T-Mobile’s “Last Chance” Device Sale Begins December 21st, Runs Through End Of Year

T-Mobile’s Last Chance holiday sale begins December 21st and offers you one last opportunity to take advantage of some awesome Value Plan pricing. The deal lasts through December 31st and offers some of the T-Mobile’s most popular 4G devices for a $0.00 down payment on qualifying Unlimited Value and Unlimited Nationwide 4G data plans. This offer is good for new customers as well as customers who wish to make the transition over to the Value Plan model.

Devices like the Samsung Galaxy S III, Windows Phone 8X and Nexus 4 are all up for grabs with this special sale with zero down after mail-in rebate. The Galaxy Note II is also for sale, ringing in at $99.99 net down payment after mail-in rebate.

You know you still have someone special in your life that needs a stocking stuffer, why not make it a smartphone?

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  • caliluv78

    for what if the world is gonna end december 21st lol

    • Josue

      so share you extensive research on the subject

      • You don’t need extensive research, the world will end, I heard it on the internet, so it’s got to be true! It’s all over Facebook too! Geez!

        • Josue

          So according to you everything you read on the internet is “Real” okay…i wont argue with your logic….to each their own i guess

        • Candace

          it’s called sarcasm dumb ass

        • Josue

          why thank you for stating the obvious

        • Rest

          Yes Rey Flores was obviously being sarcastic, and yes, Candace was stating the obvious, but he only stated the obvious because obviously it was not obvious to you.

        • Josue

          Do you want a cookie for being a smartass?

        • Andrew Baxendale

          He’s being sarcastic…I hope.

        • Josue

          i doubt it…

      • caliluv78

        honestly i dnt care if it ends all i can say is i had the honor of dumping tmobile yesterday for verizon so far im happy rocking 30 mbps over here in los angeles on my DNA something i never saw on tmobile also did i mentioned i finally get service inside buildings? Yay such an awesome feeling being able to finally make calls inside highrise buildings in dwtn LA.

        • xmiro

          have fun paying more, 30Mbps and if you download too much you pay even more. No thanks

  • So, I still have to pay $200, plus taxes, $18 upgrade free, another 2 year contract extension, then wait two months to get the rebate in the mail. No thanks!

    • Tmo_Rep123456

      no because this plan is value plan only not for upgrade future sales will not run under classic ever again.

      • What the deal with the rebate though? Why does T-Mobile want the $199, just to give it back to us 2 months later?

        • jp

          Cuz they continue to be customer unfriendly & hope some people don’t send it in or miss something. One would think processing all these rebates would be an extra expense they’d want to get rid of. It’s ridiculous to start a relationship with a customer this way

        • UMA_Fan

          The reason for rebates is that you are paying in essence a deposit.

          Since the point of the sale isso you get service they can assure you are using it on the plan as promised not so you can just resell the phone for your own profit

        • cozzy

          This is a known business model. Companies offer rebates because statistically they know a lot of people are lazy and never send them out. So they attract you with the low low price thing and expect that you will never fill out the rebate form, or the form will get lost in the mail, or they will say you filled the form out wrong.

          Just a way to attract you to the deal.

          I make a habit of always making sure I get my rebates. I make copies of them before I send them out so they can’t say it was filled out wrong or they never received it or whatever.

        • Trobing

          I don’t know how other people’s experiences with T-Mobile are, but I have never had to fill out rebate forms to get their MIR. They’ve always been processed by the associates when I get my phones from T-Mobile stores, so I don’t think the whole hoping-for-lazy-customers-to-not-send-them-in scheme does not apply to T-Mobile, at least based on my personal experience.

          The two reasons I can think off for doing this are delayed expense and/or to emphasize how much of a deal people are getting from buying each phones (customer becomes conscious of how much money they are “getting back” from T-Mobile).

