PSA: T-Mobile’s “Zero Down” Sale Begins Today, Runs Through End Of year

A public service announcement for all you last-minute shoppers out there as T-Mobile’s “Zero Down” sale kicks off today and runs though the end of the year. The deal lasts through December 31st and offers some of the T-Mobile’s most popular 4G devices for a $0.00 down payment on qualifying Unlimited Value and Unlimited Nationwide 4G data plans. This offer is good for new customers as well as customers who wish to make the transition over to the Value Plan model.

Devices like the Samsung Galaxy S III, Windows Phone 8X and Nexus 4 are all up for grabs with this special sale with zero down after mail-in rebate. The Galaxy Note II is also for sale, ringing in at $99.99 net down payment after mail-in rebate.

You can check out the full list of devices on sale at the T-Mobile link below.

T-Mobile Deals

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  • AndroidProfit

    Can we donate a couple bucks to help with your financial issues so we can get rid of this obnoxious Gorilla Run?

    • i don’t see any Gorilla Run .. i think i have some sort of ad free zen going on lol

    • od312

      I hear ya! I’m gonna have to root my device, so I can install a popup blocker!

  • Richard Yarrell

    Great deals no doubt. A few of my buddies are saying new customers have been non stop since June. He also mentions that new customer sales for the tmobile Lg Nexus 4 and Galaxy Note 2 have been great. Tmobile has done very well.

  • Josue

    so the note 2 is $99?

    • Wilma Flintstone

      I also want to know this. And what’s hidden if anybody could inform me (Such as Mail in rebates on a “Zero Down” product or the like). If so, I’ll be grabbing one.

      • thepanttherlady

        This is explained in the screen shot above.

    • DUDE

      Yes, after you receive your MIR.

      • Josue

        thats the only thing i hate about TMOUSA no other carrier does that but TMO

        • Drew

          They all did a few years ago and then it magically went away… TMo dug it up again for some ungodly reason.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Just called and the rep told me that technically you have to put $300 down to get the Note 2 but you’ll get it back after a Mail in Rebate. So Honestly, it’s $300 down for the Note 2

      • thepanttherlady

        That is what the screen shot above says. ;)

      • Josue

        so no note 2 for me :[

      • 21stNow

        You would get $200 back from the MIR, leaving a net downpayment of $99.99.

    • thepanttherlady

      The down payment ends up being $99 after MIR. You still have the 20 monthly payments of $20 making the total cost $499.99 plus applicable taxes.

  • If this is like past deals you’ll have to be on the unlimited, 5gb,or 10gb data plan for the MIR to be approved. Just a hunch since most if not all if these phones support HSPA+ 42

  • predation


  • I paid $199 down for the nexus with no rebate. This special you save $150 after rebate, but you spend $100 more over 20 months. Still a great deal and I almost wish I waited, but it was still worth it having this sucker two weeks after it came out!

  • SK

    I was in the classic plan and switching to the value plan was about the same per month with the $20 EIP added. So I bought the back ordered Nexus 4 and will mail in the rebate. Comes in about 3 weeks.

  • archerian

    Can someone, maybe a tmo rep confirm this – if you take the rebate on this offer (or any other rebate) on a Value Plan, then you cannot change your data feature without an penalty? As I understand, with the no rebate Value Plan, you can move to any data feature (or remove it altogether) with no penalty or contract extension. Is that right?

    • SK

      Pick the data and voice options that allow you to get the rebate. Once you receive your rebate you can change the data and voice options on the value plan. It will just extend your contract for 2 years once you make the change.

      • archerian

        Ok thanks, and for folks who don’t have an EIP, they can change their Voice/Data features whenever they want, but the contract gets renewed for another 2 years with each change?

        • SK


        • tmo guy

          INCORRECT. TMO rep here. Note that if you are a deposit based customer you will receive your rebate back after 12 MONTH of on time payment, please AGAINST the installation plan balance.

        • tmo guy

          no please meant there sorry

  • no2apple

    Im confused. What exactly is the final cost of Note 2 ??. 99 or 299?

    • your out of pocket expense when it’s all said and done is $99 .. $300 up front but you get a $200 gift card in the mail a few weeks later so essentially paying you $200 back … however, i don’t enjoy putting $20 a month more on my bill ..

    • thepanttherlady

      Final cost is $499.99 plus tax (after 20 months).

  • bobby bob

    So excited for once with T-Mob. I get to straight out buy the note 2, get the $200 mail in rebate AND not extend my contract.

    • thepanttherlady

      How does that work? The fine print says new 2 year contract.

      • bobby bob

        I am already on the value plan and since I’m not doing payments on the phone there is no contract extention.

        • thepanttherlady

          I would have thought to get the rebate you’d have to sign a new contract AND utilize the EIP. That’s what I get for reading the fine print.

        • ceegii63

          thats pretty much it, they will still require value customers to resign a new 2 years contract

  • RisingSun

    How is that a sale? you still have to buy the phone full price on payment for like 22 months. By the time you pay off the phone you can buy it on craiglist for $50. Only stupid people would do that.

