Walmart Offering $50 Gift Card With The Purchase Of Any Samsung Smartphone

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With Walmart offering up some great deals with a $98 Galaxy S III and $278 White Galaxy Note II, there’s another reason to pick up your next smartphone at the worlds largest retailer. Beginning today, February 10th and running through March 2nd, Walmart is offering a $50 gift card with the purchase of any Samsung smartphone. This special offer is good on both new activations as well as qualifying upgrades, making it even more enticing. Unfortunately, the gift card can’t be used toward the purchase of the device itself, but surely you can find another reason to come back into Walmart and spend that money. Sounds like a good offer, right? We thought so.


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  • MacRat

    $98 + ($20x20months) = $498

    And a rebate card you can only use at Walmart.

    Not that great of a deal.

    • This is for Classic Plans only, soooooo…

      • MacRat


        Even LESS of a deal? :-)

        • Roboito

          Sooooo… classic equals no eip each month, silly. ;-)

        • MacRat

          “classic equals no eip each month”

          The overcharge is bult into classic plans, except they don’t end when you pay off the phone.

        • Roboito

          You are right, it sure does. But you are still paying that charge regardless if you buy a new phone or not. Kind of silly to factor in only twenty months of that as well like you did if it never ends as you said. Or see that “overcharge” as part of a phone purchase if that is your rate plan. I would only calculate that into a phone purchase calculation if I were on the value plan or comparing the two differences.

        • MacISWack

          Sounds like MaRat is following all over his flawed logic. Funny how it (MacRat) cant just admit its post is just plain wrong. Trolls are petty…

        • Dakota

          Thats the case with any subsidized phone. If someone was going to buy it previously and paying over $200 bucks for it, then it is a sale…And Walmart has almost anything you want to buy from groceries to clothes to electronics so its pretty easy to spend $50..Whether you get a $50 credit on the phone at purchase or use it for something else, its still $50. Its not like theres unlocked SG3 going around for $99 on aprepaid plans. But with the SG4 announcement around the corner, youll probably see SG3 prices continue to drop. Tmobile is still selling crappy phones for 199 on its prepaid site

      • Guest

        My “classic plan” (Grandfathered) is cheaper than any deal the Value
        plan could have given me… trust me, I’ve checked and have had reps check for
        me. They told me to hang onto my plan. We just upgraded at Sam’s. I
        paid $98 for the GSIII, and $198 for the Samsung Galaxy Note II. They
        literally just dropped the price on the Note II.

        I went to the T-mobile store before this and they tried to tell me we would need to pay $499 for the Note II, and $379 for the GSIII for a full upgrade. Yes, FULL upgrade. Worst of all, they would not let me keep my preferred data plan. When I told her about Sam’s price on the GS3 (I didn’t know about the Note
        II at the time), she got all smug and told me there’s no way Sams would
        let me keep the data plan I have now… which was BS, I’ve worked third party before.

        Were in contract even though we were upgrade eligible but we seriously
        regret that now and felt like switching. Best news though is we now have
        the phones we want and DID NOT HAVE TO CHANGE OUR PLAN/DATA FEATURES… but next time we will be looking elsewhere.

        • I always told ppl that those who are on older grandfathered plans are the ones with the last laugh. Not those who are on these so called laughable “value plans”.

        • Dakota

          You cant really compare a grandfathered plan to a new plan. You should know however that a company is under no obligation to keep honoring that old price once your contract is up. Some companies do that as a good will gesture but as ATT/VZ customers found out, the company can change their terms. The carriers refusal to give existing customers the same deals as ‘new’ones is a whole other story that I never understand

      • Rocky T.

        Actually he’s right not a good deal at ALL. Value plan is definitely the way to go BOYCOTT all WALMARTS & SAMS CLUB they have no business selling phones.

    • who flung-poo

      People should eat more ponys. Tmobile is starting to offer free pony burgers with new activations of HTC Radars on classic plans with at least 5gb or higher.

    • UncleFan

      You can cash those cards at Plastic Jungle for roughly a 5% fee and get the money wired to your paypal account immediately.

  • Lol …….whatever….scam

  • Store Employee

    The rep was probably pissed off because we don’t set in store pricing and T-Mobile Corporate is doing everything in their power to make every sale we have in the store a miracle. They keep making value harder and harder to sell to deposit customers then raise our prices on classic in store only to drop website pricing to Wal-Mart levels. As a frontline employee it really really pisses me off and I get a discounting budget of $800 that is blown on 4 phone price matches when my monthly quota is over $100.

