T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray Drops Hint That Las Vegas LTE Market Launch Happening Before End Of January

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you, T-Mobile’s Chief Technology Officer Neville Ray just dropped word during the Citi Global conference in Las Vegas that his company’s first LTE market will go live in the next “two to three weeks.” Given the importance of Las Vegas with events like the Consumer Electronics Show, it’s not surprising that “Sin City” will be the first market to get the green light. If you recall, Las Vegas was one of the first markets to showcase HSPA+, HSPA+ 42Mbps and the network modernization project back during Apple’s WorldWide Developers Conference.

We hope that T-Mobile will provide plenty of insight during their LTE keynote later this evening. Stay tuned for more!

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  • Adrayven

    Ironic really, the only LTE phones on T-Mobile are unlocked ATT iPhone 5’s. lol.. wonder if we’ll see some WOOHOO’s from a few iPhone owners.. :)

    Oh, unofficial Nexus 4’s that’ have had 1700 band unlocked for LTE.. think thats it.

    • terryjohnson16

      T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 has LTE.

      • dkbnyc

        …it just needs an update to unlock the feature. But really, if this thing went any faster, it would be going backwards in time.

        • terryjohnson16

          Yes. Most likely all the LTE phones that T-Mobile gets are the same AT&T phones, with added AWS HSPA+

      • eanfoso

        but it’s software locked dude

        • terryjohnson16

          Main thing is the hardware is there. Better to have the hardware present, than to say it’s not there, and a new device is needed. Samsung can easily unlock it. It’s the same phone as AT&T.

        • Steve

          That’s what rooting is all about. Unlocking features that are not yet available.

        • eanfoso

          Wtf dude rooting has nothing to do with LTE being disabled, you need either the update from Samsung or the secret code that unlocks it

  • Can I get an Amen?

    • Now when is it coming to S.FLA and DC? My two neighborhoods…. :)

      • qpinto

        We have hspa + 1900 in Miami and ft lauderdale right now. JTS further coming west into Pembroke pines and miramar. They will just have to flip the switch and hello LTE

  • Qbancelli

    My Nexus 4 is ready

    • …considering the Nexus 4 doesn’t support T-Mobile LTE…

      • Qbancelli

        Yes it does. Band 4 AWS

        • Band 4 deployment is minimal at best http://www.engadget.com/2012/12/10/nexus-4-lte-select-us-cities/

          Unless T-Mobile recognizes it as a LTE device – your experience will probably be sub-par at best when LTE does come to your area.

        • Qbancelli

          What are you talking about?
          Tmobile hasn’t deployed LTE on band 4, or any other band yet.

        • philyew

          When it starts deploying LTE in 3-4 weeks (according to this article) it will be on the LTE Band IV which is AWS (1700/2100).

        • Qbancelli

          Yeah, I said that hours ago. Read the thread.

        • philyew

          Sorry. I didn’t read your comment in the context of what you had said previously.

        • cc: @terryjohnson16:disqus
          This doesn’t happen often, but when I’m dead wrong – I’m willing to admit it and apologize.

          Admittedly it’s been a while since I dove into the details surrounding the Nexus 4’s LTE support and after some digging I found this AnandTech (a source I trust IMPLICITLY over XDA) article explaining what’s going on: http://www.anandtech.com/show/6474/nexus-4-includes-support-for-lte-on-band-4-aws

          So with that said – I apologize. I was completely wrong apparently support *IS* there for Band 4 (AWS 1700/2100 – which T-Mobile plans to use).

          I’m still perplexed as to why it hasn’t cleared the FCC with LTE support…

        • LG doesn’t want to officially offer support for it? Really, if we want it to be certified for LTE, we’d probably have to petition LG and Google to get it recertified.

        • I’m curious as to what the reason is that it’s not LTE certified if everything is there… is it because it’s missing AT&T true LTE support?

        • That doesn’t mean much. No, the reason is probably about LTE patent licensing. If it isn’t being certified for LTE, then LG doesn’t have to license the patents and stuff for it.

      • terryjohnson16

        It has the hardware, and software, at least until Google decides to kill the LTE software.

