T-Mobile Stores Set To Receive More Nexus 4 Inventory?

In the hopes that many of you will find a way to get a hold of your very own Nexus 4 before year’s end, word has it some T-Mobile stores are receiving the above marketing material. On its own the image itself isn’t very noteworthy, what is noteworthy is that we’re told some of the locations receiving this material are stores that didn’t carry the Nexus 4 upon first availability. In other words, our hope is that Nexus 4 availability will spread to more T-Mobile stores across the nation very, very soon.

In the meantime, well there’s really nothing we can do in the meantime since both avenues available to us for Nexus 4 purchase are backordered for weeks. Let’s hope T-Mobile stores get some inventory in the coming days because I can’t think of a better stocking stuffer than a Nexus 4.

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  • Google and LG must make this happen……… bring on the next wave of Nexus4

  • Tim

    What about Nexus 4 accessories….I could really go for a case

    • atari37

      Check amazon and the playstore

      • Yea, the glass on the front, DURBALE, Glass on the back, DURABLE. The Rubber on the side, DURABLE, the metal looking border around the side, ummm… if you spit on it, its gone dent real good!

  • famished

    How is it that T-mo has this and Google doesn’t? Also, why does T-mo have it for $499 off-contract when it’s only $349 through Google? WTH T-mo, wth.

    • atari37

      Looks like you answered your own question…lol

      • famished

        Ha! You have a point there.

    • Because they get priority over inventory from LG warehouse in Ft worth, Tx and they’re buying them for $400 and selling for $100 more off contract. That’s why.

  • Lmao this $300 phone is easily going for $500+ on eBay.

    Way to go Google!

  • Wilma Flintstone

    This whole debacle is laughable.

  • Dan

    Grabed on IN Store!

  • I was gonna pick up a Nexus 4, but I’ve hard numerous reports about horrible battery life. I dealt with that when I had a Samsung Vibrant & the T-Mobile (LG) G2, can’t go back to that again. Sad…. I really wanted one.

    • k-mack

      it’s not bad! better than my Amaze 4G. it’s kind of deceiving, when you look at the indicator in the notification bar, it looks low, but the actual charge left is more than the visual. mine will last 15hrs on one charge, which isn’t bad at all.

      • That’s not bad at all! My Samsung Galaxy Nexus, I think lasted 12 hours on constant usage, & people said that was bad. However, I had phones that would die on 7 hours of constant usage. Still not sure though. You’re one of the 1st whose said that. I’ve heard it dies in 8 hours of usage.

        • wakka

          It really depends on how heavy of a user you are. I made a few short calls, some texts and browsed the web for maybe an hour. Have live wallpaper on and Wi-Fi on 24/7. I’m a light user I guess but I’m at 65% after 18 hours. Heavy use it does for considerably fast, maybe around 7 hours.

        • cozzy

          a lot better battery life than my HTC g2…is it HD MAXX good, no…but its definately pretty good. 4g drains it but if you have it on wifi i swear the the battery doesn’t drain its pretty amazing. On my g2 i felt like it was the other way around.

        • Lol they’re numerous of forums and complaints on how horrid the battery life is on the Nexus 4.

        • Lite to moderate. Tweet every so often, browse the web for like a half an hour. Use WiFi over the mobile network. Stream music over Google Music for like 35 minutes

        • Dakota

          How does yours last that long.. You mean with data on or off? I’m lucky if it goes for 4-5 hours

        • tomnewtn

          I think if you use it heavy, and get the processor going, it will suck it down fairly quick. My usage was moderate normal (for me), a few phone calls, email and some minimal web browsing. I leave the wifi on too, and use the Bluetooth a couple of times during the day.

      • tomnewtn

        I was at 46% last night after 17 hrs. At 36% right now after 10.5 hrs. so not bad. I am thinking Google will send out minor updates to optimize here and there to improve battery like they did with my nexus one. Great reason to have a Nexus….those little periodical updates that improve things as needed.

