Two T-Mobile Mobile Virtual Network Operators Confirm LTE Network Support


With T-Mobile’s LTE network set to begin rolling out any day now, at least two MVNO companies are confirming they will offer support for T-Mobile’s LTE network once it launches. Executives from both Ready SIM and Solavei told FierceWireless they expect to offer LTE speeds as T-Mobile turns the network on.

Emir Aboulhson, senior vice president of business development for Ready SIM parent Roam Mobility told FierceWireless: “as a T-Mobile MVNO, we get access to all network enhancements and upgrades, [and] this means that mean LTE is available we will offer it as well simply because it’s there.”

Solavei has also confirmed to FierceWireless that it plans to offer LTE support for T-Mobile as well. However, Ultra Mobile, another T-Mobile MVNO, did not confirm plans for LTE support, but hinted they will consider offering that service. Chris Furlong, Ultra Mobile’s executive vice president of product development, said the company is “always aiming to do what’s best for our customers and will definitely consider LTE when it’s possible.”

The lingering question is how fast T-Mobile will open up the network and LTE support to MVNO companies, since they have yet to promise LTE support to those providers?

“T-Mobile has not made any commitments to MVNO partners regarding timing of when they may have access to T-Mobile’s LTE network, and not all partners may receive access,” the carrier said in a statement. “Our own plans have not changed. T-Mobile USA remains committed to launching LTE this year, and we expect to cover 100 million people by mid-year, and 200 million people by the end of the year.”

As of the third quarter 2012, T-Mobile counts 3.9 million MVNO customers out of its total 33.3 million subscriber base.

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  • ant

    should i get the note 2 or wait until something better or should i get the nexus 4 (i need a good camera,something good for watching youtube videos, something that is fast and does alot so when im bored i can find something unboring on my phone or when im fake playing with my phone i can actually look like im doing something not just turning on my phone n rubbing the screen because i cant do nothing ) and i want lte so anyone who know about phone releases help please thank you (dont tell me on how this doesnt make sense just tell me whats the best phone out or coming out n y)

    • njnynets35

      No lte on nexus for T-Mobile. Unless the bands are the same.

      • Joseph Lagalla

        bands are the same

      • taron19119

        Um lte is on the nexus 4 and at&t and T-Mobile use the same band for lte so yes

        • ATT doesn’t use Band 4 LTE except parts of a select few markets. Otherwise you’d see a bunch of people in the forums bragging about LTE on their Nexus 4s using an ATT SIM.

    • Joseph Lagalla

      I currently have the note 2. I would recommend it to anyone that has hands large enough to put it to full use. The N4 would be the runner up in my suggestions if and only if you are planning on buying off contract. The newest phone that should be upcoming that I would favor is the M7 for those that want something really fast, has lte, and is slightly smaller with what can only be inferred to be excellent build quality and a beautiful screen.

    • lifeisgr84all

      wait a couple of months for note III and galaxy s IV….cant wait ?? get
      yourself a note 2 with LTE, i am using nexus 4 now after dumping note2
      Since you inclined to LTE , nexus 4 is not something you looking for.

      • NYCTheBronx

        The Samsung Galaxy Note III and Samsung Galaxy S IV are only rumours unfortunately. And if those rumours are true, what makes you think T-Mobile might even sell them? I bought the International Samsung Galaxy Note when it first came out, way before AT&T and T-Mobile talked about selling them. The whole time I had it, I was on Edge the whole June of 2012. I sold it the next month.

        • kev2684

          well, both Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines are 2 of the most successful android lines now. I doubt any major us carrier are willing pass the next generation of those lines.

        • lifeisgr84all

          I am sure you will see updated versions of galaxy phones on T-MOBILE soon, things are different now with the G note 2 being introduced quicker in 2012 compare to the earlier G note.