        • Trobing

          Oops, double negative there. Meant to say “I don’t think [the scheme] applies to T-Mobile”

        • If T-mo tells me I filled out the form wrong or had the wrong form after I would force them to front it in bill payments nobody would get over on me like that no sir no mam.

        • BasBux

          Old topic, but I’d flag this for future reference as patently wrong.

          It’s to prevent people from gaming the system for money.

        • xmiro

          cash flow, fraud reduction

    • lets not forget that the Rebate is only for the $200 so the price of the phone actually isn’t free. Screw MIRs


        It doesn’t say free it says 0 down and if you do the math its cheaper then any other carrier.

        • Actually for this yes but for the past special for classic it did say free

  • JP

    Why keep fooling around with mail in rebates. Especially this time of year, many people are short of cash so why ask then to shell out $200 if you’re going to send it back to them in a couple of months. Stop the games &truly be different m still don’t get the value plan ifyou $20a month but then are charges an extra 20 to pay of the phone. Your costs end up same until 20mos. In.. Isn’t it? And by then most will want a new phone

    • Long Island Steven

      Yes, if you take into account the $20 or so EIP then t-mobile would only be slightly cheaper (if at all) than other carriers, but it enables them to advertise way cheaper plans ;)

      • 3560freak

        Well unless my math is wrong, tmobile is $89.99 for unlimited talk/text/web including phone financing, while at&t is $69.99 voice/$20 text/$30 for 3gb web = $119.99. How is tmobile not cheaper?????

        • TYLERDERK

          ITS 59.99 for a single line unlimited ttw and on a Family value plan its 49.99 for same YES chepaer then all major carriers.

        • Greg

          Ok I’m not sure if something’s up, but I can’t find that. You mean unlimited talk, unlimited text, and unlimited web for 49.99 on a family value plan? I tried looking for 2 lines but can’t find that…

    • I regret the MIR on 2 GS3’s waiting on $600 to of which btw isn’t pitting the price of the phone at free is a scam they shouldn’t even say free after MIR considering they don’t give you the tax nor the upgrade costs #NeverAgain

    • Tmocok

      It’s to avoid fraud. What stops you from paying 200 and walking away and selling the phone for $500?

      • GoSmartMobile-Rep _tony

        because the imei would get locked and the phone would then become useless by any carrier. thats why.

        • Icky

          This is not the case until all US carriers participate in a National Blacklist. Currently, It is still possible to use a device with a bad IMEI on a different carrier. T-mo and ATT recently activated a National Blacklist, but Verizon and Sprint have yet to sign on.

        • GoSmartMobile-Rep _tony

          he said ” its to avoid fraud, what stops you from paying 200 and walking away and selling for 500, thats why i gave my response, its only a matter of time before every carrier does this, its the right thing to do . it protects the stores as well as the carriers. people just dont know. make smart decisions, because those 200 u spend and walk away with to sale for 500 just wont happen,

        • ant

          dont people do that any way “zeros” u get a phone in your name for money but dont keep the phone

        • 21stNow

          But Verizon Wireless and Sprint will not activate a phone that was not originally theirs anyway, so that wouldn’t matter in this case.

        • thepanttherlady

          Just to add to your contribution, Verizon and Sprint also lock their own phones due to non-payment outside of the National Blacklist.
          I don’t know if this is still the case, but the only place you could use a phone with a bad ESN from these carriers was MetroPCS.

      • Adam

        A $350 eft keeps you from walking away. Do you not realize you have to sign a two year agreement? And the $20 per month sticks with you. Of course you could walk away. People walk every day. Doesn’t mean you are free of the bill. If you want a horrible mark on your credit go ahead and walk away.

    • xmiro

      ’cause there’s no such a thing as a free ride?

    • CJ

      The problem I have with mail in rebates is T-Mobile screwed up my account and did not put me on a two year contract so my phone was not free like stated. I am glad I am not on a two year contract though :)

      • ant

        that happen to my dad he didnt get a rebate but didnt get a contract extention idk is that something u ask for because they can keep the 200

    • Truas

      I must agree, also stop calling it $0 down if people are required to pay out of pocket up front. I see what Tmobile is trying to do with this strategy on the value plans, not sure it will work though.

