Deal Of The Day: Nexus 4 Just $49 On Through February 18th

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Whoa, talk about the deal of the deal — this $49 price tag even after a $50 mail-in rebate is easily the best price we’ve ever seen for the Nexus 4. This deal is geared specifically to attract new customers so don’t count on upgrade pricing looking quite as beautiful — it’s still regular price. Still, I’d totally add a line just to take advantage of this offer. This limited time special lasts through February 18th so I’d run, not walk to your nearest computer and add another line, or sign up a small child to get your hands on the Nexus 4 at this price. Do it now.

Will this help T-Mobile stay competitive against Google Play pricing? Maybe, but regardless, the price is awesome.


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  • oboydhs

    I walked in store week and a half ago on my lunch break and got mine for $86.

    Backstory: Had a classic plan, and was eligible for upgrade. Was expecting to pay $250 for it, but by switching to value plan, only had to put down $100 and received a $50 credit. So after tax/fees it was $86 and the little $20 payments per month don’t bother me in the last at the moment.

    • Kufat

      $20/mo for how many months?

      • Bklynman

        I would say about 100 months.LoL!

      • g2a5b0e

        Under the Value Plan, it’s always 20 months.

        • Kufat

          Thanks. So $486 total, something like $90 more than it would’ve been from Google after sales tax and shipping, depending on the state. Not too bad, I guess.

        • theking_13

          And a 2-3 waiting list, or backordered like a bunch of them were. Not too bad to have the device right then and there,

    • I’m happy you were able to get it at a good price, however I would never want to finance a phone or tablet. I know you can pay it off early, but I don’t want to pay full cost if I don’t have to. But anyway, congrats.

    • fixxmyhead

      one born every minute

    • adsasdsa987

      LOL! you are not paying $86 you are paying $486. Yep, there is one born every minute.

      • HRoth_Gar

        LOL! for 20 months, vs the $20 higher bill on classic ALWAYS! It’s like people just want to be ignorant of what they are complaining about

        • theking_13

          He was clearly stating that oboydhs DID NOT in fact get one for $86, not that the Value plan is inferior to the Classic plan. Great job reading.

  • Garrett

    Good deal!

    I might have taken advantage of it if my Nexus 4 wasn’t already ordered on the Play store.

  • Wow! This is a pretty good deal. Retweeting….

  • Deadeye37

    I give this 2 minutes before its sold out…

    • Dakota

      You have to realize the avg customer whose not a phone geek has never even heard of the nexus4 … if you don’t read android blogs, it’s foreign add it’s never been advertised

  • cfu

    No go on an upgrade. Currently eligible for full upgrade pricing, though I am still under contract. So I’ve got no real leverage to use to my advantage. Loyalty department said $224, online upgrade price is $199.

    Oh well.

    • CJ

      Yep that is my price! I hate how this site makes me so excited and then I read the fine print and realize it does not pertain to me :)

      • cfu has it for $119 on upgrade.

      • kyle gillani

        Just call them and ask a few questions about canceling the contract, they will transfer you to another department and they will give you awesome deals. I upgraded five lines and got a note 2 and 4 gs3s for 350 total and cut my bill in half.

        • CJ

          I will try that again and see what happens! Thanks

    • Dakota

      Happy buying devices from Google and paying $46 a month… If nexus prices stay low it’s the best deal for those who don’t need unlimited data

  • Cam

    Do the N4s sold through T-Mo have a SIM Lock?

    • kliu0x52

      No. 100% identical to the ones sold on Google Play.

      • Cam

        Thanks! Do we think this will start being the case more often when subsidies come to an end or is this just a Nexus thing?

        • theking_13

          Nexus, if you buy an unsubsidized phone right now, its still SIM locked.

  • their must be another Nexus device on the horizon.

    • Josue

      What makes you say that?

      • there usually is when a phone begins showing up in deals like this.

        • Josue

          I hope your right

        • theking_13

          The S3 had a deal like this a while back. And the S4 still isn’t released.

          It’s called “marketing”, and “promotions”.

  • Dakota

    Great way to keep current customers happy. Give then the finger and tell them their loyalty and money aren’t as important as a newbie… So we don’t care if you switch carriers when they have a sale on a to tier phone and offer sg4 for free for their new customers. Why always piss of the prior who keep you afloat… Isn’t your churn rate also important to you?

    • Stefan Brubaker

      I completely agree. Just a couple years ago, T-Mobile had outstanding offers and deals for their current customers. Which is what made them, myself included, so loyal. Lately they are the garbage heap of what they offer to the customers they already have. Which probably lends to why so many people still flock from them and their current JD Power ratings are in the garbage. After quite a couple of horrible experiences with them I’m getting ready to cancel my current service and go prepaid. With all the money I save I can just buy whatever “Nexus” device is out and still come out with a profit.

    • obe1

      I worked at dish network and we would get the same question why do new people get the cheaper pricing and us the current customers have to pay the full price. Well according to dish network at one time you were a new customer and you were able to take advantage of the pricing as well when you first enroll so therefore you got the same treatment .

