets like 5~10 Mbps where I live while my T-Mo HSPA+ gets 10~15 Mbps on average. Dropped calls is not an issue for me either.

  • Will

    I have NEVER had any dropped calls with TMo in the past 5 years, but in the 10 years I had AT&T (pre- and post- Cingular), I had HUNDREDS of dropped calls. I also paid almost double. I also had my contract breached. I also got shitty customer service. I don’t care if their average network speed is currently faster. I get 3x the download speed on my Nexus 4 than AT&T iPhone users in my area. AT&T is pure crap.

  • Doug Fitton

    Att speed is not good in wv and im talking about the whole state and yes iv traveled all over the state n did test but when I was in va I got speeds of 20+ on tmobile and never dropped a call or anything

  • B. Andre Aaron

    T-Mobile is about to take over.

    • you

      Your right man, T-mobile has only been losing subscribers since 2010. Only 70 million behind the death star!!!! At their growth rate they will overtake At&t by the year 3098!!!! Whoo Hoo! Tmobile is taking over!!!

  • TBN27

    AT&T can talk all they want. Still a lot of people are using their 3G and when in heavy crowded areas they do experienced dropped calls. But then again they have a lot of subscribers. My opinion is despite t-mobile having edge in a lot of places, the service is more reliable and their 4g is as fast as AT&T’s LTE Which I believe is like t-mobile that when you leave metro areas, LTE isn’t there. In the end they can talk all they want but believe you me, when T-Mobile gets to swapping those EDGE areas to HSPA+21 (and I hope it goes to 42mbps) coupled with LTE in metro areas, it will be a formidable network

  • Richard Yarrell

    This At@t add is a total FARCE to say the least. They have the WORST DATA PLANS in the industry and oh yeah we won’t even discuss the putrid abilities At@t has when it comes to updating handsets. The funny part is Ass t@t thinks they are Verizon they both kiss each others butt like it’s going out of style. I had pissy Ass t@t for about 2weeks right before I dumped Verizon and took my 2lines of service to Tmobile. Tmobile rules both Verizon and Ass t@t.

  • scottmog

    I’ve had maybe 5-10 dropped calls in the past 5 years with tmobile. Luck? You decide…

  • Ken Blum

    If AT&T can make claims like that, how about getting me the DSL speeds I’m promised?

  • James

    AT&T is worried that a lot of tmobile new customers are former att customers bringing there iphone to monthly 4g and when tmobile gets the iPhone and with tmobile unlimited plans starting at $50 AT&T will lose even more customers and may have to drop there prices down the road AT&T is money hungry and with tmobile bringing unlimited LTE very soon AT&T is gonna worry that they may have to drop there prices I have my iphone 5 under tmobile for under $80 bucks with unlimited everything and no data caps can’t beat that

  • Rey

    I have an iphone 4s on T-Mobile. get 3G in Chicago and burbs. Pay $80 for 2 lines. 1,000, minutes, unlimited text, 2GB data. Can AT&T to that?

  • Andre Messado

    Ive been on tmobile for 3-4 years. I had an iPhone unlocked and used it at first and now use a MyTouch 4G. I cant remember for the life of a time when a call was dropped. Also my download speed on the 4G network is as fast as my moms 1.2 MB DSL connection.

    ATT on the other hand would not allow me to use my iPHone, that I already payed for, on there network without providing them an additional $600 because of my credit… Yet Im able to buy a car, and get a new phone under contract with T-mobile.

    If ATT had’nt of bought cingular back in the day cingular would be one of the leading phone companies because Apple ORIGINALLY went with cingular and then ATT bought them.

    Personally I dont have many good things to say about ATT.

  • All my iPhone toting AT&T friends CONSTANTLY complain about call quality or dropped calls. I literally haven’t dropped a call in at least 12-18 months and my call quality is great! The only time I ever have complaints are the few times I have tried using the WiFi calling feature. Not the best quality or connection.

  • Talon Kent

    Lol att is super expensive