  • Nick Cannon

    No migration fee?

  • Full Price Fool

    Too bad TMo won’t ever discount the full retail price of their devices. I’d like to save $ on a phone without being thrown in leg irons for 2 years

    • OtisEdi

      Maybe Tmobile is a for profit business.

      • Wilma Flintstone


    • I Hate Full Price

      I paid $200 for the LG L9 with no contract. It came with a $50 refill for prepaid. So in reality I only paid $150 for the phone and applied the refill to my current account at $30/mo. I practically stole the phone. It retails on contract at $400.

    • thepanttherlady

      Craiglist and Ebay are places you can buy TMo phones for less than MSRP and doesn’t require you to be “thrown in leg irons for 2 years”.

  • Bruno César Sotelo

    Wow Really the Google Nexus 4 is part of this? Are they going to have enough supplies? If this starts on December 21st, then it’s going to run out in just hours.

  • Guest

    I don’t know yet if Miami-Dade will offer instant rebates like the past sale in November.
    However, customers in Miami, RI & CT who purchase a new phone in store will receive a FREE car charger during the sale. And I wondered why my store received over 100 chargers today.


      Love how you’re posting internal information on a public site with your real name. Idiot

  • deceptivevmiles

    Tmobile will lose customers again in 2013 with these value plans, MIRs, and contract extensions. If they are going to force you into a contract extension then keep the value plans. If I wasn’t grandfathered w/ TMo and looking for a carrier, it wouldn’t be them bc of this business model they’ve adopted

    • breh

      Well if you don’t want MIRs or contracts, get prepaid. They have the best rates of the 4 major carriers on that too.

      • Whiskers

        Yep , and if your going to pay full price for the phone anyways you might as well not have a 2 year leash around your neck.
        Dumbest thing i ever seen so far is buy a phone at full price then be roped on a 2 year contract with the VP.

        • Louie

          If you pay outright and don’t use the EiP then you don’t have to have the contract extended.

      • Prepaid is horrid…. Prepaid actually in the long run anywhere will run you more money for the same exact thing on contract ANYWHERE!

        • Whiskers

          So your saying T-Mobile’s monthly 4G is horrid….
          Well there are alot of people on that prepaid service i know and have no regrets.
          I’ve tested prepaid right along with my poatpaid service and have’nt seen any difference other than some areas you don’t get roaming.
          But that’s if your in hermitsville , inwhich T-Mobile’s signal is Edge or GPRS at best anyways.

        • I’m saying that prepaid is a horrible idea

        • 21stNow

          How so? I have the $30/month 100 minute prepaid plan and got the Galaxy Note II for $649. How will someone on a contract plan come out ahead of me financially over the short, medium or long term?

    • xmiro

      value is cheaper than classic, do the math

      • Guest911

        not always, especially when a phone subsidy is involved. Yes, do the math. A few things to keep in mind – not everyone needs unlimited everything, and not everyone buys their phones from t-mobile. Pushing unlimited features has been the biggest scam implemented by the mobile phone industry since contracts.

        • Pushing unlimited not so unlimited is the biggest scam by the mobile industry especially the prices.

  • Bruno César Sotelo

    If you are on a classic plan and want to migrate to a value plan, are you eligible for this?

    • xmiro

      depends how far in on your contract, call 611 and ask

      • Bruno César Sotelo

        I just upgraded to a 2 year contract and got the google nexus 4. I’m wondering how long it will take before they ship my phone?

  • Zach Mauch

    damn. If they could just get that note ii down to zero down I’d be set.

    • Not even the potential end of the world would make t-mobile pit the Note 2 at free after MIR apparently soooo might as well wait till the Note 3 comes out because thats the only time it will drop to free

  • SMH

    I love how everyone complains about MIR. Bottom line it’s your money, be responsible. If you want your money back read the terms and conditions.