  • NYCTheBronx

    I saw this deal online last night before David posted it lol. =) I bought a LG Google Nexus 4 last night from Ebay for $464. I didn’t have any more upgrades to buy one from T-Mobile and I didn’t want to wait for 2-3 weeks from Google if I would had bought one from them foe $299. My Nexus 4 is coming on tuesday.Oh and for those who don’t know, the LG Google Nexus 4 has been on stock on the T-Mobile website for about 2 weeks I believe.

    • Waiting is always the best way to go… Paying more to have it faster? Ummmm no way. But that’s you and several others who can’t wait. Glad you got one though.

      • NYCTheBronx

        True. There are times when I order things and just wait for two weeks and some where I can’t wait for a week lol. Good thing I didn’t pay for the one night shipping. $60 more, total rip off.

    • jesse eric trevino

      I got my Nexus 4 from google in 5 days after ordering it. Ordered it on Jan 30th

      • NYCTheBronx

        Dang, that is fast.

        • Garrett

          Yea, it seems most people who are ordering the Nexus4 from the Play store are getting them in a few business days despite the “2 – 3 week” estimated ship date.

  • Dave

    Is this for classic plan only? Im not a T-Mobile customer and I find their web store very confusing

  • Jm

    So if I buy this phone at 50(with the mail in rebate) n get it with the 70 plan, 500 min n unlimited data, do I still need to make 20 dollar extra payments?

    • HRoth_Gar

      No, you can’t finance the phone on prepay, so no extra payments.

  • Sebastian

    Have Nexus 4 with T-mobile pre-paid monthly $30 – 100 minutes/Unlimited text + data.

    Completed month-01 of service yesterday. My second charge went through on my credit card. Would like to see itemized bill for first month-01, preferably online, on MyT-Mobile.

    Will this happen?

    Will I be sent a bill by email?

    By USPS?

    Is there no bill because of the nature of my pre-paid plan?

    • Stefan Brubaker

      The exact same plan I am getting in just a few weeks. Can’t wait to save all that $$$

    • tmorep

      It’s pre-paid, you’re not getting a bill in the mail.

  • Ordeith

    AT&T offers the Lumia 920 for 1¢,
    and T-Mobile counters with….. this?

    • tmorep

      But your plan is over $110 a month. You might as well finance the phone and get adiscounted rate plan, and get a discount in your monthly costs before your contract ends.

  • Guest

    Rebate and typical T-Mobile web can’t handle volume. Ugh

  • Snoopyalien24

    Thanks Tmo for helping your loyal customers get a good deal -_- The new people surely can get the hottest Android phone for $50 while we pay $200/$350

  • tom

    Question..I’m already on the value plan. If I get this phone on a new classic plan, how long do I have to wait before I cancel the plan and pay the 200 dollar fee?

  • Jay

    $49 is the down payment or the price of the phone on contract? BIG difference if it’s just the down payment and you still have to pay $20 per month for 20 months.

    The breakdown:

    $20 for 20 months = $400.

    400 + 49 = $449

    $449 for a Nexus 4 on contract when you can buy it from google for $299… Yeah I’ll pass.

    • archerian

      I think $50 is the Classic Plan price, but yes, you still pay $20 extra per month, though not as an installment but hidden as part of the plan fee.

    • ant

      you put to much thought into this 49 RIGHT NOW is better than 300 RIGHT NOW ok u pay more later but thats not going to matter

      • tomnewtn

        I think wisdom always dictates one consider the big picture and not just the hook to reel you in. When some dangles bait in front of you, I doubt it’s with your best interest at heart.

  • cheezsandwitch.

    And yet another example of how this company screws their sales reps in the stores. Cheaper online because customer care doesn’t get paid commission.

  • Curious George

    The Nexus 4 sold by T-Mobile do not come with Wi-Fi calling, correct?

    • Nearmsp

      You are correct. That is why I would never buy a nexus device unless I had Wi-Fi calling. I do hope the Wi-Fi calling becomes an App or in the SIM card by T-mobile allowing us a wider choice of phones.

  • tomnewtn

    Another reason I purchased the Nexus 4 from Google directly. By the way, last night I was at 67% battery after being off charger for just over 19 hrs. with moderate usage. Very impressed with this device….best I’ve had or do have. But I see deals like this, and it reminds me of the old saying- if it’s looks to good to be true it probably is. But…this might work for some.

    • Mobilewolf789

      Speaking of battery levels mine lasted 24 hours one time with moderate use.

  • Another reason to pass

  • Napster87

    since tmobile online only offers the classic plan and not the value plan, let’s do the math. the classic plan comes with a built in subsidy charge of $20 a month for all 24 months. 24*20=480 + the initial $50 and $18 upgrade fee (if upgrading). so you’re at least paying $530. Now let’s do the math for the value plan which only would include the $20 subsidy charge for 20 months. $20*20 months = $400 + $50 down payment and no upgrade fee = $450.

  • funk

    suggested retail IS NOT $550. $49 is great, but then youre stuck with tmobile

  • 0neTw0

    I called and during automated prompts said cancel service. Straight to Retention department. Explain that I am now due for full upgrade and want the $49 dollar upgrade. The T-Mobile rep gives me a 120 loyalty credit and says the phone will cost me 199. TNo rebates and no monthly installments cause i’m still on the Classic plan the phone is now mine for 79 bucks. Thanks for keeping me happy.