• Jefferson Josue Morales

    I just want my jelly bean that’s all x(

  • The HTC One looks great and all but HTC and T-Mobile do not play well when it comes to updates. I remember the delay for the Sensation getting ICS. Now the One S delay for JB… Im sure the pattern will continue with the HTC One..

    • vicryixiv

      Agreed on all points. Additionally, while i’m sure there are parts of Sense that i dont even realize i’m using and enjoying, ive grown rather tired of it and enjoy using my project butter nexus 7 much more than my slow for no reason sensation.

    • tonkotsu

      If you care so much, go to the xda forums. People there have their tmo one s on jb already and aren’t sitting here complaining about it.

      • wilde_ride

        Yea because I should have to jailbreak my phone to get an update promised months ago. What planet do you live on?!

        • tonkotsu

          the only android phones with guaranteed updates are nexus phones. You should not expect any OS updates otherwise. These aren’t security updates, this is an OS update you’re wanting. Does microsoft give free windows 8 upgrades to windows 7 users? think about that.

        • John Taylor

          They actually did give free upgrades to windows 8 on new laptops right before 8 came out. Just like HTC One S came out a few months before Jellybean releases. We were promised the update through several news releases, and its been in beta on tmobile network for awhile but no news updates. It’s frustrating waiting on the official update that they are holding over our heads.

        • tonkotsu

          that was a promo because the adoption of W8 was not taking off. this is a different situation. have fun waiting.

  • Mark

    Does “removal of widgets from the home screen” mean that HTC is just removing default widgets, or are they making it impossible to add widgets?

    At any rate, my #1 wish for any upgrades to the Sense on my One S would be to allow custom Home locations for weather, as opposed to the hard-coded list the thing comes with. It’s not like it’s a hard thing to do… every weather app EXCEPT the one built into Sense does it!

  • fort

    Why bother with HTC or any other for that matter. They all lie about upgrades. Stick with the Nexus line.

    • Te

      Couldn’t agree more! The indifference HTC shows towards their buyers are turning potential returning customers away and towards Samsung or Nexus.

  • Kyle

    I waited for ICS on my sensation and gave in to buy the One S. Now I wait for JB on my One S and it seems they want me to buy the new One. I have lost faith in Tmobile’s ability to push upgrades in an acceptable time frame. Now to think what the better option is :/

    • Jeff Martinez

      Totally agree! After giving my white Amaze 4G to my brother, I was planning on going with the One S once release…but I couldn’t be happier with getting my Nexus 4 instead.

  • i really couldn’t care less about what HTC does anymore as far as updating .. consumers are getting sick of their failure in pushing updates to their phones.

    • oh i’m sorry i forget that HTC is currently dominating both Samsung and Apple .. my bad .. you’re right .. just trolls, the small minority. smh

    • Josue

      “annoying htc trolls” are you sure your not one?

      • tonkotsu

        my not?

  • Get_at_Me

    It makes you wonder what oems and carriers think about os versions/software updates. More importantly, does the average joe care about that stuff. Companies just arent bending over backwards to update devices anymore. Ics to jb is significant anf htc shouldve worked harder to get jb pushed out to their s and x lines. Unfortunately these companies are more concerned about the next hardware release rather than software.

  • Josue

    will it take 400+ days to get the update like the thunderbolt?

    • Josue

      i have a note 2….I’m sure you don’t comprehend sarcasm

      • tonkotsu

        sarcasm doesn’t work well when typed out..

    • wilde_ride

      Seriously David you need to block this guy. He’s an A1 jerk to people.

  • Bennion

    David’s being way too optimistic. “Global variants” almost definitely means “not T-Mobile.” There is a way to unlock the One S, and possibly put the software update for the global variant on it, but I figure in the long run eventually Cyanogenmod is going to be there for the One S and I’ll eventually move to that when it’s stable.

  • Shawndh

    For the tech savvy, as soon as that update drops for the One S variants, we’ll have a stable Sense 5 ROM on XDA. That will be nice!

  • Jeff Martinez

    One of few reasons why i wont buy another HTC and Samsung device not carrying the Nexus brand. Hardware is only half the race, software is the other.

  • wilde_ride

    I really like HTC phones, I love my One S, and the HTC One looks great, I’m interested in it, but if HTC and TMobile don’t get there act together on the Jellybean update I’m going to leave HTC and go with the iPhone. At least Apple controls their own updates and gets them to everyone equally.

  • TyRetr0

    I love HTC but I’m seriously tired of waiting months for upgrades the HTC one is a beautiful phone.

  • ant

    i dont think theyre are to put sense 5 on the one s now they may add blinkfeed as a update but not zoe or any big update the one have the one s dont because than who would pay more for the one if they do the same thing like the sensation n amaze not many people bought the amaze that had the sensation because they was basically the same thing

  • tonkotsu

    I think it’s ridiculous that the same group of people are allowed to come to every HTC related article and post the same “where are our free updates?” nonsense.

    Yet when I point out their mistakes, tell them why they’re not getting updates, and respond to them with reasonable solutions, my posts get deleted?

    I used to come to tmonews all the time, but now the comments section has been reduced to a sea of negativity. its pretty depressing, and its even worse that the mods are assisting these whiners.

  • Angry

    This site is responsible for the delay in the US version One S software update. A beta tester leaked information to this site that interfered with the test program due to security concerns when this site published the confidential information.

  • ant

    this have nothing to do with sense 5 but with htc and beats why dont lebron do samsung commericals when he like a beats spokesman like he should do htc commericals and beats commericals or something like htc get some tawainese group to promote them like us americans have any clue who tf they are and i wanted to know whats the best beats that work with beats audio

  • While i love Jelly Bean on my Nexus 7 and would love to see it and Sense 5 on my One S I I like my One S well enough as is.
    It has the best battery life of any Android I have owned.
    It is scorching fast, has a superb display and very useable camera.
    Unlike the latest phablets, it is pocketable in even skinny jeans!

  • Heck by the time Jellybean comes to my HTC One S, I might switch to an iPhone by that time. Really this is my first android smartphone and I do not like how we have to wait so long for an update where as the international people received it months ago.

  • 123

    Will never purchase an HTC again. Bought my first HTC (Amaze) when it first came out and this phone has been completely forgotten by HTC little virtually no updates after ICS and my phone has continued to randomly shut down or freeze. They have a horrible track record of releasing updates and fixes for their phones. STAY AWAY AT ALL COST!