  • larrrs

    the reason with doing this with rebates is fraud, the first time they did the free phone special, they lost money due to people taking advantage of the system, getting the phone and then cancelling the account and keeping the phone. This is why they went to rebates, to curb fraud. Its the bad customers that screwed everyone else with fraud

    • Cancelling the account you would still have to for 1 pay the bill, and pay the ETF how would it be that people would get over?

      • 3560freak

        No etf if you cancelled before the 14 day trial window.

        • 21stNow

          The customer is supposed to return the phone in that situation.

    • thepanttherlady

      On a Value plan, the customer is paying full price for the phone. The full balance of the phone becomes due at any time a customer cancels their contract within the first 20 months. Rebates are useless in this scenario.

  • Trevnerdio

    You mean the end of the world*

  • Khalints

    Don’t care what anyone here says, this is exactly what I was waiting for.

    I’m definitely going to jump on this deal

  • bobby bob

    For people complaining about adding another 2yrs. If you have enough endo just pay for the phone so you dont have to do the 20/20 payments which is what locks you down. Wait a few months and get your $200 back. Correct?

    • Whiskers

      You still a have a two year leash if you want the VP rates.
      So if a new person pays full price for a phone without the EIP service he still gets shafted when T-Mobile goes full VP only because he will still have to sign a 2 year contract or go prepaid and not get the full towers and service.

      • 3560freak

        Serious question: why do you care about the 2 year contract? Do you switch carriers often? I am truly curious.

        • Whiskers

          Because T-Mobile is running on thin threads right now trying to figure out how to keep customers from leaving , so now is not the time to get roped into a contract until they get their act together.
          Seriously , why would you pay $600 out of your pocket cash without EIP help for a new phone that’s LTE ready and then sign a two year contract on a VP with a company that can’t even deploy full 3G coverage , much less their plan for LTE in 2013.
          How long do you think it will actually take them to get full coverage LTE , it won’t happen over night. Look how long it’s taking them just to refarm the 1900 3G service.
          I would only sign a 2 year contract on a VP if T-Mobile was financing it through their EIP service and i actually had great coverage in my area to justify it.
          The only Real reason for them to hold you on a 2 year contract is they have something to lose by subsidizing your phone.
          If your buying it without their help why is T-Mobile making you sign a 2 year contract. , because their losing customer massively no matter what sale or plan they cook up every month .
          I have multiple carriers being used in my family so i don’t need to switch carriers to see the differences and what each one has to offer in phone deals or service.

        • 21stNow

          I’m with Whiskers on this. I don’t believe that there should be a contract on a cell phone that did not have a subsidy-period. This is cell phone service, not a marriage.

          I change my mind on carriers based on my wants and any changes that the carrier has in coverage and customer service. Historically, I’m a creature of habit and don’t actually leave carriers that often. However, I add and delete lines as desired. Right now, I have a bunch of lines. One day, I’m going to wake up and decide that there are better ways to spend my money than on cell phones (blasphemy!). It could take me two months or two years to come to my senses but when that moment comes, I want to cut that/those line(s) at that moment without an ETF.

      • xmiro

        pay full price for the phone if you don’t want a two year leash, easy

    • robert

      Im already on the VP. 1 year to go. I dont want my contract extended. So if I do what bobby bob says then no extension.

  • mingkee

    This will be a good chance to get Note 2.
    Once I got $200 rebate. I will pay off S3 immediately and sell it.


    Wait a minute…

    With our current 1000 minutes, unlimited text, and 2gb of data for 2 lines, do we even qualify for this promotion?

    Or do I have to pay more per month on features I don’t need?

    • xmiro

      says up there ‘signup for unlimited value plan’

      Unlimited family Value is $79.98 w/texting included (wish they’d offer one without the text added on). 2GB value plan data is $10/month

      • PiCASSiMO

        That bites.

