Samsung Shows Off “Premium Suite Upgrade, Part 1” For Galaxy S III

With the Samsung Galaxy S III already on the receiving end of the Jelly Bean Android 4.1 update, our attention turns to what’s next? Well, thanks to a new video on Samsung’s Global Tomorrow website, we’re getting an early preview of exactly what Samsung has in mind for the future of their flagship smartphone.

The good news is that you’ve already seen most of these features, as they are directly from the current feature set of the Galaxy Note II, including multi-window support, customizable notification panel, smart rotation and more. The total feature set available with Samsung’s Premium Suite Upgrade (Part 1 mind you) include:

Contextual Awareness

  • (1) Page Buddy: Your phone will smartly predict what you intend to do according to your actions. For example, when you plug in your earphones, the device automatically opens up a page with the music player.
  • (2) Contextual Menu:  When you list up apps, you can now choose to see the most frequently used ones first. Especially convenient when you’re looking through apps  to find files to attach.
  • (3) Contextual Tag:  When you take a picture on the phone, you can tag the weather, date, and place immediately.

Enhanced Features

  • (1) Multi Window: You can open two different apps at the same time into two different windows on the mobile screen.
  • (2) Auto Share Shot Pairing using NFC: By setting the camera to ‘Auto Share Shot’ mode, you can quickly share your photos and videos by simply tapping their GALAXY S III with other NFC and S-Beam enabled devices
  • (3) Reader Mode: You can easily control the size of the text on your browser! Also, you can just click the webpage to share it!
  • (4) Facebook Lock Ticker: The easiest way to see your Facebook News Feeds – set your phone to show it on your lock screen.

Some of the features will be included in Part 2, and that’s ok as we need something else to look forward to. There’s no word on when or if these features will arrive on T-Mobile as the final determination will be carrier discretion. Not to worry, the good news is we know the Android developer community will take the bull by the horns and bring these features to everyone.

Samsung Global Tomorrow

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  • Nice

  • Chris

    I love page buddy on my Note 2. It’s so nice when I put my headphone jack in (I use it in the car to play over my radio, don’t usually use headphones) it knows exactly what I want to do. I literally can hit play right after plugging it in because I have a google music widget sitting there waiting.

    My biggest problem though is screen on time. I gotta wait like 3-5 seconds (I know first world problems) for the screen to turn on after I hit the awake button. What’s going on?!?

    • ash

      Look and see if you have power save mode turned on. Slow waking Samsung always have that option on in their settings it seems.

      • Chris

        Thanks, it’s not turned on. But I do notice that it turns itself on from time to time. It’s obvious because my phone lags and doesn’t have haptic feedback.

        • thepanttherlady

          Mine has been turning itself on too.

          Today it has also launched the voice thing and turned the volume up by itself. This happened 3 times. I rebooted and it hasnt happened since so I really hope this is a one time incident.

        • Bklynman

          I am not surprise your phone turning it self on with you holding it Pantterlady.:-)

        • Chris

          Never had the volume issue, but I have noticed sometimes when I unlock it, it likes to start up S voice for no real reason. Hasn’t happened recently but it used to.

  • faizan

    is there a link to develper’s site

  • od312

    I was excited, until I saw the video :/

    • od312

      Lol. Never mind. Multi window is pretty neat!

  • Yanil

    The best updates for the best phone in the world, Samsung galaxy s3 is a beast phone :)

  • niididdy

    Not bad…

  • mnguyen

    how come i cant find the multi window function im on 4.1.1

    • mnguyen

      using s3

    • Because this for 4.1.2. And the US s3 is not been updated to that yet. But who knows if that will happen.

  • Bklynman

    But no love for GS 2 owners? :(