    • thepanttherlady

      It’s 20 months and you can pay the phone off long before then. Why would I want to wait almost 2 years to buy a phone that’s considered top of the line now? $499.99 for a Note 2 is a damn good deal to me.

    • xmiro

      or you can just get it on classic plan and pay for it monthly again trough your voice/data plan

  • jian9007

    I have never been a fan of the mail-in rebate, especially the way they are structured with the value plan. I’m currently on a value plan but I bought my Nexus 4 from Google so no down payment and no EIP. The value plan actually saves me money as my second line has my Sensation 4G (with is also paid for, of course) on it and my main line is Nexus 4, so no money down or EIP & that works out well for my usage case. I pay $109.98/month for both lines with unlimited 4G for the Nexus 4 and 2GB data plan for the Sensation 4G, and unlimited talk & text on both lines, of course.

  • Adam

    Do people not understand that yes indeed you do pay $20 a month extra when you buy the phone through the value plan. BUT the value plan is also $20 cheaper than the classic. Do the friggen math people! You’ll end up paying less for the phone though the value plan. Do you think that when you get a subsidized plan you are not paying for the phone too? You are fooled if you do. Tmobile is proof of this. Value plan = $60 a month plus $20 for the phone. Total $80 monthly for 20 months. After 20 months you’ll be paying only $60. Total of $1840. Classic plan with subsidized phone, although you don’t pay the $20 a month for the phone you now pay $80 a month, for just the plan, for 24 months. Total $1920. And then if you keep tmobile you have to remember to ask to lower your bill down to the $60 level or you wil continue to pay $80. With all the other companies you can get free phones with nothing down, but you’ll be paying a lot more for the service. FYI, that pays for your supposed free phone AND you’ll continue to pay that price after your 2 years is up. Do you think verizon, att, or sprint will lower your bill after 20 months if you tell them that you feel you have paid off the phone already? They will laugh at you. Do any of you really think a free phone is actually free. As an old saying goes “Nothing in this world is free.”

    What part of this do the complainers not get?

    • Whiskers

      There are three parts of the Value Plan that’s important to consider.
      One is where T-Mobile is subsidizing the phone for you through their EIP service which includes a two year contract.
      Another is where you buy the phone outright with your own cash and then T-Mobile still requires a two year contract. On this option T-Moblle has nothing to lose since you bought your own phone with your own money and they would’nt be out anything if you cancelled and decided to leave .
      And finally the Value Plans for some people with family plans is not cheaper that the Classic Plans in the long run. Maybe for a single line or two , but the ball game changes when you have a family plan with multiple lines .
      So when you talk about VP complainers you need to clarify what their complaining about. What idiot would spend $600 out of their OWN pocket then get roped into a two year contract on top of that…
      You might at as well go on T-Mobile’s “GoSmartMobile” and pay only $45/month for unlimted talk,text,and 5gb of data with no leash roped around your neck. And you’re still using the same T-Mobile towers.

      • whome?

        thank you Wiskers for the voice of reason. Tmobile employee “Adam” above is typical of the shellgame street thug. His frst and last sentence calling everybody “stoopid” for not giving him commission. They get like, what, $200 commission for each value plan contract they sign, and tmobile doesn’t have to provide a subsidy. On top of that, Tmobile’s inflated MRSP is usually $200 more than the exact same phone elsewhere, on t-mobile prepaid. For example, Galaxy S2 is only $300 at walmart for tmobile prepaid. LG L9 is $200 at several other places, no contract. If you’re buying the phone outright, don’t buy from Tmobile. Tmobile has other no-contract options cheaper than their own Value plan. Don’t let them hook you with their inflated EIP at inflated MSRP, just because employee-of-the-year “Adam” is calling you dense. I didn’t want to flame anyone, but it drives me nuts seeing tmobile employees asking why people don’t want to be scammed by them.

  • Whiskers

    So with this sale can i buy the Note 2 outright cash and get a $200.00 rebate off the full price so i would’nt have to sign a contract ?

    • Adam


  • Tommy

    So faulse advertising ?? Ya, Na

  • xmiro

    Great deal actually on GSIII compared to a Classic plan – $3,673.31 vs $4,226.46 over 24 months if you stay on family unlimited voice/2GB data

  • LOVE


  • TechGuyNY

    These plans are okay but what about the loyal customers who been with T-Mobile like my wife and I for about 9 years or so. Our plan is good and those Value plans are not that much of a discount. So now we get no upgrade pricing, No upgrade discounts so we would have to pay full price for phones? Sorry I feel like T-Mobile gave us a kick in the gut.

  • Ed Nailor

    Zero Down? If I have to put $200 down to get the phone, and then wait on a rebate, this is not Zero Down. T-Mobile is the worst when it comes to FALSE ADVERTISING.

    They are constantly running these “sales” and when you get to the store, you find there is some catch that basically nullifies the “sale.”

    Try buying a car with No Money Down and then find out you still need money down. The world would scream “liar!”. Why do we let the cell phone companies get away with this?