        As someone mentioned earlier above, I just wished they took off a discount off the phones all together from their original MSRP and be done with it.

        So with the SGS3 at $550, make it $450, and leave people in peace.

        But no… I have to spend additional $20 a month x 24-months to get a promotional discount saving of $200? $20 x 24 = $480 – $200 savings = $280 in T-Mobile’s pocket.

        No thanks.

        • PiCASSiMO

          Any by the way, I’m paying $80/month on my 1000 voice/unlim text/2G family value plan. I don’t care to move up to the $100/month as buying a single phone will not help. Even if I buy 2 SGS3 phones, T-Mobile will still be ahead by $80.

          I don’t need unlimited voice… if I use between 150 to 200 minutes for two lines.

        • xmiro

          You’d most likely save money vs classic just going to a Value 1000 plan. We’re on classic, no text, and 200MB w/no overages and for us will be $20 bucks or so cheaper over 24 months to go to 2GB data and buy GS3 outright

          Some of the savings also depends on how much you get skinned for local/state taxes
          I’m waiting all this out to see how it would play out in 2013, when classic goes away and the iPhone comes in. I think the CEO hinted there might be value plan changes so I’m not yet going to commit to anything

        • kenjab

          2 things. First, the ad above doesn’t say Unlimited value plans, it says “qualifying Value plans”. So you may be able to keep your 1000 minute Value plan (I have the exact same one). Second, the monthly payments are only for 20 months, so it would be $20 x 20 = $400 in monthly payments.

          Edit: OK, I see where it says Unlimited Value plan now (above the chart). I would still see if you could get it with the 1000 minute plan though.

        • xmiro

          wrong “…if qualified customers choose to signup for an Unlimited Value Plan.”

        • kenjab

          Yeah, I see it now. That sucks since to me, unlimited minute plans are the biggest rip. We talk quite a bit, but between free nights, weekends, and mobile-to-mobile, my two lines never use more than about 400 minutes per month.

        • xmiro

          true, unfortunately the reality is that phones have gotten more expensive. Carriers often don’t break even on subsidized phones until about a year after you sign a contract. Also there’s a push to unlimited since text revenues are dying and people are calling less – Verizon has no other option but unlimited everything for $40 per line or less if buy more expensive data.

          Could always ring Tmo up and see what they offer you. I got 2 free vibrants on dec 31 2010 when they were going for $100+, called them and just said I’d love to stay with Tmo but looking at what other carriers are offering to win people over.

  • Jesse James

    I flat our refuse to buy any phone that gives a mail in rebate in protest. If other people did the same they would stop doing MIR promos and maybe do more instant rebate promos.

  • gitano

    Is this promotion in store only??

  • ant

    i was like finally i can get the note 2 then i see them talkin bout 200 down n im goin to get a mail in rebate i smh then i cried again

    • Khalints

      It’s actually 300 down….

  • kenjab

    Wait, the Nexus 4? I thought those phones were on back order for weeks!?

    • Khalints

      T-mobile was probably allocated a certain # of units by LG specifically for them to sell, not google.

    • I was at T-mobile store last Saturday to get my SIM card cut for a Nexus 4 I was buying off of Craigslist and the guy said that every store in the area was sold out.

