T-Mobile Indirect Retailers Offering Classic Plan Customers End Of Year Specials

If you’re keeping a firm grip on your Classic Plans Magenta customers, fret not as the nations authorized dealers (non-corporate T-Mobile locations) are offering their own sale through the end of the year. This is a Samsung only deal with qualifications that require the line activating or upgrading having unlimited talk and text, and with a $30 data plan. Pretty standard stuff for T-Mobile sales.

In case you are wondering, Authorized T-Mobile Dealer Locations are “Wireless retail stores that are authorized to sell T-Mobile products and services, but not owned and operated by T-Mobile.” These are stand-alone locations and not big box retailers like Best Buy or Walmart. If you want to find a location close to your home or office, use T-Mobile’s store locator on their website and find the location nearest you. The on-sale devices are:

  • Samsung Galaxy Blaze 4G is $150, free after rebate
  • Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G is $150, free after rebate
  • Samsung Galaxy S II is $200, free after rebate
  • Samsung Galaxy S III is $330, $130 after rebate

For Value Plan customers, don’t forget T-Mobile’s own sale running through the end of the year on almost all 4G smartphones!

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