    • philly8

      I just bought both lol

    • NYCTheBronx

      I suggest you buy a Samsung Galaxy Note II, Revamped SamSung Galaxy S III or an LG Google Nexus 4. They all have LTE except for the Nexus 4 but you never know and they all have a 8mp camera. Or if you like to wait, you can buy the upcoming T-Mobile devices that come with LTE, the Blackberry Z10, Revamped Samsung Galaxy S III, SamSung Galaxy S III Mini, Nokia Lumia 810, M7, Windows Inferno I think that’s what’s it called? Take your time.

      • J-Hop2o6

        The N4 does have LTE. It supports Band 4 LTE, which Tmo will launch on (Band 4/AWS). You just have to enable it on your N4 in the hidden menu, or DL an app for quicker access.

        • NYcTheBronx

          Yeah, I know the Nexus 4 has LTE. But they aren’t approved yet to turn it on and I know about the hidden menu. There’s also a hidden menu I accessed on my samsung Galaxy Note II and I saw LTE on it.

        • Diego Vazquez

          What hidden menu was that?

        • superg05

          and how do you access them

        • qpinto

          for N4 : dial *#*#4636#*#* and click phone information, scroll down and you will see wcmda preffered. in that menu there are options to turn on LTE.

        • superg05

          and for the note 2?

    • Verizonthunder

      T-Mobile is supposed to get their version of Nokia Lumia 920 I would wait in 2-3 month’s that will be the time to look and buy.

  • galaxydude

    will the monthly 4Gs subscribers have LTE available as well Dave.?

    • J-Hop2o6

      I believe Tmo said yes.

    • sidekicker89

      If they have an LTE capable phone then yes.. :)

  • ant

    thank you all for the advice im just going to wait until lte is confirmed on the note 2 or the m7 but i been doubting it since no sd slot n i would like a 5.5 inch screen or if something better in a month or so

    • NYCTheBronx

      Good choice. The samsung Galaxy Note II already has been confirmed that it does have LTE. We’re just waiting for T-Mobile’s signal. I can’t wait to run LTE Advanced on my SGN II & LG GN4. :)

      • Eric

        Sorry, only LTE :P

      • Daniel

        What is LG GN4?

  • I like Solavei and T-Mobile but I wish T-Mobile would upgrade its networks faster in larger rural areas instead of just large cities.

    • Verizonthunder

      agree with you 100% that is the main reason for bleeding of customer’s

      • TMOREP

        Yeah, T-mobile corperate came into my store last week, and they said Sacramento isn’t fully refarmed =( T-mobile lied about refarming the whole nation before the end of 2012.

        • Verizonthunder

          It’s real sad even simple minded people know the logic’s of how to keep a company a float. Upgrade your tower’s !!!

      • zeth006

        Lack of investment in rural areas is NOT the main reason for TMO’s bleed.

  • CinciBell

    T-Mobile needs to buy out Cincinnati Bell .. their stores around here are empty. I don’t even know anyone who uses them anyway. Plus they use many of the phones T-Mobile uses. It would be nice to use their towers around here in Dayton, Ohio.

    • CinciBell

      why would you click down on this? Buying out Cinci Bell would only benefit T-Mobile’s coverage and add 500k+ customers… plus Cinci Bell uses T-Mobile as a 4G roaming partner.

      • Don’t worry about who likes or dislikes your post. Make your initial post solid and firm, save the rebuttals for the idiots. If someone doesn’t like your post they should make there own, we should only be replying to a falsely stated FACT only if we have sufficient evidence to debunk, not argue onions I mean opinions. But preaching to the choir

  • JustSaying

    I except T-Mobile to launch LTE at MWC or when they report their Q4 results..

    • JustSaying


  • Mirad77

    Propaganda at it’s best.

  • sidekicker89

    In other news Solvei is selling the Blackberry Z10 for $999??? wow Read it on Phonedog..

    • sagisarius

      I read that too, I keep wondering if that’s the price BB is actually selling it to carriers for. I know an unlocked iphone 5 is like $700 or something.