  • CRT24

    Here we go with whiners coming out complaining about getting money back on phones. I completely agree that mail in rebates need to be done away with on normal phone pricing, subsidized or not. But when you are talking about offering ZERO out of pocked up front for a $600-$700 phone then from the standpoint of the company, mail in rebates are absolutely necessary to prevent fraud. Bottom line is you are getting up to 200.00 back and you will have the best rates on any contract service offer by any carrier even with the phone payment included……that is a fact that has been proven time and time again. If you dont want to take advantage of the sale then dont do it but getting all of the money back that you put down is a good deal…..it is essentially the same as getting a “free phone” on classic plans because your monthly bill will be less on value even with the max phone payment included than it would for just the comparable classic plan, only difference is your bill will go down once the phone is paid off where the classic plan will be the higher rate forever…..not to mention the value plan is far less expensive with phone payment included that the other contract carriers and the down payments on value are similar or less than subsidized prices on those other carriers. So stop crying about mail in rebates and take advantage of a good deal, or dont. Stand on your principles of mail in rebates or not paying “full cost” for a phone and pay hundreds if not thousands more for you service with other carriers that give you a “discount” on a phone. The math doesn’t lie and if T-mobile service works in your area they way you need it to then you are a fool (from a financial standpoint) if you are doing contract service anywhere else.

  • robbieboy1992

    do the math on value you pay 69.99/ month for service plus 20 for installment plan and the s3 is 200 upfront so thats 89.99 a month on value with only 200$ upfront for phone on the classic it is 89.99/ month for the same service then 330$ upfront for phone in 24 months on value u paid 2039.80 plus tax plus the 200 for the phone down payment over you 2 year contract on classic you pay 2159.76 plus the 330 for the phone plus tax 2459.76 for classic for 2 years 2239.80 for value for 2 years you are saving little over 200$ over the course of your contract….

    • CRT24

      You get the 200 down pmt back so savings is $400+ on value

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Ok I need some info.

    Why is it that all of a sudden, these two premium Samsung Devices (GS3 and Note 2) go on sale at HUGE discounts? Is there an issue going on with them? Are the carriers trying to make space? I find it quite odd that a $300+ phone and $500+ Phablet go on sale all of a sudden for $0 and $99 respectively.

    Also, if you get one of these, are you potentially losing money after you pay it off or is it actually less for the phone?


  • azred

    I know there are some very knowledgeable folks here and hope you can answer my question. I do read this forum often and realize this question has been asked and answered a dozen times but it seems there are still 100 different, confusing points of view.

    Here’s my situation: When my ancient Classic Family contract plan expires in three months — that will be two years since my wife upgraded — we do not intend to purchase any more phones from T-Mobile. Instead, we intend to purchase future phones from Google as I did with my current Galaxy Nexus. It seems to me the clear best bet is to drop our Classic Plan in favor of a comparable Value Plan, which costs about $20/month less (presumably related to the no longer needed new phone subsidy). But if I do that I will presumably be back on a two-year contract even though we don’t intend to purchase TMO phones. Am I making a wise decision or is there more to this decision than what seems to be a simple decision to either pay $20 a month more without a contract or pay $20 a month less with a new 2-year contract? (BTW, we don’t foresee any chance that we will want to switch carriers anytime in the next several years.)

    • CRT24

      Some of the older legacy plans are closer to value plan prices than the current classic offerings, plus if you have myfaves some of those plays are hard to beat because of that feature. If you post exactly what you have, what you are paying now, and what you need going forward then I can show you exactly how much you will be saving on value. …..but regardless if you buy phones outside of t-mobile you will sign a contract when you switch to value initially. One thing you can be assured of is that you will paying less than any other contract carrier.

  • steveb944

    Damn it! This was the sale I was waiting for to get a Note 2. I guess it wasn’t meant for me, this isn’t a bad price for a Nexus considering you can also add the insurance through Tmobile

  • GoSmartMobile-Rep _tony

    how ever you slice it , T-Mobile hit the nail on the head with value plan. its just better no mater how u look at it, yes u end up paying full price for the phone, but mathematically its a no brainer, compare the plans to sprint, verizon, and att. with subsidized phones. its worse u come out of pocket way more, and thats just on individual lines, on family plans its a door buster.

  • jawash22

    blackberry bold $199…now i’m sold!

  • This deal sucks, I have 1000 minutes and 2GB data, in order to get the S3, I have to select unlimited everything for all of my 4 family lines plus another 2 year contract for all 4 lines even though I’m the only one upgrading. Craigslist is the only way to go!