  • Whitney


  • So for now only those with the Note 2 and AT&T iPhone 5 will be able to take advantage of this?

    • Qbancelli

      And the Nexus 4. No tweaking or unlocking needed. I already have mine on LTE/GSM Auto.
      As soon as Tmobile turns it on in NYC I’m on it.

      • too bad the LTE setting doesn’t stick upon reboot. Maybe we’ll see a dev create a custom radio image.

  • Whitney

    David do you how long it will be until the LTE upgrade is done

    • 100 million pops by the middle of the year, 200 million by the end of the year. Remembers POP doesn’t equal population, just market size.

      • Whitney

        Well I hope that Farmington hills which is in Metro of Detroit don’t stuck on edge

        • I live in Livonia, just south of you. I’m very sure since we have HSPA+42 right now we’ll have LTE quite soon. I don’t know where you get EDGE from, I’m never on EDGE. Always have a constant 20-29Mbps connection

      • philyew

        Not sure I follow that, David. Each market contains a slice of the overall population. The total POPs quoted represent the aggregate size of each modernized market.

        Here are the top 5 markets and their POPs:

        [1] Los Angeles-Long Beach/Anaheim-Santa Ana-Garden

        [2] New York, NY-NJ/Nassau-Suffolk, NY/Newark, Jersey

        [3] Chicago, IL

        [4] Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

        [5] Houston, TX

        • POPs: For wireless, POPs generally refers to the number of people in a specific area where wireless services are available (the population). For traditional ‘landline’ communications, a “Point of Presence” defines the interconnection point between the two networks.

        • philyew

          I understand that, but don’t get why you said “Remembers POP doesn’t equal population, just market size.”?

          In this case population and market size are exactly the same thing. The numbers I quoted came from a TM submission to the FCC last year. They are based on the FCC’s Cellular Market Areas. The Houston market, for example, is comprised of 6 counties and the census population of those 6 counties is almost exactly the number quoted here.

          Did you mean “Remembers POP doesn’t equal point-of-presence, just market size”?

  • Eric

    Now it’s time for Philly to get some T-Mobile LTE icing (and for me an iPhone 5 :D )

  • Josue

    im willing to bet that tmobile secretly has already LTE

    • philyew

      It’s no secret that the the modernization program which has been running for over 10 months was primarily with the purpose of enabling the roll-out of LTE services. Every tower that has been modernized so far has the following attributes:

      1) Equipment not only capable of supporting 3G/HSPA+ service on the 1900MHz and AWS bands, but also capable of supporting LTE on the AWS band.

      2) 3G/HSPA+ services moved across from the AWS to the 1900 MHz band, creating space on the AWS band to run LTE.

      Assuming that traffic analysis shows that sufficient 3G/HSPA+ has migrated from AWS to 1900 MHz so that the AWS spectrum can be carved out to support LTE without causing congestion for 3G/HSPA+, then there should be no further impediment to TM turning up the LTE on each of those modernized towers.

      With only a small number of LTE-capable devices on the network right now, LTE performance should be exceptional.

      With a target of 100 million POPs served by LTE by mid 2013, they need to get the ball rolling on the cutover to make sure there aren’t any unforeseen issues.

      • Ben

        You seem to have done your research well. We need more well informed commenters like yourself on this site, sir.

        • Josue

          I second that

      • Josue

        kudos for all that info

    • lexp88

      I agree the lg nexus 4 GSIII Note Note III all have it built in already

  • peralta61

    I have a galaxy s3 and in settings say LTE what is that all about … I thought galaxy s3 didnt have LTE

    • Dong

      I bet it has CDMA too… and I also bet it doesn’t have the radio. The software is one thing, the hardware however… well you have to have the hardware too.

  • blaze

    I wounder if all the hspa 42 markets will be last to see the LTE (dfw) Honestly in DFW I get super fast speeds already

  • urmom

    Please come to houston first

    • eanfoso

      that would be nice man, but eh my note II has the LTE software locked anyway :P

    • Jarrod

      Amen, My freinds just got LTE devices(iPad mini/GS3) and I would love to show them how superior my 4G is on top of the amazing HSPA+ network on my iPhone 5.

