T-Mobile.com Selling Galaxy S III For $99 After $100 Rebate

Looking to score a deal on the Galaxy S III future new customers on T-Mobile? Perhaps you want to add a line for a family number because they made it on the nice list this year. Good news as T-Mobile.com is offering the 16GB Pebble Blue and Marble White Galaxy S III for $99 after a $100 mail-in rebate. Don’t skip out on this offer as it may be one of your last chances to get the 16GB Pebble Blue before Titanium Gray replaces it beginning January 4th.

Surely there’s a family member deserving of a Galaxy S III in your life, right?


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  • Good price, too bad I already own one from launch…. along with my launch Nexus 4. Both are awesome but really looking forward to which devices I buy in 2013, it’s going to get really exciting in tech software-wise since we’re leveling off in specs.

    • Spanky

      I can’t wait to see what 2013 brings. Since the specs are indeed leveling off, I’ve cut down my phone upgrades to once a year (I once went through 3 phones in 1 year). The S3 can still handle anything that’s thrown at it, but I’ll be ready for something new by the time summer rolls around.

  • cybersedan

    2013 will definitely be another exiting year for mobile. Lots of good battles brewing, OEMs taking things to the next level.

  • Brian Bloom

    I thought their intention was to move to mostly Value plans? This deal appears to be Classic only. They are still charging $599 for it on a Value plan. Harrumph.

    • I have a value plan, and zero down is misleading you still had to pay $200 plus tax for the phone and wait for it…..wait for rebate in the mail. Bought my on craigslist brand new for $400.

  • Chatter

    Cool deal for those who want one. This is a good price for a solid phone.

  • happynewyear

    Is this a joke? I’ve seen people get them for as low as $29-$49 and t-mobile has the nerve to insult consumers with a REBATE?

    • nice way to start 2013, by trolling. Good job, you must feel so Proud.

      • happynewyear

        How am I trolling. You calling that a good price is trolling. Only a fool would get it for that price when they can that near outdated phone cheaper elsewhere.

        • ant

          stop worrying about the date worry about the device lol u basically saying people should get the lg optimus l9 because it cheaper n newer

        • Guest911


      • Harless

        You don’t even know what trolling even means, unless you think it means “someone has an opinion I don’t like”.

    • RoHe

      Tmobile doesn’t offer it at that price, scumbag

  • The Architect

    Nice try Tmo! Got mine at Walmart for $48 after a $100 gift card, no rebate involved on Dec. 1st! BAHAHA!!! XD

  • mattcat03

    $99 at walmart no pesty rebates and is taxed below retail value.

  • frigadroid

    Guess what I got 2 for free, blue & white. I said I would never buy another Sammy and stayed true to my word. I know it’s hard to believe I would give them another shot after my vibrant but I wanted the micro sd card capabilities. Well at first I didn’t like it because the samsung keypad is horrible. Then I got to fooling around with the settings and learned I could text in Thai that’s great because I don’t want to download a keypad app that gives permissions to some strangers in Bangkok. Im still learning what I can do here and its not all perfect but its impressive for free. Figuring we saved $1200 I’m not expecting much.
    The boys over at samsung can’t be all that bad after all they hired the guy from xda and my favorite little kpop entertainer HunyA Kim that shows me their wanting to improve thier image. Thanks Tmobile I’ll be around for another 13 more years if you keep up the good work.

    • speeb

      Ha! After almost 2.5 years, I’m still running a Vibrant! Just flashed a JB rom last night and thinking I could definitely make a full 3 years of it. BUT, I’m hoping to be able to pick up an N4 before that. :)

      • The Architect

        I still have my Vibrant too! Currently running on CGM 10 rom and using it as a wifi media player since I got my black friday Note 2. Best damn free phone that I’ve ever own on classic plan back when Best Buy had their free phone fridays in Oct. 2010!!!

        • frigadroid

          It is a damn good media player I’m keeping mine for the same reason. The headphone tv out to rca adapter was a great idea. Perfect to play all my 80s & 90s music videos in the car or wherever.

    • od312

      Post your address, so we can send u a cookie

      • frigadroid

        Thanks I love free cookies :-) 1600 Pennsylvania ave. Washington D.C.

  • I really hate the rebate thing, please T-Mobile get rid of the rebates. Do an instant rebate, I would buy any phone if I only had to pay $99.


    Good deal for those who still want this device. My opinion, I’ll wait for Google to drop a 32gb Nexus device sometime this year.

  • Josue

    TMO is the only carrier that does this

  • wascrazyabtthisblog

    You guys suck, the blog is stale

    • Oh, so you want me to make up news? Got it!

  • Mae

    So obviously this is must be associated with moving product to make room for the new gray SGS3 with LTE… ;)

  • Levy Salazar

    I wish chain stores offered deals for Value plan customers ): Especially since we are on a Family Plan.

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