CyanogenMod Breathes New Life Into T-Mobile G2 With CM10.1

In yet another reason why the folks from XDA are an Android users best friend, some crafty devs have taken CyanogenMod 10 code and placed it on a T-Mobile G2. There’s no question this reinvigorates a device that has been stuckĀ at Android 2.3 for as long as I can remember. While it may not run as fast as todays handsets, the software is definitely good enough for daily driving. The ROM is Android 4.2.1, the very latest Android platform to hit the open market and if you’ve still got one of these lying around it might be fun to tinker a little.

The good folks from PocketNow put together a quick walkthrough of the software running on top of the G2 so take a look at the video and remind yourself why ROMs are an awesome part of the Android experience.

PocketNow via XDA-Developers

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  • big guy Dawes

    wow i still have my G2

  • Ray Dull

    Even more awesome because the refurbished ones are free on tmobile’s site with a contract. not that anyone would want to be locked in with that phone for another 2 years, but if you have no other options…

  • Magmaspawn

    doing this now

  • MacRat

    Not an official CyanogenMod release as they stopped supporting the G2 with 7.x

    • Actually I haven’t heard that the CM team has officially ended support for the G2 past CM7. It’s just that nobody on the CM team uses a G2/Vision as their daily driver. Steve Kondik (aka Cyanogen) himself was the original maintainer for the G2 but obviously he’s moved onto bigger (and arguably better) things.

  • psaux

    Man, I would hop right to this if there was a way to keep the wifi calling.
    I’m still on my G2 because the Relay 4G turned out to be such a letdown in specs vs. price, and I *really* need my QWERTY.

    • Actually the G2 is what cured me of my previous insistence that I would always have a physical keyboard. When I had a G1 I lived on that keyboard (especially since the G1 had a pretty small screen) and always swore that I’d only consider phones that had a hardware keyboard. Then I got the G2, the keyboard was AWFUL, so bad that I quickly started using Swype. I haven’t looked back, my G2 is over 2 years old and still has the plastic overlay on the keyboard because it gets used so infrequently.

      • Bill

        But how do you play SNESoid games without physical buttons?

      • Bill

        But how do you play SNESoid games without physical buttons?

  • Gretchen

    Ugh mine works perfectly but the memory card slot is damage. Anyway that’s fixable? :(

  • Roger

    The problem with the unofficial builds is that it is possible there are backdoors (eg it could be sending all your usernames and passwords somewhere). It isn’t that probable, but there is no real way of knowing.

    • Paranoia

    • It’s Cyanogenmod. If there’s any build to trust, whether its official or unofficial, this is the one. Its sourcce is entirely released to the public so those who are much smarter than me and you are able to look at the code to see if anything is malicious (let me save you the time. It isn’t at all!)

      • MacRat

        No, it is NOT a Cyanogenmod release.

  • fixxmyhead


  • kalel33

    What’s sad is my HTC Amaze can’t even get any version on Cyanogenmod, without there being no data or voice.

    • fcpelayo

      Htc Amaze does have cm 10.1 working with data and voice check on xda

      • Bling_Diggity

        No we have CM10, not 10.1. It is stable and has working everything (almost, BT sound is a bit wonky).

    • SocalTeknique

      It does but bluetooth and camera buttons are broken. I have my amaze but will be switching to an S3 soon

  • GetWithTheTimes


  • GetWithTheTimes

    Oh, and give “some crafty devs” the credit they deserve, including Flinny and the Andromadus team.

    • J-Hop2o6

      I’m using Flinny’s 4.2.1 on my G2 now! Since I had to send my GNex to Samsung for repair, I went back to the G2/DZ board @ XDA and flashed Flinny’s newest and its been running great! Better than the 4.1.X roms (before I got my GNex) which slowed down wayy too much.

  • Bling_Diggity

    Nice. The Amaze 4g just recently got a stable build of CM10 as well, and a near-stable build of AOKP.

  • Ty Christensen

    Still have my G2, got the Nexus 4 about 3 weeks ago. I’m using the G2 as a home phone now with GrooveIP, might as well try this build out for the hell of it.

  • Is there a way to get that setting on the camera where you can choose the power button to take the picture on the Nexus 4?

    • PiCASSiMO

      I got my hopes up looking at the video. Custom ROM allows you to do that… Google and/or LG decided to leave that out on the Nexus 4. Too bad… I miss the physical shutter button of my G2.

  • Jimmy

    My g2 got the black screen of death,

  • When I read the headline I was overjoyed in thinking there was an official build of CM10 for the G2/Vision, sadly this is just the unofficial port that’s existed for some time.

    All props to the Andromadus team but these unofficial ports usually as stable as an official CM build, I know I tried an unofficial Andromadus build of CM9 (based on CM9 final) and it was wildly unstable (completely unusable). I had to restore my phone from backup back to CM7.

  • galaxydude

    I still have my g2 it’s in excellent conditions

  • I’ll check it out. I got a S3 last month, but an keeping my G2 as a backup, and for nostalgia sake, haha. I haven’t loaded CM10 on my S3 yet, just running rooted stock still.

  • sean

    I have the G2 phone now and I just want to know, how do I get this on my phone? I don’t know how to do it.

    • pk luna

      it’s a whole thing… you have to root the phone, and get bootloader
      unlocked… you need to get up the courage to deal with terminal or
      whatever your command line is. it took me a few months to get it done.
      no one process worked. but the various ones (try cyanogenmod on wiki)
      finally came together to work for me… it was worthwhile to do it. i
      really enjoyed the past few months of 4.2.1. but the phone is now way too slow.
      but flinny and andromadus did an amazing job. quite a stable
      experience (used it 24/7 for 2 months). but how to do it is a matter of
      searching. start by rooting your device. and then look up how to
      install a CM 10.1 rom onto a vision (htc t-mobile g2). sorry i can’t be
      more specific. these clues will get you going. start by rooting.
      good luck. it’s a worthwhile experience. when i did get it right, it
      took me a coupla two-tree hours… :0P bada bing!

  • Bill

    Is it super slow compared TO CM7 though?