Best Buy Lists Nexus 4 For T-Mobile, Get It Before It’s Gone

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Well, would you look at that? Here’s another chance for those of you still trying desperately to get your hands on the Nexus 4 with everyone’s “favorite electronics retailer” Best Buy offering up the device for sale. Hat tip goes to the folks at Android Police for spotting the device up for grabs. Priced at $199, the device is said to “usually ship in 3-5 days” but we all know how well that’s gone for Nexus 4 shipping thus far.

There doesn’t appear to be any handsets sold in store, which makes sense considering Best Buy no longer sells T-Mobile at their retail locations. Unfortunately, that also means no in-store pickup so its all direct to your home this time around.

If you’re still waiting to grab the Nexus 4 direct from Google with no contract, you’re going to want to take a pass as Best Buy is only selling the device with a two-year agreement from T-Mobile. The device is actually listed at $600 unactivated, so you’re definitely going to want to take a pass if you don’t want a contract.

The device is up for sale this very second, so hit the Best Buy link below and go, go, go.

Best Buy

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  • Pass..

  • Kufat

    I wonder if these are shipping with the undocumented LTE band 4 support removed. Anybody know?

  • Mark

    And it’s gone.

  • treaty

    highway robbery. I bought mine straight from google – no contract unlocked, paid $299. Price for the same thing from Best Buy? $599.99

    • It is actually better than the play store if you don’t plan on leaving T-Mobile. I got mine for $199 from T-Mobile recently, because I’ve been with them so long it doesn’t matter about a contract. 16gb for $199 is better than $349 from Google. You still have to pay a monthly bill, so what does it matter?

      • Kufat

        You pay $20 extra a month over the course of two years for the Classic plan (subsidized phone) vs. the Value plan (no phone subsidy.) Save $150 now, spend $480 later. That’s why it matters.

        • I don’t agree as it is about choices. Oh and I don’t pay as much as others, as I have a discount on my line. $80 unlimited everything.

        • Discounts can be used on Value plans too and they transfer if you migrate from Classic to Value. Also the discount amount is the same withe either plan type.

        • I know, but just because you think it is the best deal doesn’t make is so. lol, just saying. Best price on the Nexus 4 16GB, is $199. No?

        • Except that the phone is actually $679 using the classic plan ($199+($20X24)). The Nexus 4 (and the Galaxy Nexus GSM when it was sold through the Play store) marked a turn in the cell phone market since it was the first time someone other than the carrier is subsidizing the cost of the handset.

        • Spokker

          Did Google subsidize the Nexus 4?

        • Spanky

          It’s actually $20×20 months, so the final cost is $599. Still a highway robbery, though.

        • nexus1981

          No actually I’m on a classic plan an I asked an I paid 249.99 wit a 50 dollar mirb, an that’s all. There is no 20/month deal for me…so it is better to buy from T-Mobile if your planning on staying with them anyway.

      • atari37

        Did you just say that?? LOL

        • Stop typing if you are not adding ‘value’ lol

      • Spokker

        My T-Mobile bill was $20 cheaper because I opted for a no contract plan. Do they still do that?

    • Spokker

      You can’t get it from the Google store now, so $600 is simply reflecting demand at this point.

  • ghulamsameer
  • Timbo1

    Best Buy is retarded, they should sell it in stores since it is an unlocked phone and since they sell prepaid Tmobile in stores anyway, oh well, cheaper from Google anyway( without contract that is obviously)