Video: Watch The T-Mobile Executive Team Unveil Their “Un-Carrier” Strategy

All of todays news, in one 55 minute video. You can make time to watch, right?

“Listen to the the US management team, that is designated to lead NewCo, the combination of T-Mobile USA and MetroPCS. To download the presentation including the disclaimer in pdf format and to find further material please visit”


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  • niididdy

    You are killing me David…Ina good way. One of the best T-Mobile news days… ever!

  • thepanttherlady

    You have been working overtime today, David. Thank you so much for all the news you’ve reported for us!

    • Thanks for the kind words!

      • cozzycozbourne

        Ya dude thanks. Visit this site all the time. Really brings out my tmobile fanboi just being here lol.

  • tomnewtn

    Mid year….hmmm

  • Guest

    NewCo? I thought it would keep the T-Mobile name? If I’m missing something here can someone please help me understand this NewCo name?

    • Soultruthgemini

      from what i recall, NewCo is just a temp name. it allows them to seperate current version of tmo, and the version that it will be after all is changed,merged. from what i recall no name change

    • bleeew

      NewCo is basically a name that they call a company to differentiate from the old one. Its like a version number, but its easier to remember.
      T-Mobile 1.0 is now
      T-Mobile 2.0(NewCo) is the 1900Mhz market+Mergers, and extra spectrum. Including devices and new services.

    • xmiro

      temp name for reference of the post-merger company, Tmobile and MEtroPCS brands continue to exist


      NewCO because we will become a publicly traded company on the US Stock exchange when we combine with Metro. T-Mobile will be called T-Mobile USA inc. officially.

  • Ben

    I made it through the entire presentation (not easy to understand some). It was no Family Guy, but was definitely better than some “reality” TV shows.

  • TayshaunBoba

    I really like this Legere guy. It seems like he knows everything that’s going on and is very in touch with TMO’s issues unlike some former CEO’s of TMO.. He really earned my respect when he said he listens to about an HOUR each DAY of customers recorded calls with TMO reps and is going to fix the customer service disaster. Keep it up, Legere!

  • UMA_Fan

    Legere listens to an hour of customer care calls EACH day… that’s incredible.

  • radarfader

    Can’t wait for the refarm and to get an iPhone on tmobile. My HTC Radar is the most annoying phone I’ve ever had. iPhone apps are so much more refined.

    • yeah right

      so you use a dead windows phone to compare quality of apps? Try a JB android or even a windows 8 phone.

  • SDE

    To feel alive again…who needs Valium when there’s TmoNews ;) Thanks David!

  • Richard Yarrell

    Great 55min video. Gotta say 2013 will be real big for Tmobile. And to think i saw the entire video on my Galaxy Note 2. Unlimited data usage at it’s best.

  • The Architect

    A new chapter in tmo’s progress in this day of age. I’m too unsure on how to take it, with a grain of salt or a flying leap of fate as a 6 year classic plan customer. Too many positives and negatives as a result from this week’s major outcomes to clearly weigh out my decision whether I stay with tmo or leave and to go to verizon when my contract expires.

  • Mirad77

    This presentation was a good one for investors but not much to take home for consumers at least for me. There were just little info here and there with just wait and see to take home. There was a mention of refarm completed but only 18 markets up, lte speed of 24 Mbps down but wait till 2013, idevices coming but wait for which ones.
    The future is promising which is good but they talk of 2013 as if it was 6months away. Is the promise of 95% completion of the refarm still holds water? Will there be overall increase footprint in coverage? The rest of the questions will come after NewCo is in effect and am patient on that.

    • philyew

      What was said by Neville Ray (here and previously) is that the refarm is considered by TM to be the clearance of the PCS band to accommodate the introduction of 3G/HSPA+ services. If I recall correctly, he said that is now 100% complete.

      What clearly isn’t close to complete is the physical conversion of the towers behind that. He also said they expected to have 100 million POPs covered by 3G/HSPA+ on the PCS band by the end of this year.

      The mid-year 2013 targets shown on one of Neville Ray’s slides were: 100 million LTE, 170 million HSPA PCS and 225 million HSPA AWS. The 2013 year-end targets are 200 million LTE, 200 million HSPA PCS and 225 million HSPA AWS. They said that they were moving ahead at sufficient pace to exceed these targets.

      The most disappointing thing in all of that is that apparently they don’t expect to have completed the physical conversion of the 37,000 towers in the project scope by the end of NEXT year either, since there is still a gap of 25 million POPs projected between HSPA PCS and HSPA AWS coverage.

      Even so, the network status by the end of next year looks promising and very exciting for those of us lucky enough to be in the 200 million.

      • Mirad77

        Thanks for the explanation. As you put it in paragraph two they haven’t flipped the switch in the majority of the refarm . Unless they plan to flipped them all on one day with 23 days left for 2012, we just have to wait and see.

  • Josh A

    I watched all 55 minutes of the video, and I must say – I’m optimistic about T-Mobile and their future place in the U.S. mobile industry. I’ve only been with T-Mobile for a little over two years, but for the most part I’ve been very happy with them. Most of my customer service contacts have been positive. I wish their coverage areas were a little bit improved. Hopefully, that will come with the continued roll out of the 1900 band, LTE roll out, and merger with Metro PCS. None of the other Big 3 providers compares to T-Mobile when it comes to value/cost.

  • LOVE

    what is NewCo? That isn’t the new name of Tmobile +Metro PCS, right?

    • Yes, it’s just a generic business name for reference in documents and during the course of the deal. It won’t be used after the deal is completed.

  • LOVE

    with phrases like Modernization, T Mobile still has a lot to do to catch up with Old Blue & Big Red. This video is great, but I could never see BLUE or RED or YELLOW Posting a video of an important company meeting to the general public, and I kind of respect that more, but it is good to know what is going on. My Thouhgts on T Mobile losses 2012…
    I think T Mobile needs to get their NBA sponsorship back !! That was a big loss and Sprint Half Time Reports or Sprint NBA All Star voting dosent feel right.

  • LOVE

    Trillion of megabytes!! Can T Mobile handle that on their new network, and with tmobile unlimited data!!