    • Who said battery life was bad? Like any device proper moderation of the device will give a good end result. I get a full day use easily now there are battery sucking apps which are games primarily do any game for long and you will be stuck on the charger of course but thats because you are using a lot of resources. The solution to battery issues lies with App devs needing to optimize their devices to be less battery draining… I mean do you really have right to complain about battery life when you have all battery sucking resources on? Lets see every time I check battery stats its always Display being number 1 drainer how does this happen? Full brightness, Phone set to stay awake, Other attributes include Bluetooth, GPS, Wifi, Graphic Intensive games, Mobile Network On Music streaming,just about everything that has to do with being a smartphone. With Smartphones you need to mange your resources and your battery will last. This is the whole premise of why Juice Defender has been one of the best battery saving apps ironically though just having that app will drain the battery because its doing all of what you should do.

      excuse my rant its just tiring seeing all of the crap complaints about battery

      • Guest911

        Useless rant as usual. Its not about your opinion so stop being a lil whiner.

        • My comment is not useless, you on the other hand following my posts and stating its useless is ironically just that because I don’t care if you whine and moan like a whore just cuz you don’t like what I have to say. Simply if you don’t agree with me then screw you and get a life, and don’t read my posts.

      • Not reading all that. Sorry

    • Eddie

      Battery sucks.

    • Herb

      I have had mine for about a month now. I keep Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS on at all times, commute 45 mins through spotty EDGE-3G connection while streaming audio, get a weak-ish signal where I work, and I keep my brightness around 15% unless I’m in direct sunlight. I also spend a pretty good amount of time with the screen on when I’m at work. Even with all this, I’m able to pull anywhere from 8 to 10 hours which for me is amazing.

  • Faust

    It really does not mean anything. Our store got one but we are FAR off from getting them in our store, if at all that is. They are just sending them out to all stores despite only a small number of them actually have them in store for sale.

  • IMS

    I already have one!! All good!!

  • Dakota

    Given up.. I want a great phone with a super camera… Can’t believe the photos my friend take with their iPhone. For some reason my androids and most recently galaxy nexus always have problems which leave my iPhone friends begging me to get an iPhone. Only stayed with android now to d save bunch of money on prepaid

    • tomnewtn

      I had the 5 and still have the 4s. Not impressed with the camera, but then I take real photos with my SLR, not a damn phone. I’m loving my Nexus 4 thus far.

      • jaZzyjeff

        Did you prefer the 5 or the 4s?

        • tomnewtn

          I sent back the 5 and have an unlocked 4S that I like better simply because it feels like a more solid build. But, the 5 display is slightly more vibrant, and it is a bit faster. But I was also dropping calls on it on ATT. I use my 4s on TMO and don’t drop calls….and get 3g much of the time now.

    • 0neTw0

      If you have So-called friends telling you to switch your phone because they think they are better than you? Its time to find new friends.

      • loueradun

        Now that is the truth! LOL


      Your not using your camera properly. I have always had android phones and they take amazing pictures if you know how to use them.

  • mark

    Thank you UPS for stealing the 10 that were sent to my store last week. Your dedication to quality control is awesome.

  • tomnewtn

    I am loving the Nexus 4 thus far. First Nexus I had since I purchased the Nexus 1. I won’t buy a damn Samsung Nexus as they did not do justice to the Nexus line with their cheap plastic. Looks like once LG is pinned in a corner and forced to not load on crapware, it works out pretty swell. I wouldn’t buy it from TMO unless I had to, and thus far, it’s worth it to get an unlocked unbloated power house. If you have to make payments and pay more, better unlocked without bloatware I suppose.

    • Herb

      The Galaxy Nexus definitely did the line justice. It was far classier than the cheaper-feeling Nexus S. But I think it’s undeniable that the Nexus 4 is one of the (if not THE) classiest phones out there.

  • RotaryP7

    I wish my store would carry the Nexus 4.

    • Herb

      ME TOO! At least I have mine to show it off when people ask.

  • Just get the note two

  • TBN27

    Is anyone having glitches? I need to know before i make the jump. I was reading tge reviews and the reports that say it is glitchy. I am trying to gage owner’s experiences because u do not want to go from glitchy phone to glitchy phone

    • Herb

      I bought one through T-Mobile and I have had none of the issues I have seen people complaining about on the web.

  • JayMoney88

    umm… we’ve been getting pretty steady shipments of Nexus 4 devices to my store in Atlanta, GA (10 phones at a time 4 shipments so far). Guess the shortage doesn’t affect everyone LMAO