    • Store Employee

      Over 100 phones*. A deposit customer can either pay $150 online for an S3 on classic including their deposit or $250 in store and wait a year to get their rebate back. People HATE rebates which is why our website doesn’t have them yet magically in the store we are supposed to sell to people? Android and IOS have taken over as the largest programs being used today and any corporate executive that thinks people aren’t cross shopping online is a moron. We just spent an hour with a customer the other day activating two phones only to have them no install to purchase online. Took $460 of our $800 discounting budget to save them. Customers regularly by at third parties and through care then come down into the store to take up our time onboarding. I had a customer call care at my store to do her four line renewal over the phone so they would give her a bill credit and then activate all four lines on value giving the store $0 of revenue but wasting 1.5 hours of our time. Our corporate seems to not give a shit about in store workers. We just had to get rid of phone discounts and raises to save money yet online pricing has a ton of free phones and instant rebates? Absolute horseshit!

      • thepanttherlady

        You get paid regardless of a sale, no? If you consider assisting a customer, that contributes to your paycheck, a waste of time ~ get a new job.

        Our company did away with employee incentives 4+ years ago. We got a company wide 5% pay cut around the same time and I haven’t had a raise in 5 years. There are thousands and thousands of people out there that would be HAPPY to have your job at just the base pay because they’ve been jobless for so long.

        Stop your b*tching.

        • galaxydude

          She’s right there’s thousands of people who would luv to have your job

        • Guest

          It’s interesting hearing what the store employees have to say about what is happening in the store. I want to know why my experiences have been so bad lately there. I would like to say, if you’re a MOD at this site, please refrain from using your title to ask ppl to St*p your bitching. This site has gone a bad direction with allowing the snark, especially when it’s anti-Tmobile… Ive stopped coming for that reason. this is a comment board. We are allowed to make comments, not just post so a MOD will say” Stop your b*tching.”.. which btw,you can still tell the word youre saying with an asterisk so why post it then? Who cares who you work for, it was just someone explaining to me why maybe my customer experience has blew lately… I didnt believe the pricing the lady gave me because the website is so different.

        • thepanttherlady

          Just because I have “mod” next to my name doesn’t mean I’m no longer entitled to an opinion as a reader and long time customer of T-Mobile.

          Eliminating employee incentives and/or pay raises is not an excuse for ANY employee to treat their customer’s poorly, T-Mobile or otherwise. Does it matter where I work? No. My point is that there are people worse off. If the OP feels assisting customers is a burden on their time, and are so unhappy with the changes being made for employees then it’s time to reevaluate what he/she does for a living. Again, there are plenty of people out there that would willingly do that job. With a smile.

          This society is so full of people that feel they are “entitled” and it shows in their attitudes and work performance.

        • Guest

          I don’t understand how we got from an employee merely venting to feeling
          ‘entitled’. To me, that’s just you making an assumption so you could make some kind of big statement here. I don’t agree with it. They were addressing specifically my experience and sentiment I’ve been getting with Tmo employees lately. It had nothing to do with you or what cards you’ve been dealt in life. You decided to take it out of context and make it about you, which says a lot more about you than them.

          Also, I and others will associate your MOD tag with the
          mgmt, so whether that’s ‘fair’ or not, your comments and presentation
          will inevitably will reflect on the site… That said, you and the mgmt can do
          whatever you want. I only showed up here past bit checking for upgrade stuff, but thought I would give the site another chance. I read and left some comments, because who knows, people and atmospheres do change? I thought I would add my commentary, but clearly David’s track record of being passive aggressive with it’s users still stands.

          I won’t be coming to post here anymore.

        • I know the snark is getting a little out of hand, but if you’ve stopped coming…how are you here commenting now? :-)

        • Store Employee

          You aren’t qualified to take my job and after the 20 interviews I had last week with people “dying” to have a job I know why there are so many. I unlike you don’t need my job but do it instead because I am passionate about it. The raise is irrelevant to me as is the phone discount. The point is my employees who don’t have 2 houses and a bunch of cars and live check to checkare taking a hit so we can give away phones for free on the website and create a horrible customer shopping experience. real smart!

        • Store Employee

          Also if I was still making the $90,000 a year base I left my last job for to have a 30% at risk pay structure then I might care a little less when I have a sale stolen from my store by our own website or third parties.

        • thepanttherlady

          #1 Until you’ve seen my resume, don’t assume you know my qualifications.

          #2 If I want to stay home and not work, I can. I CHOOSE to work.

          Thank you.

