All T-Mobile Stores To Carry The Nexus 4 Beginning This Month

If you’re still on the hunt for a Nexus 4 and we imagine you are since they are next to impossible to find then we’ve got some good news. T-Mobile stores are hoping to resolve the Nexus 4 inventory black hole as all the company’s corporate owned retail stores are set to carry the Nexus 4 beginning this month.

“The Google Nexus 4 will launch in all T-Mobile retail locations in January. The Play Store will continue to carry the Nexus 4.”

We surmise that T-Mobile would only prepare to launch the device in all of their retail locations if they had the inventory to support such a launch. However, I wouldn’t place bets on stores receiving more than a few devices initially, but that’s certainly better than stores having no inventory at all. No firm date was provided for when devices will begin popping up in retail locations, but there’s only 30 days left in January so it has to be soon!

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