    • No, San Antonio

  • Now we need better phones. Im tired of my htc one s, screen is too narrow. I got this phone because i like sense and it has the fm radio. Im like ll cool j because i cant live without my radio

  • there’s only one phone currently able to do LTE on TMO .. that Note 2 if i’m not mistaken …

  • The $70 dollar 5gb plan is offically unlimited today as of around 8am e/t. FINALLY unlimited and finally Visual Voicemail is working on prepaid.

  • Nick Cannon

    Missed big opportunity tmo to have LTE at CES

  • Darryll4sh0

    NYC will be one of the first, just like when the started they start restructuring their networks for iPhones!

  • Michael

    Should I wait or upgrade to the Galaxy Note II?

    • ant

      this my question too but it kinda make sense to me to wait til october or something hopefully the GN3 will be better not bigger

  • ant

    detroit get great speeds on tmo idk because we got metro everywhere or tmo love us

  • desiree

    How bout they improve coverage in Nevada? It would be nice goin to more places in Nevada and not being on tmobile edge 75% of the time while friends with at&t have better 3G coverage.

    • cnn

      you mean better coverage in the bunny ranch areas? ;)

      • desiree

        Well make fun all u want tmobile sucks everywhere else in nevada people talk bad about at&t but from what I seen my friends on at&t always seem to have better coverage than me on tmobile even in the bunny ranch areas yes I been there tmobile craps out there att comes tru.

    • Bill Smith

      I have great coverage in Vegas. Friend of mine comes from LA and has AT&T, his speeds are as slow as dialup!
      Just did a speed test from home:
      Speed test on my Note 2 From Vegas
      ping 503ms
      DL 17926kbps
      UL 2230kbps.

  • Aurizen

    Hoping Philadelphia will be early, dont iphones need an update on tmobile to enable LTE?

    • Eric

      I think they may need a carrier update (hoping you have an iPhone 5).
      I’m with you man, Philly needs more LTE goodness.

      • Aurizen

        Yup, I sure do have an iphone 5 :D I wonder how the carrier updates will work since the phone is unlocked.

  • BigL

    So, I’m wondering when we’ll be able to turn on LTE on Galaxy Note 2s.

  • TayshaunBoba

    Is there a way to watch the LTE Keynote live tonight?

    • Not that I’m aware of yet…

      • TayshaunBoba

        Dang, I was hoping there would be. Oh well, thanks for the quick reply tho

      • Jarrod

        Is one of the phonedog sites live blogging?

        • No live blog right now, someone will be relaying information to live and I’ll be updating a post on the blog.

  • Oh uh time to upgrade to a lte capable device.

  • Louie

    oh great my S3 don’t have LTE

  • Guest

    *insight and not incite !

    • And that’s what happens when you rush a post up.

  • kev2684

    Jacksonville, FL please!

  • Bill Smith

    I live in Vegas, I’ll believe it when it happens. Too many times T-Mobile has “leaked” an event and it happens way later.

  • John

    how about improving coverage in the casinos while your at it TMO? lol… been considering switching to Verizon recently…. might test out LTE first before I make any changes.

  • sanman

    That is great and all but what about the areas that still get EDGE network? They should focus on upgrading the areas to at least HSPA that can’t get even 3G. Luckily I’m in a major area but when I go outside of it you can tell you’re on Tmobile with little to no coverage.

  • Ben

    T-Mobile’s HSPA+/4G/UMTS smokes the crap out of AT&T’s 4G here in STC, MN. I can’t wait to see what our LTE network will do to Verizon.

  • bleeew

    I as a Verizon customer am rooting for T-Mobile. Even though Verizon now has GSM compatible phones, I want my unlimited data(went to 6GB share plan, but its nor horrible either). I also want to try their LTE. Verizon was fast in March 2011, but its only goten 2-5 mbps slower. I just want to see what LTE-A looks like. im hoping they can gain customers and make better coverage for everyone.

  • Winski

    Waiting for reality to catch up with the absolute garbage spewing out of his lips is like walking behind a bull elephant with diarrhea ..

  • ericshmerick

    I just want it to work on my Note 2 and the $30 prepaid plan…

    Go to Vegas a lot and will see, I guess.