        • Store Employee

          Then you like I should probably stop your bitching about not having a raise in five years. You are just as guilty since you could have left at any point in time and found somewhere that does pay raises. Damn me for looking out employee’s well being. I know it is hard to believe but some of us actually care about our employees AND our customers. You will also notice where I said we spent 1.5 hours helping a customer on-board a customer that gave us zero business. See that is because I actually care about my customer’s experience and I make sure my employees do also. This doesn’t make it ANY less irritating or wrong that the company undercuts its own store pricing online. Retailers that do this don’t care about their customers in store experience. Period! As a company we need to change this and if you disagree you don’t know what customer service means.

        • thepanttherlady

          au contraire,Mon frere. I was not b*tching about not receiving a raise in 5 years. My point was that an employer eliminating or retarding employee incentives is not a valid reason for an employee to treat customers poorly. There are people out there worse off than you or even I.

          You say you care about your customer so you spent 1.5 hours assisting them with zero business. That’s your job, no? Your original post was a rant/vent which you’re entitled to, mine was a response which I’m entitled to.

          Look, at the end of the day you and I are only 1 small piece of a larger picture where we work. I don’t know if T-Mobile encourages or discourages an “open door” atmosphere. If so, identifying weaknesses and offering solutions are the way to go. Employees should be considered to do the same. I, personally, have written to our President and CEO (same person) as well as our head of HR (our company is world-wide so by no means is it small). My correspondence identified certain things that I felt could be done differently/better and I offered ideas on how these things could be changed. My point here is that complaining/ranting (any employee) only feeds the already bad morale from being in a stressful work atmosphere. This can then transfer into customer dealings. Encouraging employees to speak up in a more conducive manner may produce more positive results with T-Mobile.

          If that doesn’t work, then the decision must be made as to whether we can live with the changes or not. If we can’t then we move on. No sense in staying where we’re unhappy, right?

      • Guest

        Maybe theyre thinking when it goes all Value in March, they will force our hand . We dont know what will happen with grandfathered customers who try to upgrade through third party past March because theoretically Tmobile has to offer some kind of kickback to stores who give them upgrades. Whose to say they wont make it mainly attractive for first party only?… if they stop subsidies completely that is. Thats the main reason we upgraded when we did,.. we were stuck in contract irregardless for a year and half so I guess get a new phone while we still can… we dont know what hoops well be jumping through in two years.. we just may switch to another carrier using our corporate discount program…

      • Dakota

        Dont blame the customer; blame the company

      • TyRetr0

        Seriously i only bought a phone in store once I got my G2 for free online 3 years ago. I got my HTC One S free online. Why would I pay $200 in store? VZW, AT&T, or Sprint don’t give away there flagship phones. it really does hurt t-mobile employee’s

  • DuckNCover

    Is the $98.00 GS3 deal only good in-store? Online it is listing full price.

    • cheaplikeafox

      it was $150 when I checked in store 3 weeks ago. The $98 sale had ended.

  • LisaMc

    Where did you see that deal with the $50 gift card? I just went to walmart and the associate said he didn’t know anything about getting a gift card with purchase.

    • I checked too! They looked dumbfounded. I had too show them the tmonews website the electronics dept seemed to be clueless. I will take two sgn2 one white one grey with two $50 gift cards please!

  • ant

    at least bestbuy doing this the whole year and you can buy other phones

    • thepanttherlady

      The offer with Best Buy is only valid for those that registered by February 9th.

  • Jenn E.

    This deal is pretty solid, but a pain to confirm with anyone outside of the Wireless Dept. at Walmart. When I saw this entry, the first thing I did was try and confirm with my local Walmart. Got put on a never ending hold two times, and vented on Twitter, and was forwarded by the corporate Twitter account to detail the experience.

    I also went in twice after the poor phone manner to confirm the upgrade pricing, and got a hold of an electronics associate. Did not have a clue about what I was talking about.

    Finally, yesterday, through the some miraculous patience and phone manner between calling T-Mobile’s Loyalty Dept./Customer Care and Walmart, I finally confirmed the deal, got the Galaxy S3 at $98 w/ the $50 gift card, and got a free month of service from T-Mobile in lew of staying on with them for 7 years.

    All in all, this was and still is an awesome deal. Most places online seem to be offering the Galaxy S3 anywhere between $179.99 – $199.99 for upgrades. T-Mobile wanted something out of me closer to $350ish for simply upgrading directly through them. That hardly seems fair when their web only sales are offering the same phone for $99.99 (or $149 for the 32 GB model).

    P.S. – If you have to verify that your Walmart is indeed offering this promo, ask to speak directly to Wireless, NOT Electronics between the hours of 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

  • EriQah

    Just got this on the 19th for $98/ tax, still going on in Hawaii. The corp store wanted $350+ out of me on my gf plan and wanted me to pay a migration fee to jump on the value.