Walmart Locations Begin Carrying Nexus 4 Smartphone For $148, Galaxy Note II For $278

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If you’re still looking for a way to score a Nexus 4 smartphone, rumors of the device hitting store shelves at Walmart are coming to fruition as the device goes on sale for $148. Unlike T-Mobile’s superb pricing of $49 for new activations, Walmart’s price is good for both new and eligible upgrade customers. Of course this deal is only good for Classic Plan subscribers and the off contract price will still have you looking at Google Play as it hits $550 without a service agreement.

Not to be outdone by the Nexus 4 is another great deal with the likes of the White Galaxy Note II ringing in at $278. That’s right around $91 cheaper than T-Mobile directly¬†after the mail-in rebate. Sound good? We thought so.

The Nexus 4 will only be carried in around 1500 Walmart locations nationwide so make sure to phone first and check out inventory. If not, there’s always Best Buy, Costco and Wirefly. The same goes for the Note II in White, just 1500 stores nationwide.

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  • or Spend $150-$200 more upfront from the Play store and then save $480 over that same two year period on a value plan. I’m really surprised after T-mobile press releases about wanting to do away with phone subsidies that they don’t just pull the trigger and do it.

    • Kufat

      I agree 100%. It’s amazing how many people don’t understand how much they’re spending overall in exchange for the small savings up front, even after you do the math right in front of them…especially when it comes to the Nexus 4.

      • Garrett

        The Nexus 4 is a bit of a special case. Google must be selling it for a loss just to get it out in people’s hands.

        I did buy mine from the Play Store though. $384 for a 16gb N4 shipped is great. I’m also ditching my Classic plan (since my contract just expired) and going with the $30 Monthly 4G plan. The money I’ll save by doing this is almost unbelievable. :)

        • Kufat

          Everybody says that “Google must be selling it for a loss”, but the reality is that other smartphones are sold at enormous markups. E.g. the $650 MSRP, 16GB iPhone 5 is estimated to cost Apple about $200-210 in components+assembly. I haven’t seen as sophisticated an estimate for the Nexus 4 but its hardware is in the same general league. (N4 has more RAM but a simpler radio, among a few other differences here and there, but nothing too drastic.)

          The LG/Google N4 partnership is certainly operating on thinner margins than most of the industry, but a loss is unlikely.


      SO BUY the Nexus 4 from play store then get on T-Mobile Value plan.

  • AndroidProfit

    Yet another illustration of how T-Mobile hopes to keep smart phone costs artificially high. Verizon may cost more but at least they aren’t trying to bullshit and pretend they are trying to lower the costs of smartphones.

    • there have been reports that Verizon has been looking at also getting rid of phone subsidies. How many of their customers do you think will carrier shop if they discover that their next phone is going to cost 3 times what they were accustomed to?

      • AndroidProfit

        We are speculating at this point as to what Verizon will even do. We do know that the slick used car salesman CEO of T-Mobile is laughing all the way to the bank as T-Mobile keeps phones artificially high.

        • Value Plans

          Apple has kept their device prices disgustingly high for years….blame the origin….

        • Guest911

          What a dumb statement.

      • Value Plans

        Its super frustrating listening to people commenting on getting rid of subsides and saying the customer isn’t going to be able to swallow the full price of the device. Wake up and do your homework its call EIP. They don’t pay the whole amount up front…….do your research and it will all become clear to you…

  • GREAT deals on two devices for those looking to save up front.

    For those that keep talking about the play store and crying about pricing, JUST don’t take this deal. Just because you can get it unlocked for $349 and $299, that doesn’t mean that EVERYone knows about that! Or sales would be much better possibly than they are right now, think about it. These are good deals on great devices, accept it. Stop b@tchin’ and crying about a device you PROBABLY don’t even have, lol. Buy it, or just shut up about it already.

    Remember, tons of cell phone users are NOT tech savy, and have no clue about the play store! They know Wally world, and TMo. That’s it….

    • Michelle


    • Sounds like your b1tchin and complaining. you typed a whole paragraph about what you don’t like people saying about a phone. Pull up your panties and Eat some chocolate and shut up!

      • Stop talking okay, and go look in the mirror. Now come back and type a comment that adds value.

    • AndroidProfit

      Don’t worry your smarter than everyone else…we get that.

    • Garrett

      “Remember, tons of cell phone users are NOT tech savy, and have no clue about the play store!”

      I think it’s important to remind people about the Google Play store for exactly this reason. It will always be a much better deal to take since you save a decent amount of cash and avoid having to sign a two year contract. Even if T-Mo offered the Nexus 4 for free (with two year contract).

      That said, not everyone can afford spending the ~$380 at the Play store. These T-Mo deals are great for those people.

    • Mustypipes

      Does it just suck being you,ps i just added value.

  • voicestream Nokia 98

    Was at walmart today saw the nexus, also had 2 white note 2’s and one titanium for t mobile,

  • I just don’t get how they’re supposed to be moving on towards Value only plans, but every time I look up there are a variety of discounted plans for Classic only customers, & typically limited existing customers. I’ve been a T-Mobile customer for over 9 going on a decade this year, & they have yet to offer me anything for being a loyal existing customer. The one thing they did offer me was that unlimited plan years ago when T-Mobile 1st went unlimited data. I had to look online for certain info on how to get discounts as a loyal customers like the Android preferred data plan, AAA discount (which I missed because it was going on for so long that once I found out about it, the discount was no longer available).It’s getting annoying. I wonder when it does go to Value plan only, ending their subsidies, I wonder will they have deals for the Value customers when they knock of a hundred dollars or so off the down payment price. Just my opinions, that’s all.

    • Value Plans

      Yes we already have specials for Value Plan customers where we give money off the down payment. T-Mobile is back….

      • I know that, but what I’m saying is, there are more deals for classic plans than value plans. If you go to T-Mobile’s website now, all the online deals are for classic plans. I know because the Windows 8 HTC 8X was on sale online & I asked T-Mobile about it for me, & they said it’s only online for classic plans. Best Buy Mobile, deals for classic plans online, Walmart, Classic plans online, Amazon, the list goes on & on. They need to start having a majority of the deals being focused on value plans than Classic plans if that’s what they are migrating too. It should not be 90% deals for classic plans 10% for value plans.

  • wfresh82

    Our Note II is $198.88 at Sam’s Club…..Awsome deal. Classic only

  • od312

    Just got it for 49 with upgrade :))

  • Rocky T.

    Wal-Mart & Sam’s Club blows, buy the phone from the Play Store and go with the value planes plain & simple.

    • Rocky T.

      And go into your local T-Mobile store in the neighbor hood and give back to small bussiness in your area and give back to your communities people.

    • UncleFan

      LOL, why would I want to sign a contract for a Value plan when I’ve already paid for the phone? Monthly4G is the way to go in that situation.